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Jake stepped back and looked at him, Lucas's glare watching him. "Oh, hey Luke." Jake said, and he swore he heard Peyton groan. "Hey, sorry, am I interrupting something?" Lucas asked, seeing Jake shirtless, Jake was trying not to let his anger get out of him. He still didn't feel right with Lucas after all these years and how he treated Peyton, never being there for her. Peyton came out of the kitchen and looked at Lucas, tilting her head and arching her eyebrows. Lucas looked at her and sighed, looking back at Jake. "I was just gonna ask you why you weren't coming to the rehearsal." Lucas said, looking at her from the doorway, Jake glaring at Lucas. "You could have called me for that." She said, and Lucas smiles. "Yeah, but I also wanted to see my friend." Peyton flipped out. "Lucas! I am not your friend! And frankly, I don't wanna be! So leave!" She yelled, and Lucas stepped back. "Peyton…" He asked, and Jake looked at him. "Now." Jake added sternly, and Lucas titled his head. "Okay, I'm sorry." He said, walking down the hallway.

Jake closed the door and looked back at Peyton, smiling. "You're sexy when you're angry, you know that right?" He asked, and she smiled, climbing into his embrace again. "I cannot believe he flew all the way to New York to tell me that at fucking midnight!" She said to his chest, and he smiled, hugging her tighter. "I know. I'm sorry." He said, and she smiled. "Don't be. It's his fault. I cannot believe him." She said, holding him. He kissed her forehead and smiled. "You'll be okay, Peyton." He said, wrapping his strong arms around her waist. "Jake, he's not gonna stop bugging me. I have to go to his rehearsal." She said to his chest, and he sighed. "Then I'll go with you." He said, and she looked up at him. "You don't have to do that Jake." She said, and he smiled, tucking a stray hair behind her ear. "I know, but what if I want to?" He said, smiling as they both knew the first time he had said that. She cuddled up to his chest and he smiled. "I should probably get going." Jake said, and Peyton shook her head, looking up at him hopefully. "Jake, can you please stay tonight?" She asked, and he saw how vulnerable she was. He nodded and she smiled, kissing him once before taking his hand and leading him to the bed, sliding underneath the covers.

He soon followed her and wrapped his arms around her waist, smiling at her. "I missed you, so much." She said, a smile following her confession. "I know." Came his answer as he hugged her. She smiled and snuggled against his chest, feeling his loving warmth. She fought the urge not to say those three words that had been plagued in her mind for him. He smiled and kissed her hair. She closed her eyes and soon drifted off to sleep, and Jake followed, his strong arms wrapped around her tiny waist, Peyton's head resting on his chest. Both their minds filled with thoughts of the other.

Jake awoke in total bliss, the sunlight shining through the far window. He opened his eyes and smiled, expecting to see Peyton still sleeping on his chest. Instead, he woke up to a note. He looked around and sighed, sitting up in the bed and reading the note.


I totally forgot about work today. I'll be back around three-ish. Call me later.


Jake smiled and looked around the hotel room. The walls seemed so dull without Peyton in the room. Whenever she was in a room, everything lit up. Everything had a place and everything was in its place. Everything was perfect when he was with her. Everything had a meaning. He smiled and rolled over, his mind flooded with thoughts of her. 

He smiled as he inhaled the scent of her perfume, smiling as he got up out of bed, throwing on his t-shirt that was conveniently on the floor. He smirked.

At the Recording Studio:

Peyton smiled as she watched the band intently, through the glass. She wondered if Jake had noticed her absence as Toby slammed his fingers down on his electric guitar. Peyton smiled and clapped as they finished, speaking into the microphone. "That was great guys!" She said, and the members smiled at her. "Take ten" She said, dusting off her black track pants and turning around, looking up as she saw the tall figure in the doorway. "Lucas, please…" She said, and he walked over to her, his signature smirk. Peyton looked down at the ground and prayed for him to go away. "Lucas, what do you want?" She asked, and he smiled. "I want you to come." Peyton looked up. "Why do you even care? We don't talk." He smiled. "Yeah but like I said last night, I want my friend to be there." Peyton looked up. "Lucas, if your just gonna bitch at me for not coming to one fucking party then.." She said, and she was cut off by Lucas's lips on hers. She was shocked at first, but he just kept on kissing, and she soon followed.

Little did she know, someone was watching.

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