100 Words For TNA

Disclaimer: I don't own The New Avengers, nor the characters of Steed, Gambit, and Purdey. They belong to The Avengers (Film and TV) Enterprises. This story is written for entertainment purposes only. No copyright infringement intended.

Author's Note: A couple years ago, there was a thread for Avengers drabbles on the Avengers.tv forum (recently relaunched as a new version). A drabble is a story consisting of 100 words in addtion to the title, which can consist of no more than 4 words. This is actually tougher than you'd think, but I thought I'd give it a try regardless, and as they're no longer available elsewhere, I thought I'd post them here one at a time, in the order they were written, as a bit of light relief and a stop-gap while I get ready to start posting my arc.


Gambit and Purdey trudged into Steed's living room looking peaked and sat.

"Late night?" Steed asked.

"Very late," Purdey agreed.

"Hungover," Gambit managed. "I shouldn't have trusted you to mix my drinks, Purdey."

"I shouldn't have finished them for you," Purdey groaned.

"What you two need," Steed cut in, "is my patented National Anthem hangover cure. I'll go make you a batch."

Purdey and Gambit exchanged horrified glances. Steed heard the sound of running feet, then the front door being opened and closed. Steed smiled.

"On their feet in 3.4 seconds. Nice to know the old brew is still effective.

Just a quick note that the 'old brew' was featured in "A Touch of Brimstone." Called National Anthem, it features one raw egg along with a multitude of other appetizing ingredients. Purdey and Gambit have clearly experienced it's "healing" properties before.