Pokemorph Inc.

Part 10!

As Kirby dashed down the path. Trying to find his friend.

"ROSS!!!" Kirby yelled, as he entered the locker room, he saw Bob and Pete!

"Hey you two seen Ross?" He asked.

"Nope sorry," Pete said.

"Oh ROSS!" Kirby yelled dashing off.

"Boy, Kirby looks like he's in trouble," Pete said opening his locker when all the kid toys Ross stuffed in last night came pouring out!

"(Gasps) 23-19!! We have a 23-19!!" Bob yelled as a swarm of Blacks suddenly appeared.

"On dear!" Pete said as the Black Arms dogpiled him.

"ROSS!!" Kirby yelled again until he saw me, carrying a cube of garbage.

"ROSS! I found us a way out, but we gotta be fast! Where's Hikari?" Kirby asked. As I simply whimpered showing him the cube.

"Ross that's a cube of garbage...uh oh," Kirby said as he saw the fake eye, they had used for Hikari's outfit.

"I can still hear her," I managed to say.

"Kirby!" A voice is heard.

"I can hear it too!" Kirby said.

"How many you got in their?" Kirby asked when he heard three more until they both saw Hikari along with the Three Pokemorph Kids.

"Ross!" Hikari said.

"Hikari!" I said throwing the cube away which landed on Kirby as I ran over and picked her up.

"Phew, don't ever run away from me again, but at least your safe," I said.

"My what an caring father," The Blissey Pokemorph cartaker said.

"Oh no, she's my Cousin's sisters..." I started to say when Kirby walked over.

"Very nice Ross, let's go," Kirby said as the Turtwig Pokemorph walked over.

"Kirby," He said.

"Yeah sure step aside...YOWWHHH!!!!!" Kirby yelled as He got bitten, causing Hikari to giggle again causing all the lights in the hall to short circuit.

"Stop making her laugh!" I said.

"Come on!" Kirby said as the three of them headed off.

(A little later)

"I don't understand you got Hikari's door?" I asked.

"I'll explain later, run!" Kirby said as they got to the scare floor and right there was Hikari's door.

"There it is! Like Ozzy said!" Kirby said causing me to stop!

"Ozzy!?" I said as Hikari suddenly hid under a table!

"1, 2, 3, 4! Get the Kid back through the door, this nightmare is over!" Kirby cheered. As I walked over to Hikari.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Come on Ross, it's time to say bye!" Kirby said.

"What where you thinking!? We can't trust Ozzy, he's after Hikari!" I said.

"Ross, you wanted the door, there it is, let's go!" Kirby said.

"No Kirby!" I said as Kirby sighed.

"Fine you want to see if it's safe fine!" Kirby said as he walked over and opened the door.

"Kirby!" I said.

"Over Paranoid Deoxys!" Kirby said as he showed nothing was inside before jumping on Hikari's bed just as something grabbed him, as I quickly grabbed Hikari and ducked under a table!

"Hmm, time to head to the machine," Ozzy said as he walked out of the door carrying a case, before dumping it on a trolley and sent the door back as he headed for the exit, he suddenly stopped for a second, as I cringed as he became invisible, as I glanced around neither Me or Ozzy noticed we where right next to each other! Until a whistle is heard! Saying Lunch was over as Ozzy quickly dashed back to the trolley and pushed it away, as I glanced at Hikari's door which was gone!

"Come on, we gotta help Kirby," I said picking Hikari up.

(That's Part 10! Next time, Ross and Hikari head after Ozzy and find a secret place in the factory, as they rescue Kirby and try to leave, Ross decides to go a different person,)