Pokemorph's Inc.

Chapter One

We arrive in some room as we see a kid in bed and the lights go out.

"Good night, sweetheart." said the Kid's Mom,

"Good night, Mom." said the Kid,

"Sleep tight, kiddo." said the Kid's Dad

A kid is sleeping in his bed as he looks at the closet to make sure nothing appears. He then reacts to what appears to be a monster. But it turned out to be a sweater. The kid goes to bed as a shadow appears looming over the kid. The kid sees it and screams.

"Whoa!" the monster turns out to be a teenager, who had Blue Hair with Brown streak's, he also had green eye's he was wearing Brown Shorts and a Blue shirt. "Oh! Aye! Oh! Oh!" He starts falling over toys and is reacting in pain as he lands on top of jacks.

"Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated. Simulation terminated," we hear a computer voice.

A wall moves up into the ceiling as we see a studio. We see a woman and other people who appear to be judges.

"All right, Mr. Swamp, is it?" the woman asks.

"Uh... my friends call me Swampert," He corrected her.

"Uh-huh. Mr. Swamp, can you tell me what you did wrong?" the woman asks.

"I fell down?" Swamp shrugged.

"No, no, before that. Can anyone tell me Mr. Swamp's big mistake?" the woman asks. "Anyone?" the woman grunted as pressed a button. "Let's take a look at the tape."

We see a replay of the scene on a TV screen.

"Here we go. Uh, right...puh-puh-puh-puh... Ah! There, see?" she stops the tape and shows Swamp walking into the room with the closet door open. The door. You left it wide open," everyone is awed by what she is talking about. "And leaving the door open is the worst mistake any employee can make because...?"

"Um... it could let in a draft?" Swamp guessed.

"It could let in a child!" a man walks into the studio.

He he had long black hair, blood red eyes, and wearing black weasel armor.

"Oh! Mr. Lucifer!" Everyone gasps.

"There is nothing more toxic or deadly than a human child," Lucifer explained. "A single touch could kill you! Leave a door open and a child could walk right into this factory! Right into the Pokemorph world!"

"I won't go in a kid's room! You can't make me!" said One of the new recruit's

"You're going in there because we need this." said Lucifer as he grabbed a container opened the valve and a terrifing scream was heard, causing everyone to cover their ears

"Our city is counting on you to collect those children's screams. Without scream, we have no power. Yes, it's dangerous work and that's why I need you to be at your best. I need scarers who are confident, tenacious tough, intimidating. I need scarers like...like...Ross D. Heuchan," Lucifer smiled.

We change to a Me sleeping like a dog in a bed I have Purple Hair and Eye's.

"Hey! Good morning, Pokecity," the radio on his nightstand is on. "It's now five after the hour of 7:00 A.M in the big Pokecity. Temperature's a balmy 75 degrees... which is good news for you Snake Pokemorph... and it looks like it's going to be a perfect day."

Standing next to the bed was a creature about the size of a small child, he had pink skin the ear's of a Jigglypuff had Blue Eye's and was wearing Red shoes his name is Kirby.

"…to maybe, hey, just lie in bed, sleep in or simply... work out that flab that's hanging over the bed! Get up, Ross!" Kirby yelled he blows those kinds of horns you blow at a basketball game right in Ross's face.

"WAAHHH!" Ross screamed,

Ross is up all of the sudden and is now doing push ups.

"I don't believe I ordered a wake-up call, Kirby," Ross said.

"Hey! Less talk, more pain, marshmallow boy!" Kirby shouted like an Army commander. "Feel the burn!"

"Marshmallow!? I'm in the fittest of my life!" Ross said.

"Shut up! You call yourself a Pokemorph?" Kirby asked.

Kirby now has Ross running like crazy.

"Scary feet, scary feet, scary feet! Oop! The kid's awake!" Kirby said as Ross falls to the ground. "Okay, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet, scary feet...kid's asleep!" Ross continues running like crazy. "Twins! In a bunk bed!" Kirby ordered as Ross is roaring from top to bottom.

Kirby has a mask of a kid as Ross tries to scare it.

"Ooh! I thought I had you there. Okay, Ross, here we go. You ready?" he asked as Ross nodded. "Follow it. "Oh! It's over here! Oh, look over there!" Ross continues to follow the mask. "Don't let the kid touch you! Don't let it touch you!

Ross is now pushing stuff around with Kirby on top of them.

"I don't know, but it's been said I love scaring kids in bed!" Kirby sang.

Ross is brushing his teeth very fast.

"Come on, fight that plaque! Fight that plaque! Scary people don't have plaque!" Kirby said

Ross is now doing crutches upside down.

"... do you have the power? Do I see power?" Kirby asked as he reacts to what is on TV. "Oh, I don't believe it!"

"I'm not even breaking a sweat," Ross said, thinking Kirby was talking about him.

"Not you! Look! The new commercial's on!" Kirby ran over to get a closer look.

"What?" Ross asked as he falls down.

"The future is bright at Pokemorph, Incorporated," a man's voice is heard on TV.

"I'm in this one! I'm in this one!" Kirby said as he sat in a big chair.

Ross grabs Kirby by the top of his head and moves him to a smaller chair as he sat down the big chair.

"We're part of your life. We power your car. We warm your home. We light your city."

"I'm Pokemorph, Incorporated," we see a woman with blue hair in a blue sundress.

"Hey, look! Marissa!" Ross pointed out.

"Carefully matching every child to their ideal Pokemorph...to produce superior scream refined into clean, dependable energy," the voice continues on. "Every time you turn something on Pokemorph, Incorporated is there."

"I'm Pokemorph, Incorporated!" said another Employee he was wearing a sombrero like a Ludicolo,

"We know the challenge...the window of innocence is shrinking. Human kids are harder to scare," shows a kid all tired watching TV, a caption appears saying, "Not a real child" Now we see Lucifer,

"Of course, P.I. is prepared for the future with the top scarers," said Lucifer, as the TV now shows Ross scaring a kid as Kirby elbows him. "The best refineries and research into new energy techniques."

"Okay, here I come!" Kirby said,

"We're working for a better tomorrow... today!" Ross said on the commercial. The logo appears over Kirby's face.

"We're Pokemorph, Incorporated! We're P. I...Pokemorph, Incorporated," shows the logo up close. "We scare because we care."

Kirby is wide mouthed and is speechless for a second.

"I can't believe it," Kirby squeaked.

"Oh, Kirby..." Ross wanted to comfort him.

"I was on TV!" Kirby cheered. "Did you see me? I'm a natural!" the phone rings and he answers it. "Hello. I know! Hey, wasn't I great? Did the whole family see it? It's your step-sister, Juliet," Kirby said to Ross. "What can I say? The camera loves me."

Ross and Kirby are leaving their home and go on to work.

"I'm telling you, big guy you're going to be seeing this face on TV a lot more often," Kirby bragged.

"Yeah? Like, on PokeCity's Most Wanted?" Ross asked sarcastically.

"You've been jealous of my good looks since the fourth grade, pal," Kirby said. They then passed a pair of Dustox pokemorph's

"Have a good day, sweetie," The Female one said.

"You, too, hon," The Male said.

"Okay, Ross, hop on in," Kirby said walking over to his warp star.

"Nope. Uh-uh. Uh-uh," Ross said as he grabs Kirby.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Where you going? What are you doing?" Kirby asked.

"Kirby, there's a scream shortage. We're walking," Ross announced.

"Walking?!" Kirby gasped.

"Yep." Ross said,

"No, no, no, my baby," Kirby whined.

"Come on. Come on," Ross said.

"Look, she needs to be driven. Bye, baby. I... I'll call you!" Kirby called out to the car. "Hey, genius, you want to know why I use the Warp Star? Huh?"

"Not really," Ross said not caring.

"To fly it! You know, like, in the air? With the Clouds and the fresh air and no walking involved."

"Give it a rest, will you, butterball?" Ross said. "You say that all the time. Come on, you could use the exercise."

"I could use the exercise?!" Kirby asked. "Look at you."

"I'm in a fittest of my life and you're saying I'm fat?" Ross said,

"You have your own climate!" Kirby said as Ross rolled his eyes.

"How many tentacles jump the rope?" They walk by a few kids playing jump rope.

"Morning, Kirby!" one of the kids said,

"Morning, Ross!" said Another Kid,

"Hey! Morning, kids," Ross greeted.

"Hey, kids. How you doing?" Kirby answered.

"Bye, Kirby! Bye, Ross!" the kid looked at them as the kid jump roping loses balance and falls down.

"Hey, hey, hey! Fellas!" an owner of a restaurant a Tangela Pokemorph greets Ross and Kirby.

"Hey, Tony!" Ross greeted him.

"Tony! Ba-da-bing!" Kirby said.

"Tony!" Ross said,

"Hey, Tony!" Kirby said,

"Pow, pow, pow, pow, pow!" Both of them said,

"I hear somebody's close to breaking the all-time scare record," Tony said.

"Ah, just trying to make sure there's enough scream to go around," Ross laughed.

"Hey! On the house!" Tony throws them two apples.

"Hey, thanks!" Ross thanked him.

"Grazie! Ba-da-bing!" Kirby chuckled. as they passed a Muk Pokemorph, he went over a grate causing almost all his sludge to fall away,

"Oh, great," He complained.

"Hey, Stan! Good morning!" Ross waved at a Snorlax Pokemorph.

He walks off.

"See that, Kirby? Stan's walking to work," Ross pointed out.

"Big deal," Kirby rolled his eyes. "Guy takes a few steps, and he's there."

They walk into a huge building with large words saying, "POKEMORPH INC."

"Pokemorph, Inc. Please hold. Pokemorph, Inc. Please hold. Pokemorph, Inc. Please hold." A voice is heard,

"Morning, Ross," one worker greeted Ross.

"Morning, Ricky." Ross said,

"Hey, it's the Heuchster!" said another worker,

"See you on the scare floor, buddy!" Ross greeted all of the workers. "Hey, Marge."

"Hey, how was jury duty?" Kirby asked, another worker,

"Morning, Ross!" Another said,

"Hey!" Ross said as we see a huge amount of Picture's of Ross with Kirby near the Edge of the Picture's for Scarer of the month,

"Hey, it's still leaning to the left."

"It is not!"

Ross and Kirby walked up to two Kids. One was Small, had Brown hair, and was wearing a pink hat and had a huge buck tooth while the other was about the same size except he had a much larger head, he was wearing a red shirt with an atom on it. They were Timmy Turner and Jimmy Neutron.

"Hey, fellas," Ross greeted the two.

"Hey fella's," Jimmy greeted.

"Hey, Mr. Heuchan!" Timmy said.

"Guys, I told you, call me Ross," Ross reminded them.

"I don't think so. We just wanted to wish you good luck today," Jimmy said giving him a thumbs up.

"Hey. Hey, hey, hey, hey!" Kirby walked in. "Come on, get lost, you two. You're making him lose his focus."

"Oh. Sorry," Jimmy's voiced lowered.

"See you later, fellas," Ross said and they left.

"Go get 'em, Mr. Heuchan!" Timmy cheered.

"Quiet! You'll make him lose his focus," Jimmy warned him.

"Oh, no. Sorry!" Timmy panicked.

"Shut up!" Jimmy snapped at him.

We now go to the front desk where we see a girl with Gold blonde with top half tied, light blue eyes, gold hoop earrings, black t-shirt with a black lion head within an orange sun in the middle and the Lion King musical logo, tan skirt with brown leggings, brown belt with lioness head buckle, white socks, and white shoes with gray Nike symbols. This is Alyssalioness94.

"Pokemorph, Inc. Please hold. Pokemorph, Inc. I'll connect you. Mr. Harold is on vacation. Would you like his voice mail?" she said,

Kirby and Ross walked up to the desk.

"Oh, Alyssa," Kirby greeted her all lovingly.

"Hi Kirby!" Alyssa stop to greet Kirby.

"Happy birthday," Kirby said.

"Oh, Kirby, you remembered!" Alyssa was surprised. We see Ross who was a little annoyed by this scene. "Hey, Ross," She greeted him.

"Oh, hey, uh Alyssa," Ross greeted to her as well. "Happy birthday."

"Thanks. So, uh... are we going anywhere special tonight?" Alyssa asks Kirby.

"I just got us into a little place called, um...Louie's Exotic Restaurant."

"Louie's Exotic Restaurant?!" Alyssa gasped. "But it's impossible to get a reservation there!"

"Not for Pink Bear," Kirby said. "I will see you at quitting time and not a minute later."

"Okay, sweetheart," Alyssa answered.

"Think romantical thoughts. You and me, Me and you, Both of us together!" Kirby sang.

We are now in a locker room as Kirby and Ross are getting ready for work.

"You know, pal, she's the one," Kirby smiled. That's it. She is the one!"

"I'm happy for you," Ross rolled his eyes.

"Oh, and, uh, thanks for hooking me up with those reservations," Kirby thanked him.

"Oh, no problem. They're under the name Pink Bear," Ross snickered.

"Oh, good ide..." Kirby stopped. "You know, that wasn't very funny." Just as he said that, his locker door slammed in front of him. "What the...?" He opens it again and it slams again. He is wondering who or what is doing it when a face similiar to Ross except he had white hair came out of nowhere he was wearing a Purple trenchcoat and Black jeans his name is Ozzy.

"KIRBY!" Ozzy yelled scaring the crap out of Kirby. "What do you know? It scares little kids and little Pokemorph's."

"I wasn't scared. I have... allergies," Kirby lied as he started sniffing.

"Uh-huh. Sure." said Ozzy

"Hey, Ozzy, save it for the scare floor, will you?" Ross asked.

"I'm in the zone today, Heuchan. Going to be doing some serious scaring. Putting up some big numbers," Ozzy bragged.

"Wow, Ozzy. That's great," Kirby said sarcastically. "That should make it even more humiliating when we break the record first. Ha, ha!"

"Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Do you hear that?" Ozzy asked him. "It's the winds of change."

Ozzy walks away as Kirby is all grumpy.

"'You hear it? You hear the winds of change'," Kirby repeated in a rude way. "Oh, what a creep. One of these days, I am really...going to let you teach that guy a lesson."