100 Words For TNA

Disclaimer: I don't own The New Avengers, nor the characters of Steed, Gambit, and Purdey. They belong to The Avengers (Film and TV) Enterprises. This story is written for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.


"I wish I had that effect on him," Kendrick observes sourly. "It'd save my sanity."

"You're missing some essential attributes, Kendrick." Gambit hates anything related to the medical profession. But the second Purdey enters his hospital room, he breaks into the biggest smile his bruised, swollen features will allow.

Half a century later, another hospital room. Kendrick is long gone; so is Steed. If the doctors are right, soon Gambit will be, too. But he still smiles at her like she's the greatest thing he's ever seen. Purdey presses a loving kiss to his wedding band, and counts herself lucky.