AN: I always come up with the best ideas at 2:00 in the morning.

This here is a collection of drabbles and oneshots featuring various het. crack pairings. No slash. I'm thinking of going up to thirteen, since that seems a good stopping point. I've got a few pairings planned, but I'm up for suggestions. They will range from not-so-out-there pairings like SoraOlette and DemyxNamine, to really cracktastic pairings like Luxord x Queen of Hearts. Yes, that one is actually next. Walt Disney and Lewis Carroll are rolling in their graves, and Nomura is probably finding it hard to sleep at night.

Anyway, I digress, let the insanity comence.





Admittedly, she'd always held a bit of a something for Hayner.

Then he showed up. Perhaps it wasn't so much that he was attractive in his own right so much as it was the allure of someone from another world. The local boys were great and all, but there was just something so fascinating and exotic about a foreign guy.

He had a tan. No one in Twilight Town had a real tan-unless they ever managed to go to the beach. But even so, no one had a tan like that-one that came from years of running around under a midday sun. The simple fact that he had a tan set him so far apart from all the other guys she'd ever met that she couldn't help but be interested.

He was different…unique. He was from a different place, a different life. It was…exciting.

Then there was his smile…she wasn't used to people smiling at her like that. It unnerved her…but in a good way.

Olette couldn't help but feel a little silly about the whole thing. How embarrassing; a sensible girl like herself falling prey to such a cliché female trait-crushing on a foreign guy.

Because, seriously, what girl hasn't fallen for a foreign boy?


But then Sora smiles at her in that wonderful, exotic way, and Olette decides that maybe she's okay with that.


AN: I'm doing this for my own enjoyment, if nothing else. Reviews are appreciated nonetheless.

This is me, owning nothing but the insanity from which this sprung. Although I reiterate, it was 2:00 am when the idea struck me.