When Death Calls : Epilogue

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Previously: "Yeah, well Sammy would have been better off if he had been mine" Joshua spat out before cutting the call. If he had to listen to John ranting for one more minute, he was going to lose his freaking mind.

John stared at his phone in disbelief. How dare that bastard cut the call on him after what he had just said. He wanted to wrap his hands around the hunter's throat and choke the life out of him for saying those words. Why couldn't people just accept that he raised his boys the best way he could given the circumstances. Anger flooded through his veins as the words taunted him over and over. "Yeah, well Sammy would have been better off if he had been mine" Picking up the desk lamp that was nearest to him, John flung it against the wall and watched as the decorated ceramic base shattered from the impact and fell to the floor.

Walking over to his duffle bag, he dug down deep into the bottom and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels that he had kept over the past seven months, only using it for medicinal purposes. Pulling off the cap, he gulped down a large drink without bothering to get a glass and felt the burning sensation as it slid down his throat. "Stupid son of a bitch" he grumbled as he chugged down yet another drink. "What the hell does he know. He's just jealous that Sammy's mine and not his."

John felt a tear slide down his face as he thought about his youngest being in the hospital and Joshua there by his side. It wasn't right that Joshua was taking his place. He was the dad damn it. He took another long, hard swig from the bottle as he cursed "Damn you Joshua. I'll get you back someday for this."

John had downed nearly half of the bottle and was sitting on the edge of the bed when Dean arrived at the motel where his dad was staying. Dean opened the door to see the glassy look in his dad's eyes and the half empty bottle of liquor dangling from his fingers. "What the hell Dad?" he asked as walked over and took the bottle away. He wondered what had changed his dad's mood so drastically that he took solace in a bottle.

"Hey Dean-O" John said through a drunken smirk as he clasped his hand on his oldest son's shoulder. "At least you don't think I'm some worthless bastard who couldn't raise his sons properly" he slurred drunkenly.

"What are you talking about Dad?" Dean asked as he reached down to pull of his father's boots.

"That bastard Joshua. He had the nerve to tell me that Sammy would have been better off if he had been his dad instead of me." John burped rather loudly and said "Is he right Dean? Was I that bad of a father to you and you're brother? Am I a failure when it came to raising my boys?"

"No Dad, you did the best you could. Sammy and I both know that" Dean said as he pulled off his father's socks.

"But then why?" John slurred as another tear trailed it's way down his rugged face.

"Why what Dad?"

"Why did Sammy leave us?" John hiccupped out as he looked his oldest son in the eyes. "He left because of me, didn't he? Joshua's right, Sammy would have been better off raised by him." By this point, the tears were falling continuously as John's heart broke at the thought of being the one who had broken his youngest son's spirit and pushed him away.

"You're wrong Dad. Sammy left because he needed a break away from hunting to see if he could find his own way in life. I know the constant fights between the two of you made it seem like Sammy hated you, but he doesn't Dad. I know my baby brother well enough to know he still loves you as much as he always did. If Josh had raised Sammy, they would have ended up fighting about hunting too" Dean informed his dad believing that what he had said was true.

"You mean it Dean, you really think Sammy still loves me" John asked with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Yeah Dad, I'm sure of it" Dean intoned as he raised his father's legs up onto the bed. "Get some sleep, I'll be here when you wake up" Dean encouraged knowing that his father needed to sleep it off. He'd have one hell of a hangover upon awakening and Dean hoped he wouldn't remember any of their conversation.


Sam awoke to the beautiful sight of Jessica sitting at his bedside as she clutched his hand firmly in hers. "Hey baby" she said through a dazzling smile, happy to see that the love of her life had finally awoken.

"Hey Jess" Sam replied as he squeezed her hand in affection. "I've missed you."

"Not nearly as much as I've missed you" Jessica said as she bent down to kiss Sam deeply. "You scared the hell out of me baby. When Joshua called and said you were hurt, my heart nearly exploded in pain."

Sam hung his head. "I'm sorry Jess, I never meant to scare you."

Jessica cupped his chin and forced his head back up to look him in the eye. "Don't be sorry darling, it comes with loving somebody will all of your heart, and I do love you more than life itself Sam Winchester."

"I love you too Jess, more than you'll ever know" Sam said as Jess lay herself down in the bed beside him giving him a long sensual kiss that left them both panting for air after it was broken.

Dr. Midas strode into the room shortly thereafter to see the young couple lying on the bed together and gazing into each other's eyes. He cleared his throat rather loudly to let them know that he was there. Jessica blushed as she got up off of Sam's bed and said "I'm sorry doctor.."

"No apology is necessary young lady" Dr. Midas replied. "I'm here to take Sam for his neurological checkup. If everything goes well, he should be able to be released later today."

"That's wonderful" stated Jess truly happy at the prospect of taking her lover home and taking care of his every need.

Just then, a nurse walked in pushing a wheelchair and the doctor helped Sam from his bed and into the chair. "Sam will be gone for approximately an hour or so. You might want to take the time to get something to eat" Dr. Midas said before following Sam and the nurse pushing the wheelchair out of the room.

True to his word, the doctor returned with Sam to his room seventy minutes later. By that time, Jessica had gotten a bite to eat and Joshua had returned to the room also. Seeing the two waiting with anxious faces, the doctor said "I'm happy to say there is no lasting damage from the concussion. Sam will be discharged this afternoon with strict instructions to get plenty of bedrest over the next few days."

"Don't you worry about that doc" Jessica said as she watched Joshua helping Sam back into the bed. "I'll make sure he gets plenty of rest."

"Yes, I believe you will young lady" Dr. Midas agreed before looking over towards the bed. "Take care of yourself Sam and no more falling down the steps."

"I will doc, thanks" Sam replied, happy to know he would be leaving the hospital soon.

"You're welcome" the doc said as he left the room to get Sam's discharge papers completed.

"That was some great news tiger. I'm glad you'll be going home soon" Joshua said as he reached out to pull Sam into a hug while Sam blushed at being called the childhood moniker in front of Jess.

Joshua stayed with the young couple until Sam was discharged from the hospital. He helped Sam make it out to their leased Toyota Corolla before telling Jess that he would make sure her rental car got back to where it belonged. As he watched the young couple drive off, Josh picked up his phone to call Dean to let him know that Sam had been released from the hospital.


A week later, a black two door 1986 GMC Sierra Grande truck pulled up near the entrance to Stanford University. The men inside climbed out of the vehicle and walked over to the park situated nearby. They discretely kept their appearance a secret as they watched the young couple relaxing there in the grass. Sammy was dressed in a pair of jeans and a pale blue t-shirt while Jess had on a sunflower dress with a red and blue pattern emblazoned on it.

Jess was sitting on a blanket that had been spread on the ground while Sammy was lying down, his head pillowed in her lap. As he snuggled in closer to Jess and closed his eyes, Sam unwittingly turned his head towards his father and brother broadcasting the smile that was on his face.

John and Dean watched as Jess ran her fingers lovingly through Sam's chocolate brown hair before bending down and giving him a chaste kiss on the cheek. Seeing that Sam was happy, the hunters scanned the area one last time for any danger before readying themselves to leave their youngest behind.

Glancing back towards his baby boy, John whispered "I love you Sammy, I always have and I always will. Stay safe kiddo" before he quietly walked away.

'Same goes for me little brother" Dean whispered after having heard his father's remarks. "I'll always be here for you whenever you need me dude. All you have to do is call." Dean knew that Sammy hadn't heard him, but he needed to say the words anyway. He quickly jogged back to his dad's truck and the two oldest Winchesters once again left their youngest behind to live the life he was making for himself. They had no idea of knowing that only a few short months later, Sam would lose Jess to the same demon that took his mother.

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