Hey, my name is Hunter of the Dark Night, and this is my story. It all started about a moon after this small group of travling cats left...

"Brooke," I called, a wide smirk across my muzzle as I padded up to her. "C'mon, the others are getting a hunting patrol ready. Are you coming?" Poking her shoulder with my paw, I noticed she was seeming a bit down. Was it because of those cats leaving?

"Alright, i'll come..." she had replied. What is wrong with her? She doesn't seem well, or something.

"C'mon, cheer-up Emo-Cat," I said teasingly, padding away before flipping back to add something. "Sharptooth is gone, and we can relax. It's because of that silver-pelted cat, just like Stoneteller had said. Though, I guess you could be sad because of her death..." I added, putting my paw up to the chin of my muzzle.

As she padded over, her head was low. Padding ahead, I could not tell why she was so sad. I mean, seriously. With all that has been done, who could be sad and emo? Shrugging my shoulders slightly, I padded to my sister, Snow at Silver Dawn.

"Oh Snoow, coming hunting with us?" I asked, poking my sister the same way I did with Broke. What could I say? I'm the playful and playful type of tom! It's not like I can control that, I was born like that. Well...then again...I probably could, couldn't I?

"Fine, fine!" she mewed out in a semi-annoyed tone. Jeeze, what's with these people? Being all depressed and mopy. Perhap's it is up to me to cheer them up! Just then...she came...

"Broke just told me you asked if you wanted her to come hunting. It's not right for To-bes to decide when full grown prey hunters should go hunting..." Night of No Stars snarled out. Man, I just wanna claw her eyes out! Being so freaking uptight...Is everyone being like this?

"Aw, c'mon, Night," I said, padding over to her, tail flickinering. Coming infront of her, I said probably the stupidest thing ever to her. "I'm sure Stoneteller will make us full grown Prey-Hunters soon! I mean, seriously. Look at us! We're awsome Prey-Hunter To-be people!"

"You don't make the choices of a healer!" Night snarled, again, out.

"Uh oh, I'm out!" I said, running past Snow. "See ya! Don't want Sharptoung to kill me!" I mewed out with a slight laugh, mockingly. She would possibly make a great Sharptooth if there were to be a new generation. At least, in my eyes she would.

Just as I did so, though, I noticed something...

Stoneteller was heading to the top of the waterfall.

My eyes lit up as I looked back at Snow. We were the oldest To-Bes, so I was thinking that this might be the time. I mean, Stoneteller never comes out of his den other wise! Stopping in my tracks, I turned quickly to look up at Stoneteller, watching him.

"All cats of the Tribe, please come outside of the cave. I would like to make an anouncement."

As I padded outside, I mewed happily, knowing exactly what he was going to say. Wait, this could be just stupid anouncement about Sharptooth, again...

"There have been two cats that have been To-bes for too long. I shall now grant them their ranks as Prey-hunters. Snow of Silver Dawn, Skies of Endless Hunting, please come before the Tribe."

'Alright! My time to shine!' I thought, padding up along with my sister proudly. As we padded along together, so did our Mentors. Death of Flying Bird and Star against Bright Skies. As the came along, I stayed with my mentor, Star, and Snow with Death, her mentor.

"Sky, Snow. You have been To-bes for long enough. Now, it is time for you two to become Prey Hunters," he started in a mew. Looking at me, he nodded. "Sky, your new name shall be Hunter of the Dark Night." he stated simply before looking to my sister. "And you, Snow, shall be named Snow against Silver Sky."

Wow...My name changed a lot where my sister's barely changed...The only things that changed were the 'Of' and 'Dawn' part. Anyway. After recieving my name, I just nodded, not knowing what to say exactly where my sister said at least something.

"I'll serve the tribe with my life." she mewed out, bowing her head the same way as I did.

Seeing that all cats eyes were on me, I nodded. "Same as I." I mewed out in responce, feeling a tad bit stupid that I had not said so earlier. Raising my head back up, I looked up at Stoneteller. "And if another Sharptooth comes, I will fight to my death." Though, after I spoke, I felt idiotic, again. I looked around, hoping I had not scared anyone out of their fur. Seeing that I barely had, I smirked and looked up at Stoneteller, who just seemed to chuckle.

"Very well, Hunter," he mewed before looking at the both of us. Us meaning Snow and me. "You two shall sleep well tonight in the Prey-Hunter's den."

As Stoneteller padded back down and everyone went back into the cave, I just stood there, thinking. I'm a full grown Prey-Hunter now, right? What should be the first thing I should do? Wait, what am I thinking? Of course I have something I should do!


Just then, I woke up from my sleep thinking 'Damn it all, all a dream once more.' Though, something was not right. I was in the Prey-hunter's den. Snow was here, too, but she was farther down the den then I. Getting up, I streached out my for legs and paws, a yawn emitting from me. Padding out, I sat in my favorite spot in the cave before starting to groom myself.

"Hey, Hunt!"

That was a new name to me, but it was slightly in my dream. I decided to ignore it, thinking it was none of my buisness. That is, I thought it was until my friend, Moon, a full grown cave gaurd, came up to me saying that name again.

"Hunter, what's with you? Were you just ignoring me or something?" he asked, poking me with his paw. "Or is it that you just forgot your own name?" he added, sitting down beside me.

Wait, hold it. It wasn't a dream? Hah!

"Ah, I guess I just forgot my name. So used to being called Skies, not Hunter." I replied after finishing with my grooming. Sitting up, I looked at him. "But, y'know...I didn't think that I was a full grown prey-hunter yet...I thought earlier was just all a dream..."

"Ah, don't worry about it. You're not dreaming now and you were not dreaming earlier. Want me to prove it?" Moon said with a wide smirk across his muzzle, the kind of smirk that I would want to just paw right off because of how much it annoys me. Though, seeing my friend giving my smirk gave me a different feeling. It didn't annoy me, for once.

Looking up, I saw Stoneteller heading back up to the top of the waterfall. Another anouncement? Correct. This time it was a prophecy. Once I heard him speak it, after getting outside of course, I was a tad bit surprised. Those cats a moon or so before are coming back but with friends? Could that be good? Or could that be bad? Oh well, guess I'm just gonna have to wait.