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Matt searches in his pocket on the way back to the apartment for his cigarettes. "Great…" he mumbles when he realizes he forgot to grab them. He rubs his hands together as he quickly walks up the steps to get in the warmth. It's freezing cold outside, he's surprised he lasted an hour out here.

He grabs the handle and tries to turn it. It doesn't budge. "Don't tell me…" he closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and tries to turn the door knob again. It's locked. "Ugh!" Matt fumbles in his pockets for his keys. "Great, this is just fucking great!" he sits down against the door smacking his head.

"He had to lock the fucking door didn't he? My keys are probably in plain sight on the counter! He did this on purpose…bastard." Matt mumbles to himself. He had originally planned that Mello really wouldn't leave. Guess he was wrong once again.

Mello looks around in Matt's room fumbling through drawers. He's not really sure what he's looking for. Empty cigarette packs lay around in the drawers. He glances at the clock. It's been an hour and twenty minutes. Guess…he's not coming back right now. Mello grabs his jacket and slides his gloves on walking to the door.

He grabs the pack of cigarettes. "He can learn to deal without them for once." Mello slips them in his back pocket and takes a bite of chocolate. Pocketing the keys he opens the door and Matt falls backwards right into Mello's legs.

Mello kicks him off and walks out the door. "What the hell were you doing?" Mello asks staring at Matt still on the ground rubbing his head from where he fell.

"What do you mean what the hell am I doing? You were the one that locked me out of my own house, I thought you were gone!" Matt exclaims. "You were suppose to leave twenty minutes ago to!"

Mello rolls his eyes. "I'll leave now then." He walks away from the door and then a click sounds and the door shuts. Matt's eyes widen. He tries the door.

"You got my keys right?" Matt asks.

"I'm leaving why would I grab your damn keys? Shouldn't you have them with you anyway?" Mello asks hiding the fact the keys are in his pocket. What am I doing anyway? I should just give him the keys and leave…but…I can't…

"Great. Now were locked out. They were right in plain sight how did you not see them?!"

"Actually you're locked out. I thought you were smart enough to have your own keys."

"They were my keys!"

"Whatever." Mello walks away toward the stairs.

"Where are you going?" Matt exclaims.

"I'm leaving." Matt hurries after him.

"You are not leaving. You're helping me get back in my damn apartment!" Matt says chasing Mello down the stairs. He grabs his shoulder but Mello just shrugs him off.

Matt groans and grabs his burnt shoulder. Mello lets out a hiss and turns ready to sock him. "Piss off!"

"You wouldn't hit me." Matt states. Mello's blue eyes narrow and he turns continuing to walk. He bites off a piece of chocolate irritated. Matt still follows him trying to stop him from leaving.

Then Matt spots it. He stares at Mello's butt. No not like that, well maybe a little, but his eyes spot the bulge in the back pocket. Those are my cigarettes! Matt thinks to himself and casually slips his hand in Mello's back pocket.

His hand won't go in the pocket though because the pants are so tight. "What the hell are you doing?!" Mello asks and turns around facing Matt.

Matt's face heats up quickly reaching his cheeks and turning his ears red. "Y-you took my cigarettes!" he points out and crosses his arms across his chest.

"That doesn't give you the right to grab my ass." Mello says and crumbles up the wrapper to his chocolate bar.

"Just give them back."

Mello ignores him and turns his back walking down the sidewalk now. "Bastard!" Matt yells at him.

"Dumbass!" Mello calls back.

"Fuck you, you house locker out person…and cigarette stealer!" Matt says trying to come up with a good comeback but fails miserably.

"Wouldn't you like to?" Mello replies and grins. Matt's face heats up again. He can hear Matt's footsteps gaining on him, then suddenly Matt slams into Mello's back knocking him off his feet and on the ground.

"Get off me!" Mello yells turning on his back. Matt is trying to pull the cigarettes out of his back pocket.

"Then give them back!"

"Why can't you just go play your damn video games and forget about cigarettes?"

"Well let's see…someone locked me out of my house!"

"It's an apartment!" They both lay there glaring at each other and then Mello closes the gap between them.

Matt reacts automatically and runs his hand through Mello's hair and parts his lips allowing entrance for Mello's tongue. Mello can taste the stale breathe of nicotine but it doesn't bother him like he thinks it would. He deepens the kiss and tries to push Matt up so he can position himself on top but Matt stops him.

"Cigarettes." Matt holds his hand out.

Mello groans and gets up. "Why can't you just quit? I really can't stand it. I can taste it in my mouth now!"

"That's your own damn fault!"

"When did you start smoking anyway?" Mello asks.

"Soon as I got out of Whammy's." Silence falls between them now. Mello looks up at the sky. It's growing cloudy probably rain is on its way.

"So…are you really going to leave?" Matt asks. Mello doesn't respond. He doesn't want to answer because for once in his life he's unsure about something. Mello hates to be unsure about anything. Matt sighs. "Can't you just let me help you? Just use me…I can't bear to lose you again."

"Matt…just let me go." Mello says and turns around refusing to look at him.

"You don't mean that." Matt can feel his eyes tearing up and he yanks his goggles down.

"Why…why do you wear those goggles?" Matt can hear Mello's voice cracking.

"So I won't drown in the rain." Matt reaches out and touches Mello's arm.

"It's not raining."

"Are you sure about that?" Matt says and pulls Mello into his arms.

Tears fall down Mello's face and he can feel himself shaking as he cries in Matt's arms. Arms lock around him tightly holding him close and Matt rests his head on top of Mello's. Raindrops are starting to fall from the sky now and thunder sounds in the distance.

"Mello…I love you." Mello presses himself closer to Matt at that. They stand there for half an hour letting the rain soak them.

"Matt we should go inside before we get sick." Mello pulls away then.

"Um Mello? How do you expect to get inside?" Mello just grins.

"I have my ways."

"You're not going to blow down the door are you?" Matt groans. "We see where that got you last time."

"I don't have any explosives." Mello walks back to the apartment and Matt follows having a bad feeling about how Mello was going to get back in the apartment.

At the door Mello stops short. He pulls out a set of keys from his pocket. "You bastard! You had my keys the whole time!" Matt accuses. Mello grins. "Wait…why did you…"

"I…can't…" Mello starts but stops. Matt understands.

"You're not suppose to leave…that's why you can't." Matt says and kisses Mello tenderly.

"Hey Matt?"


"We're still standing outside." Matt groans and grabs the keys opening the door.

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