A low growl escaped Edward's throat at the feel of Jasper's lean body grinding against his. Lanky, muscled arms pulled him closer into a hard chest while soft lips crushed to his in a rough kiss, their bodies moulding together perfectly.

Edward's grip on the other vampire tightened, his fingertips subconsciously tracing the well-known pattern of the scars marking Jasper's skin like a map. A shudder shook Jasper's body, a wanton moan ripping from his throat at the ghosting touch of skilled fingers that seemed to electrify his skin, mingling with the desire oozing out his every pore.

If it hadn't been for Jasper's hold on him, Edward was sure he would have fallen over as an intense, almost solid wall of arousal hit him, heightening the sensations of lips, tongue, fangs on too sensitive skin.

Long fingers tangled in coppery strands of hair, forcing Edward's head back, exposing his throat.

"Say it." Jasper husked, his southern drawl more pronounced than usual, as his tongue playfully flicked the other vampire's lifeless pulse point. A breathless chuckle left Edward's lips.

"Say. It." Jasper insisted, his fangs lightly piercing Edward's skin for emphasis.

"I'm yours." The breathy whisper made Jasper's skin tingle but still he didn't relinquish his hold. "Louder."

"I'm yours." Edward repeated, voice strong and without a trace of doubt. And a fraction of a second later Jasper's lips found his again in a kiss that told him that, come what may, Jasper was his as well.