Woo! Book 2! Kudos to Sinister Tactics for the name, that guy is so good at thinking up names… Yeah so this is book 2. It's gonna be 20 chapters, like the first one, and have around 3,000 words each chap. Or, so I hope. Enjoy!

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"Take your, canvas bags when you go, to the supermarket…" Hummed a young man who was walking calmly down the street. It was a wonder the man had survived this long, let alone was humming. But it was in his nature, you could say, to be lucky. He reflected on all the dangerous things he had been through to get this far. He came to the conclusion that if he could change anything at all in his life, he wouldn't.

"Are we there yet? I'm starving!" he asked Well-hung.

"Be calm, Sokka. The best breakfast parlor you can find in this world is just at the end of the road."

"So why couldn't we take Appa again?"

"He was still sleeping." Explained Aang. "If we woke him up to fly us this short a distance, he wouldn't have been too happy. And besides, it's good exercise!"

"We do enough exercise running from the bad guys!"

Katara frowned at him. "And we haven't run from the bad guys in a while, have we?"

"No, but we are about to. Remember the big save this world then our own thing?"

"Yes." She stated flatly.

"And that's why we should have taken Appa."

"Enough of this senseless chatter! We have arrived." Well-Hung gestured to an old looking building. It had the words "Breakfast for money" Painted on the front.

"What a creative name." observed Iroh.

"Well it does get the point across." Added Zuko.

Well-Hung went to open the door. "Indeed it does. Now if you would all step inside?"

They all shuffled in to be greeted with a young lady whose smile was unnaturally big. "Greetings! I am Dee-Ju. We are honored to have you eating at our humble shop. If you would please follow me, I will take you to your seating arrangements."

"Oh no." sighed Aang. "It's Ju-Dee's twin! What could be worse."

Sokka piped up, "Three of Ju-Dee's twins!"

Aang slapped his palm to his forehead. There table was a round one, having enough seats to sit them all and one left over. The menus where already at the center of the table.

"Please, take a seat."

"Okay!" Sokka grabbed one of the finely carved chairs and started walking off.

"Sokka!" Katara called him back.


She glared at him before elaborating, "She meant sit down."

"Oh, yeah. Right."

Dee-Ju smiled even wider, if possible. "I will come back for your orders when you are ready." She disappeared into a back room.

"So, why would there be a Ju-Dee here? It's not like there's a lake Laogai secret headquarters that has Dai-lee brainwashing people and turning them into obedient slaves that turn into zombies when they hear a certain phrase. "

Iroh scratched his chin. "Not like that at all…"

"Well maybe we can look into once we've saved the world." Said Toph.

"Or better yet," put in Aang, "The Ju-Dee's are being made by the MelonLord so once we take him out, we can stop the brainwashing as well!"

"You have to give him credit for wishful thinking." Sighed Sokka.

Iroh decided to change the topic. "So why didn't that young lady and her brother want to come to breakfast with us?"

"She said something about practicing" started Aang. "And her brother goes wherever she goes so…"

Dee-Ju appeared from behind a rice paper wall with a scroll and quill, the fake smile still plastered all over her face. "May I take your order?"

Iroh, in all his wisdom, chose first from the decorative menu and told the waitress what he wanted. "Hmm yes I think I'll have the roast duck."

"I'll have what he's having." Added Well-Hung.

Aang, being a vegetarian, placed an order with no meat. "Can I get the Rice balls and assorted vegetable soup? Thanks."

Sokka licked his lips. "I'll get the meat sticks and jerky beefpig with a side of meat lover's special fried rice." Aang blanched.

"I'll get whatever Katara's having." Toph said flatly.

"That would be Shredded Dogchicken with Bean Sprouts, please."

"And I'll get…" Zuko looked at the menu one more time. "The Fire crispy Dogchicken skewers."

"Of course. Your meals will be ready presently."



In a far off land, a small Turtleduck waddled into a bar. He took a seat at a bar stool close to the barkeep. Taking a look at the selective drinks on the menu, he turned to the man and said, "Well met, Barkeep. I'd like a pint of ale, if you please."

The bar tender turned around from cleaning a cup, and started to say something but stopped, as he realized he was talking to a young Turtleduck. It must have waddled in here from the pond, he figured. Thinking he must have misheard someone's conversation, he turned back to his cleaning.

"Excuse me, sir? A pint of ale, please." Said the Turtleduck, getting just a tad annoyed that the barkeep had ignored him.

The man turned around again, and tried to seek out who it was trying to order. He sighted the small Turtleduck again, and decided he should try to usher it out before it hurt itself.

"Go on little feller, out you go." He waved it off with his arms.

"Excuse me sir, but I did not see a sign around here saying no Turtleducks?" said the offended Turtleduck.

"Oh my!" said the shocked barman. "A talking Turtleduck! How is that possible?"

"I'd rather not talk about the origin of my voice box, if you don't mind. Now, if you would be so kind as to get me my beverage?"

"Oh, of course sir. My apologies. I just didn't realize it was you trying to talk to me. I mean, you are a Turtleduck."

"I work as a plasterer."

"Oh. Well, that's great! It's good to seeing you do your part. I take it your working across the road, then?"

"Yes. I'm the head foreman."

The bartender filled up a jug and handed it to the small animal. The Turtleduck reached for a newspaper and began reading, sending a hint to the bartender than he didn't want to continue the conversation.

When he had finished his ale, he paid the barkeep and waddled back out of shop to continue his work, as his lunch break was over.



"Have I told you how much I hate you recently?"

"If you really hated me that much, you would have gone with the others instead of coming with me. Then you could have had your precious breakfast."

"Yeah, but… Um… Oh! I couldn't have done that because the fortuneteller guy said I have to stay with you at all times." Link said with a satisfied grin.

"No, he said you have to do what I say at all times." Links face fell.

"Whatever. How much longer until you're done 'practicing' anyway?"

"Not much longer. And this is training, no matter what you may think." Breave had tied her feat to a branch of a tree, just high enough for her arms to be able to reach the ground. With a sword in each hand, she swung herself back and forth, trying to cut one blade of grass at once. "It keeps up my balance and accuracy."

"Pffff. What do you need to practice balancing for? I have great balance! Watch this." He rose himself up on a pillar of earth. "See! Perfectly still."

Breave looked skeptical. "Okay, now make the base your standing on a lot thinner and stand on it with one foot."

"Fine." The small boy attempted the task, and was sent sprawling to the ground.

"Indeed, the balance of a true warrior." Deciding that enough blood was pooled at the base of her skull, she flung herself up and cut the ropes in a swift motion, landing in a cat like stance on the ground.

"At least I don't have lice!"

Breave laughed and put an arm around his shoulder. "Common, let's go back to the house and I'll make some porridge."

"…hate porridge."



After their breakfast at the notorious Breakfast for Money they arrived back at Well-Hung's house to find Breave and Link cooking porridge. Or, Breave cooking and link playing with some rocks.

"Hey guys." Breave said as they walked in. "How was breakfast?"

"Pretty good." Replied Aang. "Except now we have another mystery to solve."

"Oh yeah?"

"The mysterious mystery of Dee-Ju!" Sokka said eerily.

"Kay." She spooned some of the freshly made porridge into a bowl and handed it to link.

"There's black bit's in your porridge." The boy whined.

Breave looked skeptical. "No, there's not."

"Yes there is! Look, you burnt some." He showed her the pot. True to his word, there were burnt bits in the porridge.

"It must have been the pot." She countered.

"Not at all!" said Well-Hung. "My pots are clean as water!"

"See! You did burn it."

"A pox on you and the horse you rode in on."

Link smirked. The group sat at the center table and held a discussion on what they would do next.

"So, were going to drop the Dee-Ju case and get back to it after we take out the MelonLord?" Sokka asked.

"I think that would be best." Iroh stroked his beard.

Sokka looked pleased. "Then it's settled. We'll leave this afternoon in the direction of the evil conquerors palace, destroy him, and then fly back here to stop the conspiracy."

"Okay…" Aang looked unsure. "But there's a slight problem. This… MelonLord guy can't die. He can't even be hurt! How are we supposed to stop him?"

"We were hoping, you could do something with your glow powers and finish him off." Well-Hung explained.

"But how do we know for sure that will work?"

"We don't. But what else have we got?" He sighed.

Katara squeezed Aang's hand reassuringly. "Don't worry, Aang. You'll be alright. You'll think of something."

He smiled sadly at her.



One day had passed in the strange world of the talking Turtleduck. The lunch bell had just gone off, signaling their one hour break. The little mammal waddled across to the same bar he had a drink at yesterday, settling on it because of its convenient closeness.

He sat down on the same seat as yesterday, and ordered the same drink as yesterday.

The barkeep turned around from his cleaning, once again, and was surprised to see the Turtleduck had come back into his humble bar.

"Oh! You've come back!" he said.

"Yes sir, I have come back. Why wouldn't I have?" he queried.

"Well, it's just that yesterday, I thought we got off on the wrong foot. So if you're going to be coming back here for a while, why don't we start fresh?"

"Fine." Agreed the Turtleduck.

"So, what's your name?"


"Nice to meat you, Ferby. My name is Dace."

"Hey. Howzit going?"

"Very good, thank you. What drink would you like?"

"The usual. But throw in a plate of nuts."

"Coming right up!" the keeper turned to the different tubs of liquids he had behind the bar. Dipping a jug into the ale, he slid it to Ferby, then reached up into the cupboard and pulled out a bag of nuts and a plate. He filled up the plate, and left the bag next to it.

"So, where do you live?" Asked Dace.

"I live by myself at the pond out there." He gestured with a wing to the doorway.

"Do you like your job as a plasterer?"

"Very much so." Getting bored of the senseless chatter, the Turtleduck reached for the paper and started reading.

A disappointed look crossed the bartenders face briefly, but he respected the animal's choices and busied himself once again in his dirty cups and mugs.



As the groups short day of rest progressed, and day turned to night, it proved that both Iroh and Well-Hung voted to have music night, and them being the oldest and wisest, the others went along to keep them happy.

Their guide stood up after Iroh's song, and gestured to the band they had hired to start playing. The tune was slow and low.

"Someday the lords gonna take me away from here,

"He'll take away all my misery and fear,

"And he'll take me up to see a better place,

"And the times we'll have will be completely Ace,

"And he'll say go to sleep my son, yes he'll be like a dad to me, but a dad with magic powers, cus he's the lord.

"Someday the lord's gonna meet me, at a party,

"And he won't say, you don't remember by name do you?

"He won't embarrass me or put me to shame,

"He'll just be graceful and repeat his fuckin name,

"And I will say to him, it's nothing personal, and he will understand, cus he's the lord!

"Someday the lord's gonna like the movie Tron,

"And he won't laugh at me because I like it to,

"And he'll go with me to Tron marathons,

"And we'll dress up like Tron and buy Tron merchandise,

"We'll hunt autographs together, and he'll let me stand next to Tron, and he'll take the photographs, cus he's the lord!

"For the lord is a powerful man! He can get you what you need! He can have you resurrected, he can get you some shit hot weed!

"Someday the Lord's gonna find me a lovin' girl,

"He'll set us up with a mansion and a trust fund,

"And we won't have to do anything all day,

"We won't have to work or even have to play.

"We'll be completely free of cares, we'll be suspended in a tank, and he will feed us through a tube, cus he's the lord!

"I don't ask much from the lord, but I ask, to be fed, through a tuuuuube!!"

The Surrounding audience applauded.

"So who is this lord person, and how is he so magic?" asked Toph.

"Well, he-" Well-Hung was interrupted by Sokka pointing to the sky

"Look!" he yelled. Everyone craned their necks upward to look in the direction Sokka was pointing. There gaze locked on a beautiful, what looked like dark green, light streaming across the sky. There were several of them, and they where some of the most beautiful sites they had ever seen.

"Oh, wow." Katara sighed in awe. Aang pulled her closer.

"That's got to be one of the most beautiful things I haven't seen. Judging from your heartbeats, I mean." Said Toph.

"It definitely is." Agreed Iroh.

"How is that possible?" Zuko wondered.

"It's the celestial lights." Explained Aang. "I don't know exactly how they're formed, but the monks said something about spirits crossing the bridge from one world to another."

"So, we might be able to talk to them?" asked Breave.

Aang shook his head. "No. it would only be possible for me to do that, and it's not a good idea. Some of them might be aggravated, or just sad and lonely. If they find out what's going on before they're safe in the spirit world, they might become trapped in this world."

Breave glanced back up at the glowing lights. "Oh. Well let's not do that then."

"I reckon it would be cool to stay in this world after I'm dead!" put in link. "I could go around doing whatever I wanted, and spy on people, and play tricks…"

Aang smiled softly. "It wouldn't be cool. You wouldn't be able to touch any objects, or drink any liquids. Nor eat any foods. You would be eternally hungry and dying of thirst, though you wouldn't die. And no one would be able to speak to you. You could hear them; they wouldn't be aware of your presence. No, it would be much better to cross the bridge and find the one you love the most."

"How do you know that?" link challenged.

"Because I'm the avatar. But if you want to stay here once you die, be my guest." He said

"I think I'll pass on that one… Hey, I've got an idea! Who wants to tell jokes?"

"NO!" The four orginal members of Team Avatar all shouted.

Link recoiled and turned to his sister. "What's up with that?" she shrugged her shoulders.

Iroh yawned and stood up "Well, I don't know about you young people, but I'm tired and am going to bed. A man needs his rest, after all."

"Alright. Goodnight, Iroh." Said Aang.

"And to you, young Avatar." He retreated back into the house, closely followed by Well-Hung after he said his goodnights.

"So," Breave began. "What crazy adventures do you want to tell us about?"

Zuko nodded slightly "I think the same question applies to you. How did you end up in the same place as us?"

"Well, if you must know…" Breave did a short recap from when Azula raided her village to the fortuneteller and the swords, and falling down the hole.

"Wow." Sokka said flatly. "Someone actually beat us in having a weird journey. I'm impressed."

"Thanks… I think." Beside her, Link's head lolled onto her shoulder and he yawned. She smiled down at him. "I think it's time we get you to bed."

"I also think that." he said as he groggily tried to rise. "I'm tired!"

"Night everyone." She called over her shoulder as she led link inside.

"G'night." They called back.

"So, what now?" Toph wondered.

No one said anything, so Katara decided to break the silence. "Now, I think me and Aang are going to sleep out here, under the stars and other beautiful things."

"What, Aang's gonna be sleeping under you?" Toph commented.

Katara blushed and Aang laughed. "No, as much as I would like to. I think she means the lights." Aang fell back and threw an arm around his girlfriend.

"Too cold for me." Zuko got up and headed towards the house. "See you in the morning." He disappeared behind the doorframe.

"I would stay out here…" started Toph "But you two are gonna be here and I don't sleep well when there's two people near me with racing heartbeats. Sense you tomorrow." She got up with the aid of an earth pillar and left the campfire.

Sokka sat still on a log, staring at the two lovers. They stared right back.

"Yep." He followed Toph.

"A cool breeze flew past and sent a chill down Katara's spine. "Brr, it is cold out here…" Not three seconds after she finished her sentence a rolled up sleeping bag hit her in the face.

"Hey what the-" she saw what it was and laughed. "Thanks Sokka!" she called out.

"Well, wasn't that nice." Said Aang as he climbed into the small bag with Katara. Reaching up, he tied the entrance of the bag shut, keeping the cold out and the warmth in.

"I thought we were going to gaze at the beautiful sights?" Katara questioned.

"I am." Aang smirked.

Katara leaned up slightly and planted a kiss on his lips, which he returned eagerly. A wave of fatigue suddenly hit the Airbender, so he pulled away and snaked his arms around her waist.

"Goodnight, Katara. Love you." He snuggled down a little bit further.

"Love you to, Aang." She squeezed him tight before resting her head on his chest and shutting her eyes. Contently.

"And this," She thought, "Is the beginning of another adventure…"

And then she slept.



A Ringmaster walked into a humble bar one day, around mid morning, and took a seat close to the bar tender. He rapped his knuckles on the bar and asked the man for a glass of cider.

"Anything else, sir?" asked the barkeep as he handed the man his drink.

"No, Thank you." He sipped his cider.

"So, just out of curiosity, but you wouldn't happen to be the ringmaster of the circus that's just come to town, would you?"

"Yes, I would be. I control the circus and everything in it! The greatest circus in the world." He said with a proud smile.

"Wow! That's really great." The barkeep turned back to his dirty cups for a few second before swinging around suddenly. "I've just had a great idea! It will make your circus even better!"

"Oh, really?" the Ringmaster looked doubtful. "How so?"

"Well, I've got a regular customer here. But, this customer, he's a talking Turtleduck!"

The Ringmaster laughed. "What? A talking Turtleduck? That's absurd."

"No, really! It's true!" the barkeep insisted.

The Ringmaster pondered over whether to believe this crazed man or not. He came to the conclusion that it couldn't hurt to get the animal to give him a visit. He reached into his coat and handed the Bartender a card.

"Alright. Give that card to him next time he's here." With that, the Ringmaster whipped up his ale, drank the remainder of it in one gulp, slammed it down on the bench and strolled out of the bar.

The day moseyed on, and around lunchtime, like every other day, the mystical talking Turtleduck waddled into the bar and took his seat near the Bartender, and ordered his jug of ale.

The barkeep filled up the small bird's cup, and handed it to him. "Oh! The ringmaster from the circus came in earlier this morning! He said he really wants you!" He handed the Turtleduck the card.

The baffled animal studied the card with the Ringmasters name on it. Then turned his head back to the Bartender.

"So, this ringmaster. He controls the circus?"

"Yep." Agreed the man.

"The circus with a huge tent made out of canvas?"

"Yes!" The man looked exited.

"The Circus that is supported by steel beams?" the Turtleduck looked hard at the man.

"Yeah, that's the one!"

Ferby looked at the card one more time with a questioning look spread across his face. Turning back to the barkeep slowly, he said,

"What the fuck would a circus want with a plasterer?"