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I was somewhat apprehensive about going to this party Alice had told me about but I figured I might as well give it a shot. Emmett was throwing it and according to Alice we were partly the guests of honor.

Besides I knew she would never go to a party without me and would never accept whatever lame excuse I'd come up with.

I had always been an awful liar and she knew it. I found it hardly fair that she used this to her advantage and tortured me with countless shopping trips, beauty escapades, and new things she wanted to experiment with. One of her trial experiments essentially led us to Emmett.

I could remember clearly the first time we had met him. It was at his job…the Rectangle Room.


Alice left me at the edge of the dance floor— close to the bar. She had left to go get us some bottled water due to the fact we had sworn off drinking for a while.

The club was certainly nearing its occupancy limit tonight. The sweaty bodies were swaying back and forth almost like beating heart. Anyone standing in the balcony V.I.P. rooms could surely pick up the rhythm after watching for a moment or so.

The humidity was suffocating and the music was deafening. I watched the scene before me almost in a slow motion perspective.

It had felt like I had been standing there by myself for 20 minutes already. Where the hell is Alice?I thought to myself.

I was extremely frightened about being left out alone on the dance floor, considering I wasn't exactly gifted with dancing skills. Aside from that, I also had larger problems.

A number of guys had been trying to get me to dance with them for most of the night and being alone made me more vulnerable. For some reason Alice was menacing when she denied a guy. It was as though she just needed to shoot them a specific look and the words were hardly necessary. Without her, I began to panic.

I craned my neck trying to see if she was making any sort of progress at the bar.

"Looking for me baby?"

The words were meant to be sexy and full of desire but they sounded cheesy and sickly. Whoever this was, was obviously trying way too hard.

I swallowed back the bile that was slowly building in my throat at the sound of this nimrod's voice. I recognized it from earlier but I couldn't tell which guy it was.

I turned around slowly and was met with the fake-tan looking face of Conner. Conner had introduced himself as a personal trainer and attempted to use every pick-up line in the book that had anything to do with bodies, positions, or working out. It was a whole new level of pathetic.

"No actually, I was looking for Alice."

Conner recognized the name as soon as it left my lips.

That was another winning trait about Conner. He had tried talking to Alice first and when that mission failed he came after me. I couldn't believe that he actually thought I would give him even two seconds of my time after moving on to me from my best friend.

It was clear he was just looking for some action tonight and would talk to anything with boobs and a decent set of legs.

As ridiculous as it was I was offended that he resorted to speaking to me after Alice had not so graciously turned him down. Was I really that awful?

"Ohhh, I see. So do you think you might be able to convince her to change her mind about me? I'm thinking a threesome with you, me, and her would be awesome."

I was seriously swallowing back bile now. What the hell was with this guy?

"No I don't think so, sorry. Look I've got to be heading out now. Catch you around."

That last part was the biggest lie I'd ever managed to make convincing. I unquestionably never wanted to run into this jerk-off ever again.

I started to walk over to the bar when a clammy hand attached itself to my wrist in a firm grip. I turned around and Conner had a terrifying grin on his face.

He was clearly not willing to take no for an answer. I started to panic and I looked around me, hoping to see Alice, a bouncer, or anyone willing to help me out right now.

I was struggling to pull my wrist away and I knew with each attempt it made a burn appear on my wrist. I was definitely going to have a mark in the morning. My attempts seemed to become even more futile. I was yelling, and using my other hand to push him away.

I thought of Charlie and how he had always warned me to learn self-defense tactics. He'd be pissed as hell if he saw me in this moment.

Almost instantly, Alice showed up and started to help push Conner away. He had used his other hand to grab my other wrist and now I was just writhing in his grasp. Alice was screaming and cursing at the top of her lungs at Conner, who had a smug grin on his face.

His teeth were bleached white and alarmingly large. I was tearing by this point due to my frustration with the other patrons. People were either just dancing obliviously or watching with bored expressions.

Suddenly, a large arm wrapped around my waist and pulled me back. I was thrown over to the side and landed into a pile of girls who were dancing.

I looked up and saw a large man tackling Conner to the ground as two other equally large men grabbed the vile life form underneath. Conner was lifted to his feet by the two large men and walked towards the back where he was assumedly thrown out.

I turned my gaze to where Alice had previously been standing. She was talking and smiling to the large man who had tackled Conner. I walked over hesitantly and stood next to Alice.

"Oh Bella! I was trying so hard to get him away from you. Are you okay? I'm so sorry! I shouldn't have left you by yourself. It's just that the line was so long and the bartender was being a real douche—"

"Alice!" I interrupted.

"Sorry Bella."

"Stop apologizing. I'm fine! I seem to have a few marks from his hands on my wrists but otherwise no harm done. I was more shaken up than anything else. He was really creepy."

"Yeah he was, and if that little prick ever shows his face here again while I'm working….Oh boy they better have the hospital on stand-by."

I turned to face the large man who had just joined our conversation. I realized I hadn't properly thanked him or even said hi.

"Sorry! I meant to say thank you. I'm Bella. This is Alice. You saved our lives."

Okay, that last part was a bit dramatic but I didn't know what else to say.

"Bella, he knows who I am already. This is Emmett. I introduced myself. Apparently I have better manners than you do," she said with a smile.

I half-heartedly pushed her and she laughed.

"Well Emmett it's nice to meet you. We should do something to repay you."

"I'm already on it," Alice said with an arrogant smirk.

I turned to Emmett and raised my eyebrows questioningly.

"She's convincing," he replied with a shrug.

End Flashback

We had been best friends ever since that night almost seven months ago at this point.

From then on we stopped heading to clubs and opted for lounges which usually held better company. The crowds were usually older and more mature.

Emmett had kept working at the Rectangle Room as a side job but we never headed back since that fateful night. Emmett was getting a degree to become an athletic trainer and needed the extra cash to pay for school.

Luckily, I had just finished school two weeks ago and had finally received my master's in English literature. I was working for a publisher until I could start writing my own work. Alice was dying for me to become the next Candance Bushnell.

Alice was also in school but at F.I.T. She was hoping to become a designer someday but until then she worked at different boutiques and interned for various designers. Her semester had just ended as well so in celebration Emmett was throwing a party. Or at least that's the story Alice had told me at first.

It wasn't until later that I learned the party was actually for Emmett's older brother who had just graduated from medical school and was on his way back home.

I was supremely angry with Alice for not telling me until we had arrived at the door; however, I knew why she didn't tell me at first.

She had caught me looking at a few pictures of Emmett's about three months ago when I finally spilled and told her I thought Emmett's brother was attractive.

He had striking green eyes that were emerald in tone and messy dark hair that had red highlights, making the shade almost bronze. He was evidently very tall and seemed to a defined figure underneath his conservative clothing.

My favorite picture showed him in a bar with Emmett, who was wearing his dimple bearing smile, but the best part of the picture was his smile. It was a crooked grin that seemed to stretch from ear-to-ear and showed off his perfect white teeth.

Alice had squealed in delight and told me she thought Edward was single.

I hadn't known much about him except for what Emmett inadvertently divulged in stories about his times with Edward. It seemed that between the two of them, Edward was the mature and conservative brother.

His age was a testament to the authoritative attitude he had towards Emmett. Edward was apparently 27 and always "the Brain of the Operation" as Emmett called him.

He was studying to become a cardiologist and had taken a job at New York Presbyterian. I was thrilled he would be living in New York and taking his room at Emmett's apartment back but I wasn't diluted enough to believe I actually had a chance with this amazingly beautiful man. Unfortunately, Alice had different ideas.

So that's why I was at Emmett's front door in an outfit that I would never voluntarily wear.

The denim Capri's she had forced on me were too tight and she paired them with a black wife-beater that was extremely low-cut and too-high above my waist for my taste.

Finally, there were the shoes. They were black, velvet, peep-toe stilettos that strapped around my ankle. Wearing them was literally as torturous as carrying a ball and chain. It was almost as though she had chosen the outfit she knew I'd detest the most.

I was definitely going to need a few drinks tonight. I was pissed and anxious. Hopefully, I'd loosen up after a few beers.

"You made it!" Emmett grinned as he opened the door.

"Of course we did. We wanted to meet the infamous Edward of course," Alice replied.

I managed a weak smile and stalked past Emmett and Alice for the keg.

Living in Queens had its perks. You were close to the city but far away enough that you could still find apartment complexes that allowed young people to live decently.

Emmett's landlord was a Hispanic man named Armando and his son had become friends with Emmett so we very regularly had parties. Armando was nice enough not to complain about the noise but we did have to keep it within reason.

His son, Jorge, was pretty well connected so we got kegs for our parties whenever necessary. Jorge's only payment from Emmett was personal training and an invitation to the party. So it hardly surprised me when he was standing next to the keg.

"Bella, mi amor, how are you?" Jorge inquired.

"Fine Jorge, how are things? How's Marissa?"

"She's fine. She's around here somewhere…probably dancing."

"Of course," I winked.

He laughed sweetly and served me a cup before warning me to keep track. I smiled at him and walked aimlessly around Emmett's apartment, passing in between couples and random people.

I spoke briefly to a few friends and new acquaintances when a nice-looking brunette caught my eye.

He was standing by the dining room table, chatting with another less attractive guy. He had light eyes from where I was standing that looked to be blue.

Unexpectedly, he looked up and met my gaze before smiling. I smiled stupidly in response and began to blush.

He seemed to smile even wider and politely excused himself from whoever he was speaking to. It didn't escape my notice how his eyes never left mine as he walked to meet me on the opposite side of the room.

"Can I get you another drink?" he asked in a deep voice.

I had never had a fetish for deep voices but for some reason his was uniquely attractive.


"What are you drinking or may I offer another alternative?"

"That depends…"

"Oh, on what exactly?"

"How good it tastes."

My attempts at flirting seemed to be working because his eyes began to burn with a slight desire.

"I can promise you, anything I suggest would please your taste buds."

I smiled and followed him towards the kitchen where he began searching through different bottles and inspecting the labels.

I watched his concentration as he concocted his secret drink. It would be pointless to ask for the ingredients considering I had watched him mix them together but he seemed to have a secret touch to the way he was putting the drink together. Once he was done he handed me the drink with a smile.

"One drink for one beautiful lady."

"Thank you. But before I take a sip I'll need to know your name."

"I'll you mine if you tell me yours."

I decided he was cute, whatever I was about drink would do me in, and I didn't really care so I would give in and tell him my name.

"Bella…Bella Swan."

"Well, beautiful Bella…I'm Christian Tulane. My friends call me Chris."

"It's nice to meet you Chris."

I shook his hand without breaking eye contact. I put the drink to my lips and took a hesitant sip. It was strong and obviously not a drink I'd ever had before.

"What is this?"

"It's Jungle Juice."

"Am I supposed to know what that is?"

He laughed and shook his head at some sort of joke I had missed.

"I'm a bartender Bella."

"Ohhh, so are you trying out your new creations on me?"

"No way! Jungle Juice is pretty popular. You've never heard of it?"

I shook my head.

"I see. So do you like it? I tried to keep it light on the Stoli."

"It doesn't matter this seems like one of those drinks that makes you forget after a while anyway."

We both laughed at that when Emmett stepped into the kitchen.

"Oh hey Chris! I see you met Bella…she's a looker, huh?"

I playfully shoved Emmett's chest and rolled my eyes. It was so typical of him to embarrass me in front of a guy I was clearly flirting with.

He feigned pain in response and held his hand to his heart.

"Bella that hurt, I was just being honest. I'm sure Chris thinks you're a 10, right Chris?"

"She's gorgeous," he replied casually, still not looking at anyone but me.

I blushed furiously and I was sure he noticed this time since the lights in Emmett's tiny kitchen were on.

"How about we go somewhere a little more open?" Chris whispered in my ear.

"I'd like that."

He walked me downstairs to Emmett's apartment building's stairs.

We sat on the steps for almost an hour just talking and getting to know one another. Apparently, Chris was hoping to open his own club one day and become a nightclub chain owner.

He had also met Emmett at the gym, which explained why Chris had such defined arms. I was quite sure the rest of him lived up the expectations I was already creating in my mind.

This night had turned out better than I had originally anticipated.

I was one hundred percent sure if Chris and I kept drinking we wouldn't be able to contain the underlying desire that was evident.

Every time I blushed he'd lean forward and brush my cheek or kiss it. Every time I'd shiver from the wind he'd warm me up with kisses. It was unlike me to be so open to another guy so quickly, but this Jungle Juice was releasing all my inhibitions. All my sexual and animalistic tendencies were sure to come out if we kept this up.

We decided to head back up and I was already beginning to feel tipsy. Chris kept a tight hold on me even though I knew he was getting pretty smashed as well. When we made it into the apartment I saw Alice across the hall.

She squealed and ran over to me. I gave her warning look and told her not to be a cock-block without actually uttering a single word. She winked and inconspicuously spied Chris' every move from the dining room table where she was sitting with Angela, a friend of ours.

He made me another Jungle Juice and led me to the dance floor.

I pressed my back against his chest and held my cup in my right hand while the other wrapped itself around Chris' neck. He leaned forward and rested his mouth on my neck where he kissed and sucked during the entire song.

Luckily, his hands were also busy as well. He had taken it upon himself to rub his hands across the exposed skin of my waist. I was surprisingly glad Alice had chosen this tank top with low-rise Capri's now. I whimpered slightly when his fingertips dipped teasingly into my pants and felt their way across the lace boy shorts I was wearing. I was getting warm.

I wasn't sure how much time had passed but I was pissed when Emmett turned the music off and yelled for everyone to be quiet. Talk about a buzz-kill. I assumed it had something to do with the police or the neighbors when I saw he was holding a cell phone.

"Hey! Everyone shut up, I have an announcement. Unfortunately, Edward can't make it. He's having trouble with his flight. So everyone boo him now for being a lame ass and missing his own graduation party."

It was comical how everyone booed on cue at the inoffensive cell phone.

I was sure Edward had heard enough because when Emmett brought the phone back to his ear he was laughing hysterically.

I took this as an opportunity to calm back down after all the excitement that Chris had built up. I walked over to Emmett and met him in the kitchen. He was still laughing and bickering with Edward when I stepped in. I was listening in on their conversation while Emmett shamelessly taunted Edward and called him awful things.

"What douche bag misses their own party?" I said a little too loudly.

Emmett looked at me wide-eyed and paused before bursting into another round of laughter. I guess Edward must have heard me because Emmett seemed to be explaining my current state.

"Relax, bro. It's just Bella. She's usually really nice and quiet but she's pretty wasted right now. You better have some hangover remedies when you come home tomorrow."

I nodded my head vigorously. I knew that as amazing as I felt right now, I'd feel twice as worse tomorrow morning when I woke up.

I felt two arms snake around my waist and I knew who it was immediately. Emmett winked knowingly and shooed us out of the kitchen.

I complied quickly and led Chris to one of the bedrooms in the apartment. I wasn't sure whether or not it was Emmett's or Edward's but at this point I didn't care. My inhibitions were long gone and the alcohol had taken over.

I had every intention of finishing what Chris had started earlier on the dance floor.

We were kissing with such urgency when I felt my legs hit the bed. I fell back slowly and pulled Chris down on top.

His hands began to knot in my hair and pull lightly. His lips were moving quickly against mine when I felt his tongue slip out. I responded quickly and opened my mouth to return the gesture.

It had been minutes by this point and I was getting more and more aroused with every passing second.

My hands explored the length of his stomach, back and chest. He was even more toned and muscular than I had imagined. I had hardly done him justice. I traced the contours of his abdomens with my fingers. Each time I slid my fingertip across he tensed in response, seemingly trying to keep control.

What he didn't realize is that this encouraged me even further.

I slowly lifted his t-shirt off his body and flung it somewhere across the room. I kept my hands firm onto his back and arched slowly to create more friction between us. It was obvious he was just as aroused as I was and it was clear he wasn't a small boy.

His lips left my lips and made their way back to my neck, sending shivers down my spine. I moaned when he bit my neck and licked the spot soon after. His hands left their place in my hair and trailed down my sides in a cruel manner.

I was really getting tired of the pretenses. His hands rested on my waist before coming to the button on my Capri's. He swiftly undid the button and lowered the zipper. 

Finally, we're getting somewhere! I thought. He pulled my pants down slowly, torturing me just enough to make me impatient.

It felt like I had been set free when he pulled the rest of the offensive fabric off my legs. Those pants really were too tight—they were getting retired for sure. Granted they had gotten me to this point but still…I would never bring those back out of retirement.

I quickly made my way to Chris' button and zipper. I undid them quickly and began to inch them down when he hands seized my wrists. I was livid. He was not going to get me all worked up and then deny me like this. Not without a fight.

"Bella wait…I need to get a condom."

I sighed in frustration. They are supposed to be prepared for these kinds of moments!

He leaned down and kissed me tenderly before standing up and walking away. I sat up and made my way to the pillows of the bed. I rested my head against them and closed my eyes while I waited. I was going to have sex with the hottest guy in this party tonight. Things couldn't have worked out anymore perfectly than if I had even tried.

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