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"Oh, Chiba." Without missing a beat, Kozue flung herself into Chiba and cried.

It was shocking at first, but he wasn't scared of what was happening. Chiba would've probably freaked out if it were any other girl crying in his arms, but with Kozue, it felt like he wanted to do all he could to heart stop from breaking. All he could do was wrap his arms tightly around her, assuring her that he wasn't going anywhere, and wait for someone to come back.

Kozue was sobbing harder than ever and for the first time in quite a while. Although we wasn't making much noise, her shoulders were shaking fiercely. Chiba tried his hardest to make sure Kozue knew he wasn't just about to get up and leave her, and yet at the same time he tried not to suffocate her in his manly chest.

Shiori was standing nearby with her husband, nearly heartbroken at the sight. All she could do for Kozue was to write a note and give it to Chiba to pass on.

When her crying had died down, Chiba went back inside the club and brought out a glass of water. He sat down next to her on the sidewalk and handed her the drink. "Here."

She took a tiny sip before handing it back.

"Maybe this is a sign that I should give up all this DJ nonsense." Kozue's voice was tired and you could tell her nose was stuffed up.

Chiba put the drink to his side and scooted closer to Kozue so he could put his arm around her. "Now that is nonsense," he said quietly and she let out a harsh laugh. "I'm serious. We're going to find your brother, Ko-chan. I know it. I also know how much you love and live to DJ. You're gonna be big one day. I wouldn't be surprised if you were international."

Wiping her eyes with her already drenched sleeves, she let out a real chuckle. "You and I both know that that's impossible."

The big punked out softie looked at her seriously and said with a smile, "You don't believe me? Trust me, Chiba knows what he speaks."

"HA!" she laughed in his face and he stood up. Despite a good laugh, reality came crashing back down. She still didn't know where Satoshi was and none of the guys were anywhere in sight. Her face was buried in her hands once more.

Without a word, Chiba sat by her side and hugged her again.

After half an hour, Chiba decided for both of them that it was already very late.

"Hey, it's getting too late. I'll walk you home now," he said quietly.

Kozue burst out in tears at the thought of her family. "I can't go back home! Not while Satoshi is still out there! None of the guys have come back yet either."

Various thoughts ran through Chiba's mind, but only one strangely appealed to him: Bring Kozue back to his place.

I can't bring her back to my place! I'm not some creep that leads their vulnerable friends into a trap! But it does make sense. She can't stay here all night waiting for someone to show up. ...This would probably be a much easier decision if I didn't like her and if she wasn't so damn cute even while crying! Chiba mentally sighed and regained seriousness. As a good friend, I'll help her out. That is what a man would do. It's just like finding a drenched puppy on the street.

He kneeled down in front of her and gently said, "Alright then, you won't go home. How about we go to my house and just rest? I'm certain the guys don't mind looking for your brother. You've probably been up all day. Just a little rest in a warm house won't hurt. Does that sound okay?"

Kozue's face was still hidden in her hands. "Web bot gog te ma ows ite?" came her warbled reply.

"No, we won't go to your house," he replied and quickly left to tell the bartender to relay a message if Ryusuke, Saku, Taira, or Koyuki came back.

When he returned, he sucked up all the courage he had and held Kozue's hand all the way to his house, where he had to quickly explain to his mother why he was bringing home a girl on a school day. His father, however, gave him a high five.

After convincing his mother, Chiba let Kozue stay in his room while he shared with his brother.

Meanwhile, Koyuki ran back to the venue in hopes of reporting back to Kozue. When the bartender relayed the message that Chiba had brought Kozue to his place, Koyuki called the others and let them know the situation.

"Kozue is at Chiba's," Koyuki said to Ryusuke. "The bartender told me. What should we do?"

"...Keep looking. I'll head over to Chiba's place and tell him what's happened."

Ryusuke arrived at Chiba's place and instead of ringing the doorbell, he called Chiba's phone.

"Hey man. Let me in. I'm outside."

The door opened just a few seconds later and Chiba let him in. The two of them sat down in the living room, Chiba sitting on the couch and Ryusuke on the sofa chair.

"You better have good news Ryusuke." Chiba lowered his voice. "She's seriously upset."

"Yeah. There's a small problem," Ryusuke said in an annoying laid back kind of way. "Koyuki found out from a shopkeeper that he saw a little boy running in the streets with some thugs chasing him by the run down theater."

Chiba stood up immediately and headed straight for his brother's room.

Ryusuke could hear awkward thuds and a series of grunts from Chiba. "Ow! Yes! I can, in fact, see you writing words down! Stop throwing your damn pillows- OUCH!" At that last shout, Chiba's brother had thrown a clock at him.

Chiba came back out with a bunch of clothes and a mask. Without so much as an explanation, Chiba shed his current clothes and jumped into an Ultraman costume before running out of the house. Ryusuke sighed and followed far behind.

Back at Chiba's house, Kozue was dressed in Chiba's clothes and curled up in his bed. Her eyes were wide open staring off into space with her mind completely blank. Even if Kozue were able to concentrate, sleep would be the absolutely last thing on her mind.

All of the guys had gotten the message and ran to the run down theater. None of them saw Satoshi or the thugs anywhere, until they heard someone shout angrily in a nearby alley.

The thugs' backs were to them and they could just barely see Satoshi in the moonlight. Taira, Saku, and Koyuki were all pretty shocked when they saw Ultraman running around the corner.

"Koyuki, tonight is just crazy," Saku whispered.

Ryusuke jogged around the corner and Koyuki whispered back, "No kidding. Who has an Ultraman suit anyway?"

The four bandmates watched with their eyes straining to see in the darkness as their MC kicked the bad guys' butts and save the litttle boy.

"Are you alright, Satoshi-kun?" Chiba asked in his deepest voice while extending a hand for Satoshi to take.

Despite the scrape on his knee, Satoshi got up on his own and brushed himself off. "You're not kidding anyone in those clothes," he replied coldly. "There is no real Ultraman. Santa isn't real either. Even I know that much."

Chiba stood up and looked down at Satoshi. "Anyone can be a hero, Satoshi-kun. Some just choose to wear awesome costumes." he said. "It's late and your onee-san must be worried sick. Let's go home."

Reluctantly, Satoshi let Chiba take his hand and on the way out of the alley, the other guys hid.

"How do you know my name?" Satoshi asked with a frown on his face. "How do you know I have a sister?"

"Your brother, Takeshi-kun, called Ultraman and asked for a favor. He said his onee-san was very worried about Satoshi-kun so he asked me to find you," Chiba said.

"How come my onee-san isn't here?"

Out of the corner of the mask's eye hole, Chiba stole a quick glance at Satoshi. "I'll only tell you because you're mature for your age. Your onee-san blames herself."

"For what?"

"She blames herself for you running away," Chiba explained slowly. "She thinks that because she was taking a moment to have some fun, Kami-sama decided to punish her for DJing."

"God punished her?"

"No. Kami-sama was just letting her know that sometimes, in the future, there's gonna be struggles between work and home, but that they're going to be resolved given time."

"So what is she going to do?"

They were at the front of Satoshi's apartment building. Chiba let go of the boy's hand. "She's gonna get back on her feet after feeling better."

They walked up the stairs to Kozue's apartment and knocked on the door. The door opened. It was Kyoko, Kozue's mom.

"Satoshi!" she held onto her son. Chiba could see her eyes were red and swollen from crying. In the background, he could see Takeshi pretending to be asleep. "I'm so glad you're back home! Thank you... Ultraman."

"ULTRAMAN!" Takeshi shouted and ran to the front door. "Satoshi! You're so lucky!"

"You're the one who called, didn't you, Takeshi-kun?" Chiba asked. "I could hear you call for me in your thoughts."

"You heard?" Takeshi was ecstatic. "I didn't think it would work! Thank you Ultraman!"

Chiba turned to the other twin. "Satoshi-kun," he said and placed a hand on the boy's shoulder, "properly apologize to your mother."

Satoshi stood straight and bowed deeply towards his mother. "I'm very sorry, okaa-san."

Kyoko wiped her tears and hugged him. "All that matters is that you're home," she said. "Go head inside and I'll take care of your knee in a moment. I'm going to have a word with Ultraman."

Kozue's mom and Chiba were standing in the stairwell and the other four members of Beck decided to join them. She bowed at a complete ninety degree angle and said, "I'm so sorry you had to look for my son."

Chiba pulled off his mask and said in a soft tone, "There's no need to apologize. We were just worried about your daughter."

"Kozue is a very nice person," Koyuki spoke up. "I don't know if she told you this, but she saved me from a bunch of bullies when I was elementary school. From then on, we became friends. I still have yet to thank her properly for that."

From behind everyone, Ryusuke muttered, "I kind of borrowed money from her and have yet to pay her back..."

"Kozue has such good friends," Kyoko said nearly on the verge of newly formed tears. "Thank you so much from bringing Satoshi back home. Everyone should head home now, it's already very late. Be careful. Thank you again!"

The guys started making their way down the stairs, but Chiba stayed behind to have a quick word with Kozue's mother.

"I'm sorry, Annen-san. Kozue is staying the night at my place. She felt guilty about what happened and didn't want to go home. I promise I'll take good care of her and I promise won't lay a hand on her-"

Kyoko stopped him by smiling. "Let her know that... when she's ready... she can come back home," she said and bowed again. "I'm sorry she's taken up residence in your home."

"Wha- No- It's not... a problem really." With his mask off, Kyoko could clearly see the blush on his cheeks.

"Please, walk home safely," she said and Chiba went back home.

The sky was light by the time he got back home. Even though he was still dressed as Ultraman, Chiba knew that he had to go wake Kozue up and tell her the good news.

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