I'm sorry for making you guys think this was an update but I think I really need to let you know I haven't died or anything and I haven't (even worse) abandoned TLFS.

I feel like such a bad writer to you guys right now. I'm going through a little bit of a depression. Not your average writer's block, this little black cloud keeps popping over my head each time I try and get something down and it's driving me insane.

I don't know when this dip started but I do know that it's almost reducing me to tears when I reread stuff that I write now. It's too stiff, too depressing. I've been writing since forever and a little voice in my head keeps telling me that I've lost it, that maybe I never had it to begin with. I know I sound dramatic but I just need a little step back.

Right now, I'm hiding out in Mibba and fiction press and just tentatively trying to submerge myself into writing again. Sorry to all my loyal and wonderful reviewers and readers, I'm just on my knees, begging you to forgive me.

To those of you who give up on this story, I can understand that. I'm just asking you to understand that I haven't abandoned it and I hope you don't either.

I guess that's all guys.


Tress De La Blues