A Hardy Boys/Supernatural Crossover

By marasmorgue



Chet Morton was a long time friend of the Hardy brothers.

He'd been around when they first started taking on cases and had even been involved in a couple. But it never stopped him worrying over his friends.

And now three of them were going into danger, something, he thought grimly, he knew a little too much about for his liking.

His sister, Iola, Joe's girlfriend, had been killed by a terrorist bomb planted in the Hardy's car.

Needless to say, he took the brothers seriously, and was always willing to help them out when they asked.
Which led them to where they were now.

Almost two miles off from the abandoned warehouse they'd visited previously, in basically the Same place he'd dropped them last time.

"You guys got everything?" he asked as the trio filed out of the vehicle.

"Yeah" Frank answered, reaching his hand through the driver's window to grip Chet's own. "We're good."

"Just make sure you stay that way," Chet cautioned as he gripped each of the boys" hands in turn. "And don't forget, you guys call if you need anything."

"We will" Joe assured, and gaining nods from the others, Chet nodded back, gunning the engine once more.

"See you fellas later" he said as he slowly pulled back onto the road.


"Well, you guys ready to get started?" Joe asked, bouncing on the balls of his feet as he looked at his brother and Sam.

He was so excited.

The boys, under the pretence of watching movies and hanging out upstairs had done their own research on the hunt.

As Sam had explained to the brothers, they hadn't figured there were any vampires in the U.S, if there were any even still in existence, so they didn't have much ready information on them.

Frank and Sam had dived headfirst into research-mode, Joe even joining in for once. Normally he left the whole formulating a plan thing to Frank. He was more inclined to dive right in, guns blazing.

They'd found out what they could on vampire lore, discarding the more ridiculous theories and sticking to the most recurring ones, packing the basics they thought would be most useful.

Their plan was to arrive early to the warehouse, infiltrate it and wait for the vampires to come to them.

Simple, but effective.

And a hell of a lot easier than "chasing the mad blood suckers around", as Joe had said.

"Ready" Frank and Sam said concurrently.

"It's Showtime" Joe added as they made their way down the embankment, starting their trek to the warehouse.


The boys steadily made their way towards the warehouse, only pausing once to reaffirm their plans and check their gear.

Making their way towards the entrance Dean had used previously on two occasions now, the boys got into single-file formation, Sam taking point, Frank center and Joe rear guard.

"Ready?" Sam whispered back as he was about to enter the warehouse.

"Yeah" the brothers whispered back, tense with excitement.

This felt somehow more intense than any of their cases had before.

Readying himself as he had seen Dean and his father do countless times before on hunts, Sam straightened his shoulders, and cast his eyes around for one more circuit before bracing one hand against the door itself, the other against the knob and slowly but firmly cast the door open.

Quickly but quietly the three boys entered the warehouse and pulled the door almost shut behind them.

Stalking forwards once more in an arrowhead formation, the boys made their way almost identically to Dean's first entrance into the abandoned building.

Suddenly though, Sam's senses tingled with unease.

Tensing, he risked a glance back at his companions.

They were gone.

Unnerved at his friend's silent disappearances, Sam whirled around, only to come face to face with solid wall of muscle.

"Well well well" rumbled the large form that now had a vicious grip on Sam's shoulders, "I didn't know we had a delivery coming" the bear-like man said, his voice not unlike the thunderous rumbling made from an underground explosion.

Sam's wide eyes were gliding upwards towards the man's face when he felt a sharp pain in his arm. Looking toward the site of the discomfort, he noted a needle, not unlike the tranquilliser darts used on animals.

He turned his gaze back up to the bear-man's face, finding vicious, almost black eyes glaring menacingly down at him.

They were the last thing he saw before his world turned dark and he slumped boneless into his captor's grasp.


Back at the Motel...

Cleaning his third handgun since arriving at the motel earlier, a thought suddenly came to Dean.

"Hey, Dad?" he called to John who was seated on the opposite side of the table, cleaning his own weapons.

"Yes, son?" he asked, eyes not rising from his task.

"That vamp- that dude, he said he knew you?" Dean said, half-statement, half question.

At that, John did look up. "What? Why didn't you say so before? What did he look like?" came the rapid barrage of questions.

"I only just remembered. He was all slick looking, his eyes were this icy blue but they were weird. They had this dark ring around them. "Part from that he looked pretty normal, usual creep, dark hair, slicked back, dark clothes, no other really remarkable features, just... his eyes." Dean said, trying to recall any more relevant details about the creep.

John stilled. No, it couldn't be. Could it?

Bobby turned to John. "Is it just me or does that sound really familiar to you?" he asked with darkened eyes.

John sighed angrily. "Not just you. Damnit all."

Caleb looked from one man to the other, glancing at Dean. "You fellas mind telling us what's going on?"

Bobby and John exchanged glances.

"Let's just say that the fella Dean just described ain't exactly friends with Dean's daddy an" me" Bobby said, his tone making it abundantly clear that was the end of questioning.

"So we gonna go kick some demon-people's ass now or stay sittin' round here like some old lady's knitting club?" Caleb asked. He wasn't sure why John and Bobby were keeping them in the dark but he figured there was a good reason for it. They wouldn't put them in unnecessary danger, after all.

At that Bobby chuckled and slapped the boys on the back. "Come on then, get your skinny asses out to the truck"

"Wait, why can't we take the Impala?" Dean asked. He didn't like the idea of leaving his baby all alone. "I mean, she has all the weaponry in her trunk" he added, trying to find a logical argument.

John grinned. Ever since he'd given the boy the car he'd gone everywhere in her. "Oh and my truck has nothing? C'mon Dean just get in the damn truck. The Impala's safe enough here. Plus, you wouldn't want any stray rounds to end up in her hide now would ya?"

Caleb laughed at the look on Dean's face. "Dude, you so need a real woman"

"Shut up Caleb. At least the women I get are alive, unlike your last love fest. Plus my baby is a real woman."

"Oh hell, you drop the pixies for that gig? That wasn't even my fault!" the older hunter protested as they piled into the car.

"Dude you practically squealed like a girl and ran out the door!" Dean laughed.

"She was a ghost! And she was groping me!"

"Ahh, you forget, she was an old lady ghost! And don't pretend you didn't like it!"

"Dean, you are so wrong in the head. That's sick."

"Hey, don't diss me because of your animal magnetism, you hound dog you."

Bobby twisted round in his seat. "Can it, you two, we're almost there."

"Yes sir."



I woke up with a headache that felt like a railroad spike piercing right through my skull.

For a minute I'd thought I'd been blinded- I couldn't see a thing- but then I realized it wasn't completely dark. I could make out outlines of objects, that kind of thing. Where was I?

Thinking about it, it was probably good there weren't any bright lights- they probably would have made my head implode.

I continued to try and survey the room, or where ever I was, going over in my head how I could get out of this mess.

Hmm... I had a Swiss army knife in my back pocket, but I couldn't reach it. I couldn't reach anything.

I tried to get up but couldn't. My hands were tied behind my back and my feet were bound, and I was fastened to something... couldn't figure out what.

Then I became aware of a noise... something...someone! I could hear breathing! Well, snoring, anyhow. Snoring I'd had to live with forever.

"Frank!" I whispered. "Wake up man!"

"Frank!" I tried again more fiercely.

"Whagumphr?" came the mumbled reply. Yes, that's Frank all right. Eloquent as ever.

"Dude! Wake up you idiot!"

"Hmm Whazzt?" God, this mumbling routine was getting old. I didn't know how deep we were but being tied up is never a good sign in my books and I needed Frank on board. Come to think of it, where's Sam?

"The hunt! Frank! Blood sucking vampires! Our imminent doom if you don't wake your butt up!"

"Okay, okay, I'm okay, yeah, okay...right, okay."

Like saying okay that many times ever actually meant you were okay- but at least he was awake now.

"Notice anything bro?" I asked.

"My head!"

"You and me both. Man, whoever whacked us got us good."

"Hey! My hands..."

"Exactly. Now who's the one who always get tied up?" Okay so maybe I didn't need to add that but who could blame me for a bad mood? I mean here we were, tied up, in the dark, with no clue what was going on. One thing's for sure. It was way past time to get outta here.

"You think you can get it together enough to wriggle over a bit and grab my knife outta my back pocket?" I ask irritably.

"This is pretty embarrassing. Did you have to go get jumped?" muttered as Frank tried to scrimmage into my pocket.

"Hey, I was trying to get you, bro" he muttered back at me.

"Oh, right, this is all my fault."

"Well, if the shoe fits..."

"Great, our first hunt's turning upside down. Just shut up and cut me loose, okay?" I said, really getting annoyed- but it was me I really could have kicked. How could I have let myself get ambushed like a total amateur?

"Ow! Hey! Watch it! That's my hand you're slicing dude!"

"Sorry bro, I'm doing my best. It isn't exactly easy trying to cut through rope or whatever in the dark with my own hands tied"

"Well do better!"

"Man, did you ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed!"

I wriggled some more as Frank was finishing slicing the rope binding my hands. "It"s more that fact I woke up hog tied in a dark, weird smelling place and not on a bed at all that gets me." I say, rubbing my hands before I untied my ankles and freed Frank.

"So, what do you say to getting outta here?" I ask as we turn on our mini penlights, making out our surroundings.

"Couldn't think of a better idea," Frank says as we walk towards the door. Yep, escaping definitely makes for a better mood for everyone.

"You reckon they have guards outside?" I whisper as we step up to the door. I notice the light filtering through underneath but I can't spot any telltale shadows indicating a guard stationed outside.

"They'd have come in and checked us if they did, all the noise you made" Frank whispered back.

"Excuse me? All the noise I made? I wasn't the one who was snoring!" Okay, so maybe my bad mood hadn't left entirely.

"How about we just try to get out of here?" Frank whispered back, bringing me back down. "We still have to find Sam" he reminded me.

"Right" I agreed, "Why do you think he wasn't put with us? You don't think-"

"That they decided to have an early snack and we're meant for supper? I hope not. Maybe they didn't get the jump on him" he said hopefully.

For all Frank's optimism, I somehow doubted that. They'd managed to get the jump on both of us, and in that department at least, neither of us were rookies, so I could only assume they had more sinister plans for Sam. Maybe for all of us.

Suddenly I was hoping Sam and Dean's dad and his friends and Dad arrived early. Maybe coming on this hunt wasn't such a bright idea like we thought.

By that time Frank had finished scrubbing the lock open (which was thankfully an older model so it didn't take as long as those new ones to pick) and we stepped out into the still dim but somewhat brighter hallway. That familiar hallway.

"Does this scream deja vu to you?" Frank whispers to me as we cast wary eyes about, looking for our lovely hosts.

"It's the Same hallway we were in when whoever it was jumped us" he whispered back.

"Bingo" I said quietly. Indicating the way we were headed before our little rest in the over-sized locker, I asked, "Shall we go get back our friend?"

Frank looked from the hallway ahead to me, back to the hallway then me again.

"I don't know Joe. Maybe we'd be better off getting help? We still have our cell phones stashed outside. We could call dad and Mr. Winchester and the others. If we go barging in we'd probably only end up in more trouble. We could get Sam hurt," he said.

That got me thinking. I could tell part of Frank's reasoning was guilt he was feeling for whatever trouble Sam was now in. But he did make sense I had to admit. It wouldn't do anyone any good if they others ended up having to rescue all three of us because we ran in guns blazing, so to speak.

Then I had an idea. "Okay, so we split up"

Frank started at that, "What? Joe! No! Didn't you hear anything I just said?" he whispered indignantly. If we hung around like this any longer we were sure to be caught.

"I did Frank but listen to me for a minute ok? You can go outside, grab the packs and the phones. Call Dad, Dean, John, Caleb and Bobby- if you can't get one on line, try everyone. We need help but I can't just leave without seeing Sam. He's our friend and it's our fault he's in this mess! If we weren't so up about hunting he probably would've listened more to John and we'd all really be safe at Chet's! I'll sneak up, check things out and meet you outside in the copse where our packs are in fifteen. You call the others. If I can get back out we'll have more info for them and a better chance at helping!"

I could almost see Frank's mind turning over my idea, trying to find something to argue about. He never liked splitting up much- always claimed that's why I got kidnapped and tied to chair so often (not that it really happened so much!) but he also knew the more Intel you had going in the better. After all, wasn't that the whole reason we spent half the nights researching?

Sighing, Frank conceded defeat. "Okay Joe- but if you're not out in fifteen I'm bringing in the whole state's troopers if I have to- and kicking your butt from here to Dallas!"

I grinned at Frank. "Okay bro, see you soon" and with that, we separated.


Sam woke up with a head that felt as though it was full of cotton wadding and playing host to the Bongo championship titles at the same time. He felt…. Weird.

Where was Dean? Where am I? Sam thought groggily, trying to focus.

Okay… arms and legs tied… not good.

Joe! Frank! Where were they? Last he could remember they were there behind him and then they weren't.. Were they okay?

This hunt was so not turning out as planned. What was it Dean always said? Winchester luck? That'd be about right.

"Damn" Sam thinks as he tries to take stock of his situation. He sensed movement to his left and suddenly a voice, seemingly disembodied because of the blindfold covering his eyes echoes.

"You're awake, Samuel?" the voice says and all Sam can think is it sounds like honey gone bad… like it should sound good but sounds wrong, evil, not natural.



I groan lightly as I try to raise my head, but it feels so heavy. What the hell did they do to me? I can't move properly and it's hard to think straight. I wish Dean were here. I hope the other guys are okay. We so shouldn't have done this.

I just know if I get outta this Dad's gonna rip me a new one like I wouldn't believe…. Then Dean will take his turn. Then maybe even Bobby and Caleb. Then Mr. And Mrs. Hardy for taking their boys out here, right into a dangerous situation. Yup, I'm not gonna be seeing any fun any time soon if I get out of here.

No, not if, when. I'm sure Dean will come, Dad and the others too. All I have to do now is buy enough time for them to come save mine and Frank and Joe's asses. The ones I put in danger.

Right. First things first.

"Who are you?" I say, though my voice is rough from whatever they gave me.

I hear that rich, evil voice break into soft laughter, the sound dancing around me deviously until I can't tell where it comes from.

"I'm shocked you don't know Sammy, dear boy," The voice purrs sickeningly.

"Don't call me Sammy" I grind out. I know I shouldn't piss people who could and probably are going to try to kill me but it seems to work for Dean and no one except family gets to call me Sammy.

"Oh come now, can't we be friends? After all, I am the last person you'll ever speak to in this life, wouldn't you rather it be pleasant while it lasts?"

My mind turns over what the voice just said. I can't believe it. I won't. Crap, Dean, where are you?

"You still haven't answered my question," I say, putting bravado into my voice I really don't feel. I need more info. Dean always knocks me for being a geek but like he works with people and action, I work with information, knowledge. "Who are you? What do you want? What are you doing?"

The voice laughs again, making my already churning stomach toss.

"Don't you know? I really am surprised your Daddy dearest never spoke about me to his boys. My name is Loui Saren. Or at least it was. Is. And I want you, dear boy. I want you."

I shudder as the man with the silken, sickening voice speaks, his soft tones reaching my ears, stagnant breath washing over me in nauseating waves. He's so close.

"Why me?" I ask. From all I'd read on vampires the last few days, I couldn't remember reading anything about wanting specific people. Sure it mentioned that vampires might choose partners and "family members" they liked to turn but why me?

"Because you are so sweet and innocent. Your hands have not spilt any blood"

"You're wrong there," I say, thinking over the hunts I'd been on with Dad and Dean. "I have spilt blood"

The man chuckles. "Oh of course, how could I forget? The big, brave hunters. The Winchester family. But you've not spilt the blood of an innocent before, boy, only the …. Less pure. I want your innocence. I need it"

Okay, freaky ass much? I mean, what the hell? He wants my innocence?

"Why would a vampire need my innocence?" I choke out. Whatever they gave me is certainly not helping with me not freaking out from this guy's words. The silent chant "c'mon Dean" runs continuously through my head like a reassuring mantra.

The laugh comes back, slick, oily, almost palpable.

"Oh dear" he chuckles and a hand slides onto my shoulder momentarily, like an eel coming to the surface of a deep pool of water for a moment before returning to the depths. "You think we're vampires?" the voice mocks. "How wrong you are"

What? Not vampires? Oh, crap. Crap crap crap. Now what the hell am I gonna do? I need to know what they've done with Frank and Joe.

"Where are my friends?" I ask, trying to put confidence and strength into my voice. I'm not sure it worked so well.

"Those two little impudent fools you came with? They're…. Occupied for now. We don't need them like we need you"




I sneak along the wall, sticking as close to the shadows as possible, keeping an eye out for anyone… anything that might try to stop me. Suddenly this hunting doesn't seem such a great idea.

Finally I make it outside with no incident (probably due to all those years Joe and I have been sneaking around…) and keep to the shadows, heading for the copse, our packs and the all-important phones. I only hope Joe, Sam and me will be in one piece to be save when the cavalry gets here.

I reach the packs and line myself up against a thick old tree. Pretty sure I can't be seen or heard from here, I dial.



I sneak along the opposite direction Frank took, a sense of foreboding in my gut. And my gut's never far wrong. We shouldn't have split up. Really, we shouldn't have come here. Hindsight really is twenty-twenty, huh?

This reminds me of the time Frank and I went skydiving- and the parachutes were tampered with. At least we came out of that one unscathed, I think. Here's hoping we can pull off another of our miracles.

I reach a more open room type thing, with more light and peer from the shadows. I hear voices and, concentrating, I can just make them out. Yes! Sam's one of them!

I make out his figure, tied down to a chair of some sort, totally bound- no chance of a hit and run escape then. Definitely a cavalry job then. I memorize as much as I can before slinking back, it's almost time for me to hike it to Frank. I sure hope he's managed to get onto the others. From what I could see we're gonna need all the help we can get.



I'm sitting down near the others as we finish up preparation and I'm thinking of calling Sammy- just to make sure he's having fun with the guys, "cause I feel kinda guilty still, even though I'm so glad he's not coming, when my cell phone rings.

"Yeah?" I answer.

-Dean? Oh thank god, -

"Frank?!" I half shout, my mind a flurry of panic. He could only be calling if something was wrong. I thought they'd be safe at Chet's.

"What's wrong? Is Sammy okay? What happened? I can come get you from Chet's if you need-"

-Uh, well, we're not at Chet's-

Hospital? Oh please don't say hospital.

"Where the hell are you then?"

By now, the others have noticed and stepped closer, Caleb almost directly in front of me, concern on his face.

-We're uhm, we're at the warehouse-

"WHAT?" I bellow. Oh hell. Crap. Shit on a stick.

At my outburst, I vaguely notice everyone jumps a little.

"What the hell?! What are you doing there? You're supposed to be at Chet's Are you guys okay? Is anyone hurt?" Question after question follow my thoughts, scenarios running through my head. This is so not good.

-Joe and I managed to get free; they knocked us out pretty good. The vampires must have had Sam in a different room, Joe's checking before e he meets me here. Dean I'm sorry, I really sorry, I should've looked after-

It's real obvious I'm not exactly totally rational and Caleb must've seen that I wasn't gonna calm down anytime soon because he pries the phone from my hands and starts speaking calmly, quietly.

I feel hands on my shoulders and almost push them off before I realize it's Bobby turnin' me around.

"Dean?" he asks quietly, eyes flickering in concern, a look mirrored by Dad and Fenton as I try to get control back.

Taking a deep breath, I release "They went to the warehouse" I say through tightly clenched teeth.

That sends the three of them from naught to pissed in zero flat. Thankfully we're all saved from a huge outburst by Caleb who finishes the call with a "we'll be there as soon as we can" before he turns to us, grim faced.

"We gotta hurry, fellas, those damn things have Sam, maybe Joe."

"Then what the hell are we waiting for?" Dad bursts out stiffly. "Move out"

Oh yeah, you know things are serious when "John Winchester, U.S. Marine" comes out to play. Grim faced we nod, grabbing our arsenal and heading for the door.

This hunt just got a hell of a lot more personal. And that meant for the bad guys, a hell of a lot more dangerous.

You just don't mess with friends and family.


"Dean, Caleb, when we get to the warehouse, you boys stay out of sight, I'll need you to go get Sammy and the others to safety, got it? No Rambo actions from either of you." John barked as they sped along the pitch-black road towards the abandoned building.

Plans had been hastily altered to include the "rescue" of the three boys and contingencies hastily formed for likely and not so likely outcomes.

"Bobby, Fenton, you two are with me. Three-man team should be sufficient providing everything doesn't go to hell too quickly. Dean and Caleb can join us when they get the boys to safety, out of harm's way." The eldest Winchester's authoritative tone made no room for arguments even if the others had issues with his plan. Not that they did though, John's military background and natural affinity for strategy meant that all present were comfortable with him being in command.

"Don't worry John, we'll get to the boys in time", Bobby assured.

John nodded silently, focused on driving, and the tense silence full of worry over the three boys resumed control over the vehicle and its occupants.

Frank waited, body thrumming with tension and anxiousness for his brother and friend. He hoped Joe didn't get caught, he had a feeling everyone would be needed to thwart these guys.

Suddenly, he heard a rustling in front of him. Grabbing a knife, he unconsciously tensed even further, preparing for a fight. The sight he was met with, however, caused him to sag with relief.

"Joe!" he whispered fiercely. "You scared the heck outta me man!"

Pausing next to his brother, Joe took a little time to gain composure before whispering "sorry" back.

"Did you find Sam?" Frank asked, as soon as he determined Joe was all right and not injured anywhere.

Joe nodded. "This freak has him tied up, Frank. There's no way we could get him loose on our own. Did you get onto the others?"

This time it was Frank's turn to nod. "We screwed this one up Joe"

"My thoughts exactly. Next time, when someone tells me to stay home, I will."

"I'm with you there bro. The others are coming. Got onto Dean, and man did he ever freak. Caleb came on after a minute though, told me they were headed here as soon as they could and to make sure I at least didn't get thought. I think he kinda figured you would be when I told him what you'd gone to do." Frank said with a slight smile.

Joe smiled back, relieved that help was, indeed, on the way. "He thought I'd get caught?"

Frank's hesitant smile turned into a grin, "Well, bro, with your past record, what did you expect?"

Joe shook his head. It's not like he planned to get caught all the time, and anyway, it wasn't all the time. Frank probably got caught as much as he did, too, but everyone always associated being tied to a chair somewhere with Joe.

"Come on, let's wait for the cavalry. I got some more info they could probably use."

Sam continued to stall, verbally sparring with "Loui" and trying to get as much information off him as possible. So far, it was working. Not only had he figured out this guy was some kind of demon-cult person, but he totally an egomaniac.

So much so Sam was reminded of all those cartoons he and Dean used to watch as kids, where when the evil maniac dude caught the hero, he'd blurt out every detail of the plan, so sure the hero wouldn't escape, but then he did, and because he knew everything, he always saved the day. Sam was just hoping it'd be that way this time, because he didn't favor the idea of being some kind of innocence sacrifice.

The car containing the five men who literally hummed with built-up tension pulled up alongside the road that, ultimately, led to the warehouse and piled out, dragging with them packs of ammo and other equipment needed.

Marching their way to where Frank had described he would be waiting, the men were practically silent, except for the occasional metallic clink of ammo being loaded and weaponry being checked over one last time.

Finally, the men reached the section of the copse of trees the boys were waiting in.

Dean stepped forward to the boys, running ahead before the others. "Frank! Joe! Did you see Sam? Are you guys all right? You hurt or anything?" he shot out the questions urgently, worry laid into his tone of voice with relief.

For a moment both Joe and Frank were silent, sharing a look that said "I thought he'd be mad at us?"

"Well?" Dean insisted, reaching them and checking them over.

"Relax a bit man, we're okay," Joe said, hands grabbing Dean's shoulder, stopping his assessment, "Couldn't get Sam out though. Dean, I'm so sorry we didn't listen to you guys," Joe said sincerely.

Dean waved off the apology. "I'll kill you guys and Sammy later, when we save Sam and finish the hunt and everyone's safe. For now, don't worry about it"

Caleb walked up next to Dean, John, Bobby and Fenton also approaching. They'd all paused to watch Dean with the boys, Fenton a tad apprehensively because he wasn't sure how Dean would react, but the others because they knew Dean's protective nature. Now they felt free to advance.

"Dean's right boys, now we need you guys to tell John, Bobby, your Dad and Dean and me everything you know, everything you saw. Don't leave anything out"

The next few minutes were filled with detailed questions from John and Bobby, knowing what to look for, as well as questions form Fenton, Dean and Caleb when they thought of them. Joe and Frank both did their best to answer as accurately and in as much detail as possible. Fenton had checked the boys over after Dean, just to make sure, but had mostly remained silent.

Pretty soon the three men had left, the Hardy boys remaining in the custody of Dean and Caleb. They waited for a few moments before heading back to the vehicle to wait for word from John and the others.


"Okay" Caleb said as soon as they four of them reached the vehicle, "We can do this two ways, the easy way, where me and Dean here lock you up in the car tight, equipped with weapons to defend yourselves and you let us go back to John and the others or the hard way, where I knock you two out, drop you in the back trussed up like Thanksgiving turkeys and go back there anyway"

Frank and Joe turned identical stunned faces towards each other then turned back to Dean, ignoring Caleb for the time being.

"He's not serious is he?" Joe stuttered, the first to regain his voice.

Dean grinned lightly and shrugged as though helpless, "I dunno man, what do you think?" Turning serious, he said, "look, I know you guys want to help but trust me on this when I say you can't go back there, so either you stay here and wait for us to come back with Sammy or I'll leave you with Caleb, "cause as much as I'm glad you guys are fine, Sammy's still down there with that freak and-"

Caleb reached over to Dean, lightly grasping his arm in a grounding gesture, "Dean" he implored, eyeing his friend. Up til now Dean had been pretty calm considering (aside from that freak out after Frank's call, Caleb thought), but he wasn't going to stay that way much longer unless they got back to the job.

Dean stopped and looked at Caleb, his longest friend. Shoulders slumping, he nodded to his friend, eyes conveying his urgency, his need to get back to the hunt, to Sammy.

Satisfied Dean was calm once more, Caleb flicked back to the boys. "Guys?" he asked.

Frank stepped forward, "We'll stay here, Caleb. Thanks Dean." He added, Joe echoing the sentiment.

Dean grasped each boy's arm in a fierce brothers in arms grip before unpacking more weaponry and passing the arsenal over to the boys, making sure they knew what to do.

Grabbing more weaponry and stuffing it in a pack before turning to Caleb after seeing the boys safely in the car with strict instructions not to come back out, with a grim "Lets do this" he turns from the vehicles, stepping back into the night and heading for the origin of all this trouble.


"You message the boys?" Bobby asked Fenton in a moment of safe (well, as safe as it could be going into a half-demon's lair and sacrifice location) silence.

Fenton nodded. "Caleb replied. Said the boys had agreed to stay locked in the car and that the two of them would be back as soon as possible, and give us the distraction we'll need."

Bobby nodded in the dim light, "I only hope Dean remembers to stick to the plan" he said grimly. He knew very well the boys" devotion to his younger brother and how much he would see this as a failure and want to redeem himself, save Sammy. Dean had the habit of getting reckless and completely ignoring his own safety when it came to others, especially Sam.

"I'm sure he will" Fenton said. He'd recognized Dean's fierce devotion to Sam but had also seen his level of professionalism. He had faith in the young man, and he'd been hoping the Same thing Laura had; that when this was over they'd stay whiles longer, or at least agree to visit. He'd grown fond of the boys, but particularly Dean, who was such a contrast of characteristics. He hoped they'd become friends eventually.

The men turned their attention back to the hunt, relying on the two younger men to be on time according to plan and successful. If their first plan didn't work, this hunt was just going to get a lot more difficult and a lot more dangerous.

At that moment a loud boom was heard from the other side of the warehouse where a small entrance that led to a lower level was located, followed by more rapid loud bangs. It was go time.

Slipping out of the darkened alcove the men had been hiding in; they smoothly crept up to the epicenter of their battle zone. The sight that met their eyes caused all three of their hearts to clinch. Sam.


"Come on kid, let's blast this place to hell" Caleb called over the loud explosions they'd already caused. They'd managed to blow open the door (thanks to some awesome high-tech explosives Caleb "just happened" to have and had thrown mini explo-packs in after it as well as your generic smoke and stun grenades. They might not work to their full effect on these whatever-the-hell half humans but even if they gave them a little bit of an edge, it was worth it.

The fact that everything in their arsenal had been blessed and thoroughly doused in holy water didn't hurt either.

Dean grinned grimly and nodded as they rushed into the building.

Whoever these guys were, they'd made one hell of a mistake coming on to their radar and taking a member of their somewhat dysfunctional "family". And they sure as hell were gonna pay for it. Dean for one would make sure of that.


"Sam" John breathed as he caught sight of his baby son, tied up and bloody, rage beginning to ignite the fire in his veins.


Storming forward, John let loose a barrage of specially consecrated bullets; silver, holy and interspersed with witch hazel and a couple of other herbs. They were the reason they hadn't been able to move in immediately; the bullets needed to be tweaked slightly, even out of the varied stock they carried normally, nothing would do the job quite good enough for their satisfaction.

The fight was on, and this time, not one of the enemy would be allowed to leave. Alive, at least.


As John stormed forward like a super soldier, the other two men burst in behind him, wasting no time in kicking down doors and breaking heads. In this hunt, there truly was no mercy, not for the bad guys.

John had made his way through several lackeys who'd appeared seemingly from nowhere, edging determinedly towards his youngest son when Loui stepped forward from behind, a sickening smirk upon his face.

"Hello John, old boy, long time no see, yes? I see Sammy here's all grown up, your other boy too, Dean? Feisty one that one I hear" Loui says with an evil gleam in his eye. "Don't imagine he'll be too feisty without little Sammy here, however, now, will he?"

John growls and steps forward but before he can do anything Loui has a knife held to Sam's throat, has pulled him up from where he'd been bound and was holding him flush against him, a human shield.

"Ah ah ah Johnny boy, mustn't get all touchy now, after all, I might get twitchy now, mightn't I?"

Just as John was wracking his brain for a way to divert Loui's "special attention" from his youngest son, an enormous explosion reverberated throughout the building, followed by a shouted "We're ba-ack" undoubtedly from Caleb and Dean, "the bang brothers", causing Loui to momentarily loosen his grip on the knife at Sam's throat, giving John the window of opportunity he'd been searching for a mere moment before.

Launching himself at the man-come-demon, John fired bullets successively at his target, never missing, furious in his fight to get to his boy.

Loui barely had time for a surprised look to pass his face before he was tumbling to the ground along with his comrades. The fight was vicious; Bobby and Fenton paired off back to back like a pair of cougars, Caleb and Dean wielding their firepower at the remnants of the "gang", fighting their way towards the rest of their newly formed team.

Though for the hunters the fight seemed to draw on forever, in fact it lasted only a few furious minutes and ended in an echoing barrage of bullets, grenades (a la Caleb) and other weaponry.

While the others finished the fight and looked out for survivors, John focused on Sam.

"Sammy boy? Son? You okay?" John repeated time and again as he checked his baby boy over. It was times like these John's mind faded back to when his sons were little tykes, barely on their feet. He may not have been an exemplary father, but it could never be questioned that he loved his sons fiercely.

""M fine, Dad" Sam mumbled, rising with the help of John's strong arms around his son after his dad had finally stopped mother-henning him.

Dean finished off his last attacker just as Sam and his father started walking towards them.

"Sammy!" Dean yelled, rushing over to his brother. Dean dropped the last of his weapons to grasp Sam by the shoulders and start checking his lil" brother over.

"You okay dude? Damn I shoulda known you'd pull some-

"It's not your fault Dean" Sam interrupts,

"Damn straight it ain't my fault!" Dean exclaims, worry and relief and a myriad of other feelings overwhelming him, "What the HELL were you thinking? Taking a hunt you had no information on by yourself with two rookies! Matter of fact what the hell were any of the three of you thinking? You coulda- hell, anything coulda happened to you. You-

Caleb stepped forward and put a hand on Dean's heaving shoulders, "Dean, man, don't you reckon they know all this already? And we really should get outta here" Caleb pointed out. Though the bodies had conveniently "taken care" of themselves due to the special qualities of the arsenal (fighting "people" who had more that a foot in the demon realm had its benefits- they had less grip on earth's domain and when they were destroyed, so were their corpses).

Dean looked around at the blood-splattered floor and explosive-damaged building they were in before eyeing each member of their group in turn. Some were family, like Dad and Sam, even Bobby and Caleb were close enough, then there were the Hardy's……. whom he'd actually made a connection with.

Fenton chose the moment of silence to speak up, "Let's all go home. I expect Laura's busy running around the house worrying about everyone…… and there's pie" he added as an extra incentive. After all, Laura's pie was to die for.

They all gazed around at one another, the silence carrying on for a few more moments before all present burst into unadulterated laughter.

Slinging an arm each around both his sons, John Winchester, for the first time in a long time, truly relaxed. For now, there wasn't any monster waiting in the shadows, or any restless spirit to be put to rest. There was just his boys by his side, friends new and old and... well, pie...

THE ENDSequel: What Brothers Do II Coming Soon!