Dear Readers,

I owe all of you a BIG apology for what I'm about to do. I don't think this story is really all that great. It isn't really going the way I wanted it to. Although, that's not my point. Until further notice UTCSM is delayed. I'm not ending the story or deleting it any time soon. In fact, I plan on finishing it at some point. The reason it's being delayed is because of my enormous amount of school work and my volunteering.

I also need to write a story before Christmas. It will be posted on my Fiction Press account(go to my profile for the URL). It actually started out as an English essay, but my friend wanted me to continue writing it and I will. So now she's going to get a kind of short story for Christmas.

You can go on my profile/bio and add me on my space (it's my homepage) to stay updated with everything. I'm not going to delay LTLG because it should be a lot easier to write and update. Forgive me?

I also want to say a very BIG Thank You to all of my reviewers. You guys made me smile. I'm sorry the story has been delayed. Keep it on your story alerts though. That way you'll know when I start writing and updating again.