I'm Only Sixteen, I'm Not In Love

"You calm the storms, and you give me rest.
You hold me in your hands, you won't let me fall.
You steal my heart, and you take my breath away.
Would you take me in? Take me deeper now?"

-Lifehouse, "Everything"





High school, the place where you are constantly being judged by your peers and being put into categories, and you don't even know which you are in, until you are only left with that group.

The jocks, cheer leaders,





smokers…the list goes on and on.

Why does everyone want to be popular?

That is something I never understood.





















"Sasuke! Sasuke! I love you Sasuke!"

Ugh, that's what everyone would hear every morning they would walk in the doors to school. All the girls just follow him, yelling that they "loved" Sasuke, asking him to give them a chance, or look their way…which he never did. Sasuke was never known for "flirting", no he was more known as the "I'm an Uchiha; you better know what that means," act which he took up from his older brother.

'Heh, I wonder if Sasuke even knows how to move his face to form the friendly gesture of a "smile".'

After only being at this school for a few years, Shikamaru became used to the screaming and declarations of the girls. Of course becoming used to them doesn't mean he enjoyed them. No, absolutely not, but Shikamaru did have the handy support of the little white bottle of "Advil" in his locker waiting for him, right next to a bottle of water.

Shikamaru opened the doors to school; and there they were the huge crowd of girls all swooning around Sasuke. All of them again were declaring their "love" for him…


Every school has the typical "cool" kids, and Sasuke Uchiha is one of them, in fact he's the most popular out of all the boys.

He plays sports, has good grades, and all the girls want him.

Isn't that what every teenage boy wants?

"Yo Shik-(crunch)amaru."

"Heh, hey Chouji."

Chouji, Shikamaru's best guy friend, and partner.

Chouji was just about everything a best friend could be for you,




just about the whole package.

'Except when you try to finish a bag of chips, especially barbecue, you are never allowed to when he's around.'

"So wha-(crunch)t are you do-,"

Shikamaru looked over his shoulder at Chouji to see what cut him off from finishing his question, besides the chips, then followed his eyes to Sasuke…no not Sasuke, the girl around Sasuke.


Ino has long blond hair that reached her waist, put up in a high ponytail.

She was loud and annoying.

She never stopped talking.

Ino was one of those girls who would always say that they are "in love" with Sasuke., and unfortunately, Chouji had a huge infatuation with her.

"Shikamaru do you think that Ino would go out with me?"

'Ugh, it's not even eight in the morning and he's asking me about girls. What a drag.'

"Chouji, Ino is "in love" with Sasuke remember?"

"Yea, but do you think she would?"

Shikamaru sighed.

"I guess we'll never know until you ask her huh?"

Chouji turned to look at Shikamaru and nodded with a huge smile on his face.

Shikamaru knew that Chouji was then going to ask Ino out.

Shikamaru just turned and walked over to his locked to put some books away.

The locker on his right was Sasuke's, so as you can I guess he decides not to go there very much, only early in the morning or during class, not in the passing periods, to avoid the fan girls. And the locker on his left was Sakura's.

She's his other best friend.

'Sakura…best friend…yea,'

Sakura has shoulder length pink hair, with emerald eyes.

She had her loud moments, she can be annoying, but she cares about her friends deeply and would do anything for them.

She's very smart,

just like Shikamaru,

they loved to play strategy games with each other,

to prove their intellect.


Sakura, Chouji and Shikamaru have been best friends since they were about four or five maybe. They talked to each other whenever any of them had problems. Asking each other for advice, and did best friend things.

God, there it is again, the fangirls screaming,

"I love you Sasuke! Marry me Sasuke!"

'How is Sasuke not deaf yet? I came to my locker to get my Advil, so it shut them OUT, and yet their voices wander their way over to me. What a drag.'

"Hey Shikamaru, what's wrong? Got a headache already?"

Looking to the left to see his pink haired best friend, Shikamaru inwardly smiles, and then notices that his right hand fingers were rubbing his forehead temples.

'Wonder how my hand was doing that, and I didn't even know.'

"It's not even eight. They are driving me crazy,"

Says the irritated brunette,

"All I need is to have the Advil and hopefully be for first period I'll be able to tolerate it."

Shikamaru reaches into his locker and grabs his little white bottle and notices it's rather light. He unscrews the lid and looks inside, only to find that…

'There's nothing inside…'

"This is ridiculous! Why doesn't someone just kick all those annoying girls out of this school?!" The pinkette laughed.

"Bit cranky this morning?"

Shikamaru looks over at her with a look of 'Are you trying to be funny?' written all over his face.

"Why don't you just report it? I mean you spend enough time complaining about them and think about how much money you would save not having to buy anti-headache medicines?"


Shikamaru was cut off by Sakura.

"It would be too troublesome?"

'Am I really that predictable? Or does she just know me so well she can finish my sentences?'

Shikamaru felt a tiny bit of heat rising up his body at the thought of Sakura knowing him so well.


She handed him a bottle of Advil.

"I didn't know you used them too."

The pony-tailed man said in a questioning tone.

"Well, I don't."

Sakura closed her locker.

"Then why do you have them?"

"Gosh Shikamaru, I can't do anything without you questioning it huh? Ok, well I have them because I know you use them and that one day you would forget to refill the bottle. Even though you are a "genius", you had to make a tiny slip up every once in a while. So I bought them in case you needed them."

Sakura looked at Shikamaru and smiled. Shikamaru swore if everyone wasn't so tired and their eye lids lagging, they could've seen Shikamaru's cheeks turn a little pink, for he sure could fill it.

"Well, I've got to get to class. Bye Shikamaru."

Sakura stepped forward and hugged the brunette, let go, turned and walked away. Before Shikamaru could respond to the hug, she was already out of the embrace and heading to class.

'Thank you…Sakura.'

Shikamaru opened the little bottle and took his Advil with the water from the water bottle inside his locker. And after placing the bottles inside the locker, Shikamaru closed his locker and walked to his first class…which contained Sasuke.


'Please let some huge hole appear in the ground and Sasuke and his fangirls fall inside of it and fall to the deepest depth in the world.'

"I love you Sasuke!"

'For the love of- We get it! We understand you "love" Sasuke! Shut up! I'm not even Sasuke and I understand!'

After taking his seat, the bell would be ringing in two minutes.

'Sasuke will enter in about twenty seconds and seat two seats away from me next to the wall which leaves only one opening seat next to him. This will cause an uproar within the fangirls and they will start yelling profanities at each other about how it was "their turn to sit next to him," or "he loves me so I should sit next to him". Something along those lines. Then our teacher will come in five seconds before the fan girl uproar. He will place his belongings on his desk and put up the corrections for last nights homework. So after that all I need to do is check my homework, answer an immediate question from someone in the class asking me how I got the answer. I'll shrug towards the teacher, and then hopefully they'll get my point, I'll take my nap until the next class.'

50 seconds left.

Shikamaru takes out his homework.

45 seconds left.

Shikamaru takes out a pen for corrections, even though there won't be any.

40 seconds left.

Naruto enters the classroom and drags himself over the seat behind Shikamaru.

35 seconds left.

Shikamaru can hear Naruto sighing in frustration about how all his supplies fell out of his backpack onto the floor.

30 seconds left.

Sasuke enters the classroom.

25 seconds left.

Shikamaru looks over at Sasuke, waiting for the show to begin.

He takes his seat two tables over from Shikamaru is sitting, which is next to the wall.

20 seconds left.

Then while Sasuke was taking out his belongings the teacher entered the room and put his belongings on his desk.

He put the homework corrections up on the board.

15 seconds left.

"It's my turn! It's my turn to sit next to him!"

"No! Sasuke loves me more so I will sit next to him!"

The yelling from the hallway signaled the oncoming yelling, screaming and profanities to come.

10 seconds left.

Shikamaru was looking over his work and he felt a tap on his shoulder. He looked over to the intruder signaling he heard him.

"What Naruto?"

"Hey Shikamaru, hehe up how did you do number four?" Naruto asked Shikamaru rubbing the back of his head and that normal grin on his face.

Shikamaru just shrugged towards the teacher and Naruto then left him alone.

'Just like clockwork.'

5 seconds left.

So Shikamaru just exhaled and put his head down and decided to catch some sleep.

0 seconds left. And class had begun.


Rewritten (?)