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The next morning, Bella and I awoke to a heavy pounding on our bedroom door. I peeled my eyes open and found Bella in a similar state. We were both disoriented and completely naked. I glanced at the nightstand clock. It was 8:30 in the morning. Bella and I had gone to sleep at nearly three.

Last night had been rather…eventful. I'd never lost control with Bella like that before. A part of me knew what I was doing and wanted to see her turned on by my forcefulness but the other was in complete shock of how far I'd gone last night. I couldn't say I regretted it but I felt a nagging guilt. Bella was so special to me. I found it extremely hard sometimes to find the balance between just giving into my desires and fucking her brains out and treating her with love and adoration.

I hadn't specifically told her I loved her but I think we both knew deep down what we felt for each other. I knew we both wouldn't say anything because Bella was too practical to declare herself after three months and I was too concerned with self-preservation.

At times I found myself wanting to say it because it would prove Mady hadn't completely destroyed me but at others I found myself scared of my utter devotion to Bella. Even at the pinnacle of my relationship with Madelyn I'd never felt the extreme emotions I felt for Bella. It was completely distressing and thrilling at the same time.

I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes and hobbled over to my suitcase. Bella busied herself with slipping underneath the sheets so she was no longer exposed. I threw a pair of boxers on and opened the door. What I was met with was probably the funniest thing I'd ever seen in my entire life.

Emmett was standing there in a pink Polo shirt, Venetian plaid shorts, yellow socks, golfing shoes, and a flat cap that matched his shorts. He reminded me of Rodney Dangerfield's character from 'Caddyshack.' I literally laughed out loud and his smile faltered. He glared at me and waited. Bella must have been curious about what the laughter was about because she ended up standing next to me.

She was wrapped in a bed sheet and giggling hysterically. Emmett muttered something about get up and get ready and stomped off. I closed the door behind me and bent over to steady myself. I was getting lightheaded from all my laughter. Once we sobered up, Bella started to get her things ready for her shower.

"You're not gonna wear an outfit like that, are you Edward?" Bella wondered.

I shook my head violently.

"No way! I leave the dramatics up to Emmett. Besides any real golfer knows that's just announcing you're a newbie. Emmett will learn quickly serious golfers do not dress up like circus clowns," I chuckled.

Bella strolled over to me in one of her pajama sets. She wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a chaste kiss.

"That's disappointing. I think I might have rather enjoyed seeing you in plaid shorts," she giggled.

"Oh, really?" I arched an eyebrow and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Mhm," Bella purred and leaned forward.

The second her lips touched mine it was like I was on fire. It was a long, deep kiss that was more tender than hard. There was a certain passion behind her movements though that told me she'd be up for one more round if I was. I was about to lift her up and take her back to our bed until another knocked resounded on our door.

"Bella, get your ass in that shower already! We've got shopping to do! You can fuck Edward later!" Rosalie shouted.

Bella stiffened as soon as she heard the fuck.

"Don't worry Bella. It was a lucky guess. I promise she couldn't hear anything," I assured her.

She nodded slowly and disappeared across the hall into the bathroom. I took a quick shower after Bella came out and got dressed. She was putting her hair up into a ponytail in front of the mirror by the door. I chuckled as I remembered last night. Bella glanced at me over her shoulder and gave me a curious look. I acted as though I hadn't noticed it and waited until she was done.

We went over to the kitchen and had a quick breakfast with the rest of the group. Alice, Rosalie, and Bella would be shopping in Westhampton today while we went to the golf course. Jasper and I looked a whole lot more normal in our basic Polo shirts and khakis than Emmett did.

I gave Bella a meaningful kiss since I probably wouldn't see her until late this afternoon. Both groups got into our respective Jaguars and disappeared. The girls followed along with us until they stopped off in town and we continued to the greens.

"Have you two played golf before?" Jasper asked.

He glanced at me through his rearview mirror. I nodded my head while Emmett shook his. Jasper nodded at him. He knew Emmett had never played but I think he was too cunning to ask me outright if I'd ever played. It would give away his underlying motive which was really: are you any competition?

We pulled into the parking lot and entered the house-looking office. Jasper knew everyone so we got our gear together rather quickly. It was actually pretty funny to see all these older women fawning over the Southern gentleman they'd watch grow from an adolescent to a neurologist. By the time we left the shop Jasper was beet red.

"God, Jasper thank God we're out of there. If one of those old ladies came onto you again I swear I might blow chunks," Emmett groaned.

"Jealous, Emmett?" Jasper smirked.

Emmett brushed him off and climbed into the golf cart. I slid in next to him and Jasper took the backseat with our clubs. When we got the first hole we decided to play stroke play. I grinned, I'd only played golf twice before but I knew I'd have a better shot with stroke play than match play. Emmett teed off first, followed by me, and then Jasper. Jasper was going to be stiff competition. I knew he didn't get to play often but he had a natural talent. His stroke was almost beautiful.

"So what did you guys do last night after the fireworks?" Emmett wondered.

"Alice and I were up for a few hours. We didn't fall asleep too late. She wanted to be well-rested for her shopping expedition," Jasper chuckled while he readied his ball.

"What's that code for? We had sex once and went to sleep early," Emmett laughed.

"Something like that," Jasper smiled.

I shook my head and waited for Jasper's swing. The ball went sailing across the green. I wanted to punch a wall. He looked like fucking Tiger Woods. I rolled my eyes and swore under my breath.

"What about you and Bella, Edward?"

"Yeah, you and Bella seemed to leave pretty hastily. Was something up? You looked sort of mad at her," Jasper added.

"Oh shit, did it have to do with me yesterday? Look, bro I'm sorry. I thought it'd be funny. Don't be mad at Bella for it. It was my fault."

I chuckled and shook my head.

"No, everything was fine. We went to bed pretty late though. It was almost three I think," I rubbed the back of my neck.

Emmett's jaw dropped.

"What the hell were you two doing last night?" Emmett sounded awed.

I grinned and actually started to blush a little. Jasper noticed and started to laugh loudly.

"He's not going to tell," Jasper warned Emmett.

I decided to play with them.

"Let's just say it's a good thing those bedrooms are soundproof. Although, I think Bella might have a career in their testing facilities," I chuckled.

Jasper shook his head and Emmett looked conflicted. I knew he wanted to be pissed that I'd had the best sex of my life while he probably went for an hour with Rosalie. And I knew he wanted to be pissed that it was me but he looked like he wanted to clap at my impressiveness.

I strolled over to the waitress that was making rounds and asked for an Iced Tea. I almost laughed at her when I noticed how startled she was by me but I figured I didn't want to make her any more awkward than she already was. She barely formed a coherent response and dazedly walked over to her cart.

"What about you and Rosalie?" I wondered.

"We didn't go for long. She got a pretty awful sunburn in a few places so she wasn't comfortable," Emmett sighed.

"That sucks," Jasper noted.

"Tell me about it," Emmett laughed while he wiggled his eyebrows.

And then I cringed because I knew exactly what Rosalie had done last night. A shudder threatened to rip through my body but I suppressed it. The waitress came back with my Iced Tea and I thanked her. I gave her a twenty dollar tip just so I could see the look of shock on her face. She couldn't have been any older than 17.

"Just turning the girls into mush, huh, Edward?" Jasper laughed.

"No, she was a good waitress. Besides I know how important tips are at that age."

Emmett teed up and took a swing.

"Shit," I muttered.

"FORE!" Emmett shouted at the same time.

The ball hit a golf cart up ahead and a stocky, older man came around the side. He was glaring at Emmett. I wanted to laugh at the sight of the tiny old man but managed to maintain my appearance. As soon as the old man and his friends disappeared I fell to the ground in laughter. Jasper held onto our golf cart for support and clutched at his chest.

"Emmett…that…man…knows my…father," Jasper choked out between laughs.

I laughed even harder. Jasper was probably going to get reported now for bad etiquette on the course. I took my shot and managed to get a hole-in-one. Jasper wasn't happy about that one but I made no move to boast. It would only add to my downfall if I ended up losing this game.

"So, Jasper…" I began.

"Hmm?" he poised himself to swing.

"I was thinking we need to work on getting Bella and Alice back together. I can't take all this bullshit with them fighting. Bella is my girlfriend and Alice is a good friend. It's driving me crazy to have them pitted against each other like this. And Bella is being as stubborn as an ox. Do you think you can make any leeway with Alice?"

Jasper took his swing and sighed. He wouldn't be getting his hole-in-one like I had managed. My ego was doing a happy dance. Maybe I had a shot after all.

"Alice is unwilling to apologize. She still thinks Bella is being melodramatic. She was talking to me on the Jitney about how she really believes this trip will be a good thing for Bella. That it'll help her to try new things. Alice loves Bella to an almost obsessive degree. She just wanted to give her a chance to try something new but it's backfired. I completely understand how you feel about this situation. Bella is good company. I hate feeling like I shouldn't speak to her or get to close to her because it'll set Alice off," he admitted.

"I'm just surprised at how ruthless and stubborn she's being. Anytime we do something it's like she wants to do whatever she knows will piss Alice off the most. I've definitely learned to make sure I stay on her good side," I laughed with humor.

"You two are being pussies. If you were smart you'd get them crazy angry and then take advantage. Think about the amazing angry sex you could be having," Emmett chimed in.

I rolled my eyes. Of course that's the one thing he would be thinking of. Besides this situation was different for him, Rosalie wasn't really involved. And Emmett was just lucky to float between Alice and Bella when they were mad. He had a knack for sticking on both sides without rocking the boat.

"Whatever, we just need to work on some options. I'd like to have this settled before we return to the city tomorrow," I glossed over Emmett's comment.

"I wonder what they're doing," Jasper pursed his lips.

"Bella's probably off in her own world while Rosalie and Alice fawn over the latest and greatest in designers. As a matter of fact it wouldn't surprise me if Bella was hiding out in a random book shop while the other two bought crap," I chuckled.

"Alice can definitely be exhausting when it comes to her shopping addiction. Sometimes I worry. It's not good to spend so much money simply because you have it," Jasper sighed.

"Good point," I agreed.

"I just don't want her to continue having bad financial habits. I'm afraid of what it could mean for her long term. Of course, I'll always be there to help her but think of the subconscious things she could teach to our kids," Jasper ran a hand through his hair.

I raised an eyebrow. Kids? Emmett spoke my thoughts.

"Kids? What the fuck are you talking about Jasper? You and Alice have been dating all of three months. Does she know you plan on having kids with her?" he laughed.

"Actually, I've been thinking a lot lately and I think I want to get engaged before she starts school again next semester," Jasper looked at us tentatively.

My jaw dropped.

"Jasper, are you fucking crazy!? I love both you and Alice and all…but married? She starts school in less than two months!"

"I know. I know it sounds crazy but I know she's the one. I've never been more sure about anything in my life."

I stared at my best friend blankly. How could he be so sure so soon? I was pretty sure Mady was the one and look how that turned out. I knew it was unfair to draw that comparison since Madelyn and Alice were nothing alike but still.

"How long do you plan on being engaged to her?" I asked.

Jasper's head snapped to look at me.

"I hadn't really considered it. I figure about a year. Alice likes to watch those wedding shows and she told me if and when she got married she'd need at least a year to plan."

I nodded. A year was good. It was better than getting married after less than five months of dating.

"When exactly do you plan on asking her? Have you bought a ring?" I asked.

"I was thinking I'd ask her the weekend before school started. Her first day of classes is the last week of August. I haven't bought the ring yet but I think I found it. I was actually planning on asking you to come with me," Jasper looked at me.

Me? What the hell did I know about picking out a ring? And then it hit me. I knew a lot about picking out a ring. I'd done it before. I'd just never had the pleasure of seeing it on her ring finger or actually proposing. I was somewhat happy about that fact. If and when I ever proposed I wanted it to be the first and last proposal of my entire life.

"I don't know, Jazz. I don't even know what Alice likes," I scratched my scalp absentmindedly.

"No, I'm pretty sure I have the perfect one. I just want a second opinion."

"Well then why won't you ask Rosalie or your sister?"

"There's a chance that if Alice catches on she'll torture or blackmail both of them until she finds out. I'm not taking any chances."

"Uh, hello? She blackmailed me too. Case and point this weekend."

"Please, Edward," he insisted.

I sighed.

"Fine," I muttered.

His face lit up and he grinned widely. We finished up our last few holes and tallied up our scores. I managed a 91. I beat Jasper by a point. He was pissed off but said nothing. Emmett, on the other hand, had a final score of 212. He didn't even say anything he just climbed into the Jaguar.

On my way out I saw the waitress that had served us. I winked and waved goodbye. She blushed nearly as bad as Bella does and then I realized why I held such an endearment for the young girl. She looked like an adolescent Bella.

On our way back into town we called the girls and decided to meet them at the Westhampton Steakhouse for lunch. By the time we got there the girls were already sitting at their table. Bella practically jumped on me when she saw us. I helped steady her and gave her a good, long kiss. She wrapped her hand around mine and led me to our table. We sat next to each other and kept our fingers interlocked. She placed her head on my shoulder.

"I missed you today," she sighed.

I turned in my seat and kissed my forehead.

"I'm sorry. Did you have fun with the girls?"

Bella shot a look at Alice (which Alice had not noticed) and mumbled no.

"What happened?"

I wasn't sure if that was a bad question or not. I guess I'd know soon.

"Well I was already surly because we were being separated today and then those two kept nagging me about wanting to spend the day in a book shop. We fought for almost a freaking hour before they gave in and let me spend the day over there. I found a few good books and spoke to the owner for a while. I hadn't even realized how many hours had passed until Rosalie called."

"At least it wasn't a total loss. You seemed to have enjoyed yourself," I tried to sound cheery.

"Yeah but I wanted to spend the day with you," she leaned up to my ear, "…in bed."

My cock heard that and felt the way her lips brushed against my earlobe. Her voice was drowning in sex. I closed my eyes to will my now curious member away. Bella pulled back in giggles. I forced myself to focus on the menu and spluttered off my order when the waiter came.

"So what did you guys do?" Alice chirped.

"Nothing, we just played an 18-hole. Edward won by one point," Jasper grumbled.

I laughed and gave Emmett a fist bump. Thankfully, Emmett had lost the hat by this point and was now looking a little more normal. I laughed on the inside as I remembered all the curious looks he'd gotten at the Country Club. He'd even gone into a dressing room, came out sliding, stopped, and said: Tiger, Tiger, Woods ya'll. And in that moment I'd never:

A. laughed so hard, and

B. been so ashamed to be his brother.

"Aw, I'm sorry babe," Alice kissed his cheek.

I heard Bella groan lowly and I nudged her. She was being utterly ridiculous about this Alice thing. It made me really want to get it resolved even more. I sat there contemplating all the ways we could try and get Alice and Bella to be civil and try to work out this problem. I was drawing a blank. Every option seemed completely dramatic and juvenile.

The waiter brought our food back out and we ate in silence. Everyone seemed to be famished. We couldn't even try to concern ourselves with friendly conversation and mindless chatter. When we all got done we burst into laughter. The other restaurant patrons gave us funny looks.

"So, Edward what did you and Bella do last night?" Rosalie spoke up.

I stole a quick glance at Bella and her face was completely flushed. She'd given us away before I even had the chance to cover. Rosalie's grin grew wide and she raised her eyebrows. She nodded knowingly in my direction and giggled. I put my face in my hands and groaned.

"Edward said Bella was a screamer last night," Emmett piped up.

"Edward!" Bella chided.

I turned to face her and explain.

"I didn't say that!" I spoke directly to her.

"You're a fucking liar. You said 'it's a good thing those bedrooms are soundproof but Bella might have a job in their testing facilities.' Verbatim," Emmett interjected.

"Okay that was definitely not verbatim Emmett but he is right Bella," Jasper added.

I glared at him. What the fuck? Why were they selling me out?! They were not only supposed to be my best friends but it was a guy conversation. Nothing ever leaves those sort of conversations. I mean did Jasper want me to spill about his impending proposal to Alice? He was certainly wearing my patience thin.

I chanced a look at Bella and she was indignant. I sighed heavily. Thanks a lot Emmett and Jasper! Alice looked at me regretfully and Rosalie was still smirking. The rest of lunch was awkward to say the least. I was suddenly glad that we had driven in separate cars. Bella was the first one of her Jaguar and at the front door. Jasper opened the door for us and she made a beeline for our bedroom.

I looked at up at the ceiling and begged God to give me the wisdom to deal with her. I wasn't sure if my usual charms were going to be enough this time. I knocked on the door and opened it tentatively. I walked in and looked towards the bed, Bella was missing.

I was about to call out for her when she walked out from our walk-in closet. My breath caught. She was standing there in a black lace bra with matching black panties. The panties had a little extra material around them that formed a skirt so tiny I couldn't even fathom the fact it should be considered one.

"Edward Anthony Masen, strip…now," her voice was stern and low.

I froze. I had wanted her to take the reins sometime in near future but I hadn't expected that it would be this soon.

"NOW!" she yelled.

I reached behind me and lifted my polo half way over my head when she stopped me.

"Slower," she commanded.

I smirked beneath the fabric of the shirt and nodded submissively. If she wanted slower, she'd get it slower alright. I went as slow as I could manage and even made a show of dropping my shirt to the floor. I reached for my belt buckle, glanced at her, smirked, and then undid the buckle. Her eyes were glued to my hands. I tugged the belt through the loops and threw it off to the side.

I undid the button of my khakis slowly and pulled the zipper down so leisurely you could hear the sound of the teeth being undone. I pushed the pants down to my ankles and bent over. I gave Bella a smile and stood back up. I was about to step out and pull my boxers down when she spoke up again.

"Stop. You can stay in your boxers," she brushed past me on purpose and I could feel how hard her nipples were.

I stifled a groan as she locked the door. I could feel her standing behind me now and my cock was aching for her to just do something already. I could feel her silky soft hands snake around my waist as she pressed a kiss beneath my shoulder blade. Her fingertips brushed across the raised scratch marks she'd made across my chest yesterday.

"Do you want me to scratch you again, Edward?" she purred.

I nodded vehemently. The shit hurt worse than she could imagine but it was hot. Her fingers came to the waistband of my boxers and she slipped her fingers beneath the fabric. My cock jumped. Bella ran her right index finger from the base to my tip. And then she had the audacity to take her hands out of my boxers and skip over to the bed. My jaw dropped. I took a breath to steady myself.

I had asked her to take control and she was. The only problem was the teasing. I stalked over to her but she put up a hand to stop me. I did. She smirked at me before unhooking her bra and tossing it to the side. Her nipples were as hard as they felt. She slid her hands up her sides before grabbing both of her breasts…hard.

I groaned and a devious smile spread across her face as her eyes slipped to a close. She tugged at her nipples and mewled. Fuck, I needed to get over there. I took one step and her leg shot up to stop me. Her foot was pressed firmly against my chest and she stopped her ministrations.

"Nuh-uh. You're going to stand there and watch me," she gave me a look that dared me to challenge her.

I stepped back and allowed her to continue. Her whimpers were becoming increasingly loud and my body was tingling with anticipation. God, I just needed to be inside her already. I was going to drill into her this afternoon if and when she finally gave me the opportunity. Suddenly, she brought her left hand from her breast and slipped it beneath the lacy fabric of her underwear.

She assumedly slipped a finger or two inside and began rocking against her hand. I wanted so badly to gain some relief but I was not going to beg or resort to beating off. I hadn't jacked off since high school. I wasn't about to start up again today. I was fucking 28-years-old.

"Edward," she breathed.

"Yes," my voice was rough.

"Touch yourself. I want you to picture me. I'm thinking about you right now," she admitted.

My head fell back. I pinched the bridge of my nose with my thumb and forefinger. Fuck, I was going to have to do it. I wouldn't be anywhere near her little piece of heaven if I didn't comply. I shook my head and decided to throw away my pride. If it meant that I'd be a step closer to Bella's wet and waiting cunt I'd do it. I slipped my hand beneath my boxers and grabbed onto my cock. I still couldn't believe I was about to do this.

I spread some of my pre-cum and pumped myself once. I really couldn't get past the fact that I knew it was me doing this instead of Bella. She moaned my name again and began to rock harder against her hand. I began to pump in time with her rocking. It was definitely a form of relief but it wasn't going to be enough to get me off unless she did something truly crazy.

Bella's free hand reached out for me and I met her. We were still pleasuring ourselves. Her lips met mine with a fury and her tongue dove into my mouth. She was so rough and urgent that she completely controlled our pace. I was vaguely aware of my own pumping when she called out my name and came all over her hand.

"Edward, please fuck me," she moaned into our kiss.

I immediately withdrew my hand from my boxers and pushed her back onto the bed. I practically ripped my boxers off and yanked Bella's underwear down to her knees. I wasn't going to waste anymore time. I couldn't. I shoved one hard thrust into her. Her back arched off the bed and she moaned lowly.

I began thrusting so fast and hard I was working up a sweat. I looked down at Bella and her head was moving up and down so violently I could imagine what my pounding into her must feel like. A smaller part of me was concerned I might be going too rough so I asked her if she was okay.

"Just keep going," she breathed.

She didn't have to tell me twice. My thrusts were hard and quick and the friction was incredible. Bella would whimper or squeak every time I slammed into her. It was the sexiest thing I'd ever heard. I looked at her again and her eyes were closed tightly. Her mouth was open and her hairline was darkened by sweat.

Suddenly, she was meeting my thrusts. I groaned and attacked her neck with kisses. I sucked hard on her skin and she dug her nails into my ass. Fuck, I didn't expect her scratches to be there. That'd make for an uncomfortable dinner.

"Edward, ah…that's…," she couldn't even finish.

I smirked against her skin and nipped at her shoulder. She cried out a little and pressed her nails into my lower back.

"Fuck," I growled.

It was a mix of pleasure and pain.

"Edward!" she shouted.

I hadn't even processed the fact she was ready to come. She came hard while I continued my rocking. Three incredibly hard thrusts later I released my hot cum into her. She moaned and I muffled my sounds into the pillow next to Bella's head.

I collapsed on top of her. I rolled over slightly to pull out but made no effort to move. Our legs were still intertwined. I looked over to my left and Bella was still breathing hard. She glanced at me and brushed my damp hair from my forehead. She leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Is it possible that that was even better than last night?" I wondered.

She giggled and blushed. I stroked her cheek.

"Why are you blushing?"

"I failed," she spoke quietly.

"At what?"

I happened to think she was great. As a matter of fact I thought she was freaking phenomenal just now.

"I was supposed to be in control. I was doing good but when you started to beat off I couldn't take it anymore. I thought for sure you wouldn't give in," she smiled and bit her lip.

"You mean you didn't actually expect me to?" I was incredulous.

"No. I mean I was hoping though."

I sighed. She got me good.

We fell asleep a few minutes later and woke up around 5:30. We put robes on and decided to take a co-shower. We managed to make it out without having sex—much to my disappointment—and got dressed quickly. When we went over to the kitchen Isla was making tacos. We helped her with the ingredients and made easy conversation. She was a nice woman.

About 40 minutes later Rosalie and Emmett came in with knowing smirks in Bella and my direction. Jasper and Alice came down soon after. I gave Emmett a look and watched Jasper and Alice. There was something up with those four. We sat down together and started to serve ourselves. I winced as my ass met the hard chair. Those scratch marks would be a problem.

"Jasper, I wanted to say thank you for inviting us here this weekend. Edward and I had a really great time," Bella grinned.

"It was my pleasure. I know my parents wanted us to use the house this weekend so I'm really happy you guys didn't mind spending July 4th up here. It's even better that you guys have enjoyed yourself," he smiled back.

"So, I take it things are better with you and Edward, Bella?" Rosalie smirked from her glass of water.

Bella nodded and ducked her head. I think she felt a little bad. I did too. We'd actually talked in the shower about that. She wasn't as mad at she had let on. It was mostly an act that led up to her big show a few hours ago in the bedroom.

"What are the plans for tonight?" I asked while taking a sip of soda.

"We haven't planned anything. I'm sure we'll figure something out after dinner," Jasper responded.

We continued to eat while Emmett regaled us with a few of his stories. He could always make us laugh with his stories about his clients or crazy situations he'd gotten himself into. His current story was about when he was in high school. This one I knew quite well.

"So I was in this algebra class and we were having a midterm. The teacher was a total bitch and basically everyone was failing the class. Even the nerdy kids were scraping by with C's and B's. So one day me and my friend Kenny go to teacher's classroom after school 'cause he had forgotten his football bag there."

I remembered Emmett's friend Kenny. He was a complete ass but I had to give it to the kid he was funny as hell and witty. He was voted King of Comeback's during his senior year with Emmett.

"We go into the classroom and I was just about to leave when I noticed a test on the teacher's desk. Kenny comes over and snatches it off the desk. Turns out it was the answer key to the midterm we were having the next day. So we copy down all the answers in like 5 minutes flat and move our asses out of there. That night after practice Kenny and I call up all our friends and tell them if they pay 10 bucks we'll give them the answers. I swear to God I made about 800 dollars that night alone with all the kids I knew that wanted the answers. The math department did a uniform test so any and every kid that had that class wanted the answers."

It was true. I remember being a senior and hearing about Emmett's harebrained scheme. Everyone passed the email along about Emmett and Kenny having the answers. I could distinctly remember the disapproval and excitement I felt.

I knew Emmett and Kenny well enough to know that they'd never get away with their plan. It was only a matter of time before he got in trouble and I was able to sit and watch it unfold. Emmett was always doing stupid stuff in high school. This was no different. The principal practically had Mom and Dad on speed dial.

"I'm not sure how but the next day Kenny and I show up to school. We've memorized all the answers in a little rap we made up and we're about to take the test. The principal comes in and pulls out Kenny and I. Turns out the message got spread and one of the kid's we handed out the answers to left his answers in his room. His mom was on the PTA and she called the school to let him know. They questioned around and I guess eventually someone sold us out. So Mom and Dad show up…Do you remember that Edward?"

I nodded.

"So Mom and Dad show up and I'm completely fucked. Dad is going on and on about how absurd it is that 'a Masen could be so dishonest and ruthless.' Mom is silent as a dead person which means I'm fucked twice now. She's disappointed and nothing sucks more when she's disappointed. They even call Edward in and he has to prove that he had no knowledge of the situation and didn't partake in handing out the answers."

It was bull that I was completely unaware but Emmett would have never sold me out. He knew I was innocent enough and for that alone he'd never get me in trouble.

"Anyway, by the end of the day Kenny and I had earned ourselves a week of out-of-school suspension—which we used as a means to go to the movies and mall all week—and I ended up failing that algebra class. The teacher was even more awful than before. Dad almost had a coronary when he found out my summer school session would interfere with the family trip to Chicago."

Bella was shaking her head in disbelief. Alice was giggling and Rosalie and Jasper were staring at Emmett in awe. I had to give it to him. He was fucking legend at our school.

On Freshman Friday of his freshman year he was stuffing classmates into trashcans. And his senior prank had even managed to upstage mine as well. Emmett had put fake snowflakes in all the school air vents making the school look like a regular Christmas TV special from what I heard. He even wore a Hawaiian shirt and shorts for effect.

Kenny had sent Dean's office slips to all the freshman homeroom classes, making the school overwhelmed with sending nearly 600 rowdy freshmen back to their classes. And together—along with their equally immature friends and groupies—they staged a paintball fight the night before in the school's football stadium. Mom had passed by the following morning and told me it looked like an art exhibition had taken place. There were splats of paint everywhere.

We all collectively sighed and decided to figure out what we should do. At first we all sat around the pool and drank a bottle of wine. As a group we didn't feel much like going out. Jasper and Alice were whispering to each other.

I figured they were trying to figure out something to do since they didn't seem as coy as they usually were. Alice disappeared back into the house while we sat on the deck. I could hear popcorn from the kitchen and I sighed. Emmett followed the smell inside while Rosalie came over and sat next to Bella and I. We were commenting on the area when Jasper called out for us.

"Hey, we're going to watch a movie. Alice insists on watching something all together," Jasper spoke from the doorjamb.

We all stood up and I was about to say something about Alice to Bella but Bella opened her mouth before I had the chance.

"Of course Alice wants us to watch a movie all together," she practically snarled.

"What the hell?"

We turned around and Alice was standing in the doorframe looking positively livid. Rosalie pulled me away from Bella and directed me to the doorframe Alice was now stalking towards Bella from. I turned around and Alice was yelling at Bella incoherently. Bella looked absolutely bored while Alice's arms flailed around.

"Why don't you get the hell over yourself, Bella? I'm trying to be a good friend!" Alice shouted.

The entire house fell silent except for the annoying sound of Emmett chewing popcorn in my ear. Alice's little remark set Bella off. Her face turned red but not from blushing. She stepped forward while Alice took a step back.

"Alice, why don't you get the hell over yourself?! I'm sick of you needing to have control over everything and forcing me to do things you know I'll hate just because you want to live vicariously through me. I'm sick of the Bella Barbie, or making Bella go shopping, or making Bella be sexy, or making Bella go on the Jitney even though she hates all those pretentious twits you seem to like so much. I'm tired Alice! I'm tired of it all!" Bella screamed.

"God, Bella you're so self-absorbed right now you're even talking about yourself in third person," Alice sounded disgusted.

That was the last straw for Bella apparently. She pushed Alice who looked completely shocked. I stepped forward to end it but Rosalie and Emmett stopped me. I glanced at Emmett and he was offering me some popcorn. Was he kidding me?!

"Doesn't anyone else find it dangerous that they're fighting next to a fucking pool?" I whispered.

"No way bro. This is not only hot it's damn interesting. Bella and Alice are my best friends I didn't know there was so much tension. Where the hell is Jasper? We need to tape and YouTube this shit," Emmett wondered while he craned his neck.

I looked back and the yelling and hasty movements I was hearing and I wanted to sprint to Bella. She had Alice in a headlock while Alice pulled at her hair almost violently. I could hear the occasional "ouch" or "bitch" but mostly I heard their grunts and growls. Emmett was wearing a shit-eating grin and Rosalie was laughing into his shoulder. I looked for Jasper and there he was over by the living room window, watching in awe.

"JASPER!" I whispered.

He waved me off.

"Not now Edward. This is hot. I've never seen Alice so…primal," he was awestruck.

I looked back at Alice and Bella. Now Bella was pinned to the floor by Alice who had ripped a better portion of Bella's tank top. That sexy little black bra of her's from earlier was now partially exposed. I wanted to go over there mostly so I could stop Jasper and Emmett from ogling. Bella gave Alice a hard push upward.

Alice lost her balance and fell over the side, into the pool. She dragged Bella along with her. When I heard the splash I sighed. I'd had enough. I went over to help them. Jasper had followed me out and was helping me get them out of the pool. They looked like drowned cats. Rosalie stepped out from the house and put her hands on her hips.

"You two! In Edward and Bella's room….Now!" she ordered.

They ducked their heads and walked into our bedroom without a word. I sat at the dining room table with Jasper and Emmett in silence. I folded my hands and stared at the table. We couldn't hear what was going on; the rooms were soundproof of course. An hour later the girls came back out. I immediately stood up when I heard the door open.

Bella came around the corner first. Her eyes were a little pink from tears. She was in her pajamas and her hair was getting drier. Alice was wearing Bella's robe and looked about the same as Bella. Only her hair was completely dry since it was so much shorter. Rosalie looked exhausted so we decided to call it night. We had to get up early to leave tomorrow anyway. While I tucked Bella into bed with me I asked her what happened.

"Nothing but I think Alice and I will have a much different friendship after this trip. For the better," she whispered as she began to fall asleep.

I kissed her forehead once and pulled her tightly into my arms. I would never tell her but I was thoroughly impressed with her combat abilities. My Bella could be feisty.

Okay so a few things. The fight scene was an idea from Hope4more. I had an idea but her's was so awesome that I had to do it. I'm sure there aren't many A/B fight scenes on fanfiction so I was totally down for doing something funny and original.

The whole thing about Emmett is mostly a lot of true stories about my high school experience. I even had a friend named Kenny who did the exact thing Emmett and my FF Kenny did. The senior pranks were true. The thing about the freshmen homerooms, and the fake snow is true. The paintball is something that we didn't get to do though (I was highly disappointed).

If you've never seen Caddyshack = for shame! That movie is amazing.

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