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On again off again nineteen year olds boyfriend girlfriend, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura, just broke up again.

God knows that the two love each other, but both were as stubborn as a mule.

They have been together ever since seventh grade, but they've set a record as to the number of breaking up and making up, yet they just can't stay away from each other.

Now the two were sitting side by side in their psychology class.

Sakura was tapping her foot impatiently waiting for the class to end.

She sat as faraway possible at their table.

"Quit tapping your damn foot!" hissed her seatmate and former boyfriend, Uchiha Sasuke.

He was the heartthrob of their whole life. Girls fawned over him since the beginning of time, and finally one girl managed to sneak her way into his heart, and that girl of course was his only first girlfriend and first ex girlfriend.

He too made sure he was seated as far as possible away from the annoying pink-haired wench he so much loved.

"Make me dammit!" She hissed back.

She was born with naturally pink hair and had always felt inferior to her classmates, but the day the Uchiha was assigned to sit next to her in science, made her life so much better.

She had immediately fallen for dark, I-don't-care-attitude and after a few accidental chemistry mishaps they somehow had ended up together. Though they had officially the worst messed up relationship, she was happy every time she was with him.

He reached his long lean leg over to step on her tapping foot.

Before, while they were going out, they loved to play footsies beneath their desks, and sat as close as the teacher would allow them.

"Ouch!" she yelped not so silently.

She glared at the smirk that settled on his beautiful face, and even she, his ex-girlfriend, admitted he was gorgeous.

Secretly she caught her breath as their eyes caught each other, but then their maybe-would-have-been-make-up-moment was interrupted when their psych teacher, Iruka spoke up.

"Haruno? Care to share what is wrong with your life with the rest of your class, while I'm trying to you useless bunch the importance of reading facials?" He sighed not so happily. The two have been on and off bickering in his class ever since they entered the class.

Naruto, her boyfriend's somewhat bestfriend answered for them, "Awww it's nothing Iruka, those two are just going at each other's throats again.

Sasuke, who sat behind the blonde haired idiot stood slightly and bonked the idiot sitting in front of him, ignoring the yellings of their Sensei.

"Dobe..." he muttered under his breath.

Naruto now cowered from the look sent by Sakura, for he had interrupted her moment to talk. "Sheesh!" he thought, "the two were meant to be together."

"Well now that you've asked, I have this huge problem with the man sitting next to me, so I was wondering if you would kindly change my seat with ummm…" She looked around and spotted a girl that loved Sasuke, but was hated by him, "Karin!"

Karin nearly jumped for joy. The four eyed girl had a thing for Sasuke ever since high school, and somehow was convinced that the two were meant to be together.

"Those two would work together for they both think they both are better than others!" Sakura continued ignoring the glare sent by the Uchiha and stood up, "I mean think about it? They both want to control every situation, and they will balance each other out…" She gestured her arms dramatically.

Sasuke's glare deepened if that was even possible, and since Sasuke refused to look at the girl standing up next to him, he directed it towards some poor soul sitting in front of me, "I mean on one hand Karin refuses to shut up, and this guy over here refuses to talk about our…I mean his problems!" she finished.

Sasuke now sat back in his chair and closed his eyes, "Che. And you think I have a problem?" he responded to Sakura's earlier accusation.

Though he hadn't said much, that was all it took for Sakura to get riled up.

The other students looked at the two in bored fascination, it was entertaining the first time, interesting the second, funny the third, but the fourth time it was getting old. By now they were well passed their sixth break up this year.

"Oho?! So you think I'm the one with the problem!?" she shrieked at him, completely ignoring the teacher.

"You said it yourself," he smirked not so loudly.

"I DID NOT say I have a problem! You're the one with a problem…" This was the beginning to their "You refuse to talk to me" fight.

The other students knew it would be a while for them to quiet down their argument and began to do whatever they wished to do, for now the teacher's attention was caught by the arguing couple.

Shikamaru chose to ignore his girlfriend's talk saying it was to troublesome to listen to her over a lot of talking. She pouted and as a compromise, he put his arm around her waist and pulled her closer to him. She squealed.

Naruto and some other guys were tossing a football around in the back of the room.

Some students chose to do their work diligently trying to ignore the commotion, while others took out their ipods and decided they were too good for work.

The teacher sighed and slapped his hand over his head and walked over to the problem of the commotion.

"…Ugh! Why the hell do you have to sit next to me!? Why? You don't even bother listening to me? So why do I have to be partnered up with you?" Sakura continued her rant.

Sasuke, still in the same position as before, smirked, "Who was the one who wanted to sit next to me in every class we had together?"

"Gah! Sasuke-kun!" she added the kun accidentally, "You will never understand the importance of talking about your feelings!"

He smirked at the unintentional suffix added to his name. When she realized this, she pouted, "Don't you dare think we are getting back together just because I slipped and added the kun…"

Sasuke had always thought that her pout was unbearably cute, and silently groaned inside his head.

She was cut off by the teacher, who now stood in front of the two, blowing the whistle.

Immediately the commotion quieted down and everyone sat back down in their chosen permanent seats and continued on their work silently listening to what the teacher was going to say to the two.

"Uchiha, Haruno, I sense there is a problem here."

Immediately Sakura began her rant, when she finished, and waited to here Sasuke's side of the story.

When nothing was heard from the man sitting next to her, she moved to elbow him in the side, but her elbow was caught in his hold.

She blushed lightly at the slight content and moved her arm away from him.

The teacher sighed and thought, "Will these two ever work it out?"

"Last chance, if I ever hear an outburst from you two again, I swear I will make your life miserable."

Sakura whispered a meek "Hai," while her useless ex-boyfriend hn-ed.

Through out the rest of the class, the two remained quiet or not so quiet.

Sasuke tapped his pencil impatiently after finishing his work, waiting for the class to end.

Now this wouldn't have become a problem, but Sakura was now on a short fuse. One foot away from him, the girl was fuming, mentally bashing Sasuke in her head. Being the observant person he was, he noticed her tensing up trying to control her anger.

He continued on his actions.

Tap, tap, tap…

Sakura was having a hard time concentrating on the paper in front of with the constant tapping noise invading her mind every time. 'Gah! Damn him and his smexy good looks! He deserves to perish in hell…no that would just be a waste of a sexy body…"

Tap, tap, tap…

She had to do something to stop the noise so she took action.

Taking the book that she had set as a barrier on the desk, she "accidentally" pushed it off the desk, right where Sasuke's foot was. 'Haha!' she sadistically laughed inside her "deranged (according to Sasuke)" mind.

Tap, tap, tap…

Heh. She thought she was so smart (oh but she was).

He was watching her every move, and just because he had caught himself staring at the way she narrowed her brilliant green eyes, it didn't mean he didn't see the slight brush of her creamy elbow against the books.

As her elbow pushed the books, he also saw the smug look that said, "Ha! Don't even think about challenging me!"

He moved his foot, and smirked. 'Haruno, you will never beat an Uchiha…"

He leaned back in his chair, and secretly (trying to hide the action from his teacher's weary eyes) reached over to yank a lock of the pink hair he loved oh so much.

"Ef the Uchiha!" she thought as her smug look turned to one of distraught.

She had been outsmarted, and the score now stood 16-7 to Sasuke, not that she was keeping count. She fisted her fist on the desk, and silently fumed, thinking of A Million Ways To Outsmart An Uchiha.

Her mind wasn't on her work, as her brain worked to think of his weaknesses.

"Ow!" she very nearly silently yelped at the sudden shock her head felt. She turned her head to the man sitting nonchalantly looking at her, not bothering to hide the fact that it was he who yanked her hair.

"Uchiha!" she hissed, "what the fuck was…" She broke up as her angry met his dark amused eyes.

Though she knew, they were broken up, and were supposed to despise each other; she was caught in her weakness. Oh how she loved to stare deeply into the eyes that penetrated her soul.

They both silently looked at each other, her eyes searching for deceit in his softened eyes. She found none.

She leaned forward towards him, tilting her face up towards his.

She hesitated before closing her eyes, blocking the eyes from her view that were getting closer and closer. His hand brushed hers on the desk, and she felt herself shiver.

"Uchiha! Haruno!" They both snapped out of it, and the very-nearly-blushing Sasuke hn-ed pushing back against his chair.

The very-bright-red Sakura quickly pushed her chair as far as possible from him, turning her head in the process, refusing to look at the man still smirking at her. "H-hai!"

The class turned to look at the two. Naruto was silently laughing, shaking in his chair. Ino's arm was still latched to Shikamaru's as she looked wide-eyed at Sakura's bright face, and the rest of the class was looking in amusement at the two, waiting for the verdict from the teacher.

"Uchiha, Haruno…"

"Why do you say the Uchiha's name first sensei? That is completely sexist!" interrupted a girl who was very active in the "Sexism is wrong" movement. She stood up glaring unhappily at the teacher. A few students sitting around her chuckled, while the others glared at her telling her to sit down so they could watch the "Uchiha-Haruno Problem."

"Takahashi," Iruka-sensei said warily, "sit down…now!"

She hmphed, crossed her arms, and sat down angrily.

"Now… Uchiha, is there a problem?" Takahashi forgot she was supposed to be pissed, and was now concentrating at the problem at hand.

"..." No response came from the Uchiha, but that was as expected.

He slapped his head thinking, "I deserve early retirement," for he never got any respect from most of the kids. He turned slightly, "Haruno?"

The sexism-is-wrong activist broke in again, "See! You always ask the guy first! Never the girl! Is it so wrong to ask the girl first? It's not even that hard! Watch me!" she moved her body to face the two sitting in the middle back row, "Haruno… Uchiha! See!"

Sasuke rolled his eyes and Naruto snickered. Sakura glared at the two, first at Naruto, then enhancing her glare at Sasuke.

Iruka sighed again, "What did I do to deserve this?"

"Last time I will ask you to sit down, Takahashi!" The brunette haired girl sat down, and intently listened to what was the real problem, "Last time, I will ask you two, is there a problem?"

"Actually there is…" Sasuke began. Sakura looked in fear at him, fearing what his explanation would be.

She turned to look at the face that was facing hers, but when she stared at the face about two seconds, he glanced at her widened eyes, and inwardly chuckled.

"No there isn't!" butt in Sakura, "he's lying!"

Iruka rolled his eyes, "I am not getting paid enough for this."

"The problem is MmmMph…" Sakura clamped her hand over his mouth.

"He's just being an ass! You know…he had experienced a traumatic accident, causing him to lose all his," she turned to give him a triumphant look, "brain cells! But other than that, nothing new!"

He gave her an annoyed look that clearly said, 'you're annoying,' and pushed her hand away, holding both of her wrists with his hands in his lap. Sakura blushed at where her hands were held.

He moved slightly in his chair, and she blushed harder. "My dear (heavy sarcasm oozed out of his voice) friend, Sakura just leaned over to ask me to help her on a problem."

Her mouth dropped. She most certainly was not expecting that response. 'That baka!'.

Iruka looked uncertainly at them, doubting his unbelievable answer.

But Sasuke wasn't finished, "she didn't understand, so I suggested that she do some extra work."

"What!?" Sakura yelped out, infuriated that he took a stab at her intelligence.

Sasuke kicked the back of Naruto's chair asking for moral support.

For about a second, it looked as if Naruto was going side with her, but at the sight of the Uchiha's hidden glare, he tensed and nervously laughed out, "Haha…h-he's right! I-I heard h-her," he took a sneak peak over at my now angered face and took a deep breath before continuing, "no, I read her face, see Iruka-sensei I do pay attention, and saw that she didn't get it!" He finished off brightly, "It's actually rather comforting knowing I'm not the only one who doesn't get this useless…I mean meaningful crap!"

Sakura was ready to jump over the table and bop the blonde's face, but her hands were still held in the iron grip.

She looked up at his triumphant face and mentally stabbed him with a tooth brush over and over again.

Karin piped up, "Hah! I knew she wasn't smart! Sensei, sit me next to him so he doesn't lose brain cells!" She started waving her hands like crazy.

'What brain cells…"

Iruka knew what the Uchiha said wasn't true, but didn't want to fall in deeper discussion about the problem and fakely smiled, "Well… Sakura! Why didn't you say so? I have some extra worksheets for you take home! Just bring them back tomorrow and I will grade them!"

He knew from the smirk on the Uchiha's face that he was lying, but a little extra work couldn't hurt anyone. He ignored the mutterings from Takahashi, something about him always taking the male's side. He sat back down praying for the class to get over.


He thanked God.

"Turn in your papers and I will have them graded by tomorrow."

"Sooo…I'll turn in your paper for you…" he smirked at her half way filled worksheet.

"Hmph! It's all your fault, Baka!" she mutterd.

He took the paper and walked down the row (A.N. just think of it as the classroom in the show Naruto) stopping to scribble something down on his paper. Ino popped up next to her snickering about Sasuke's behavior.

She walked past Sasuke, not noticing the paper he was writing on was hers. He filled in 10 more questions, so she wouldn't fail. They both reached the teacher's desk at the same time, and glared at each other.

"I err… here you go Miss Haruno, and err…Uchiha place the papers face down here." Clearly he wanted them to leave.

Sasuke strode in front of her, while she had a moment and wistfully stared at his back. Shaking her head, she walked out of the classroom after him.

Naruto smiled at the two. They really did watch each other's back.

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