Welcome to my fourth fanfic, Poor Little Rich Girl. Enjoy.

Monday March 16th

Ashley Armbuster was woken up at five thirty in the morning by Harold, her butler, holding a tray that had a cup of herbal tea on it.

"Good morning, Miss Armbuster. Your herbal tea is here," Harold said politely.

"Thankyou, Harold," Ashley A. said, sitting up in bed. Harold placed the herbal tea carefully on her bedside table. Ashley A. drank it and smiled. Nothing like a cup of herbal tea to wake you up in the morning, she thought to herself, getting out of her pink four-poster bed.

Harold opened Ashley A's pink curtains and looked at the sky. "A glorious day," he said.

Ashley A. had a long, warm, bubbly bath Harold had run for her and took half an hour to wash her long, blonde hair. Then she returned to her room.

Ashley A's room was very big, but she wished it was bigger. She had pink walls and a pink carpet, and it was very tidy. She had pink curtains, a pink four poster bed and a chandelier. She had a white walk-in closet and in one corner of the room was a pink dog bed, in which her white toy poodle, Paris, slept.

Ashley A. had five pictures in her room, all in golden frames on the same wall. Four of the pictures were quite small, and one was huge. All four pictures were professional shots. The first small one was of Paris as a puppy- she looked adorable, small and white and fluffy, wearing a pink ribbon. The second small one was of the whole Armbuster family a couple of years ago, when Ashley was thirteen, her little brother Tyler was eleven and her little sister Brittany was nine. The whole family had blond hair and were wearing expensive, formal clothes. The third small picture was of Ashley A. and her three best friends- the other Ashleys. All four were wearing the same dress but in different colours- Ashley Q's was blue, Ashley B's was yellow, Ashley T's was green and Ashley A's was, of course, pink. All four best friends were pouting at the camera. The fourth and final small picture was of Ashley A. winning the Little Miss Blush beauty pageant in third grade, holding the trophy and looking extremely glamorous for an eight-year-old. The big picture was of Ashley A on her own, she looked just like a model on it, and her family had told her it was good enough to be on the front cover of a magazine. Ashley A. was extremely pleased when they'd said this- Ashley A. longed to be a model, just like the other three Ashleys. From an early age, all four of them had been completely obsessed with fashion and beauty. The Ashleys had stayed friends right through middle school and now, in their sophomore year, they were still pretty much the same as they were in fourth grade; rich, beautiful, popular. The way it had always been. They were all on the cheerleading squad and they were all dating popular guys on the basketball team- Ashley Q. was dating Rob (formerly King Bob, he'd decided to start calling himself Rob as he entered his teenage years), Ashley B. was dating Johnny V., Ashley T. was dating Vince and Ashley A. was dating Lawson- although deep down she had no feelings for him whatsoever.

It took her until 6:50 to dry and straighten her hair, and then put on her clothes, which she'd carefully picked out the night before; a pink halter top, a black miniskirt and pink, knee-high boots with a six-inch heel. She went downstairs to have breakfast with Tyler and Brittany- her parents had already gone to work, her mother was a model and her father owned a chain of successful beauty salons. Ashley, Tyler and Brittany didn't see much of their parents because they worked so much- in fact, they probably saw Harold more than they saw their parents. They ate croissants around the table in the dining room.

At seven, she went back upstairs to brush her teeth and apply her makeup. Ashley A. always wore a lot of makeup- foundation, mascara, eyeliner (only a little, though), pink glittery eyeshadow and a pink lipgloss pout.

She carefully examined herself in her golden, full-length mirror. It had the word 'Beautiful' carved into it in swirly lettering, and it was true- Ashley A. was beautiful.

It was 7:10 when Ashley A. got in Harold's car- it was big, black and expensive, with blacked out windows. Ashley, Tyler and Brittany sat in the back on the white, comfortable leather seats. All three of them went to different schools- Ashley was a sophomore in high school, Tyler was in eighth grade at middle school and would be starting high school next year, and Brittany still attended Third Street- she was now a sixth grader, and the playground was now ruled by King Hector. It was weird to think that he was now king- he'd only been in second grade when Ashley was in sixth grade herself. Growing up was scary, Ashley decided.

They arrived at Second Street High School at 7:20. School didn't start until 7:30, so Ashley A. had time to find the other Ashleys and have an early morning gossip. Ashley A. got out of her car and saw Spinelli and TJ Detweiler walking up the path towards the school.

"Morning, Spinugly, morning, Dorkweiler," Ashley A. said automatically in a mean tone of voice.

"Get lost, Powderpuff," Spinelli said, replying by instinct. They'd hated each other for so long, insulting each other came naturally to both of them.

Ashley A. found the other Ashleys hanging out with Lawson, Rob, Vince and Johnny in the corridor. She greeted Lawson with a kiss and said hi to the other Ashleys, who were all wearing the same outfit as her- but the top and shoes in different colours- Ashley Q's were blue, Ashley T's were green and Ashley B's were yellow.

"Like, guess what, Ashley A!" Ashley Q. squealed excitedly.

"Like, what, Ashley Q?" Ashley A. said.

"Daddy, like, bought me a car last night!" Ashley Q. said. She had just passed her driving test. Out of all the Ashleys, Ashley Q. was the oldest- she had her sixteenth birthday in September. Ashley T. was sixteen as well, but she'd only just had her birthday and had only just started her driving lessons. Ashley B. and Ashley A. were still fifteen- Ashley B turned sixteen in April, and Ashley A. had to wait until July. It was so unfair.

"That's, like, amazing Ashley Q!" Ashley A. said, smiling.

"It's, like, more than amazing," Ashley Q. said, "it's…"

"Scandalous!!" all four girls squealed together, and their boyfriends shook their heads and rolled their eyes.

"I can, like, take you all to the mall after school," Ashley Q. said, and the other three nodded.

"This is like, so fabulous," Ashley B. said.

"Yeah, we can like, go shopping after school like, every night!" Ashley T. said.

It was then the bell rang.

"See you later, babe," Lawson said to Ashley A, winking at her and then walking away.

Ashley A. sighed. She really didn't like Lawson. But he was popular, and older than her. If she wanted to keep her popular status, she'd have to stay with him. Ashley A. thought he was hot, but it wasn't anything more than that; she never felt the sparks when he kissed her, when they were together, it just didn't feel… right. And what the other three Ashleys didn't know was that Ashley A. wanted someone who could make her feel special, someone to fall in love with.

School was over now, and all four Ashleys were in Ashley Q's new car; an impressive baby blue convertible, with PRINCESS as the license plate. Ashley Q was driving, of course, Ashley A. was in the passenger seat and Ashley B. and Ashley T. were in the back. 'Everytime We Touch' by Cascada was playing loudly.

"Gym class today was like, awful," Ashley T. complained. "I like, broke a nail!"

"Like, stop complaining, Ashley T," Ashley A. said, and Ashley T. shut up instantly. Ashley A. was like the unofficial leader of the Ashleys, probably because the Armbusters were a little richer than the Quinlins, the Boulets and the Toulans.

"Yeah, Ashley T, you'll like, get them redone on Wednesday," Ashley B. said. The Ashleys all had their nails done every Wednesday.

"That's, like, the day after tomorrow!" Ashley Q. reasoned. "Poor Ashley T. will like, have to go through tonight and tomorrow with a broken nail."

"Will you like, stop talking about your nails so we can, like, talk about my birthday party?" Ashley A. said angrily.

"It's, like, not your birthday for months, Ashley A." Ashley B. said. "It's, like, mine next."

"Yeah, but it's like, my sixteenth! It's special," Ashley A. said, although she knew that all her birthdays were special. Because she was special.

They arrived at the mall. Ashley Q. parked her car in the parking lot and they all got out, linked arms and walked up towards the mall.

"I'm, like, hiring out a club," Ashley A. was telling them, "And I'm arriving in, like, a horse and carriage. And Daddy's going to get Justin Timberlake to sing."

"Justin Timberlake!!" Ashley T. and Ashley B. sighed dreamily, but Ashley Q. narrowed her eyes.

"Your daddy doesn't even know Justin Timberlake."

"Like, yes he does! Daddy's got friends in high places."

"You're, like, totally lying Ashley A."

"Well, my daddy has Mariah Carey on speed dial." Ashley B. said

"Hey, Ashleys, like, look what the cat dragged in!" Ashley T. suddenly said, disturbing Ashley A. and Ashley Q's argument.

They were standing outside a toy store, and inside that toy store, behind the counter, was Spinelli.

All four Ashleys exchanged evil smirks. "Scandalous!" They said, and they walked into the store and up to the counter.

"Ew, like, look at Spinelli. She looks even more gross than usual in that stupid uniform," Ashley A. said, and the other three squealed with laughter.

Spinelli scowled. "I know you Ashleys are a pathetic, immature bunch of babies, but I didn't think I'd ever see even you in a toy store."

All four Ashleys raised their perfectly plucked eyebrows.

"If you don't wanna buy anything, then get out of here, you lowlifes," Spinelli growled.

Ashley A. laughed. "You're calling us lowlifes? Look at you!"

"I'd, like, rather not look at Spinugly," Ashley T. said, and the other three laughed like hyenas again.

"If you don't wanna look at me, then fine. You can buy something or you can leave," Spinelli said.

"Like, whatever, Spinugly." Ashley B. said.

"'Like, whatever, Spinugly'?" Spinelli echoed. "Is that really the best you brats can manage?"

"That not good enough for you, Spinugly?" Ashley Q. said. "Well, like, how about you're a fat, ugly loser who'll, like, never get a boyfriend?"

"Yeah, even Dorkweiler wouldn't date you!" Ashley A. said. "I mean, like, look at you. You have to work in this pathetic little store just so your trailer trash family don't, like, starve."

Spinelli lunged for them, but they all squealed, "Scandalous!" and ran out of the store, giggling.

It was evening. Ashley A. had just had dinner with her family, and now she was at the side of the family's outdoor swimming pool, lounging on a deckchair with some iced tea in her hand. She was wearing a designer pink bikini, designer pink shades and a huge, white sunhat.

She was watching Tyler and Brittany, who were actually in the pool. They weren't actually swimming- Tyler was going down the waterslides and Brittany was lying on a pink lilo and floating around.

Harold came outside with the phone in his hand. "Miss Armbuster," he said.

"Yes?" Ashley A. and Brittany both said together.

"I meant Ashley," Harold said. "There is a Mr. Irwin Lawson on the telephone, wishing to speak with you."

Ashley A. sighed and took the phone from Harold.

"Hi, gorgeous!" Lawson's voice said on the other end.

"Hey, Lawson," Ashley A. said.

"Whatcha doin'?"



There was an awkward silence. There always were awkward silences when it came to Ashley and Lawson's phone conversations. Lawson called every night, but he never seemed to take the hint.

"So, you doing anything on Saturday?" Lawson asked.


"Good. Coz I was thinking, we should go on a date. To the movies, and for pizza."

"Uh- sure."

Uh-oh. Ashley had to think- fast. The last time they had a date, there was just a big, awkward silence between Ashley and Lawson. Probably because he was just kissing her half the time. Ashley shuddered- Lawson wasn't a great kisser.

Then she had an idea. "Like, wouldn't it be fun if we, like, made it a group date?" she said. "We can, like, invite the other Ashleys, and Johnny and Rob and Vince."

"Whatever. I love you, Ashley."

"Love you too, Lawson." Ashley said, although it was a lie. They were getting into the same routine 24/7, and it was driving her insane. "Um- see you tomorrow," Ashley said, hanging up.

However, when she went inside, her miserable mood disappeared. The living room, which had a huge flat screen TV on one wall. She sat down on the squishy white sofa and turned on the TV. Her favourite soap, Young Hearts, was on. Two of the main characters, Daniella and Zack, were having a row- Zack had been having an affair with Daniella's sister, Yasmin, and Daniella had just caught them.

"Anything I can get you, Miss Armbuster?" Harold asked.

"Yes. I would like some organic, low-fat chocolate," Ashley said.

She grinned. Great looks, popularity and a butler who got her everything she wanted. Life couldn't be any better.

This is the life, Ashley thought to herself.