Alan's 5th birthday

Summary: It's Alan's fifth birthday and all he wants to do is play outside. What happens when he goes off by himself.

Chapter 1: Wandering off

It was the morning of Alan's fifth birthday and nine year old Gordon couldn't wait any longer for his brother to wake up as he jumped on his little brothers bed.

"Alan, Alan, time to wake up!" Gordon yelled happily, shaking his brother's shoulder gently.

"Mufmam" mumbled Alan still dreaming. When Gordon shook his shoulder again, beautiful cerulean blue eyes opened blearily and Alan smiled once he caught sight of what woke him up. "Morning Gordy"

"Morning! Let's get you dressed, otherwise we would have to start your birthday without you!" stated Gordon, trying not to laugh at his brothers face.

"Really?" Alan questioned eye wide and mouth hanging open.

"Yeah, we would have." Gordon joked pulling his brother up from the bed, "Let's get you dressed now."

" I'm a big boy now, Gordy. I can do it myself." Alan huffed a hint of pride in his voice.

"Well fine then, see you downstairs." Gordon waved at his brother as he left the room.

' Well I can do this I'm five now, I'm a big boy. Let's see underwear, then jeans - rip them up, then the shirt oh, I like this one okay, got it.' Alan thought as he worked on putting the clothes on.

Fifteen minutes later even though the child had had some trouble with the buttons, they all went in the wrong holes. Alan was soon dressed in black jeans, and a black shirt with flames on it.

Alan went downstairs as quickly as he dared, the stairs were still a bit scary for him, and saw his dad, on his own in the kitchen. He ran over and hugged his dad's legs tightly.

"Morning daddy!"

"Morning Alan, what do you want for breakfast?" asked Jeff detangling his legs from his youngest son's arms.

"Anything is fine with me, daddy!" Alan replied puffing up with childish pride at repeating what Virgil always said when he was really to tired to care.

"Okay, here you go. This is what the other boys had." Jeff replied putting a plate of eggs and toast in front of his son. He passed a cup of orange juice over and put it on the table. Jeff sat down and was about to help Alan eat it when Alan frowned and pulled his plate away from his dad.

"Daddy, I can do it. Big boy now."

"Alright Alan, go ahead. But don't you spill anything." Jeff smiled as he watched his son eat his food only dropping his toast once and even then it didn't make a mess.

A few minutes later Alan was full and finished. So his dad took away his plate and put it in the dishwasher. Alan watched in quiet fascination he had seen Scott take the plates out of the dishwasher and they were always clean somehow. He would have to ask him later.

"Daddy? Can I go play outside?" Alan asked looking up at his father hoping he would say yes.

"Of course, But go and find one of your brothers to take you though." replied Jeff taking the newspaper up once more.

"Ok daddy!" With that Alan left and went to ask one of his brothers to take him outside. First of all he went to Gordon. Gordon said that he couldn't because he had something else to do. Scott said he had homework to do, so he couldn't take him outside. Virgil used that excuse too, and John was busy reading a book or something and he said he'd take him out later.

But Alan wanted to go outside now.

' No one wants to take me outside. I'll go by myself! Daddy never said they had to be with me the whole time.' Alan reasoned as he opened the back door and went out. 'Where do I want to go first?'

--Two hours later--

Jeff was looking all over the house for Alan, because he had not heard from the little boy in a while. First he went to check if he was in his room, no not there. Then he proceeded to check the rooms of the older boys. Nope not there either. Next he checked with the kids who were in the living room, no he wasn't with them either. The boys and Jeff then searched around the house and there was no trace of Alan.

"Well, he has to be somewhere." Jeff stated his brows creased with worry.

"Dad, we looked all over the house! He's not anywhere!" Scott uttered, leaning against the door.

Just then, Virgil who had just come through from the lounge saw that the back door was open. "Dad! I think he went outside! Look the back door's open!" He exclaimed.

"Oh God." Jeff groaned, looking between his sons. "I told him to get one of you to take him outside!" he exclaimed. "Did he come to any of you?"

"Yeah, well-" started John, shifting on the spot uncomfortably. He looked to Gordon and Virgil to say something else.

"-he did-"

"-but we were-"

"-all busy" finished Scott, eyes lowered because he dared not look into his fathers eyes. The others followed his gaze and suddenly the floor became very interesting.

"You all were to busy? Even for your five year old brother on his birthday?" Jeff snapped, folding his arms.

"We didn't mea-" started Gordon

"I don't want to hear it right now, Gordon." Jeff interrupted, walking towards the door. "Let's just go find your brother before something happens to him." Jeff ordered, pushing the tremor of fear away that tried to creep into his voice.

Note: Hey everyone I decided this story needed a make over so I hope you all like it. Don't forget to read Alan's Talent and my others.