My name is Renesmee Carlie Cullen; my life is not average by any means. Technically I am 5 years old; physically I am 13, mentally I am decades ahead of my game. I live in a small town named Forks and I am sheltered because I am a freak. My mother, when I was conceived, was merely a human while my father was a vampire. Up until I was born, none of the Cullen's coven knew that such a creature could ever exist.

Although the efforts that my family takes to assure I am contently entertained is much appreciated I am terribly lonely. I long for the company of other human beings and my father has taken no effort to hide how he disapproves of this notion.

"Nessie, they don't understand us. We have to stay away—it's for their own good."

"Mom was human-," I remember pleading with him as we passed by the beach in his tinted-windowed Volvo. I look out and watch all the other kids my age (my physical age anyways). They were throwing around a football and chasing each other playfully.

"That's different, Nessie," I hear him grumble but he doesn't continue on to prove any sort of point.

"I just want friends, normal friends."

"You have Jacob Black, he's your friend," I look over just in time to see him cringe at his own words. Wow, an act of desperation.

"Yeah and we all know how much you approve of that relationship," I mutter with sarcasm.

"Don't get on my case, Nessie," he says flashing me a small grin, "It's not easy to watch my baby girl grow up every time I blink."

I play that memory in my head a few more times before I get off the bus in this strange city. My parents probably don't even know I'm gone yet. I try to swallow down all the pain and forget the hurt that I'm going to put my entire family through but this is something that I need to do.

People are staring at me. Most of them are probably wondering where my parents are. I hate that, my physical appearance is too obvious. Perhaps a few more months and I will finally look older; more around 15 but until then I'm going to have to play this smart.

I pull my bag over my shoulder and head out of the terminal and to the train station, so far I'm sure that I'm far enough away that they'll never catch my scent. I made certain to cover my tracks I left three sweaters on three different buses heading to small towns all around the state. I don't suppose that they'll ever suspect that I am heading to a city. They can't imagine city life. Especially with their vegetarian diet. But just for added precaution I made sure to pull some wires out of the bus I just got off of. That thing won't be heading back to Forks any time soon. I guess I can live off human foods, although I prefer not to, but it's a must if I am to have my piece of freedom. That's all I want is just a little freedom.

I buy myself a ticket to board the train to the next city, it's not crowded. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by that, though, because it is very cold outside and the city has issued a weather alert. To fit in I wrap my coat tighter around me and fake a shiver. My body heat is almost that of a wolf's so I don't even notice a chill through my tattered blue jeans.

The train starts to move so I settle into my seat and put in my ear phones listening to some music. My dad gave this mp3 player to me a few years ago, it has around 5000 songs on it so I set it on shuffle and just let the next rhythm be a surprise.

I feel someone's eyes on me so I quickly glance around and catch the eye of a young stranger with a laptop. He looks to be in his mid to late twenties, 5 o'clock shadow, glasses, mildly attractive if you're into that geek look; when I look at him he quickly glances away. I keep my eye on him but he's intent on not drawing attention to himself. I wish I could hear what he's thinking. My mind jumps all over the place.

Spy for my parents?


He's probably just another stranger wondering where my parents are. I roll my eyes and try to ignore him, I glance away again but then I feel his eyes lock on me for a second time.

"You got a problem, Chuck?" I ask, burning a hole into him with my eyes.

He looks stunned for a moment and then shakes his head going back to whatever he is doing on his laptop. I roll me eyes and decide that I better move to a different car. I grab my bag and push past him catching a glimpse of what he's doing on his laptop. Folklore? Oh for heaven sakes. The camera icon on the screen is flashing. Fuck! He was recording me?

Be cool, be cool… just chill.

I sit down in the next car, flopping into a new seat.

"Well hello there," I glance over to see an old skuzzy guy, his brow is raised over his newspaper.

Ugh! Why is everyone so weird on this train?

I swing myself up and sit down a couple seats over; the man shrugs and goes back to his newspaper. I peek over my shoulder watching Chuck with his lap top, typing away furiously and then I grin getting an idea. I make sure all of my property is secure in my seat. This is going to take concentration, it'd be easier if I was a full vampire but I'll work with that I got.

I glance over to the light switch. One… two…

I shut off the light and in one quick sweeping motion I speed over to Chuck, snatch his lap top, swiftly conceal it in my bag then return the light to the car before anyone has time to notice that it was anything more then just a flicker. A grin spreads across my face; I glance at Chuck in the reflection of the train's window. The man is stunned, searching for the laptop furiously. That'll teach him for being so weird. I half expect him to come up to me and give me a piece of his mind but then I remember that he is human and couldn't possibly put two and two together.

After an hour or two goes by the train finally rests in its station and I get off, unnoticed. I'm walking triumphantly into the cold city night; I know exactly where I am going. I did a little research before I made my journey and I've decided that West Bartlett High School will be my destination of choice. Of course at least for one semester before I have an insane growths pert and have to transfer to a different high school as a junior and not a freshmen.

Getting inside of the high school is not difficult. They don't really have a state of the art security system so an open window proves useful. I wander the halls until I find the principal's office.

"Ah-ha," I mumble to myself, "nice to meet you Mr. Marks," I grin smirking down at the empty leather chair and have a seat behind his desk, firing up his computer.

"You'll find that my transcripts from my previous school are very promising," I chuckle smugly and then frown when I see the password bar demand a code. Great, probably the only principal in the city who locks his computer up; go figure.

"Now, now, now, Mr. Marks… don't you trust you students?" I sing and start to type in random configurations at the speed of light, "Bingo… I'm in. Hello registration my name is Renesmee…" I frown and delete my name that I just typed in.

"My name is… Audrey? No, perhaps Kennedy?" Damn! Think!

"My name is Vanessa… Vanessa Cullen… Vanessa Black… Bingo!" I grin and fill out the rest of the information. Date of birth, I pick a date 14 years earlier, where I was born and other information such as my grades in my other school. I think I'm going to have problems with… computer science.

"Vanessa is a delightful student who excels in many subjects such as math, science and the arts. Unfortunately Vanessa's ability to function a computer is below standards," I speak as I type all the information into the data base and chuckle to myself.

Welcome to West Bartlett High, Vanessa Black.