Hello...yes I know I havent finished my MR story but I had the idea for this one and I just couldn't resist.

I've had it stored away for a while now and I am suffering from Writers Block on my other story. I can see where I want it to go but I just cant make it move forward. Oh well...I'll just have to try harder.

Hope you like this one, I got Breaking Dawn on August 4th...Oh My God. It is so goooood.



Chapter 1. Changing.

Bella's POV

90 years. As long as it sounds in human years, its not that long to a vampire. But to me, it might've been an eternity. Because it's been 90 years since I last spoke to Edward. 90 years since I spoke to Jacob. My name is Bella Swan and I'm a vampire. I know what you're thinking, hold on when the hell did this happen? Wasn't Bella supposed to stay human? Well Victoria had other plans. The afternoon I decided to try cliff diving, Jacob didn't get there in time and Victoria found me.

I was drowning, seeing shapes and hearing sounds that made no sense. The candle on the dark water was coming closer and closer to me but I didn't have the strength to move away. Then I was on the beach gasping for air, coughing up water. I took a few breaths, savouring the air and snapped my eyes open. Victoria, worse than my nightmares, towered above me. She was smiling and wringing her fierce orange hair out. I swallowed and tried to scramble away but I was too weak from the dive. She chuckled.

"Dearest Bella, it's too late for that. Sending Laurent to kill you was a mistake on my part, I'll admit. But where's Edward, hmm? I want him to watch as I destroy his little mate." She said, her voice sounding almost like Alice in that musical way. But it was laced in venom and hatred, rather than Alice's carefree and loving tone.

I swallowed again. "He's not here." I managed to choke out. "He-he left me."

She arched one eyebrow and then seemed to deliberate over my words. Then she straightened towards me with more malice than before. "He wanted you to have normal life didn't he?" she asked, softly. I nodded, still paralysed from the water. "Well that's too bad Isabella. Because you're not going to get one." She said, advancing on me.

"What do you mean?" I whispered. Victoria smiled again, almost cat-like on her pale skin.

"Silly girl. I don't think killing you would be enough. Turning you would be much more…painful for dear Edward." She remarked and the last thing I saw before I blacked out was her musical laugh and twin pains in my neck.

When I regained some feeling, it was the never ending searing, fire-like pain rushing through my veins and Victoria's cold touch on my cheek, her laugh playing about my ears. I squirmed in pain as I remembered the last time I'd been in this type of pain. James and Edward. Edward who loved me. It coughed up memories of all the times he'd said he loved me and the times I'd spent with him and his family. Until I remembered the Edward who left me. Then Jacob who saved me. Jacob my personal sun. I wondered if I'd ever see him again. The hole in my chest started to feel like an anvil and throbbed with pain as well.

It went on like that for three days. Some time during then, I was dimly aware of Victoria's screams and then a thick, musky, acid-like, burn-your-nose smell and something burning against my hand. I thought of Jacob and the rest of the Quileute pack, how warm they used to be. "Bella…" someone whispered. I hoped it was Jake. But then again I didn't want him to see me like this. The conflict put more pressure on my mind and I felt another, fresh rush of pain. I screamed out but my voice had deserted me within the first day of the pain. I just mouthed with dry lips, hoping somebody would put me out of my pain soon.

I don't remember falling asleep but when I woke up, the pain was gone. I had a thick dryness in the back of my throat and my breathing was ragged and shallow. I looked around the room that had served as my personal hell for the last three days. It was a small cabin-like area, with built up wooden walls and floors. I was in a small mattress in the back corner, the pillows and sheets were limp with dirt. Rugs and couches were littered around the place, as was the foul, musky acid like smell I'd sensed during my pain.

Suddenly the door burst open and Jacob stood there, growling in wolf form. I jerked back into a crouch on my bed, growling back. I stopped and shook my head. This was Jacob. Why did I feel the need to hurt him? He looked just as surprised as I was and ran out then back again, this time in human form. "Bella?" he murmured and I nodded. Jacob's eyes were wide as he looked me over.

"Jake, stop looking at me like I'm a piece of artwork and tell me what the hell is going on!" I snapped, my voice sounding different. It was lighter, smoother than before, not raspy or hoarse. He looked me over once more and then stood at the doorway. Light flooded in as did the musky scent. I pressed away from it, holding my breath. Jake seemed to be having the same difficulty.

"Bella, I didn't get here in time. I'm sorry. The red-headed leech was watching you and we took her down. But it was too late for you. We think she may have turned you into a-"

"Vampire." I ended in a whisper. It made sense, I realized. The pain, Victoria's screams, that awful smell. "Did you know you reek?" I asked, still holding my breath. Instinctively I let it go but I just sucked up another one the stench was so bad. I tried not to breathe and it seemed like some part of the world went dimmer, harder to see.

Jacob chuckled, grimly. "Yeah? You don't smell too good either. Look Bells, we don't want to have to kill you. We're suggesting that you leave Forks for the while, come back when you don't need human blood." He stated and outside I saw a flash of grey and brown as the rest of the pack bounded up. I nodded.

"But what about Charlie?" I asked, in the same smooth tone. It shocked me more than I liked. "I can't leave him alone." But Jacob shook his head.

"Bella you'll have to. Newborns are difficult to control and what would he say when he saw you? You have red eyes Bella!" he said and jerked a thumb at a mirror on the left side of the room. I got up slowly and crept towards it. The alloy was dim and chipped but I got a good look at my vampiric self for the first time.

My dark reddish brown hair trailed down my back with an unusual sheen while my skin, pale as it was before, was even lighter now, almost translucent. I still had dry pink lips, I noticed, that were pale with thirst. I marked it as a good sign, I hadn't hurt anybody yet. But my dark brown eyes, the eyes I had been so comfortable, familiar with my whole life were deep crimson. The lashes were longer and darker but the irises were almost glowing red.

"Besides," I heard Jacob mutter, "He already thinks your dead." At this, I whipped around and stalked towards Jake. The smell was so bad I had to stop breathing but I glared at him.

"My father thinks I'm what?" I yelled and he winced but I didn't care.

He had better have a good reason for this.