-Foreign Exchange Fiasco-

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Warning: This is a repost of an older story I wrote to cheer myself up after reading one too many angst-filled, tear-jerker Sailor Moon stories. So fair warning: this is not Masterpiece Theater; it is an incredibly silly story, more along the lines of a Mad Magazine spoof than anything else. Enjoy.


The six friends and fellow Senshi sat around the table drinking sodas and eating the pizza in front of them. Hotaru's fifteenth birthday party was a big event, but unfortunately while both her mamas and her

Haruka-papa were there, most of the Inner Senshi had prior engagements.

That didn't stop the birthday girl from having just as much fun with only Usagi and Ami around, however. While Usagi was great for comic relief, Hotaru found she liked spending time with Ami for different reasons. She was also shy, and had to be coaxed a bit to open up, just like her.

After the day at the park, they'd come here to unwind. Over dinner, Ami had talked about the foreign exchange student from America she and her mother had played host to. She laughed as she talked about the cultural differences, the hard time communicating at first, and the tearful goodbyes at the airport. Setsuna spoke up.

"Wow, it sounds like you and your mom had a wonderful time." she said wistfully. Ami smiled.

"We did. We still keep in touch with her too via e-mail. I think we were both enriched by the experience."

"You know," Michiru chimed in, "We have a pretty big place, and..."

"Whoa, wait just one minute." Haruka interrupted, "If you're thinking of..."

"Well, why not?" her aqua-haired partner asked.

"Why not? Haven't you ever heard what kind of people come from America?"

"Haruka!" Ami cried, "That's hardly fair, not all Americans are rude or obnoxious. That's just a stereotype."

"Yeah papa." Hotaru put in. Haruka raised her eyebrow at her daughter.

"Et tu firefly?" she asked.

"Haruka, please." Setsuna said, "They would never send a rude gaijin. Besides, think of all we could share; the music you and Michiru make, our wonderful friends," she said, indicating Ami and Usagi, "And the warmth we share as a family."

Usagi nodded her head, "Haruka, you have a loving, wonderful family. Just sitting across from you, I can feel how much you all care deeply for one another. This would give you all a chance to share that with a new friend or two from the states."

"Yeah, Haruka-papa, it'll be fun. Pleeease?" Hotaru asked, giving Haruka Tenoh "The Look." She was almost certain her adopted daughter learned it from observing her Michiru-mama.

"(sigh) Very well, we'll look into it tomorrow. But no promises." she admonished as all the others at the table cheered her decision.


It was a tense meeting in the teacher's lounge at Highland High. All the teachers looked around conspiratorially as they waited for Principle McVicker to arrive. Finally, he opened the door and entered.

"Uuuh... Uuuh... I called you all in here today because of those two bastards!" he said, shaking all over as he talked. "Uuuh... I think I've got a way to get rid of Beavis and B-B-B-Buthead for good."

"Mui bien." the Spanish teacher said with a smile.

"If you'd just let me kill them back when I first offered..." Mr. Buzzcut put in.

"Violence is not the answer." Mr. Van Driessen said defensively.

"SHUT UP!" McVicker yelled. "Uuuh... Uuuh... Now listen; the school board wants us to recommend two students for a foreign exchange program over in Japan.

"What?" Van Driessen asked in bewilderment, "Beavis and Butthead?"

"No way!" Mr. Buzzcut said, "Those two idiots can barely speak English, let alone be capable of learning Japanese. Besides, they'd never go. They don't serve nachos in Japan."

"Uuuh... I already thought of that, uuuh..." he said with a smile.

Two hours later, the delinquents in question found themselves in a room filled with anime tapes, violent tentacle porn mangas, Godzilla movies and posters of hot Asian girls. On the TV in front of them, a crazed samurai was slicing someone's arm off as his young son watched on from a baby cart.

"Whoah." Butthead uttered. "Did you see that?"

"Yeah, yeah! Blood!" Beavis answered.

Uuuh... Uuuh... You see? Uuuh... Isn't Japan the coolest place ever?"

"Yeah." Butthead agreed, "They got samurais that flip out and kill people, and chicks with big boobs."

"Yeah, yeah. He He, and giant monsters that breathe fire! Fire! Fire!"

"Uuuh... How would you boys like to go there?"

"Whoa, really?" Bevis asked excitedly.

"We're there, dude." Butthead joined in.

--Two Weeks Later--

Michiru and Setsuna stood restlessly by the gate at the airport waiting for their visitors to arrive. While they had the school photos provided them to recognize their two new charges, they also held up signs with their names on them.

Setsuna noted the look of concern on Michiru's lovely face and put an understanding hand on her shoulder.

"Anxious?" she asked. The woman with the aqua locks nodded.

"I wish Haruka was here as well." she confided.

"I know, but you know that she has to race today to qualify for the championships."

"Of course I know, I... Oh look, they're letting the passengers off." she said excitedly.

A large group of men, women and children got off the plane, before two very irate stewardesses came off, each carrying someone in a headlock. They then tossed the two to the floor, and went back on the plane. Setsuna and Michiru looked again at the photos, then back at the two delinquents in front of them, and sweat dropped. They both slowly walked over.

"Uh, hey Beavis, check out those two chicks." Butthead said, just before noticing the signs. "Uh... Words... Uh..."

"Beavis-san?" Setsuna asked, looking at the blond who was getting up off the floor. His eyes immediately bulged out.

"Whoa, dude she wants me!" Beavis exclaimed as he looked excitedly at the woman in the short skirt before him with the long dark green hair "Boi-oi-oi-oing!" Butthead was looking at the other one, the girl with the wavy aqua hair.

"Uh... Hey baby." he said, smiling at her, "Come to Butthead."

-To Be Continued-