A/N: Okay, I discovered a little USB stick in the bottom of my drawer this morning and discovered random little snippets I had written about the Doctor and Ashley ages ago and apparently forgot about lol. Well, I liked them and so I decided to post them. They're mainly just daft really and have nothing to do with the main storyline in the episodes I'm doing. So... well here's the first one. Hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think xD

Slow Day

There was a crash, then a whoosh. Followed by a weird popping sound.

'Ah pickles!' the Doctor cried from beneath the metal grate that acted as the floor of the TARDIS control room.

This peculiar choice of curse word caught Ashley's attention, and she looked up from the Rubik's cube she had been working on for the past three hours while the Doctor did some maintenance on his precious TARDIS. She hesitated, unwilling to part with the puzzle in her hands, but she knew that if the Doctor had trapped himself in some machinery he wouldn't be best pleased if her excuse for not helping had been because she wanted to finish the cube. She dropped it on the seat beside her and headed over to the hole in the floor.

Peering inside, she saw the Doctor with his hand clamped over something and a slightly panicked expression on his face. He looked up with wide eyes at Ashley. She half smiled in return.

'Pickles?' she enquired, teasingly.

'We uh… we might have a problem.' The Doctor told her worriedly. 'Of the perilous kind.'

Ashley squatted and continued to look down at him. 'What have you done now?'

The Doctor looked offended. 'Why do you immediately assume that it's something I must have done?'

'Well by the look on your face and the way you're making sure your hand doesn't move from that spot…' She cocked a knowing eyebrow. 'It's pretty obvious.'

He looked momentarily annoyed that he was so predictable, but the worry quickly returned. 'Okay, I may have accidentally removed the cap that holds back most of the residual time energy, which is practically radiation by the way, and if it spills out then we'll more than likely rip a whole in space the size of the Jupiter.'

Ashley looked at him for a moment. 'A cap? You keep energy that can blow a hole in space and keep it confined with a little cap?'

The Doctor shook his head impatiently. 'I know, I know. I'll get a screw top or something. Now are you going to help me or are you going to sit looking at me until we get turned inside out?'

She raised her eyebrows. 'We'll get turned inside out?'

'I don't know,' he replied impatiently. 'Do you want to find out?'

Ashley pondered for a moment. The situation seemed to be quite dire actually. She cleared her throat and clapped her hands on her knees. 'Okay then, what do you want me to do?'

The Doctor glanced down. 'I dropped it down here somewhere. It's on the floor but I just can't see quite where it went… You'll have to come down and look for it for me.'

Ashley looked at the crampt area the Doctor occupied. 'I'm not going to be able to fit in there.'

'Course you will. Now get down here before we combust.'

She frowned, and then sighed heavily. She dropped down into the hole and discovered that she was right. There was no way she was going to be able to look for anything down here. She was squashed up against the Doctor, barely able to lift her arms.

'This isn't going to work.' She told him. 'I'm not going to be able to get down on the floor. You're going to have to get out.'

The Doctor shot her an impatient look. 'Oh yeah I'll just take my hand off here while you have a little look about shall I? There's plenty of room. You keep going on about how skinny I am, you'll be able to squeeze down there.'

Ashley glanced down. 'Have you not got anything else you can block the hole with until we find it?'

'Just look for it!'

'Okay, okay,' Ashley muttered, sliding down. She ended up squatting on the floor, her knees on either side of the Doctor's leg and she began feeling around on the floor. 'Well what does it look like then?'

'It's a cap.' The Doctor replied. 'Like… like a cola bottle cap.'

Ashley felt around on the floor. 'How the hell did you manage to knock it off anyway?' Her hand touched something small and cold and she picked it up. She looked at the small china dog and looked up at the Doctor curiously.

He wasn't looking back at her however. 'I just moved around too quickly.' He told her. 'Knocked it off with my elbow.'

Ashley put the small china dog aside and began feeling around again. The Doctor shifted his feet as he made a daring attempt at swapping hands. 'Keep still!' she hissed at him. 'It's bad enough being squashed down here without you sticking your arse in my face.'

'Hurry up will you?' the Doctor replied impatiently. 'All the radiation is making my hand itchy.'

Ashley shot him an annoyed look and felt around a little more. Eventually, her hand landed on something small and circular, and she lifted it up. She narrowed one eye at the cola bottle cap. 'You know when you said it was like a cola bottle cap?' she said, already knowing what the Doctor's response was going to be. 'Did you mean that it is a cola bottle cap?'

The Doctor looked down and held out his free hand. 'Give it here.' He said quickly, embarrassment in his voice.

Smirking, Ashley handed it to him. 'Where'd you find this ship? The dump?'

'Don't you talk about her like that,' the Doctor frowned, quickly pushing the cap back into place. 'She's just… old. She had some bits and pieces that needed replacing and I didn't have the proper parts. So I had to… improvise.'

He lowered his hands from the cap and brushed them on his suit. He pressed himself back so Ashley could stand up. The top of Ashley's head came up to his shoulder, and she had to twist her neck awkwardly to see his face.

'Any more improvisations I should be made aware of?'

The Doctor mulled it over for a moment as he reached up to pull himself out of the hole. 'Oh, in the shower there's a piece of chewing gum in the ceiling. Whatever you do, don't pull it off. The whole left side of the Tardis will just fall off.'

Ashley gaped at him as he climbed out of the hole and clapped his hands. 'Right then.' He grinned down at her. 'How about we have another go at that strange computer game you brought with you. The one with the fast moving blue hedgehog. I'll beat you this time, I know it.'

With that, he dodged off. Ashley glanced once more at the cola cap on the small pipe, and then carefully climbed out of the hole. She stood where she was for a moment, rubbing her arm. Suddenly she didn't want to move too quickly, just in case she knocked something and blew herself to pieces.