Standing alone by the open window..

The light breeze swaying her soft almond colored hair..

Deep in thought..

Trying desperately to escape the shouts and cries of the voices haunting her..

If only she could run away from the troubles and miseries in her life..

And arrive in the fantasy world she had always imagined in her minds eye..

But fleeing away would be a coward act..

And where would she go anyways..

She saw a no better life in running away from the ones she loved..

From those so busy to recognize this truth..

Busy sorting out their own lives..

But she wished if only she could make all those who belonged to her 'actually hers'

But she lacked the determination to bury the long sought hatchet..

The hallow truths of her life lingered her as far as she could remember..

She closed her eyes and silently pleaded God for help..

Suddenly an unknown feeling of defeat to move on struck her..

An inner voice called her to surrender herself to the hands of fate..

But the next moment a spirit of comeback kindled inside her..

Life had not ended..

Beautiful, cheerful substances of life still awaited her somewhere..

Nature, friends, achievements, festivals, true love..

And things she did not know but would discover..

Only if she parted with her sorrows and vowed to see the bright side of life..

With this renewed feeling of willingness and eagerness..

She promised to move forward and bury her past behind her..