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A beeping sound wakes the small blond boy up. His eyes flash open, the blue color of them are darker than usual. "It's about time you woke up." A voice sounds from far away. The blond searches his hands around the bed he is laying in. Where the hell am I?

"How are you feeling?" There's that voice again. He rubes his eyes furiously and his vision slowly becomes more clear. A boy with reddish brown hair is sitting by the bed holding a Nintendo DS. His eyes are covered by a pair of goggles.

He's wearing…goggles? Is it really him? He hasn't laid his eyes on the boy in years. "Mello…? Hello?"

Mello doesn't know what to say. Hell he doesn't even know how he got here. Wait where is here anyway? He watches as the boy pull off his brown gloves and touches Mello's forehead carefully. "You're still really hot. Can you feel any pain?"

No way. There is no way in hell this is real. I'm dreaming I've got to be dreaming. But his dreams with Matt in them aren't anything like this. Not this…weird. Mello closes his eyes and repeats over and over to himself it's just a dream and then loses consciousness.

What happened? Where was I last? The last thing he can remember is pushing that last button to blow the whole building down. He doesn't remember anything after that. He prepared the room so he would be unharmed in an explosion but it didn't go the way he planned. The Japanese police had the damn door open.

When Mello opens his eyes again no one is there. He tries to sit up but a pain shoots through him on his left shoulder and left side of his face. "What the hell?" He takes a glance around the room. He's in a bedroom? A very messy room at that. Clothes are strewn everywhere and video games and magazines are scattered places. He looks down at himself.

His shirt is off but he still has his pants on. He hears someone switching the TV channel in the next room. Mello kicks the sheets off of him and tries to get up the pain becomes worse with each step he takes. He sees his reflection in a mirror.

So that was it. His face and shoulder are burnt. It doesn't look too bad as it probably did. How long has he been here anyway? It really should look a whole lot worse than this. He grabs the door handle and opens it. There's a bathroom to the left and a hallway to the right.

He walks in the bathroom and shuts the door. Stumbling over to the shower he cuts it on. A knock on the door stops him from shedding his pants. "Mello? You might want to be careful with hot water; it'll make it hurt more." Matt's voice is muffled through the door.

Mello ignores him and hops in rinsing off quickly. He grinds his teeth together as the water hits the burns. Grabbing a towel he gets out and holds it around him as he opens the door. Matt is standing there and holding out a bag of clothes.

"Thanks." Mello grunts snatching the bag out of his grip and walks in the bedroom shutting the door once more. He can hear Matt give an irritated sigh. Mello looks at the clothes. There are leather pants and black shirt and a jacket. Matt definitely went shopping for clothes because there is no way Matt owned this.

Mello pulls boxers and pants on but leaves the shirt off not wanting to irritate the burn on his shoulder. "Can I come in?" Matt asks. Mello doesn't answer; his eyes search the room for his shoes. He needs to get out of here and quick. The door opens anyway and Matt steps in watching as Mello goes through his stuff searching for shoes.

"Where are they?" Mello asks after a few minutes.

"Why so you can take off again?" Matt asks.

"Just give me my damn shoes." Mello's voice raises an octave. He doesn't need to be around Matt anymore, if he stays he may never want to leave again. It took everything Mello had to leave Whammy's House without saying goodbye because if he did, he wouldn't have left.

"Where have you got to go?" Mello is silent. He has no where to stay right now, this is his only place. "Just as I thought. You can stay here until you're fully healed." Matt says and walks out of the room. Mello glares at Matt's backside and follows him down the hallway.

It's a small apartment. The kitchen connects with the main room. "Are you hungry?" Matt asks setting down his game.

Of course he's hungry, but like hell he's going to tell Matt that. He can live. "Not going to talk to me then? It's not like I rescued you're sorry ass, unless you wanted the police to find you and take you into their custody. I can always take you back there now…" Matt trails off.

"I already said thanks." Mello says.

"Oh, I thought that was for the clothes."

"It was for both." Matt grins at that. He lays a pill and a glass of water on the table close to Mello. "What's it for?"

"You can't tell me you're not in pain."

"I can deal with it." But Mello swallows the pill when Matt turns his back to look in the fridge for something.

"So if you can deal with the pain, does that mean you can deal without this?" Matt holds a chocolate bar up.

Mello's eyes narrow to slits now. "What are you trying to do Matt?" he demands.

Matt just shrugs. "I'm just trying to be nice." He walks over to Mello still holding the bar. Mello watches as his hand reaches to a cigarette pack on the table. Mello's hand reaches out before he can stop himself and grabs Matt's wrist, forbidding him for taking the pack.

Sweat breaks across Mello's forehead and he can feel his heart pound hard in his chest as his hand touches Matt's soft skin. He jerks back quickly and turns away looking at the TV. "Did my gloves survive the fire?"

"Yes." Matt points to the table beside the couch. Small black gloves sit there. "But why does that matter?"

If Matt doesn't stop acting like this Mello was going to go insane. Why is he acting so weird anyway? He's acting different than Mello remembers. Mello turns to face him now. "What's wrong with you?" Matt just raises his eyebrows as if to question 'what?'

"You're acting weird…not like how you used to."

"Well Mello I haven't seen or spoken to you in around three years. How do you expect me to act?" Mello looks away guilt flowing through him now. Matt grabs his good shoulder and turns Mello to face him.

He suddenly presses his lips against Mello's. Mello's first reaction is to kiss him back but instead he shoves him away with a fist and hurries down the hall and slams the bedroom door shouting "Bastard!"

"Look who's talking!" Matt yells back.

Mello sits on the bed holding his head in his hands. What the hell?! I can't stand this! It's been so long since he's felt Matt that close to him, even his dreams don't fill the need in him and yet here was Matt, ready to start back where they left off and Mello is denying him. I've hurt him so much more than he's ever hurt me and yet he's willing to forget it. Why can't I?

After an hour Mello walks in the living room. He stares at Matt playing the playstation. A cigarette sits between his lips and the goggles are on top of his head now. A lump rises in Mello's throat forbidding him from speaking now. Matt continues to play not noticing Mello standing behind the couch.

"M-Matt?" Mello whispers. Matt jumps and then puts the game on pause looking up at Mello behind him. "I-I'm…sorry." Mello closes his eyes before the tears can spill out. This is so unlike Mello, he never cries especially in front of Matt.

Matt is standing by Mello's side in a second and slowly reaches out to comfort him. "I can't stay here Matt…" Mello speaks quietly. "It's...it'll be harder to leave if I stay longer."

"Then don't leave. Stay." Mello shakes his head. Why does he have to be so difficult?

"You don't get it do you? I have to capture Kira. I had my hands on a Death Note once, I'll get it again."

"And you'll die trying."

"If that's the price I have to pay then fine." Matt groans and walks over to the counter lighting a cigarette.

"Then I'll help you." Matt says after taking a long drag from the cigarette and slowly blowing the smoke to the ceiling.

Mello stares at Matt. He can't put Matt in danger…it'd be his fault if Matt got hurt. "You can't. You could die."

"Then that's the price I'll have to pay." Matt throws his own words back at him. Mello balls up his fist in frustration. "Mello, you're so used to using people for your own benefits. Why can't you just use me now? I'm willing to be used if that's what it takes. Get it through your thick skull that I'm not losing you again!"

"But if you die then I'll lose you!" Mello screams and then covers his mouth. He's never really told Matt exactly how he feels and well let's just say that thawed the ice out. His emerald green eyes widen.

"You don't want to lose me?" Matt asks casually now. Mello doesn't say anything. "So…you're saying that if you let me help you with this bullshit and I get killed it'd hurt you?"

"Just shut up Matt."

"Wouldn't it hurt more to not let me come with you?" Mello ignores him and grabs the chocolate bar on the counter; he walks to the back room listening to Matt's footsteps getting closer to him.

Five, four, three, two, one… Matt grabs Mello's arm and slams him against the wall. Mello winces at the pain in his shoulder. "Sorry." Matt says and loosens his grip but still holds him there firmly.

Matt's green eyes bore into Mello's blue eyes. "Your shoes are in the hall closet. I'm leaving, be out of my apartment in one hour, that's when I'll be back. I don't want you here." Matt says his breath dancing across Mello's lips. Matt can feel Mello shiver against him. Mello closes his eyes thinking Matt is going to kiss him but instead Matt releases his grip and walks to the front door and vanishes through it.

Silence fills the apartment and Mello sinks to the floor. Matt was wrong, it hurts more if Matt was the one to leave not Mello, because if Mello leaves first there's still a chance he can come back.

After forty minutes of sitting there he finally gets up and walks to the closet grabbing his boots and slips the shirt on. "Ten minutes left." Mello mumbles. He stares at the cigarette pack and keys still sitting on the table.

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