When Death Calls

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The hunter quietly crept into the magnificent mansion of one hundred and sixty rooms after disabling the alarm system that was installed to keep unwanted visitors out. He had a particular destination in mind as he climbed one of the winding ornate staircases that led up to the third floor containing half of the forty bedrooms that were built. As he crept along, he could feel the temperature of the exquisite manor plummet and knew he had made the right decision in undertaking the hunt. He had neared the top of the winding staircase when the winds suddenly whipped up around him. He pulled out his 45 pistol and prepared to take aim as he was attacked by the spirit that appeared suddenly in front of him. He took aim and shot just as the spirit lifted him by the neck and flung him over the staircase railing. He gasped in terror when he saw the marble floor rising up to meet him. The last thought that went through his mind was "Oh shit, I'm gonna die" before he landed head first with a resounding thud as blood immediately poured out of his cracked skull.

Sam suddenly awoke with a terrified scream of "Noooo Joshua" as he tried to rein in the vicious tremors that were wracking his body after the vivid nightmare he had just had. He had been having the same nightmare for five nights in a row now and it was getting worse each time. As he tried to control his breathing, he felt the soothing hands of Jessica rubbing his back as she whispered "It's okay baby, I'm right here, everything's okay."

Sam wiped his hands across his face swiping the tears away that were unconsciously falling. He didn't want his girlfriend to think he was a lightweight who cried just because he was frightened by a nightmare. He used the breathing technique Dean had taught him years ago to calm himself before he could start hyperventilating.

Finally gaining control of his breathing and the tremors that had wracked his body, he looked up to see the concern that was clearly written on his girlfriend's face. "M'sorry Jess" he mumbled as he gave her a shaky smile. "I know you must be getting tired of me waking you up every night."

"You don't have to apologize to me babe. I'm just worried about you. Is it the same nightmare you've been having for the past few nights?" Jess asked as she continued to rub Sam's back. "I wish you would tell me about the nightmare since it is obviously tearing you apart."

"I'm sorry, I just can't" Sam sighed as he put his palm to his face and rubbed his aching forehead. He couldn't figure out why these nightmares left him with a residual headache that would last for hours. He knew it wasn't fair to keep the details of the nightmare from Jessica, but he hadn't told her about the life he lived before moving to California and attending Stanford.

He lay back down on the bed and closed his eyes willing the pain away when he felt Jessica leave the bed. He didn't have to ask where she was going since she had done the same thing over the past few nights. Jessica returned to the bed a few moments later and nudged Sam to let him know she had returned.

"Here honey" Jess said as she handed Sam two extra strength Tylenol to help with the pounding in his head. Sam popped the pills in his mouth and then rinsed them down with the bottle of water Jess handed to him.

"Thanks Jess" Sam muttered as he relaxed and lay down in the bed hoping that he would be able to get some more sleep tonight even though he doubted that he would be able to. He felt Jess crawl back into the bed and snuggle up behind him as she threw her arm over his waist. Before long, he felt the soft feeling of Jess breathing lightly on his neck as she drifted off to sleep.

As Sam lay awake in the bed, he thought about the hunter he had come to love as an uncle so many years ago. He had first met Joshua when his dad took him and Dean along on a hunt for a wendigo. Joshua had saved his dad's life while taking care of him and Dean at the same time. Over the years they had met up a few more times on various hunts, but the last time he remembered seeing Joshua was when he was ten years old. His dad and Joshua had gotten into a huge fight and he hadn't seen him since.

Sam also vaguely recalled having a nightmare about Joshua being injured on that wendigo hunt only to find out that it did eventually occur. He wondered if the nightmare he was having now was a warning of some kind. He made a vow to himself to call Pastor Jim in the morning to see if he knew where Joshua was and what he was up to. Feeling more relaxed now, he slowly drifted off to sleep securely wrapped in Jessica's loving embrace.


Sam woke up late the next morning to the smell of Jessica cooking breakfast. His mouth salivated at the thought of having her blueberry pancakes and bacon. Jess didn't cook breakfast often because of their classes, but when she did, it more than made up for those stale breakfast danishes that they would grab on the run.

Sam quickly changed into a pair of jeans and slipped a tee shirt over his head before leaving their bedroom and walking into the small kitchen of their furnished apartment. He walked up behind Jess who was flipping the pancakes and wrapped his arms around her waist. "Good morning sexy" he whispered softly into her ear.

"Good morning to you too handsome" Jess retorted as she turned around in Sam's embrace and reached up to kiss him. She felt Sam deepening the kiss but had to turn away before the pancakes burned. "Sorry lover, but that will have to wait until later this evening or tonight" Jess smiled wickedly hinting at what she expected from Sam later.

Jess put a plateful of pancakes and bacon on the table and then poured two glasses of milk and orange juice to go along with their breakfast. Sam pulled out her chair for her and helped her sit before taking a seat himself.

"I'm so glad to see you're feeling much better this morning baby" Jess said as she reached out to grasp Sam's hand and squeeze it before putting two pancakes and three strips of bacon on her plate.

"Yeah I'm feeling much better and thanks" Sam said as he reached up to caress Jessica's cheek before filling his own plate with pancakes and bacon. He still couldn't believe that he was in love with such a beautiful girl who gave him her heart unconditionally. She accepted him for who he was and didn't try to change him. On those days when he missed Dean so bad that he thought his heart would literally break in two, Jess always seemed to sense what he needed and helped him to make it through the day,

As they ate breakfast, Jessica said "Sam, I got a call from Tina and the girls are all getting together to go on a day long shopping spree. I know we were talking about repainting the bathroom today, but would you mind if I went with the girls instead?"

"No, I don't mind at all. I need to catch up on some studying for my Constitutional Law class anyway" Sam replied knowing that he had other plans as well, plans that he didn't want to share with Jess since they involved the hunting life he had left behind.

"Sam, you need to take a break from studying once in a while. You're going to burn out if you don't take some time for yourself" Jess admonished hoping that her words didn't fall on deaf ears.

"I will Jess, I promise" Sam said as he helped Jess to clear the breakfast dishes from the table and put them in the sink. "Why don't you go ahead and get ready for your shopping trip, I'll do the dishes."

"Hell yeah" Jessica said with a huge smile on her face. "I'm not stupid enough to turn an offer like that down. She ran from the kitchen towards their bedroom before Sam could change his mind.


As soon as Sam had finished cleaning and seen Jess off on her shopping trip, he decided to place that call to Pastor Jim. He really needed to find out if Joshua was in the area and on a hunt. He fervently prayed that he was wrong about things and that Josh was on vacation in Hawaii or somewhere just as exotic and warm.

Sam picked up the phone and dialed Pastor Jim's number with a knot of nervous tension building in his stomach. He had not talked to the man since the fight with his dad and he wasn't sure how welcome his phone call would be. He was just about to hang up the phone after only two rings when he heard Jim's voice coming over the parsonage line.

"Hello, this is Pastor Jim how can I help you?"

Sam was stunned speechless for a few seconds upon hearing the voice he knew as well as his dad and Dean's.

"Hello, is anybody there?"

"Uh, hi Pastor Jim. It's Sam, Sam Winchester"

"Sam my boy, I haven't heard from you in ages. How are you doing son?"

"M'fine. I guess you've heard about the huge fight with my dad and that I'm going to Stanford University now."

"Yeah, your dad and Dean was here not to long after you left kiddo, and believe me I gave the stubborn pig headed fool a piece of my mind for the way he acted. You know he didn't mean what he said right, about not coming back?"

"I really don't want to discuss that if it's okay with you Pastor Jim. The memories are just to painful even now."

"Sure kiddo, I understand completely. Just know that I am here for you and that you'll always be welcome here.

"Thanks Pastor Jim that's good to know. The reason I am calling is I was wondering if you could tell me where Joshua is?"

"Is something wrong Sam, you sound a bit apprehensive lad."

"I'm sure it's nothing Pastor Jim, but I've been having a recurring nightmare about Joshua being attacked on a hunt and things end pretty badly. I just, I need to know if he's okay.

"I'm sure he is son. Joshua is actually headed out your way right now. He's on the way too San Jose right now to check out the famed Winchester mansion."

Jim could hear the audible sound of Sam"s gasping coming over the line.

"What is it Sam, what just scared you so badly?"

""In my n-nightmare, Joshua is killed in a mansion" Sam stated with a shaky voice.

"Joshua is a very skilled hunter Sam. I'm sure he'll be alright, but I'll give him a call to warn him about the hunt and the nightmare you've had, Try to relax and I'll get back to you later kiddo."

"I will, thanks Jim" Sammy said before hanging up the phone.

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