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"Come on Bella! You can do this! We, I mean you, have to beat that Edward Cullen this year. Try harder!" Ugh Edward. We had been competing against each other ever since we were little kids. Thanks to our parents, since they had been competitors in the Olympics also. I just wanted to know why I had to get stuck in the middle of it all. Ya sure Charlie had been a good swimmer but can't he except that Carlisle Cullen had beaten him? I mean for crying out loud they were on the same team! Edward and I were also on the same team, obviously since we were both American. I was born into this, sadly, but it had its pluses. Like traveling around the world. It was cool that we were in China this year. It was all fun except-

"BELLA! USE YOUR ARMS FOR PETE'S SAKE! USE YOUR DAMN ARMS!" Ugh, I hated my coach, Ryan. He always had to yell at me for the stupidest reasons.

"Ryan, I've been here for 6 hours just swimming. Plus you only let me have 10 minute lunch break. I'm starving, and tired. Therfore, I'm going home." I stormed off before he could say anything. I went straight to my truck, heading for the nearest resturaunt. Hmmm, nope I don't want that, nah, yum Arbys. It'll do. I parked my truck and threw on a t-shirt and sweats to cover up my swimming suit. Mmmm I could smell the roast beef, it was making me even more hungry. I quickly jogged inside and right when I open the door I almost turned around and went back out. Edward Cullen was there, along with his sister Alice and brother Emmett. Alice was the American's best gymnast and Emmett was champ weight lifter. He didn't do the Olympics but he didn't have to, he was good enought without it. Then there was Rosalie and Japer Hale. Rosalie didn't compete in sports, but she was Emmett's girlfriend, and she was gorgeous. If she competed in a beauty contest she would win hand's down. Then Jasper was Alice's boyfriend, and Rosalie's cousin, but the could've been mistaken for twins. He also didn't compete.

"Ma'am, will you please order?"

"Oh, sorry. Umm I'll have a number one for... to go." I don't think I could eat it here while Edward was here. For one, Charlie would flip if he found out if I ate with Edward, even near him. And two, I think I had the biggest crush on him in the world. The more we have to compete against each other, the more I like him. Plus he was a total gentleman an-

"Miss did you hear me? That will be 4.79."

"Oh okay umm, just sec." Crap where is it? Where is my wallet...

"Oh crap."

"Ma'am if you can't pay for it then you can't have your meal." Wow thanks for stating the obvious!

"I know. I think I left it out in my car. Can I go get it real quick?"

"That wont be nessecery. I'll get it for her." Right when I heard that voice I turned around.

"Edward? You don't have to do that. I'll just go to my truck and get my wallet."

"Too late." He smiled his crooked grin that was a heart stopper to anyone. Ugh why oh why did Charlie and Carlisle have to be enemies? If they weren't then maybe I would actually have a chance with Edward. Even though he wouldn't want to date someone like me but at least I would have a better chance.

"Here's your change sir."

"That's alright you can keep it."

"Thanks Edward. You really didn't have to do that." I couldn't help but blush while saying this.

"Hey don't worry about it. It was no problem. Would you like to sit with me?" Wait what? Did he just say me?

"What about your family?"

"Oh they'll live." He smiled and then winked at me. Oh god what do I do? On the one hand me and Edward always got along, if it wasn't for Charlie and Carlisle. Then on the other hand if our dad's found out we, well me specifically, but we would never hear the end of it.

"Uh I don't know Edward. Knowing Charlie and Carlisle..." I couldnt even finish it. His expression changed. He almost looked like I had hurt him, but he also looked really angry.

"This is none of their buisness. If we want to eat dinner together then I think we can." Out of nowhere he grabbed my hand and pulled me to a table. This really shocked me, as if, could he? I doubt it. As we passed by I could've swarn I saw Alice starting to smile, like as if she's been waiting for this. But why would she care? Wow this is really confusing.

"So Bella, how was your day?" Edward was starting to scare me. He's never acted like this before. He always tried to stay away if he knew we would get into trouble.

"Ummm good, tiring, and I think I want to kill my coach." His laughter made me jump. It was very loud. But then I couldn't help but laughing also. Then I saw my food. Gosh I forgot how hungry I was but I didn't want to seem like a pig in front of Edward. So I just started chewing slowly. But then I couldn't help it. It was so good! Next thing I knew was that Edward was staring at me weird and I was scraping up the last pieces of my curly fries.

"Oh umm let me explain, please." I looked at Edward and he was just smiling back.

"Nah I'll just guess. It's funner that way." I couldn't help from laughing at that.

"So guessing on from what you said earlier, you were at swim practice?" I nodded my head and then he continued.

"And you swam all day with only a 40 minute lunch break instead of and hour." He smiled, but then frowned when I snorted.

"Psh I wish! Ryan only gave me a 10 minute lunch break! He said that it was worth it and that I needed it. I think he thinks I'm fat." My voice started to die down when I saw Edward's expression. It looked...murderous.

"I see why you want to kill your coach now. I'll do it myself if you want. He's almost killing you!"

"Edward it's okay. I got my dinner and you've been very nice company. There's no reason fo-"

"You think it's okay!? You think your alright!? Are you insane or something!? That's it I can't take this anymore." Edward stomped to the door and full out sprinted away. I felt like I was about to burst into tears. I ruined it. I ruined any chance I had with Edward. He was being so nice and I just plain out had to be stupid! Maybe there is something wrong with me. I couldn't take it anymore. I ran to my truck and once I got in I burst out sobbing. There was a light knock on my window.

"Hey Bella. It's me, Alice." I opened the door for her and moved to the passenger seat.

"Bella what's wrong? What happened?" She sounded like she cared. Like she was my sister.

"I-I ruined i-it. I r-ruined m-my c-c-chance with Edward." Alice pulled me into a hug.

"Tell me exactly what happened. From the beggining. I babbled on about what happened at practice, what happened when I got here, and then how I got here-gasping and sobbing. Then she startled me by laughing.

"It's not funny." I said finally not crying - well not as badly.

"I know, I'm sorry about that. But it's not your fault. Not at all. Edward just overeacts to stuff. Especially to people he likes."

"What do you mean 'especially to people he likes'?" That had taken me by surprise.

"Oh, uh nothing. It's nothing. Well, er, back to the subject, it's not your fault and you didn't ruin your chance. I promise - no I swear - that you still have a great chance if you still wanted him that way."

"I do, Alice. Thanks, for everything. Really it means a lot."

"It's no problem. But I better go find Edward. He's probably freaking out right now." She smiled at me then gave me another hug before going to her car, where everyone else was waiting. Then she sped off.

I started my truck with those words repeating in my head. Especially to people he likes. What was she saying? That he liked me? I doubt it. He wouldn't like someone like me. But what if, what if he actually did? What if Alice had been saying the truth?

"What if." I murmered under my breath.

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