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Harry Potter and the Rebirth of Time

Chapter Ten

It was a shock to everyone in Hogwarts when Draco Malfoy showed up at the Gryffindor Quidditch tryouts. At least, it was a shock to everyone but Harry Potter and his daughter Lily. Malfoy was, without a doubt, the best flyer to try out for the team. Of course, if Harry had been up there, he would have only been second best, but Harry wasn't. He had no interest in that. His days as a Quidditch player were in the past, or was it the future? No, it was the future only he and Lily knew.

They were creating a new future - a better one.

Despite the fact that Malfoy was the best flyer, it didn't seem like the Gryffindor team wanted him anywhere near them. The Weasley twins, who had grown up hearing tales about the Malfoys from their father, treated him like an enemy of war. The way they sent the Bludgers after him was far worse than anyone before him, or after him. They singled him out, intent on making him fail. Suffice to say they failed. Malfoy ducked and weaved his way through their assault and captured the Snitch effectively.

Wood acknowledged his skill with a smile and a nod, before shooing him off in time for the next tryout. Malfoy passed Harry on the way out. He glared at Harry's satisfied smile.

'He's not that bad,' Lily said.

'He is pretty good,' Harry admitted. 'Better than he was originally, as well. Must have been doing his nightly flying last year as well.'

'He never beat you? Did he dad?' Lily whispered, because Hermione was close by, pretending to be reading.

'Nope,' Harry said, 'he let his feelings for me get in the way, I think. Plus, like I said, he wasn't this good before.'

'But it doesn't look like the rest of the squad want him on the team,' Lily pointed out, poking a finger down onto the pitch.

The Weasley twins, backed by Angelina Johnson, Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet, had gathered around Oliver Wood, and were clearly arguing about Malfoy. Fred gesticulated wildly, while his twin nodded in agreement.

Harry smiled. 'Don't worry,' he said. 'Wood's a good guy. He'll make the right decision. Besides, he takes Quidditch too seriously to disqualify the best player just because nobody likes him.'

'But it could cause friction with the team,' Lily pointed out.

'That's true,' Harry agreed.

Lily had a point. Wood wouldn't want to create a team that wouldn't function well. He might try to avoid that by overlooking Malfoy. With a sigh, Harry decided to get involved.

After the tryouts had come to an end and the rest of the team had trundled off back up to Hogwarts, Harry approached Oliver, who had stayed behind to pack up by himself. It was something he had always done back when Harry was a Seeker. Good to see things hadn't changed too much.

Oliver saw him coming. 'Ah, if it isn't my most sought after player,' he said, giving Harry a smile and offering his hand. Harry shook it. 'What brings you out on my field? Changed your mind yet?'

'Not really,' Harry said.

Harry had been out flying, blowing off some steam after spending an agonizing two hours in the presence of Snape, when Wood had spotted him performing his mid flight acrobatics. As expected, Wood was adamant about him joining the team, but for reasons already mentioned, Harry had declined. Wood never let up for the entire first year, but Harry didn't mind. It was nice to hear his old Captains voice again, lecturing him on Quidditch.

'Not really?'

'Actually, I was watching tryouts,' Harry said. 'You should pick Malfoy.'

'Really?' Wood scratched the side of his nose. 'I would. He was the best player, but the rest of the team… it wouldn't be good for team morale.'

'So you're just going to deny him, even though he was obviously the best,' Harry said.

'I don't like it, Harry,' Wood argued. 'You think I don't want to win the Cup? With Malfoy, we could do it, provided the team could accept him, which is highly unlikely. Without him, we might…'

'Oh, give it a rest,' Harry interrupted. 'None of the other kids who tried out could win the Cup for you. Malfoy is the only option.'

'Not with you in the mix he isn't,' Wood said.

'Well, I'm not in the mix,' Harry said. 'I won't join the team.'

'Why not? You're the best flyer I've ever seen. You're a natural. You belong on the team, in the air, on your broom, winning the Cup with us.'

'I'm not interested,' Harry said. 'Malfoy is.'

'I can't pick him,' Wood said. 'Fred and George would quit the team.'

'They said that?'

'Might as well have.'

Harry sighed. 'Let's make a deal then.'

'A deal?' Wood's eyes lit up.

'Yeah,' Harry said, resigned to it, 'you give Malfoy a shot. If you have to tell the twins about the deal to keep them on the team, then do it, but you give Malfoy a shot.'

'And the deal?' Wood was almost salivating.

'If it doesn't work out,' Harry said, 'and you really need to give him a chance. Don't half ass it. But if it doesn't work out with Malfoy, I'll… I'll step in.'

'Deal!' Wood said, with a huge grin, offering his hand again. Harry took it and they sealed it.

Sorry Oliver, Harry thought, as he headed back up towards Hogwarts. He didn't want to lie to his old Captain, but if that's what it took to get Malfoy on the team, then so be it.


The first Defence Against the Dark Arts lesson of the year was their best yet. Harry wasn't surprised. Professor Remus Lupin was a hit, just like last time. And hopefully, this time, Harry would be able to run interference with Snape, and Remus could stick around longer than a measly one year.

After their first lesson, Harry and Lily approached Remus as he was cleaning up for his next class. Ron and Neville had already left, but Hermione lingered behind, looking at Harry and Lily sneakily while pretending to be packing her bag.

'What can I do for you, Harry?' Remus asked when he noticed his two housemates.

'Why didn't you tell us you would be teaching Defence this year?' Lily accused before Harry could even open his mouth.

Remus gave a good-natured laugh. 'Thought I'd surprise you,' he said.

'Well done,' Harry said.

Remus chuckled. 'It was mostly Sirius' idea. He took up badgering me about it all the time you were at school last year.'

'So what changed your mind?' Harry asked.

'Dumbledore,' Remus replied. 'He asked me last year, after I helped retrieve the… ah,' Remus cast his eyes towards Hermione at the back of the room, then nodded and said, 'you know.'

'Huh?' Lily followed his gaze, meeting Hermione's eyes as she stood up straight behind her desk, her bag on her back. Lily quickly turned back around.

'Yeah,' Harry said, clearing his throat. 'Well, I'm glad you changed your mind. It was a great lesson.'

'Yeah,' Lily agreed, 'the best ever!'

Remus smiled happily. 'Thanks you two. I'll do my best to keep it up. Now, don't you have another lesson to be getting to?'

'Right, come on Emily, let's go.'

'Bye Uncle Remus!' Lily called. Remus winced.

Harry pulled Lily out of the room as fast as he could, walking right past a frowning Hermione.

'I'm so sorry,' Lily gasped out, lowering her head in shame. 'It just slipped out.'

'It's okay,' Harry said, after taking a deep breath. 'Just try and think before you open your mouth next time.'

'Sorry dad,' Lily mumbled, sniffling.

Harry sighed, and then reached over to ruffle her hair. 'Nah, I am, I was being harsh. We all slip up sometimes. You've been doing great. Now, wipe that glum look of your face and cheer up, okay sweetie?'

'Okay,' Lily said, rubbing at her teary eyes.

'Hey guys, wait up,' Hermione called.

Lily scrubbed at her eyes faster.

They were half way down the corridor when Hermione caught up with them. She jogged to a stop beside them.

'Uncle Remus?'

Lily giggled nervously, blushing bright red. 'It's a joke thing,' she lied quickly. 'He hates it, so I always tease him with it.'

'You know him that well?' Hermione questioned.

'He spent most of the summer with us,' Harry supplied.

'Yeah, and he taught me loads and loads about magic,' Lily expanded.

'You must have really hit it off,' Hermione said, looking suspiciously at Lily.

'We did,' Lily replied, blushing even further.

'Anyway,' Harry interrupted, 'what did you think of the class? Good, yeah?'

Hermione's eyes lit up. 'It was brilliant,' she gushed, beaming, 'I mean, who…' And she launched into an explanation of the entire class.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief, having successfully deflected Hermione's interest for the time being. It was just like his Hermione. Always easily distracted by academia. Still, her sudden, keen interesting in spying on him and Lily was becoming a threat to their secret. He just didn't know what to do about it.


'No, I won't!' Hermione roared at the top of her lungs. Ron stood facing her, glaring with a very red face – obvious evidence of his anger.

This was how Lily found the two, arguing in the middle of the common room. The new first years watched with unguarded interest, while the higher years cast disapproving looks in their directions.

'What's going on here?' Lily demanded in her best (and very good) bossy voice, proving she was Hermione's daughter.

Hermione pointed an accusing finger at Ron. 'He wants to copy my homework,' she said. 'Like I would ever let anyone do that. Let alone him. Honestly.'

'I didn't say copy!' Ron protested. 'I just want to check it!'

'At which point, you'll discover you got everything wrong, and then copy!' Hermione shot back.

'What are you getting at?'

'I think you know!' Hermione said. 'Or are you too stupid to even get the implication.'

Ron went redder, if that was even possible. As he was about to open his mouth, Lily interfered. 'That's enough!' she yelled, quite loudly for a girl her size. 'I'm sick of you two arguing all the time. Ron, you should do your own homework - '

'Figures,' Ron interrupted. 'Everyone sides with her. Just 'cos she's so smart. I'm sick of it. Does she let you copy her homework? Is that it? It's just me, who gets left out, is it? I bet it is. She just doesn't like me 'cos I don't suck up to her like you!'

'That's not…' Lily faltered, unable to continue. Ron was glaring at her now. Her Uncle Ron was angry with her, like he had never been before. He used to always play with her, lift her high in the air and swing her around, hold her tight when she was upset and tell her he wouldn't let anything bad happen to the daughter of the smartest witch he ever knew. Tears formed in her eyes. What had they done to change things so much?

'Save it,' Ron snarled, and then stormed off.

Lily went and sat down in one of the cushy chairs by the fire, head in her hands as she cried hard not to cry. She heard her mother take the seat next to hers. 'I'm sorry I got you involved Emily,' Hermione said. 'He shouldn't have said those things to you. He's such a prat.'

Lily sniffed. 'No, he's a good guy,' she said. 'He should love you. Not hate you.'

Hermione frowned. 'Love me? What are you talking about?'

Lily shook her head. 'I just mean…' she sighed. 'I mean you're a great person, Hermione. He should recognise that and like you for it. Not the other way around.'

'Oh,' Hermione said, sceptical.

'I don't know why he doesn't,' Lily said, but she did.

She knew. Harry did as well. He had told her about it.

The Troll.

Without the Troll, they never would have become friends.