Gwen enters the autopsy room, everybody's gone home and Owen is still working on an alien casualty.

"I'm going home now Owen, are you pulling an all nighter??"
"I haven't pulled anything of late Gwen. I'm just trying to piece this thing together. Had no problem with the two heads but this thing has 8 limbs and I can't make out where they fitted before we blew it apart."

Gwen shift uncomfortably.

" ... I've caught Jack and Ianto doing it in the greenhouse"

Owen looks up from the scattered alien remains.

"You did what !!"
"I wanted to talk to Jack and I came over late and there they were, you know, doing things. It was so awkward... They didn't seem to mind though."
"Well it's not like you uncovered a secret is it. They've been doing it for some time now."
"Yeah but there's a difference between knowing and seeing. My vision's still blurred."

"So tell me, what were they doing exactly? Were they naked all the way?"
"Owen, you're sick. I'm not giving out details."
"Gwen! I'm dead! My dick is as limp as a rope, others peoples details 'll have to do it for me as I won't be making my own any time soon."
"No Owen, I"m not... look I just needed to tell someone, keep having flashes when I talk to them, can't look Ianto in the eyes without blushing."

"Don't remember you being the blushing type Gwen... Maybe we can find some footage on the security camera archives"
"Nah, went through them..."

"You did what ?? And you call me sick??"

Owen grins.

"I wasn't looking for that, I was ... you know... needed something and ... Oh ...fuck you Owen"
"You wish"

Gwen leaves the autopsy room.