Speed Racers

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Part 1-

"Ok, ready?" A girl poised in front of her cart, "You get top half of the list and I get bottom half."

The other girl scoffed, "Don't act like I'm stupid. I'm the one who started this and by the way," she leaned towards the other girl with a cocky smirk, "You're going down."

Gasped, the other girl, gave a mocking laugh, "Right, I'm going to win and you'll have to address me as," she dramatically turned her head to stare into the distance, "Sakura the queen of grocery racing."

Tenten. the first girl, moved to stand by her and peered in the direction where she was looking and nodded understanding, "Your right. Those are some nice cakes over there."

Sakura gave her a glare, "Let's get started so I can derank you."

They got in position.

"Ok," Tenten started, "Ready."

"Get set," Sakura edged forward.

They shouted "GO!" They sped forward, avoiding customers and workers in the race of death.

Tenten was mentally cheering in her head, 'I've got this in the bag! I only need onions, sprinkles, and soy sauce and I win!'

But Sakura wasn't the one to cave in easily. She only had 3 items left too. She quickly dodged a little kid and a mother who yelled not so pleasant words while holding her kid's ears shut.

"Stupid kid," she muttered, "I'm going to win! I'll be queen!"


By some great higher power, when they got their three left items, they were in the same row, next to each other.

Tenten smirked, "You have been a good opponent, but you shall not win against me! Mwahahaha!"

"Don't count your eggs to soon," Sakura easily replied, "Or in this case, your noodles. I'm going to get there first."

The empty aisle was tense. Both waited for the other to make a sign of weakness or to hesistate.

Minutes ticked by as they stood apprehensively. Then suddenly they burst into full speed, cutting and swerving past each other to get to the cash register. Neck to neck the race was almost undecided, but then! A worker popped out of nowhere with a cart full of ice cream.

"EEPPP!!" Sakura tried to break while Tenten was struggling as well, but no avail. They plowed into the cart sending ice cream flying into the sky.

While they tried to assess the situation, Tenten and Sakura could hear the mic above them. "Um…cleanup in aisle 4."


"Well…I've never seen this before," the manager said. He gave them a cold look. Sakura and Tenten tried to appear as innocent as possible (which really wasn't much). Tenten winced when his white eyes shot accurately shot her a look that read, "I know what you did…and you're not getting away that easily."

Tenten gulped and prayed for some mercy while Sakura hoped it wouldn't cost too much to pay for the charges.

The manager, who's somehow similar, threatening aura wrapped around them to slowly choke them, "So," he politely smiled, even though they knew there was a dark menacing behind it, "Could one of you explain what happened?"

Sakura and Tenten gave each other side looks to debate who would face the demon. After a long staring contest, Tenten blink and muttered a curse and turned towards the cold manager, "Ehh, you see that umm…we were shopping and all of a sudden on our way to the register the ice cream cart pulled out of nowhere super speed!" Gesturing wildly to make her point, Tenten pleaded for some help.

All he gave her was a raised eyebrow and a long look of silence. Tenten threw her hands up in pleading, "We didn't mean it! It was purely an accident!"

After a while longer of staring at her, he sighed, "Fine, this time I'll give you a warning," he gave them another dangerous glare, "But next time, I'll have to do something that is rather uncommon, I'll have to ban you from the store."

"Actually," Tenten muttered, "it's not that uncommon." Sakura elbowed her and gave an innocent smile, "Thank you very much. We're very sorry." She got up and dragged a wimpering Tenten up with her, "We'll leave you alone now."

As they turned to leave, the door opened for a girl's head to appear, "Boss, we've got it cleared up."

Tenten brightened, "Hi—" Sakura elbowed her again.

The manager gave Tenten another speculative look, "Do you know each other?" The other girl had pure terror on her face.

Tenten quickly covered up, "NO!" she nervously laughed, "I'm just the social butterfly comfortable with everyone." 'Except you' she thought.

He, again, ignored her bad excuse, "Fine, remember next time. No speeding in the store."

The girls nodded quickly and left.

Once the room was empty, the manager sighed again and rubbed his temples, "I never imagined I'd have to tell anybody that."


Once back to their apartment, Sakura and Tenten finally sighed in relief.

"I can't believe we almost got banned from another grocery store," Sakura exclaimed, "We're lucky they let us pay for the stuff we got."

Tenten looked up from her ice cream, "Yeah, and they let us keep some of the ice cream that wasn't so damaged."

Sakura sweatdropped, "We had to pay for that and all other damaged ice cream."

Tenten shrugged, "Same difference."

"I think we might want to stop grocery racing," Sakura suggested.

Tenten jumped up in protest, "Why!? Without it, shopping is just…" she paused looking for the word.

"Shopping?" Sakura suggested.

"No," Tenten scoffed, "Boring. The thrill of shopping is gone without the race!"

Sakura got up and went to the counter and looked at some receipts and checkbook, "Most of our paychecks go to grocery bills. It's even more than our utilities and rent combined!"

Considering this point, Tenten pondered, "Well, I guess it couldn't hurt to stop," she opened another ice cream bar, "By the way, how many more grocery stores can we shop at?"

Sakura peered the map, "Still counting the one we were at today, 5 in town."

"Soon, we'll have to shop out of town or order online."

Sakura considered that, "It would be easier."

"But we'd have no other reason to go outside," Tenten gave her a long look, "You're miss lazy once you get home and I work from home." She shrugged, "If we shop online, we'll all get fat and die from being all alone."

Sakura rolled her eyes, "Fine, by the way," Sakura pulled out a letter, "The old grouch put in another complain to the landlord about us," she tossed it towards Tenten.

Tenten opened it and read it, "Too noisy!?" she gaped, "We are so not noisy! Stupid bastard," she said the last part in a mutter. She got up to put the letter back, "So what did the landlord say?"

"He really didn't care. He was too busy trying to look down my shirt and up my skirt."

Tenten nodded understandingly, "It's a great risk you do for your home and castle."

"Speaking of home and castle," Sakura brought up, "We need a new lamp." She pointed to the one currently there. It lopsided towards the wall and the cover ripped with a metal bar sticking out.

"It's not that bad," Tenten defended, "You can't toss out Old Lampy!" She went over to mock hug it, "He's feeling offended." Picking up another ice cream bar, she went back to Sakura to give her a puppy dog look, "Please, mommy? Can we keep Old Lampy?"

Sakura punched her on the arm, "Act more mature. Your job is getting to your head."

"I'm a shoujo mangaka!" Tenten exclaimed, "I'm supposed to think like a kid! Not doing that could jeopardize my career."

"Whatever," Sakura replied, having this argument countless number of times before gave up and went to the kitchen to start dinner, "Well be having curry for dinner. That is-" she glanced towards the countless number of wrappers on the ground, "if you still have room for more."

Tenten laughed, "I always have room for more," and tossed the latest wrapper over her shoulder. They paused as they heard a weird creaking in the room.

"What's that?" Tenten wondered looking towards the ceiling, "It doesn't sound like an earthquake."


Then they heard a crash from the other room. Sakura and Tenten ran back into the living room and saw Old Lampy bonding with the wall and the next room.

Sakura gave her an accusing look, "Now do you want a new lamp?" and went to call the land lord

Tenten gave another nervous laugh, "I'll consider it., but what do we do?" She peered at the damage and gestured towards the wall, "The old grouch isn't going to be too happy about it."

"Old grouch?" Tenten heard behind her, and slowly turned around starting to desperately apologize for the second time that day before freezing at the sight of a familiar face.


Sakura turned around concern and froze as well.

On the phone, it could be heard, "Haruno-san? What's going on? Is someone molesting you?...Can I watch!?"

--author's note--

I'm planning on making this a two-shot and this time I'm determined to keep it that way. The last two-shot attempt (Ambitions and Issues) ended up being a full fledged story. But this time it'll be different. I'm going to stick to a two-shot!

So who do you think the old grouch is?

NinjaPower signing out!