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Chapter 1

Yugi's Dream




Suddenly, out of the oblivion, the figure of a young man appeared.

As he walked on, his face became clearer, revealing angular amethyst-colored eyes, spiky, multicolored hair, and a bold, confident expression.


The Egyptian pharaoh, Atem, had once sealed his soul inside the mystical Millennium Puzzle for five thousand years to save the world from the dark forces which threatened to destroy it.

Five thousand years later, when fifteen-year-old Yugi Mutou finally reconstructed the Puzzle, he released the spirit of the king from his golden prison. From then on, his life was forever changed.

Unfortunately, Atem had lost almost all of his memories, including the memory of his own name. Nevertheless, Yugi and his three best friends—Joseph (Joey) Wheeler, Tea Gardener, and Tristan Taylor—fought valiantly alongside him to save the world from the ancient evil forces. In doing so, they also helped him regain his knowledge of the past.

However, one to two years later, there came a day when their spirit friend had to leave them—forever. Yugi had won the ceremonial duel between himself and Atem; his victory had allowed the Pharaoh to move on and assume his rightful place in the Afterlife.

Atem's departure had been a depressing event for Yugi and his friends, but nevertheless, it had been necessary. The pharaoh, as much as he loved his new friends, needed to move on. He didn't belong in this world, but the next…

The Pharaoh was not alone---two more figures drifted out of the darkness behind him. The first of the two, clad in his usual deep violet armor and wielding his magician's staff, was the Dark Magician.

Following him was the Dark Magician Girl, dressed in her usual blue-and-pink uniform. She clutched her short blue staff tightly in her right hand, but her usual cheerful and confident expression was replaced by one of tension... almost... fear.

No, it was wrong---the Dark Magician Girl shouldn't frown.

The Pharaoh and the Dark Magician both looked at her, their eyes full of concern, but she avoided their gaze and began to drift away.

The Dark Magician's expression became stunned and confused, while the Pharaoh's became downright alarmed! His striking violet eyes widened, and his mouth opened in shock!

Atem reached toward Dark Magician Girl, but she did not take his outstretched hand.

Instead, she left it dangling in the air, empty.

She merely cast a mournful glance in their direction, and continued gliding away… farther and farther… until she completely faded from sight.

Atem fell to his knees, still wide-eyed with shock, clutching his chest, while a horrified Dark Magician knelt beside him. Slowly, both faded into the darkness.

There was a smooth whirl of purple and black color before the scene subsided into blackness. Suddenly, an angry shriek pierced the crushing silence!

"NO! NEVER!" shouted an oddly familiar female voice. Out of the pressing blackness stormed an irate Mana, her dark emerald eyes flashing! She held a staff similar to that of that of the Dark Magician Girl's, only she now brandished it threateningly at an unknown figure in the distance.

A low, menacing chuckle echoed throughout the darkness. Gradually, the figure was revealed as Bakura, the King of Thieves!

He strode towards the cold and furious girl with a cruel smirk on his face. His lips moved, but no sound escaped them. Mana seemed to understand him, though, for the expression on her face changed from hostile to confused.

He continued to speak, but only she could hear his words. Her mouth turned down into a frown; tears formed in her eyes.

The tomb robber continued to speak, his expression becoming more malevolent and terrifying by the second. He slid his dagger smoothly out of its sheath and skillfully twirled it between his fingers.

Finally, Yami Bakura threw back his head, laughing triumphantly, while Mana sank to her knees, hands on the ground.

The magician girl began to cry bitterly as the Thief King strode back into the darkness…

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