Journey Through 3 Rising on New Land

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Chapter 09

Tonight was the fated day to take over Shigure's factory. Alexandr got herself ready to depart. Michiru, along with her ninjas, got all suited up as well. Violence was the last thing on their list to do with Shigure and the plan was for Alexandr to peacefully withdraw his investment and ask Shigure to shut down the factory. If not, then, the ninjas would have to result to some drastic measures, threatening the tycoon's life.

Across the carriage was Michiru putting on her mask while the coachman, who turned out to be the peddler from the village, drove them out to town. Never did Alexandr felt this kind of fulfillment for years. But they were heading not to a prairie but to a battle for hundreds of men, women, and children in Asagawa. When victorious, Asagawa would find its richness and bounty again.

"Are you alright, Alex?"

"You have no idea on how glad I am to be here with you at this moment."

Michiru's eyes assured the blond for countless of times that everything would be fine.

Indeed, Alexandr never expected all of these things that were happening to her, especially with Michiru. Well, perhaps in the deepest part of her subconscious, she might have come to love this smaller woman as she was – for her compassion, her knowledge, her wisdom, her values, her principles, her selflessness – but the lord's eyes always reflected to her an illusion of the past, of what had happened to her first love. It pained her so that it was impossible to see what was truthfully and vividly in front who was a woman of a greater dignity, having a more mature perspective of the world, and a woman who taught her more about reliance and more about herself rather than a damsel seeking protection by a courtier's armor.

Alexandr couldn't help to feel both fright and joy at the same time. Remembering what had happened the last time she had felt her unforgettable and tremendous joy that stemmed out from her first love, tragedy flashed like lightning across her. She couldn't afford to lose people she held dear, she couldn't afford to lose Michiru.

"The more peaceful you talk this out with Shigure, the better." As the carriage approached the mansion, Michiru went through the plan over again. "My men and I will wait outside the mansion while you convince Shigure to pull out the factory." She heaved off a sigh. "But knowing such stubborn man, I highly doubt the calmness that I prayed. So here…" Michiru slipped a small pistol inside the blond's inner jacket pocket.

"What is this?"

"You don't need to aim this to somebody. A gunshot should be audible enough for you to signal us for our cue."


"We don't kill, Alex." Michiru assured. "But, I know that blood and fights had passed several times in those hands of yours. I hope this would not be one of those memories that you seek to forget. Sir…" In the most concern and briefest of time, Michiru cupped the blond's face with both of her palms with eyes so placid yet divine. "Milord… My love… You are not asked to kill and you are not asked to hurt. Promise me that no blood will be shed by your hands."

Alexandr smiled lovingly. "I have never met a woman so brave yet so pure."

"You are as if talking about your reflection, Alex."

"I am not strong like you, Michiru. I broke into pieces. I became blind of your very own existence as I covered myself with regrets of the past, trying to revive the pride of my old self that I know I had long lost as time passed by. Just a week ago, I was nothing. I was a wealthy and influential bum. Yet, feeling your love revived me to life. Thank you."

Her kiss said her welcome.

The wheels halted to a mansion which seemed so silent and dry. There were no chirping of the birds and no servants even welcomed Alexandr and what would be seen as suspicious mask men upon setting foot on the first stair.

A gun shot.

Instinctively, all the passengers, ignoring the well-set plan, ran to where the shot was heard. It traced to the heart of the mansion, at the foot of the staircase.

"Milord!" Marcus hovered from the second floor railings as he had seen of Alexandr together with the ninjas entering the bloody scene. With eyes rounded as balls of surprise, even the servant was caught off guard with the sudden sound.

Alexandr's hand locked firmly on the equally astounded masked Michiru. In front of them was something ever so unexpected, the other ninjas stood frozen and defenseless as they could only stare impossible to execute a command or take one.

Servant per servant gathered, entering the room, and staying at the side only to be infected of what the other spectators encountered.

"Sera…" Finally, Alexandr came forward.

The woman, who met the blond's eyes, had tears flowing from both of her eyes, crying yet her face showed nothing but pleasure and relief. "Milord," she sighed in relief.

"What have you done?"

Sera looked at her hand where a tiny line of smoke still continued to escape. "I… well…" She cleared her throat, trying to project a sane woman of dignity. "It just happened." The slightest trace of guilt eventually vanished as she faced the blond lord. "I killed him. I am finally free from Shigure! Is it not great?" She threw the gun, hopping to clasp Alexandr's hands. "What blessing! You are here. I thought you left me." Her arms wrapped around the astonished lord.

"But you came back. And at the most perfect time. I finally get rid of my captor." She pulled back as she caressed the blond's palm. "Worry not, my knight, you are now spared from battle. Victory came to you. Let us leave this place and journey back to Burglier, to where your home awaits you with your love."

Might it be from sudden freedom or joy, Sera paid no attention to the spectators of her performance as all she could feel was the ecstatic tangible presence of her one and true 'prince' she had kept in her heart.

"Why are you not saying anything?" Sera's smile was glued to her. All other people, even the ninjas, were left ignored. "Come, Milord, take me with you. And together, let us experience again the pinnacles of passion and romance."

"I…" What could Alexandr say to her? Yes, Sera was one of the hottest and wildest acquaintances that feed the romance of her life. There were thrills and disappointments. Having her around gave her the suspense of unexplainable feeling of lust and thirst for love.

Alexandr glanced at Michiru who had just removed the cloth that hid her face. The ninja leader's face showed the pity there was for them.

Seeing Sera's freedom and her hope could only break Alexandr's heart because no matter how Sera brought excitement unto Alex's life, it could never compare the contentment she felt under Michiru's wing.

'Milord' Sera could only question in silence. Her frightened eyes became watery.

"Sera, I didn't come for you." Alexandr pulled back as she gave a respectable distance between them.

The smaller girl moved back in dismay.

"Sera, there is just nothing between the two of us."

"But there is! There is, Milord! What are you saying?! I am in love with you."

"I am grateful. You gave me love. As much as I want to give you the same, my heart had already picked someone else. For a long time, it had already picked someone… for a long time. And it is not you."

Her head swung in a flash as in a moment her cheek grew red together with Sera's palm.

"I deserved that." Alexandr regained her composure, still feeling the sting on her face.

Sera's trembling lips could only let her tears trickled across it. "I cannot believe this. I already know who you are, what you are! You are so…" Her heavy breaths took her steps back to Shigure's corpse, her hand reaching back to the pistol she just thrown. "This misery could only be cured with a cease of my breath."

"No! Sera!" The lord hurriedly ran to her side, enveloping her strongly with those long slender arms. "No!"

Sera could only cry with the satisfying warmth she was feeling. To be held in the lord's arms were ever so bittersweet. Her tears poured down endlessly, her gaze all blur, as what was only clear to her was the aching of her screaming heart.

"Please, do not be sad."

"Your request is ever so incomprehensible, Milord. You know not even a half of what I am feeling."

"I know. Sera, I know." No matter how her embrace tightened, her shivers were beyond control. "If only I could do something for you to ease your pain."

"Say that you're in love with me and that you'll take me away to your enchanted castle."

"You ask not to be fair for you, Sera."

"Such is better than you leaving me. My life now means nothing without you."

"No, that is not true at all. Your life has just begun. Maybe not today or tomorrow, but someday for sure, you will find someone whom your heart chooses for you." A calmed Sera still clenched the edge of Alexandr's shirt. "As time pulled me out of my misery, time will pull you out too. Wait and live."

Now unruffled, Alexandr continued stroking gently to still the other woman's sobs. "I had been to uncommitted bliss; I had taste the exhilaration of falling in love and the fervor of passion; I tried fighting with no conviction hoping to appease my crying soul. For years, I died. I walked with no heart, no desire, no purpose. Completely aware of this, I could only enjoy the company of this uninvited feeling. Regrettably, I ignored the person whom I thought could never make me feel the love so rare. On the contrary, she let me feel more. And it only took me to close my eyes, and let my heart see the rest there was to see."

By then, Sera could only look up, clearing her view for Alexandr's soothing gaze.

"You are not alone. Be strong." Alexandr wiped out the wetness on the crying woman's face.

"Open your heart to things – to different kinds of things! And love will follow you wherever you go." The lord held the smaller woman's head as she gently placed it closed to her chest as Alexandr's eyes took a glimpse at the woman with the cascading aquamarine tresses looking out to them with a loving smile. "That, I promise to you."


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