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Chapter 4: Sweetest Dream

Ino let her feet dangle and swung around for a bit. Maybe Suigetsu would come back, she sighed, being captive for long hours sucked. Okay, granted they had only had her for about... 3 hours? And then the time she was knocked out could have been... Well shit. She had no idea. Groaning, she wished her father had taught her the basics of the telepathy before he'd, you know, left her to die.

Grumbling to herself she stared at the kunai that Suigetsu had left on the floor. There was no way in hell she could use the highest levels of telekinesis in her chakra-less state and without further training. She would probably end up killing herself instead of hitting the chains. Bloody hell... What if she did die here?

Pausing in her swinging she cursed. Okay, when she got back to base she was going to be honest with Shisui and maybe one day she'd be honest with Sasuke and Itachi. She had a feeling the latter of the two knew, but whatever. It just proved she was faster than Itachi, but you don't brag about killing clan members, especially to vengeance ridden, angsty snots (Sasuke). Especially not when you're working for another government.

Damn. She missed Reno.

Every night I rest in my bed
With hopes that maybe I'll get a chance to see you
When I close my eyes

Reno scowled. He's gone for a couple days and these shits can't take care of his charge. He needed to get her back so she could explain why there was tension everywhere. He was scared to ask anyone else lest it blow up. He did not quite understand what was the entire plan, what with Ibiki using Konoha-ninja jargon, but he did understand what, "sit in the car and be quiet" meant.

He watched the monitors and saw something that made him do a double take. There was a pink-haired woman with a blond and a grey-haired man. He got on the radio and sent a message describing the characteristics to Ibiki and Neji.

They groaned, "Pull back, pull back! Ino doesn't want us fighting them or being involved with them. They've been hounding her for months. Hold positions. We'll wait 'til they leave to resume."

In monitor 1, Kujaku sat quietly at the coffee shop in the lobby level of Uchiwa Inc. In monitor 2, Kimimaro and Neji were still sitting on the bench reading the newspaper. And finally in monitor 3 there was Nadare patiently waiting in a car.

Ino would have to wait. Revealing all the members of their little team could cost them dearly. Ino understood that and she was looking to take down the largest company in history with one fell swoop. Reno fidgeted as he remembered Ino's plan.

"We're going to take their proxies and fucking kick ass with them. Uchiwa Inc was founded by Itachi, but his family and several large investors put money into it. As soon as we gain their proxies, he's done."

He shook his head, he was supposed to be protecting her.

Ibiki spoke up from behind him, "right now you're protecting her interests. Don't worry about it."

It can be a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare
Somebody pinch me

Itachi pinched the bridge of his nose. Hinata had taken yesterday off to work at home and only his insipid brother remained with his ridiculously unnecessary team. Speaking of them, they had been gone for a while now. He would have to go look for them. Now, one of the HR people came up looking frazzled.

"Uchiha-sama, Haruno Sakura and Hatake Kakashi are requesting an audience," she bowed low and trembled.

This was definitely not his day. Hinata still was not in the office even though she was always in before him. Maybe working with Sasuke and his team was getting to her. He would have to speak to her about changing the arrangements.

"Let them in," he said.

Three people came through the large double doors and one of his many secretaries brought in an extra chair for the third person. Another one brought in a selection of teas and biscuits for them.

Haruno Sakura was the one he had Ino slight in this ordeal. It was her idea from the beginning, but clearly those two were out there to get him. The enemy of thy enemy is thy friend. He had forgotten about that.

"Itachi," she grinned, "I hope you don't mind, but I've decided to warn you." Sakura helped herself to a biscuit and offered the tray to Naruto who gladly bit into the sweets. Kakashi chose not to eat as he still wore his mask.

To his credit, Itachi looked unimpressed, "really now?"

"Yes, I'm going to destroy your brother. I don't care about you so much as I'm sure Ino will take care of you. I'm warning you now to not get caught in what I'm going to do to him," Sakura glared at the stoic man.

"I won't interfere, Haruno," he said emotionlessly, "my brother's affairs are not my own."

"Good," Sakura grinned, "now, this is Uzumaki Naruto. I'm sure you've heard of him." Again, Itachi did not look surprised but he was mildly shocked that the brat had grown. He thought someone was supposed to be checking up on these things. What the fuck were Sasuke's team doing that had them so occupied? Fuck. Ino did it better.

Either way I don't wanna wake up from you

Ino sighed. She probably could escape, but she did not know where she was and she had not been working at Uchiwa long enough to discover all the backrooms. Damn it. Perking up, she winced as there was a yell. She recognized that voice and her eyes widened.

"I knew it! I'm telling Itachi-sama" stated the voice that Ino loved so dearly.

"Spoken like a true bitch," growled the other voice. Ino knew that was Karin, no doubt.

Suddenly it went quiet and Hinata hurried through the doorway. She took one look at Ino and gasped. "Ino! W-what did they do to you?" Quickly, the Hyuuga heiress unlocked the chains and pulled Ino free.

"Let's go upstairs, I have to tell Itachi-sama about this," the purple haired woman stated. Ino wondered how she was going to get out of this one. She couldn't beat the Hyuuga, that was rude, and she was not exactly in any state to see Itachi right now.

Hinata tugged her into a service elevator and Ino decided that maybe it was best to go meet her maker. Looking down at herself she sighed, "do you have a change of clothes, by any chance?"

"Yes, your clothes are still in your locker in the shower room," the woman stared at her shyly and Ino grinned. Hinata led her into the shower room and she got into one of the stalls and removed her clothing and threw it into the trash can. Careful not to reopen her wound, Suigetsu sucked at healing, Ino let the dirt wash away and the tensions roll off.

She came out and changed into an old outfit, an Armani skirt-suit with a white and blue-striped Oxford shirt. Grumbling to herself, Ino dried her hair so it was only slightly damp.

Hinata led her over to the elevator and Ino wondered what exactly she had done in order for this to happen to her. Both women got out of the elevator and went to Hinata's desk first. The white-eyed woman glared at Ino and pointed to her chair. "I'm going to check in on Itachi. You sit right here."

Ino wondered when she had gotten so pushy. Dropping the matter, she waited patiently and wondered if she could escape out the window before Hinata got back. Nah, that was too risky; too many people to see her fall out of the 50th story window.

Coming back into the room Hinata hissed at her, "get down." Ino slipped under the desk and behind the metal filing cabinet. She heard three distinct voices and footfalls walk passed the station.

She knew those three voices. They were Sakura, Kakashi, and that blond they were with. Ino sighed and kept herself out of sight. Hinata strolled back into view and dragged her into Itachi's office. Aw hell...

"Itachi-sama, I found Ino-chan in the basement, locked up," Hinata bowed and looked up at Itachi, "I believe Sasuke is at fault."

Itachi stared at the blond vision before him. Smirking, he nodded to Hinata, "go find Sasuke, I want to see him and his band of fools."

Ino's eyes widened as she realized that meant being alone with Itachi. Eyes darting she tried not to show her nervousness to anyone. It was plain to her that she might not be getting out alive. Hell, she did not even want to see the show between Itachi and Sasuke – no matter how entertaining.

"Hai, Itachi-sama," Hinata left and Ino stood rigidly by the door.

Itachi's eyes bled red and she kept her eyes trained on his nose. She wasn't falling for that one. Nuh uh.

"Ino, come here," he said in a patient voice. Itachi scared the shit out of her, but this wasn't exactly a time to be timid. Forcing herself to walk over to him she wondered if she could just melt onto the floor, like Suigetsu, and swim away.

"What did Sasuke do to you?" Itachi looked her over; she looked mostly alright, although tired.

"He attempted to slash my face with a kunai and he stabbed my shoulder," she pointed to her shoulder, "with it. Suigetsu removed it an hour later and he's not very good with medical jutsu. I have yet to look at it myself." Ino felt like it was déjà vu. She was still giving mission reports, the familiarity sickened her. She needed to get the hell out of there.

"I see," he murmured and there was silence. Itachi stood and walked around from behind his desk. Ino stood her ground and avoided his gaze.

"Now, Ino, look at me," his voice hardened and she shifted uncomfortably before turning to look at him straight on in the eye. The sharingan had left his eyes and she felt a wave of relief surge through her.

"You've been a bad girl, koi," Itachi purred, "you thought you could leave Uchiwa? You're mine, little girl. I taught you everything you know about the way our world works. You're no longer just a ninja to be used because of me. You now understand the business we work in. I think you should be thanking me, not running around behind my back."

If there was ever a time Ino needed an answer, it would be now.

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