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A Change of Scenery

Charles De-Gaulle airport was crowded, as usual. People ran into one another as they made their way to the gates, cursed at the ticket agents in a variety of different languages, and looked overwhelmed in the midst of the chaos. In a hidden terminal however, Terminal W, things were running more smoothly. This was partially due to the fact that there were no airplanes, just brooms and fireplaces, and partially due to the fact that it was run by magic. Attendants in bright purple suits stood next to the fireplaces and directed the broom landings outside; but for the most part everyone was fine on their own.

A brunette walked out of one of the fireplaces, carrying two large suitcases and a rucksack. After allowing one of the attendants to vacuum the soot off of her, Hermione made her way down the steps to the W terminal's waiting area. She spotted Fleur right away, standing against a pillar with a pink rose in her hands. Most people thought that Veela magic didn't work on girls, but this isn't true. Most girls, i.e. straight girls, respond to it by feeling threatened or jealous. For gay girls, like Hermione, the response was a toned down version of the boys' response to Veela women. Hermione always described it as the rest of the world being in shadows while Fleur was glowing. She ran over, dropped her bags and tackled the blonde in a hug. She wanted to melt into Fleur's arms, but since they were in a crowded airport she figured she needed to keep it platonic. She changed her mind when Fleur pulled her into a way more than platonic kiss. When they pulled apart a moment later, Hermione was bright pink.

"Je vous ai manqué, l'amour," Fleur said softly, resting her forehead against Hermione's.

"I missed you too, Fleur," she smiled.

"Come," Fleur grinned, taking her hand. "Our ride is waiting."

A large man, hitherto unnoticed by Hermione, bowed to both of them and carried Hermione's suitcases. They followed him out of the building, and Hermione noticed that his jacket bore the Delacour coat of arms- a red and silver shield with the picture of a two headed phoenix carrying a rose on it.

"Is that Alphonse?" she asked Fleur quietly.

"Oiu. 'e is shy around people 'e does not know; zat is why 'e does not speak. 'e will be warmer, once you 'ave been 'ere some time."

A white stretch Rolls Royce was parked on the curb. After opening the door for the ladies, Alphonse went to put the luggage in the boot. The driver waved back at them with a smile, and once Alphonse had gotten in the passenger's side, said,

"Etes-vous pretes, mademoiselles?"

"Oiu, Olivier," Fleur responded.

The screen between the back and front of the car rolled up, and they began to move. Fleur wrapped both arms around Hermione and kissed her cheek.

"I'm so glad you're 'ere. I arranged wiz Madam Maxime for us to move in Friday een-stead of Sunday. I shall be able to show you around properly, zen."

"Sounds great, Fleur," Hermione smiled, relaxing against the blonde. "How are the dorms set up?"

"For ze…er 'ow do you say? Lower classmen- zere are dormitories of sixteen each. Upper classmen have the option of zeir own room, or zey may room wiz one ozzer student. I 'ave chosen you for my roommate," she smiled down at Hermione.

"Really?" Hermione asked excitedly. "That's awesome! I thought I'd have to be with the other fifth years."

"Since you are an amie etrangere, our 'eadmistress will allow you to stay where you want. I requested zat you stay wiz me!"

Hermione chuckled at her girlfriend's excitement before looking out the window again. They were heading north, away from the city. As Hermione understood it, Fleur's parents' house was out in the country. The forty minute drive passed quickly, with the girls filling each other in on the parts of their summers that they had left out of their many letters. When they finally reached the house, Hermione was distracted and totally unprepared for what she saw. Fleur had the biggest house she'd ever seen. It was a pearly blue color with two fountains in the front lawn. Racking her brain for different architectural styles she knew, the closest this house came to any of them would be Second Empire style. Really freaking huge, Second Empire, she thought as Fleur led her up the steps. The foyer was massive, all marble and granite. Two large stair cases led to different wings of the house. As they walked through the foyer, Fleur told Hermione the house setup.

"Zat," she pointed to the staircase on the right. "Iz my parents' wing. We do not go zere while zey are away. Ze ozzer iz Gabrielle's wing. Come, she 'as been dying to see you."

"Are your parents gone then?" Hermione asked.

"Oiu. Zey are on zeir summer trip to Poland. Zey have friends zere."

The girls climbed the stairs and immediately upon entering the hallway, the walls turned light purple. Pictures of singers, Muggle and Wizard, lined the walls in between each of the six doors.

"Gabrielle stays in ze far one on ze left. Across from it iz 'er bathroom. Ze two in ze middle are where we keep our instruments; this one on ze right iz anozzer bathroom, and on ze left iz 'er playroom."

They walked down the hall and knocked on Gabrielle's door. They could hear the tiny blonde running to the door. She launched herself at the pair of them when they entered.

"Bonjour 'ermione!" she said, hugging the brunette.

"How are you Gabrielle?" Hermione smiled.

"Very well, merci!"

"We wanted to say hello," Fleur said. "We'll come get you for lunch, oiu?"

"Oiu," Gabrielle smiled and went back to painting. Fleur closed the door behind them as they left the room. They walked downstairs and Fleur pointed out the kitchen, dining hall, and living rooms.

"Fleur, where do you sleep if that was Gabrielle's wing?" Hermione asked.

"Oh, ze guest house. See?" she pointed out of the back door.

House was right. Though it was only a quarter of the size of the regular house, it was still huge. They passed the pool and squash court and entered Fleur's "apartment," as she called it. It was decorated in blues and silvers, with Beauxbatons paraphernalia everywhere. There was a small kitchen and living area downstairs and upstairs was a studio loft and a bedroom. Hermione's things had already been brought up. The two of them sat down at the window, Hermione resting against Fleur.

"So what are we doing tomorrow?" Hermione asked.

"I'll show you ze city," Fleur told her. "And we can pick up anyzing you will need for school."


The next day flew past, seeing as Gabrielle insisted on going to the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower in between shopping for school supplies. By Friday, Hermione and Fleur were exhausted- and school hadn't even started yet. According to Fleur, the school sent out charmed invitations every year, and those were like the password onto the school's grounds. This way, parents could drop their kids off and stay for the start of term feast. Since they were there early, they didn't have to deal with crowds of students as they tried to move in. The dorms were in a horseshoe shape next to the rows of academic buildings. There was an open garden in the middle of it.

"Students have…er…Les jeux Heure ?" Fleur prompted.

"Games Hour?" Hermione translated.

"Oiu! Games 'our iz out 'ere on Tuesdays and Thursdays."

They entered the center dormitory, but didn't go up the stairs. Fleur looked at their invitation and beckoned to Alphonse to follow them. There were only three rooms on the hallway, because they were so big. Fleur tapped the door on the second one with her wand and entered. Hermione smiled when she saw the room; it wasn't too different from Hogwarts, maybe a little bigger, but that was all. Alphonse set their bags in front of the dresser and gave each of them a hug. Gabrielle hugged them as well and said,

"I will see you een two days, oiu?"

"Oiu! Say hello to Maman et Père for me."

With one last wave, Gabrielle and Alphonse left the two girls alone. They set about putting their clothes and school things away, Hermione grinning the entire time.

"Pourquoi souris-tu, 'ermione?" Fleur smirked and slid and pulled Hermione onto her lap.

"I'm happy to be here," Hermione kissed her. "With you."

"Pourquoi souris-tu"- what's the smile for

"amie etrangere"- foreign friend

"etes-vous pretes, mademoiselles?"- all ready ladies?

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