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It was a beautiful dress, really it was. Did it have to be so dense, and air tight? On the hottest day of the year, even if there was a breeze it wouldn't get through this fabric.

"I'm going to pass out if this doesn't end soon." Hermione thought to herself.

The wedding went on, as weddings do. "My legs are in their own personal Sauna! How much longer would it be? I really should be paying attention. This is a happy day! I'll endure the dress, for one person and one person only."

The minister proceeded to lead the vows.

"Almost there." Hermione thought. "Fred looks so handsome in his robes. Course Fred looks good in anything."

"May I have the rings?" the minister said bringing Hermione back into focus. Getting the ring ready and passing it off the minister continued.

Hermione continued looking into Fred's eyes as he too was looking into hers.

Fred's POV

"This day has finally come, there's only been non-stop talk of it from the start. Oh look, mum's crying again." Fred was thinking to himself. "It's such a hot day. Hehehe, but I'm wearing absolutely nothing under my robes. Hermione'd kill me if she knew. She looks amazing. Bet that dress isn't very cool though. She looks a little uncomfortable, we're almost near the end love. Hold on a little longer."

Fred turned his attention to the minister who was about to lead the vows.

"Good time to tune in Freddy boy. Don't want to say you missed the big moment." He chuckled to himself.

"3,2,1" Molly burst into tears anew. "Like clockwork" Fred thought with a smile.

"May I have the rings?" the minister asked.

Handing off the ring towards the minister Fred watched as a protective spell was placed on them.

Turning to look at Hermione he listened while the Minister explained.

"This spell will prevent these rings from ever tarnishing, being terribly lost, broken or stolen. Like wise they will prevent the marriage from tarnishing, being terribly lost, broken or stolen. The spell will be broken if you forget to love each other, care for each other and always stand alongside your partner. In other words, a small blessing that you must cherish to keep. As with many things once you ignore its importance, that as well will face with time. So these rings will be a reminder to you, cherish your marriage and it will withstand even the test of time."

"I love you" Fred mouthed to Hermione. A smile and a blush appeared as she replied the same silently.

The rings were exchanged and a warm glow enveloped the entire room.

"You may now kiss the bride!" The minister said with joy.

The room rose into a cheer as the couple kissed sealing their vows and celebrating their marriage.

"I now present to you!" the minister announced, "Mr. and Mrs. Jordan!"

The couple left down the aisle followed by their wedding party in the pairs they arrived in.

Hermione took Fred's arm and one they were back in the waiting area said "Our wedding will not be that long. It was lovely but, no. "

Fred laughed "Don't worry love, it won't be. Remember, you have control over everything in that one. Lets get back with the group."

Meeting up with the rest of the wedding party and the new couple Hermione stomped up to Ginny.

"Ginny Jordan, you owe me big time. For you and only you would I suffer this dress." She said.

"What?" Ginny laughed, "You said you loved that dress."

"That was in the winter, when it wasn't 30 degrees inside and out!" Hermione exclaimed holding up the thick fabric.

"Oh no!" Ginny laughed even harder. "I'm sorry Hermione, but on the other hand. I'm surprised you didn't notice that detail yourself. You yourself was reminding me of that when we were shopping for my own dress."

"Yes that's true," Hermione also laughed. "I think I was a little more concerned with finding something we both could agree on."

"Ladies," Fred said behind them with his arm in Lee's. "I do believe we have a reception to go to."

"Yes we do!" Lee said in a mock huff "Every one will be impatient to see me on my big day!"

The girls laughed returned with their rightful partners and left to the reception area for a night of fun.

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