A week later, Luna finally found time to think about what had happened. Luna stayed up late that night, trying to determine what possessed her to give up those chocolates... was it sympathy, genuine gratitude or something else? She glanced over her shoulder at Nyx's door, maybe it was genuine gratitude and a bit of something else. Not the something else Nyx felt for Jon, Luna was not the type of girl who swoons over the first guy who was able to block her kicks and punches. She was not.

Shaking the thought of such a thing out of her head she sighed, Long weekend starts tomorrow, should be fun! I just hope Dad doesn't start at us for getting ourselves banned from the Start of year Dance.

On Friday morning, and Kiran and Nyx woke to find a traumatised Luna on the sofa. Luna hadn't been able to feel tired in the slightest so had sat contemplating on the particular day's events, and slowly but surely a shocking conclusion had came to her. She was the type of girl she never wanted to be. She was practically on the same level as a stereotypical princess; she was a girl who could fall hard for Mr Tall, Dark and Heroic.

Nyx was concerned, she had never seen the bubbly girl so blank and removed. Kiran knew that Luna would only be in such a state because of three, maybe four things; Her parents had arranged her marriage, she was wearing pink clothing, something was wrong with her family or a boy like no other. Andiamondia had called the day before, so her family was fine. There wasn't any pink whatsoever in the dorm, and Andiamondia was completely against arranged marriages. So that left a boy, AKA Nick of the damn good right hook.

"Aww." Kiran cooed. "It's true, Amantes sunt amentes!"

Luna snapped out of her trance to stare at her friend. "Beg your pardon?"

"Lovers are lunatics!" Kiran smiled. "Or is it Luna is a lover?"

Luna spluttered. "What?"

Kiran patted her shoulder. "My dear princess, do not fear. Nick is a flirt, gets crappy theory grades, and is known to appreciate the finer things in life, like beer. Your father would be horrified if you two dated."

Luna relaxed slightly. "But I don't like boys!"

Kiran sighed. "Luna, you have two options. One is that you grow up, settle down with someone like Nick and become well known as an eccentric couple. The other is stay alone and single for the rest of your life, and become known as the Princess who ended her line because 'she didn't like boys'."

"It's not a crime to like a boy Luna. Maybe you just didn't meet anyone worth your feelings before." Nyx suggested. "I mean, Jon isn't really your type, he's too nice. Nick is an asshole, so you two get on great!"

Luna scowled. "Are you saying something about my people skills?"

"Is there anything to be said?" Nyx countered.

Luna fell silent.

"Come on, we've got a magi-transport to catch." Kiran said, hiding her grin from Luna.

Luna didn't say anything as she grabbed her suitcase. She didn't say anything as they walked through Alfea, or through Magix. She remained silent as they stood in line for the transport, and then through the twenty-minute car-ride it took to get to her house. She only spoke when Andiamondia greeted them eagerly (surprising Nyx, who had braced herself for someone like her own mother), and even then it was a simple 'Hello'. Not a 'hey', a 'what's happenin', a 'yo!', or anything casual. Just 'hello', and then she fell silent once more.

Andiamondia looked at her daughter worriedly, before turning to the other two girls.

"What's wrong with her?" She asked, fearfully.

Luna didn't appear to notice the question. The last time Andy had asked that question, to Luna's face, Luna had grinned evilly and said,

"I'm pregnant!"

Something was very, very wrong.

"Male trouble." Nyx offered.

"Boy trouble." Kiran corrected, half-heartedly.

Nyx scrunched up her nose in confusion. "But what if he is too old to be a boy?"

"Then you say 'man trouble'." Kiran informed her.

Nyx nodded, understanding this. A boy was a young male; a man was an older one. All of a sudden, a very important question popped into her head. "How do you tell the difference?"

Kiran froze, and looked at Andy for help. Andy shrugged helplessly, not understanding what was going on. Luna was so vague in the only phone call home she had made so far. The long weekend hadn't been part of the school curriculum, it was caused because a spell went horribly wrong and froze half the school. They needed time and space to get the temperature back to normal, so everyone below senior year was sent home. Luna had called to say that she and two others would be visiting for the weekend, and not much else.

Surprisingly, the answer came from Luna herself.

"You don't. It depends on you, and how long you and the guy have been going out. If you feel comfortable with him, and you're in a long-term relationship, he's a man. If not, he's a boy. That's the difference between man trouble and boy trouble. I have boy trouble." Luna froze as her words seemed to echo ominously. "I have... boy trouble? As in, interest in a boy?" Luna's brain just couldn't handle this new information. "I HAVE BOY TROUBLE?!?!?!?"

In his office, the King of the Moon heard his daughter's voice. He promptly choked on his coffee after discerning what she had actually said, and ordered the royal guards to search the files of any boy Luna might have had contact with.

Meanwhile on Earth, Luna had fainted, causing Kiran and Andiamondia to burst out laughing.


Kiran sat up groggily. "Luna?" She questioned.

The other girl looked up from the damages bill. "Yes Kiran?"

"Why didn't you pass out?" Kiran asked. She refused to use a word as weak as 'faint'.

"Why should I have?" Luna smirked at her fallen friend.

Andiamondia came in at this point. "Kiran sweetheart, what are you doing on the floor?"

Kiran scowled as Luna snickered and told Andy that 'sweet little Kira fainted!'

"Why?" Andy asked, warily. You can't raise a girl like Luna and not gain a sixth sense about the things you really, really don't want to know.

"The same reason you should have!" Kiran snapped at Luna.

Luna smirked. "I don't faint."

Andiamondia looked over Luna's shoulder, and saw the total amount of money owed to various persons. She lost her grip on consciousness.


Nyx, not knowing what was so funny, went to check that her friend was alright. After she had made sure that Luna hadn't injured herself in her fall, she grabbed Luna's bag.

"Where are we staying?" Nyx asked, forcing Andy to calm down long enough to lead the black-clad girl to her new room. They had far too many guestrooms on the same floor as Luna's, and funnily enough no one ever wanted to stay on that floor, despite the fact it had the best views.

The way Nyx's eyes had widened as she realised she got her own room, and a fairly large room at that, made Andy's heart clench. She was glad that the King and Queen of Sirius Fourth considered the Moon Kingdom beneath them, despite it having a much better economy and reputation, otherwise she would have smashed in their faces the next time she saw them. Luna had to get her attitude from somewhere after all, and it clearly wasn't Kendric.

"Thank you so much." Nyx breathed, pale eyes wide in astonishment. "I don't know how to thank you... Are you sure this is my room?"

The urge to hunt down Nyx's parents and beat them into submission increased. However, Andy just smiled and stroked Nyx's hair. "Of course it is sweetheart. It'll be here whenever you want it, and you'll always be welcomed here."

Nyx smiled weakly, not believing Andy. After all, who would want a worthless princess in their home?

Andy frowned. "You're not worthless. Who told you that?"

Nyx stumbled in shock. "How... How'd you know that?"

"Oops." Andy blushed, her anger fading slightly. Not that Nyx could tell she was angry, Andy had learned to hide her emotions from nosy journalists and politicians. "I guess Luna didn't tell you that I'm a witch-turned-fairy, did she?"

Nyx blinked. "Is that even possible?"

"It depends on your determination. You slip up once you've turned, and you're back to the way you were." Andy explained, noticing Nyx's almost professional subject change. That was something she'd learnt to look out for very quickly with Kendric.

"Is it possible to do the opposite, and go from fairy to witch?" Nyx asked, almost desperately.

"It depends how you use your powers. It's all very well to use magic to defend yourself, even others, or a realm. But the difference lies in the everyday things. Fairies use their magic as little as possible outside training, unless it's to help them. Witches usually use magic to hurt others." Andy informed her. "That's why I turned. It wasn't easy, being the only witch at Senkyou. That's the fairy school in Caledoni by the way. I didn't manage to turn until I'd graduated, those girls were just so annoying that I caused them the maximum amount of pain I could."

Nyx swallowed. "Do you miss anything about being a witch?"

"Sometimes." Andy sighed. "I miss the solitude, being allowed to do your own thing but always knowing that your sister witches had your back if it blew up in your face in front of fairies or heroes. I miss being able to get revenge on someone who had wronged me. I don't miss the bitchiness. I definitely don't miss the back-stabbings, or the prejudice against us. And most of all, I don't miss the fact that witches never had friends, and if they did they were considered soft. People you hung out with were cool, friends weren't."

Nyx stored that in her mind. "How did you get through Senkyou? Fairies are more prejudiced against witches than anyone else I've ever met!" Not that I've actually met a lot of people. But mother is a fairy, so she counts.

Andy smiled. "There was a girl a few years older than me, a student teacher. She became a queen a while ago, had a family and everything. Miriam, Queen of Sparx. She was a very powerful fairy, before..." Andy shook herself slightly. "Never mind me; I should go see whether Luna has woken up yet or not. I'll see you later Nyx."

Andy went out to the front door to find Luna sitting up, fiddling about with her phone.

"Luna, whatever happened to the whole 'I don't faint' thing?" She teased.

Luna scowled. "Shouldn't you be on the Moon, fooling around with the old man?"

Andy smirked, and decided that one could not go unpunished. "Luna, I know you're feeling sour but there is no need for that!"

Luna jumped up and walked away from Andy, her phone against her ear.

"Hey, baby! I need you to do me this massive favour... No, I did not!… Jon that's not fair. If you do that then I'm gonna enlarge the picture of you in the bath when you were little, make hundreds of copies and put them up all round Red Fountain! This is serious!...Yes, but...No!!!...It was a waste of time calling you, you do know that!"

Andy was used to hearing these melodramatics that Luna called phone conversations, but in all her years of being Luna's mother, she had never known of one with Jon that ended so abruptly without Luna ever telling him what it was she wanted. Andy was unnerved and so told the entire house that something was up and to stay vigilant. Luna acting strangely was nearly always dangerous to the general health of those nearby.

Meanwhile on the Moon, Kendric was surveying a list of possible males that Luna could have come into contact with, mainly Red Fountain students. A few interesting profiles were found through the large archive. Jon was now a squire for Prince Len of Sirius Forth, Luna was bound to have run into them at one point. If you were to put Jon and Luna on opposite sides of a planet, they would manage to run into each other. However, they were like annoying brother and diabolical sister, so Jon couldn't be it.

Len was a possibility, but then again, he would be happy with the match. Luna would rather cut off her hair than court a boy he approved of.

The final, definite suspect, was Prince Len's other squire, a boy called Nick, he was what Kendric presumed the type of guy Luna would willingly go out with. His school report showed that he was skilled in unarmed combat and had a natural talent for Levi bike racing, and his delinquency had landed him in detention several times. Three times in three weeks, and he knew that Red Fountain was usually very lenient during the first month of a school year. This was not the type of boy he even wanted near his daughter. If he knew his daughter at all, this was the guy she was having trouble with. Trouble that needed to be 'nipped in the bud'.

Andy soon found out what evil thoughts had passed through the mind of her only child the next morning. Andy, like Luna, wasn't a morning person, so when she was woken up by Kendric at 8 o'clock in the morning she was a bit witchy, even if it was her husband - the man she loved - who had woken her with the excuse of 'needing to discuss Luna's new suitor'.

"Kendric for goodness sake you are a flameless dragon!" Andy growled, completely unaware of how demonic she looked in the golden sunrise; especially with her black hair sticking up and generally defying gravity. That particular trait was one that Luna had inherited, although Kendric cursed every deity he knew for that.

"You're jumping to the wrong conclusion, as per usual when your daughter is concerned! She can stand on her own two feet and hasn't needed anyone to shield her from the hardships of the Universe for a long time Kendric!"

"Mondia, don't you see she's infatuated! She'll be eloping before the end of the year, I know it. She's never been manageable, but in this state who knows?"

"In other homes girls are sent out quite unprepared into a merciless world, but when our girls leave here, it is the merciless world which will have to be prepared." Andy quoted, before glancing at the boy's profile. Andy could tell why Kendric was worried, and could almost forgive it, but did he really have to wake her up this early?!

"What are you talking about Mondia?" Kendric demanded.

Andy smirked. "She isn't your baby girl anymore. She is Luna Addams, and she will do as she damn well pleases. You can't dictate her life anymore, if you ever could."

"You think I don't know that?!? She's as stubborn as a Mare Mustang Dragon!" Kendric almost groaned in frustration.

Andy's smirk never faltered. "Which she gets from you."

"Mondia, please." Kendric begged, hoping his wife would cooperate. "Has she said anything to Kiran? Has she spoken about him at all?"

"Kendric, if she had confided in Kiran then Kiran wouldn't have told me anything and no she hasn't spoken to me at all since she got home, never mind the subject of Nick!" Andy snapped in frustration and Kendric was reminded just how much Andy wasn't a morning person.

Around about noon, a decent time for all non-morning people, Andy went to the palace on the Moon to talk calmly to Kendric and Luna received a phone call from Jon.

"Hey, Kitty-cat. How's life?" Jon carefully asked.

"Peachy! My dad thinks I'm infatuated with Nick and Nyx is walking around like a kid in the largest Toy store ever imagined!" Luna said rapidly, as if running on adrenaline.

"Why does he think that you are infatuated?"

"Don't you wonna hear more about your girlfriend?"

"We're not dating, hell we haven't really spoken. Now answer the question truthfully."

"I'm pregnant."

"Luna, I said truthfully, that implies that you tell the truth!" Jon said through gritted teeth.

"I was telling the truth! The other guys weren't as compatible suspects. Is Nick and Len there?"

"Yes! Now tell me the whole truth or I'll blow up copies of you in The Dress and put them up around Alfea, Red Fountain and Cloud Tower!" Jon threatened, the capital letters dripping with venom.

Luna whimpered.


"Tell me the truth then."

"I don't know why, he just does. I don't know how his mind works and I don't want to." Luna sulked. She brightened suddenly, evil plots forming in her head. "Oh, Nyx wants to talk to Len."

"Hello Aurora." Len said cautiously.

"Hey, loser. You're gonna listen and do exactly what I say." Luna replied.


"Firstly you're gonna smack Jon upside the head really, really hard. Then you're gonna go over to his bed and lift up his pillow. Underneath the pillow you will find a picture. You will take the picture and open the window. If he doesn't shout 'I'm sorry' then you let go of the picture, but if he does then show the picture to Nick then hand it back to him. Understand?"


"Good. Go do it."

Jon knew something was going to happen as soon as Len moved towards his dorm room after abruptly hitting him upside the head. Jon didn't realise how bad it was until Len lifted up his pillow.

"Okay! I'm sorry, Kitty-cat! I'm Sorry!" Jon yelled before Len's hand even touched the picture but Len picked it up and showed it to Nick. Luna was going to die a slow painful death at his hands; Jon would make sure of it. Nick laughed at the picture, as did Len when he finally saw what he had in his hands. It was the only picture Jon had of his parents; unfortunately it was taken by his mum's friend whilst Jon was being bathed by his parents when he was four years old. Luna had been counting on the fact that Jon hadn't told anyone about his parents' death so knew they would laugh instead of sympathise with the boy. Jon grabbed both the phone and the picture from Len and practically growled down the phone

"You are dead, Addams! Just for that I'm gonna put up The Dress photos and once you have been humiliated by everyone in Magix, I'm gonna kill you!"

"You won't coz if you do kill me then Kiran will kill you and you'd never get to talk to Nyx."

"You are gonna tell them, you owe me that!"

"Fine let me speak to them." Luna said sombrely.

Jon chucked the phone in Nick's general direction and stormed out of the dorm.

"What was that about?"

"Okay now I feel a little bit bad." Luna said, regretfully.

"Why?" Nick asked, shocked by Luna's admittance and tone.

"(Sigh) His parents' died a few weeks after that photo was taken. It's the only one he has of them, they were photogenic. He stayed at the palace, his father was a guard, and became my constant friend and companion but we still manage to rub each other the wrong way, like just now. I thought he would have told you guys, but I guess not." Luna explained quietly. "He doesn't like talking about it but he can still give amazing advice on handling parents."

"Luna that was mean."

"Yeah but so is blowing up pictures of me in a frilly pink dress." Luna whined

"I'd like to see that one!" Nick said enthusiastically.

"So would a lot of people but they no longer posses the ability to talk." Luna stated. "Wait a minute! Nick go get Jon then call me back!"


"No questions, just do!" Came the regal-ist reply Luna could summon before hanging up.

Fifteen minutes later Nick had found Jon and was calling Luna back on his own phone. Unfortunately Kendric had confiscated Luna's phone because she wasn't speaking to him. Kendric surveyed the princess that sat in front of him, just itching to lean over and grab her phone back. Kendric reach over and glanced at the caller ID, he was not happy when he saw that the caller ID read 'Nick'. He let it go to answering machine.

"Unfortunately Luna can't be bothered speaking to you at the moment so say you're sorry and whatever else you want to say and maybe, just maybe Luna will get back to you! (BEEP)"

"Okay Luna. I'm sorry but you said call you back once I'd found Jon and I've done that so hurry up coz you have a lot of apologising to do! Just call him, please!"

Kendric eyed his daughter suspiciously, she never managed to annoy or upset Jon enough for him to go storming off. Luna twitched under her father's gaze, grabbed the phone off the desk and ran to her mum's room.

"Come on! Where is it! I thought you kept everything!" Luna shouted irately in the direction of her mother.

"I do but that doesn't mean I know where each individual thing is! Tell me again why I'm looking for The Dress!" Andy's voice came from the depths of her cavern-like wardrobe.

"I got Jon really angry so I'm gonna put on The Dress, take a photo of me wearing it and then I'll send it to Jon saying how very sorry I am and that will make it all better." Luna explained, tiredly.

"Luna you do know that when I do find it, it won't fit you."

"That's why you're gonna put a Fit-me-perfect spell on it, duh!"

"Aha!" Andy triumphantly proclaimed, carefully pulling out a frilly, pink dress made for an eight-year-old. Luna's face fell into a frown until she remembered that this self-inflicted pain was for a good cause. Andy laughed at the fond memory of her little girl.


The council was being held in the Great Hall; Andy had grown bored of all the political jargon that she would never understand, gazing at the many paintings and through the large windows could only amuse her for so long, so she excused herself and went off to find little Luna. Luna had always hated days like this, she was forced to wear 'elegant' dresses and 'proper' shoes not to mention behave like a real princess, Andy knew that before long Luna would find some mischief or the mischief would find her.

To Andy's surprise Luna was standing on the top of the front steps glaring at all the other children of the court. Andy hated seeing her daughter in any foul mood, it usually ended with an argument with her father and they never ended well, but she did enjoy seeing the eight year old girl in a dress instead of the grubby trousers and shirt she usually wore - which she had received from one of the staff's son who was slightly older than Luna.

"Darling, go and do something, cheer yourself up. It won't sit well if your father finds out that this is how you spent the day, now will it?"

"Not at all Mother." Came the sophisticated reply, her Manners Instructor would have been proud. "I just find it impossible to tolerate these ignorant, spoilt, stuck up goodie-two-shoes for a second let alone the many hours that he takes to talk over the many pointless arguments of State. He really does ask too much of me. I mean wearing this hideous dress and being polite and enjoying the company of those who would do the whole universe some good by jumping off of a cliff! Really." Okay maybe her Manners Instructor wouldn't be so proud of her.

"Darling, please. Go and have some fun."

Ten minutes later when court was finished the members came out to retrieve their children. The Royal Family had to say goodbye to their guests. Kendric was furious and Andy fought to contain her laughter - their daughter appeared in front of them covered practically from head to toe in mud with patches of pink still showing. The court members - as per usual - ignored the grubby princess whilst saying their goodbyes. Their children gave their future queen looks of utter disgust and a few had some rude remarks to say to her but Luna didn't care, for the first time that day she was happy. Jon sensing the young girl's content came up to her after the last goodbye was said and took a second photo of the princess. He had taken one earlier when she was still glaring but pristine.


Andy realised that Luna wanted to give Jon a retake of that first photo but with her looking apologetic. It might just work. Andy handed the dress to Luna after removing the hanger and said the Fit-me-prefect spell. The dress magically enlarged itself slightly to fit the girl's slender frame. Luna groaned, it was obvious she was regretting this act of apologising but she had told Andy and Andy was going to ensure she went through with it.

After doing up the back of the dress Luna styled her hair, put on her tiara and slipped her tiny feet into a sophisticated pair of pink stilettos. Grabbing her mother's dressing gown Luna dragged her mother outside to the front of her Hawaiian mansion and set up her phone so that her mother could take her picture.

As soon as Andy had taken the perfect photo Luna retrieved her phone and got her mother to undo the back of the dress. Wrapping the dressing gown around her once again Luna went back inside to get changed.

Jon's phone buzzed into life where it sat on the table as it received a text. Jon lazily reached over to read the message.

C how v sorry I am. My mum is convinced th I'm suffering from a concussion of some kind, but I did this 2 show u how incredibly sorry I am. 4give me? Luv Kitty-cat! P.s. my dad had my fone when Nick rang and he was vv happy about the fact that Nick has my no. Hit him vv hard 4 me plz!

Jon opened the attached file, a little confused, but when he saw the picture it made complete sense. Luna was wearing The Dress, willingly. Jon burst out laughing, after hitting Nick and getting over the shock of Luna wearing The Dress. Seconds later, Nick received a message on his phone.

Jon hit u coz I asked him 2. If he didn't then u r allowed 2 hit him but if he did then u can hit (not punch) Len, don't want him 2 feel left out. Kitty-cat! P.s My dad has bn looking at ur profile for some reason, ask Jon, he should no!

It was fair to say that Luna had made amends with Jon, so the girl went in search of her other friends. She wanted to hit the beach but wasn't going alone.

Meanwhile, back in Magix, Nick turned to Jon after hitting Len and saying that Luna didn't want him to feel left out after the prince sent him a demanding glance.

"So, Luna says her dad's been looking at my profile, any idea as to why?"

"He probably heard one of them talking about any one of us, realised that she would have come into contact with countless number of boys, some she may think of as possible boyfriends, and looked through every ones profile. She just mentioned it to you because she knows it will bug her dad that she will most likely be spending time with, what he will presume is, a suitable boyfriend candidate. She's just messing with both of you. You'll get used to it." Jon informed.

"Why would I be a suitable boyfriend?" Nick asked, intrigued.

"Ask her, but it's probably not gonna happen. Her dad will put a stop to it before you got that far." Jon replied off-handily. Passing a single finger across his neck.

Luna was getting her beach stuff together at record speeds, she loved the outdoors, she loved the beach and was just about to go out and catch some waves on her surfboard when her phone rang.


"Luna, big question, true answer, okay?"

"Maybe. Depends on the question, but ask away."

"Why does your dad think that I might be your perfect boyfriend?"

"He doesn't think that. He thinks that you have qualities that I look for in a guy."

"Which are?"

"What, the ones my dad thinks or my ones."

"Surprise me."

Luna hung up.

"Surprise!" she giggled.

Nick rung her back again laughing.

"Very funny. Now be a good Kitty and tell me."

"Why should I tell you? You could be working for a group of witches who plan to break my little heart by making me reveal the must have traits of a possible boyfriend, for all I know."

"You should tell me coz if you don't you're gonna be spending the week eating through a straw, savvy?"

"Come again?" Luna asked sweetly.

"Jon, what are the traits that Luna looks for in a guy?" Nick said to the young squire, slightly irked that the princess wasn't giving him a straight answer.

"Guys her dad won't like." Jon called.

"Who's traits include ..." Nick prompted.

"How should I know?" Jon replied.

"Why do you want to know anyway, Nick?" Luna lazily asked.

"If your dad thinks that I'm your type and is gonna chop my head off I wonna know why, kay?"

"Mmmm. That's a good reason."

"No duh!"

"I guess I would look for a guy that was… caring, strong and dependable. He also has to be sporty, good-looking (of course), be able to protect himself without me having to bail him out all the time and be protective of me but not over bearing or step in when not required."

"You've given this a lot of thought, haven't you?" Nick said, smirking to himself.

"No duh!" Luna giggled. "Got to go there are some killer waves that need to be ridden."

"Later, Luna." Nick replied not really understanding what the fairy had just said but not wanting to know more about it.

Kiran walked into Nyx's new room to find the girl still unpacking, placing her belongings almost hesitantly as if she thought she shouldn't be unpacking.

"Hey Nyx." Kiran called, resisting laughter as Nyx jumped at the sound of her voice. "Something on your mind?"

Nyx blushed, avoiding Kiran's gaze. Kiran blinked as Nyx's eyes flashed black.

"Don't lie to me Nyx. Just tell me what's wrong."

Nyx sighed and explained what she had learnt earlier, and what it could mean for her. She could finally put her 'dark' genetics to good use if she turned. But would it be worth the change? On one hand, she would be a witch, able to learn the dark arts without fear of a teacher's wrath. On the other hand, everyone would know that she had once been a fairy, and she would be alone again. Even worse than before, as she knew what it was like to have people who didn't hate her, or at least dislike her.

Kiran listened patiently, and waited until Nyx had finished to offer her opinion. "That's a load of bullshit Nyx." Kiran said, smiling. "Luna and I are your friends now, don't be afraid to say it. Who cares if you're a witch or a fairy anyway? Your mom? Whoop-de-fricken-doo. As long as you can use your powers the way you want, nothing else matters." Kiran paused in her tirade and took in Nyx's widened eyes.

Feeling guilty for causing the surprise/fear, she calmed down. "Andy could probably help you learn the witchy stuff, she keeps everything. Including her school stuff, and the stuff she should never have had access to in the first place. You're a genetically dark fairy, you said it yourself. I looked it up, and it's entirely possible that your power could change on its own, without you forcing it. Just hang in there until we all graduate, and then you can decide if you want to change or not."

Nyx smiled shyly. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. Now, let's get your stuff together, so we can hit the beach!" Kiran cheered. Nyx blinked, not understanding and not sure she wanted to. Kiran sighed and waved her see-through blue beach bag in front of Nyx, which contained a Bikini, swim shorts, two beach towels and a bottle of sun cream. Nyx eventually found her swimming stuff and sunglasses but had no towels or sun cream to put in her black beach bag. Kiran grabbed two towels from the so dubbed 'Cupboard of Beach Stuff' and handed them to Nyx.

Across the hall they heard Luna giggle. Kiran knew better than to eves-drop but Luna doesn't giggle...just like she doesn't like boys. Kiran pressed her ear against the door to Luna's room, Nyx alongside her doing the same, but all they could hear was the mumble of a conversation obviously with the other person being on the other end of the phone.

"Why should I tell you? You could be working for a group of witches who plan to break my little heart by making me reveal the must have traits of a possible boyfriend, for all I know."..."Come again?" Luna asked sweetly. ..."Why do you want to know anyway, Nick?" Luna lazily asked. ..."Mmmm. That's a good reason."..."I guess I would look for a guy that was… caring, strong and dependable. He also has to be sporty, good-looking (of course), be able to protect himself without me having to bail him out all the time and be protective of me but not over bearing or step in when not required."..."No duh!" Luna giggled. "Got to go there are some killer waves that need to be ridden."

Kiran stepped away from the door, and dragged Nyx away, signalling to run down the hall. It was bad enough to eves-drop on a friend but to get caught was far worse.

"Ok. I think it's safe to say that Nick has found his way into Luna's heart but I'm not sure if he feels the same way." Kiran whispered as she closed the door to her room behind them.

"What makes you say that?" Nyx asked curiously, "I know that I haven't heard Luna talk like that unless she needs to get help from Jon but that doesn't mean Nick's 'swallowed her whole'."

"It's not the way she was talking, it's the fact that she was giggling. Have you ever heard her giggle before?"

Nyx looked like the witty answer was on the tip of her tongue,

"...Eh...No." she admitted in defeat before her ability of witty comebacks returned to her, "Have you?"

"Never that's the thing!"

They were silent for a moment then the subject of their conversation bounded into the room looking like a swimsuit model in her red pirate bikini top and swimming surfer shorts. Her hair was pleated loosely and her ruby red sunglasses were perched on her head and on her feet were a pair of red flip-flops.

"Ok, I'm ready. Let's just hope the world is too." Luna smiled striking a pose.

"Yes, Elizabeth Harley. It's just that I think that you're missing something." Kiran said, playing along with Luna's joke.

"What on earth could I possibly be missing?" Luna gasped, clueless.

"Your board." Kiran said as if talking to a very small person, as in child because Luna is a petite person.

After retrieving her board from the 'Cupboard of Beach Stuff' Luna manage to acquire a board for Nyx, and the three girls set off for the beach with boards in tow.

It took a while to get Nyx used to surfing but eventually she was comfortable with being in the shallows on her board. This was a major achievement because most beginners' training happens on the beach and only when ready do they set out into the shallows to catch some small waves.

Nyx sat leisurely on her board watching Kiran and Luna show-off. She wasn't the only one watching them though. A girl scowled at them from the shadows, her pink eyes glowing ominously. Her purple-tinted lips were drawn into a snarl, a purple aura surrounding her was probably the only reason the girls couldn't hear the curses that the witch flung in their general direction.

What most people might find surprising though is that her gaze was focused on one girl in particular, Nyx. Riyuen of Morsmorde hated the blind princess with all her heart and it was only a matter of time before she'd let it be known. Smirking slightly Riyuen dropped her shield, she was gonna make Nyx regret the day she was born. Sticking to the shadows she moved closer, with a final sneer, Riyuen cast the spell that she had been waiting to do all day before vanishing.

Storm spell. Nyx finally shivered as she felt the sheer hate and menace in the air. The winds started to pick up a bit, Luna was the only one who didn't notice (stronger winds make bigger waves - bigger waves want to be ridden). Kiran, not having as much experience of surfing as Luna, paddled to the shallows to sit beside Nyx.

"Okay. She's not acting any different, she just seems a bit more cheery." Kiran commented once she was floating next to her friend.


"Since the phone call with Nick, she's been cheerier. I just hope she doesn't get hurt."

"Okay. I'm with you on the whole cheerier thing but how is she gonna get hurt?"

"If, and its big if, but if she tells him how she feels and he doesn't feel the same then she'll be crushed and angry coz she grew up learning to be a princess, the whole no showing emotions because emotions are below you thing was drummed into her hard."

"I think the first day they met, they swallowed each other whole but I don't think they will admit it for a while." Nyx said. What little she knew about romance, she had learnt from reading Romance novels Luna had given her. Although if you asked Luna she would never admit to owning romance novels.

The two girls looked over to the surfing princess just to see her entering a massive barrel wave, this was Luna's favourite tricks to show to the 'in-experienced', unfortunately for the petite girl the barrel folded a lot quicker than she first anticipated and was lost underneath the crushing force of the wave as it finally closed over. Kiran jumped as they saw a crimson board resurface without its rider. A few seconds later, but to Kiran and Nyx it felt like minutes, the dark head of Luna bobbed up gasping for air. Luna pulled herself on to her board and took several deep breaths before turning to her friends smiling slightly.

"That was soooo totally cool. I saw like my entire life pass before my eyes and then the giant octopus grabbed my leg and pulled me towards its mouth and then it sneezed and the sneeze sent me all the way up here. Did you know that the Ocean is really, really deep?"


Just then a massive tentacle shot out of the water, zooming towards the three girls.

"Out of the water?" Luna calmly questioned.

Nyx, tapping into her dark magic, sent a 'chill' into the water which awoke fight or flight instincts in non-magical beings to test the theory. The octopus didn't move, proving that it was magically summoned. But why would anyone do that? Luna and Kiran hadn't pissed off anyone that powerful recently, had they?

"Fight first, ask questions later." Kiran instructed.

The girls immediately went Winx. Hovering over the 'terrifying beastie' they directed blast after blast of powerful spells until they realised that it was doing nothing to it. After dodging the many swiping tentacles the girls came together to combine their magic together to form a blast that should defeat the monster. The water around the creature was drawn away and the monster Thrashed at the girls wildly. The attack hadn't even tickled it. The girls energy was fading fast, they couldn't keep fighting like this especially if it wasn't affected by their strongest attacks.

"Maybe if we ignore it, it might just go away." Luna mused.

"You really think that's going to happen, Luna there is something seriously wrong with you." Nyx commented.

"We've tried everything else, would it really hurt?"

"Yes Luna it would. You wouldn't let it go that you were right and we weren't." Kiran chipped in.

"Hello. It's a water-based creature. How many Octopi have you seen out of the water?" Luna chimed.

"Damn." Kiran muttered.

The girls turned and flew away from the creature. After grabbing their stuff they continued flying to the Mansion.

Unfortunately this was a magically summoned Octopus and was able to use magic itself, in other words it could fly. Now it would be weaker. Unfortunately the girls weren't paying attention to the creature so didn't notice this until Nyx was plucked from her flying position by a large tentacle. Purple electricity ran down the tentacle and then into Nyx, causing her to throw her head back, screaming in agony.

"Nyx!!!" Luna screamed, horrified by the recent turn of events. Echoed by Kiran. The two friends shared one look and a thousand words passed between them, the most important four were, 'We must save Nyx'.

Wither it was fate or coincidence, no one knows, Luna, glowed with power. In this state of mind she searched desperately for a power source and eventually found one, Luna relinquished her control of darkness, a power she had never understood - or wanted – the emptiness was quickly filled by the soothing power of the Moon she had grown up with. The power of the Moon was something she had understood since her birth and understanding is one step further to complete control of her power, in other words, Luna was more powerful than ever before.

"Lunar Eclipse." Luna hissed with rage. A dark ball surrounded by a red fiery glow appeared in front of Luna. The more the fairy concentrated on the ball of magic she had summoned the larger it grew and the darker the red glow became. When she had poured everything she had into the spell, she sent it flying at the creature.

The Octopus withered and disappeared in a cloud of purple smoke. Nyx's body plummeted to the ground, landing in a palm tree. Kiran was by her side in a second, talking to her but Nyx wasn't responding. Luna dove down and picked up the stuff Nyx had dropped in shock when the octopus grabbed her. Kiran handed her own stuff to Luna and picked Nyx up. They had to get back to the house; Andy will know what to do.

Hours later, Andy finally came out of Nyx's room.

"Well, how is she?" the girls called in unison from different ends of the corridor, they had been pacing impatiently.

"She'll be fine in a day or so. At least physically."

"What do you mean?" Kiran asked coming to a halt after bolting back down the corridor to Andy.

"Luckily there wasn't any brain damage from the electricity. I checked using a few of the old C.T. spells, mainly because their much more accurate especially if you haven't been trained as a healer. One spell checks for brain activity. If I hadn't been a witch I wouldn't have noticed but, her mind has split from her brain."

"Mind split from her brain, that's just maddening the unhelpful!" Luna exclaimed.

"What does that mean? Aren't the mind and the brain the same thing?" Kiran asked a lot calmer than Luna.

"The brain is made up of electrical impulses and grey matter. It does all the daily functions like eating, sleeping, digesting and breathing. The mind is the part of you that decides 'I want this', 'I don't want that', 'I will do this'. Also known as the most dominant part of Luna. Without a mind, well, that's what asylums are for."

"Are you trying to tell us that I'm disobedient or that Nyx has lost the plot?" Luna growled.

"Neither." Andy snapped back. "I'm saying that Nyx's body will become her tomb, unless we can get the spell reversed!"

"Oh! How would one go about doing such a thing?" Luna asked, not at all fazed by the snappy return her last question received.

"If it was a fairy that cast the spell then you two would be able to reverse it, but until we know if it was a witch or a fairy we can't do anything." Andy admitted in defeat.

"Can you tell if the spell was of dark matter, coz if it was then it was cast by a witch. I don't know of very many dark fairies, do you?" Kiran prompted, trying to get the problem sorted.

"I know of a few dark fairies but it was defiantly dark magic." Andy mumbled, deep in thought. "I won't be able to reverse it, the magic would be strong enough to turn me back into a witch."

"Who can we ask? The only witch I can think of and that would be willing to do it is dead. Maybe Mrs Griffin will do it if you ask really, really nicely ... nastily ... I don't know!" Luna moaned.

"Luckily for us I have an older sister. It'll take her some time to get her but I'm sure she'll help us out." Andy said, attempting to stop Luna's brain from hurting.

"What!?!? I have an Aunt witch and you never thought to mention it!?!?" Luna shouted at her mother's back.

"Your father doesn't get on with her!" Andy called back.

"So!" Luna said, "He doesn't get on with me."

"Why do you think you have houses on Earth?" Andy laughed.

Luna looked like she had just been slapped, then she turned and went into Nyx's room.

It was so strange to see her friend lying there, she looked like she was sleeping. However, Luna knew that Nyx's improved senses from losing her sight would have made sure that she would have woken Nyx up before she had even gotten fully through the door.

"Nyx, in case you were wondering, it's not a good thing to wonder away from your body." Luna whispered jokingly.

Nyx's body didn't even move, all she did was breath. Luna and Kiran both knew that if the spell wasn't reversed soon then Nyx would starve.

Andy was impatiently waiting for her big sister to pick up the phone, even though she hadn't seen her in ages they exchanged numbers so they could keep in touch.

"Andy, what's wrong?!?" Kala asked worriedly, her little sister only phoned her once every two months, Kala had the right to be worried.

"Kal, I need our help. Luna's friend was attacked and her mind and brain have become separated! I can't reverse the spell myself, Luna and Kendric are the only ones who know I'm a witch. I don't want anyone to find out I'm a witch!!" Andy wailed.

Kala hated things sounding pathetic but this was her little sister so the urge to assist her was over-powering.

"Where are you?" Kala sighed

"Hawaii, Earth." Andy replied "Where are you?"

"Sirius Fourth. Kalinda's daughter was just about to tell us what she's been up to. Personally, I couldn't care less."

"When can you get here?" Andy asked pitifully.

"I'll be there ASAP." Kala admitted.

"Okay. I'll see you soon." Andy mumbled.

"Bye." Kala said before hanging up. She turned towards the young witch with pink eyes. Realising she had everyone's attention, Riyuen started to tell the older witches what she had done to the princess of Sirius Forth.

Still smiling from Riyuen's tale Kala flamed into existence in the hallway, scaring Luna and Kiran more than either would ever admit. Ignoring them, Kala called for Andy. Who came running out of Nyx's room.

"She's in here." Andy said, not allowing her daughter to see how scared she was. Kala saw though. Luna was too wrapped up in an argument with Kiran about who should tell Len about what had happened, to pay any attention to her mother or Aunt.

"I know, compromise. I text Jon and let him tell Len." Luna said just as the door to Nyx's room was shut again.

Major prob, Nyx got attacked by a witch & now is in lala land. Tell Len plz! KittyXxX

It was fair to say that Jon was going to kill Luna. Not only had he been in class when he got her text, Saladin was inspecting the teacher and was sitting beside Jon at the time. Jon as going to make sure her passing was a slow and painful one. Saladin had of course let him off with it once Jon had shown him and translated Luna's text but Len was a little less forgiving. Len ranted and raved about the fact that technically it was Jon's fault that Nyx was on Earth in the first place for 10 minutes before Jon informed him that if they had gone to the transporter when Saladin had given them the go ahead then they would be on Earth by now. It was really too much for the laid back hero to take.

Luna is not stupid, as soon as the three heroes turned the corner and started to walk towards where she and Kiran sat in front of Nyx's door, she jumped and hid behind Kiran. Luna then point blank refused to come out even though the guys could see her and promised not to do anything to her.

After a lot of persuasion Luna had eventually came out from behind Kiran and had to fall into the splits to avoid one of Len's punches. Nick had then knocked out Len when he moved to try getting a better position to punch the princess.

Luna is not a very cuddly person when it comes to guys she hasn't known since childhood (aka Jon) so both Kiran and Jon were quite shocked when Luna cuddled up to Nick and him cuddling her back, running one of his hands through her long hair. It took them some time to register what had just happened.

Somehow Luna had managed to drag through three mattresses from three unoccupied rooms and the four conscious teens were sitting on two of them and Len was lying on the other one. Kendric had come to the mansion to see what was going on as Andy hadn't been returning his calls, not something she did often unless something really important had happened. Kendric almost had a heart attack when he saw Luna sitting between Nick's legs, with her head resting on his chest and Nick's hands on her bare stomach as she was still in her surfing stuff, staring at the door across the hall. Kendric had only seen her sitting like that once and that was when Andy was ill and Luna wasn't allowed in to see her in case she got ill as well. Jon was the one she was leaning against at the time. It was also rare to see Luna sitting still for long periods of time unless Andy was brushing her hair after a shower - it seemed to relax the princess to no end, something chocolate could only do for so long.

"Would someone please explain to me why you are all lounging about in the hall way and why the Prince of Sirius Forth is unconscious?" Kendric asked through gritted teeth.

Jon, Kiran and Nick looked at each other uncomfortably, Luna smiled slightly, I could say I'm having Len's baby but dad would be slightly happy about it. SLIGHTLY.

"Whoa, for real? He's the prince of Sirius Fourth? Ok anyone know how he got here?" Luna said, the sarcasm hitting Kendric like a slap in the face. Nick made the BIG mistake of smirking, his dad would have had him running a marathon if he had even thought of saying something with every word oozing with sarcasm. Well Kendric was not going to let a squire laugh at him and sit there with his arms around his young, impressionable daughter.

"Lunaria, I have not got the patience at the moment to listen to your rubbish. Now kindly act with the dignity to which society you were born into!"

Jumping up in fury, Kiran shouted,

"OMG! You are so stuck up! Our best friend is lying in bed currently with her mind separated from her brain! If your daughter wants to find comfort in the arms of a friend then what are you going to do to try and stop her!"

Kendric was taken back, only Luna and Andy had ever shouted at him with such disregard for his status. Luna, smiling contently, tried to bury herself deeper into Nick's arms.

The shouting had drawn Andy and Kala out of Nyx's room. Andy shock her head - slightly smiling - at the array of people and mattresses in the hall. Kala's eyes immediately went to her brother-in-law, he was almost crimson in colour due to being berated by his daughter's friend in front of two squires and the unconscious boy she recognised as Prince Len of Sirius Forth.

"Now, now, children. Lets go back to being quiet, good little people so that I can concentrate." Kala laughed demonically, though really enjoying seeing her brother-in-law being shouted at by a teenage girl.

"Kala! I knew you had something to do with this!" Kendric roared.

"On the contrary. I am just here to tidy up the mess. Your daughter is the one behind it all."

"Bull! I wasn't the one who magicified the terrible beastie who attacked us, when we were nicely minding our own business, and zapped Nyx into lala land!" Luna hissed, jumping up and rousing Nick from his happy possible-future thoughts.

Before there could be an all out war Andy slammed the door to Nyx's room very hard.

"Luna for goodness sake, master the English language and stop making mountains out of molehills. Kala go back and sort Nyx out, and Kendric please be nice, I'll see you at the ball tonight."

"What ball?!? I'm soooo not going to a ball! OMG! Please tell me he's not buying a suitor! Or a tutor!" Luna said, hyperventilating slightly.

Andy is not a normal witch, you might have got that from the whole transformation thing earlier, but … well lets just say that becoming a mother brought out a strong maternal instinct in her that was obvious, no matter what trouble Luna got into, Andy stuck up for her, but she just ignored her hyperventilating daughter and went to help her sister in any way possible.

After being abandoned by her mother, Luna stomped out of the mansion - grabbing her beach stuff and board - and headed for the beach.

Feeling at ease on her board, the princess of Earth's Moon shoot through barrels and rode the surf till well after the sun had set. Which isn't smart as sharks are active hunters twenty-four-seven as are many octopi, but they weren't anywhere near the small beach close to Luna's mansion so no drama.

Luna was sitting on her board staring at the sea, waiting for another wave to come, although it didn't seem likely to happen as the sea was now as smooth as a black mirror, so she didn't see Nick swim out to her. She didn't notice him until - just to freak her out - Nick gently brushed her leg with his fingers. Freak out Luna did. She fell off her board as she jumped in shock, and not elegantly either. Can you even fall elegantly or is that just a sarcastic saying?

When she came up for air the wet surfer girl saw that Nick was sitting on her board laughing, but tried to be helpful by pulling on her ankle lead that attached her to her board.

Once Luna was sitting on her board again, she smiled and then kicked the young squire off her board with a satisfying splash. When Nick resurfaced he didn't want to risk being kicked off the surf board again so just leaned on it with his head level to Luna's knees.

"Why'd you kick me?" He spluttered.

"Why'd you try to scare me?"

"Not try, did. And I'd have to say, coz I felt like it. Is that a problem?"

"Grrr! What are you doing here Nick?"

"Len was regaining consciousness." he replied, "It seemed like a good idea to warn you."

"Don't you mean, distract you from hitting him?" Luna smiled.

"I've only hit him twice and it was on behalf of a girl. First time, Nyx. Second time, you. Thank you for giving me that excuse by the way."

Luna closed her mouth. She had been ready to yell at him for thinking she and Nyx couldn't handle Len themselves but seeing as it was just an excuse… and he did spend the most time with Len out of all of them, apart from Jon, then he deserved to knock out that brat occasionally.

"Your welcome?" Luna guessed.

Nick grinned and Luna was very glad she was sitting down as she felt her knees weaken and her stomach turn somersaults. It was official. She was crushing on this guy. She was almost completely certain that she would get over it, so long as he didn't smile, EVER, and didn't punch Len. In fact it would be best if he just transferred out of Magix, she wouldn't be likely to run into him anywhere else in the universe.

On second thoughts that would be bad. Who would punch Len if he wasn't there, I would! STUPID! But she would be less likely to get detention for assaulting a prince if Nick was there to do it for her. Oh Hell, who was she kidding, she wanted him around. Well he was kinda cute, and with the moonlight reflecting off the water on his skin. If she didn't know better, she'd say he looked angelic…

Ok, when did she turn into a princess? She was thinking like… like… Francesca Lumear! Poster girl for Pur Fee and daughter of it's most famous alumni, Mystique Lumear, who was, in Luna's opinion, the scariest woman alive. For three horrifying hours the woman had been Luna's stylist and was memorable for being the reason Luna had given up all form of dignity - breaking down, crying and begging her father to get rid of her! He had been so shocked that he had agreed immediately but Luna's version is that she is a brilliant actress and can cry on cue. Well, ever since then she could.

OK, now she was avoiding the topic in her own head. This was bad, real bad. OK Luna, what would you have done in this situation a year ago? The answer hit her like a lightening bolt. She would have either shoved him off her board and swam back to shore, or she would have kissed him. Funnily enough this wasn't helping her decide.

"Yo. Luna! Are you somewhere interesting? Will you come back soon?" Nick said jokingly, waving a hand in front of the girl's face. Hitting him wouldn't be a bad idea, but then he probably wouldn't speak to me after, like forever.

Ok. If she's not gonna pay attention to me I'll pinch her. If she still ignores me then I'll tip her off her board. Nick thought, not really upset but not too happy about being ignored by the feral beauty.

Nick reached up to pinch her cheek, just as she leaned down to kiss him, and fortunately or unfortunately depending which side you're on, they bumped heads.

"Oww! What you do that for?!?" Luna snapped.

"Me?!? What about you?!?" Nick grumbled.

"Let's go see if Nyx is alright. We can fight about this later. Like on the way back to Magix."

Nick nodded his head and pushed away from the board, striking his way back to shore. Luna scowled before following him. She wasn't angry at Nick, well not exactly. She was angry because she couldn't stop thinking about how it would feel to kiss him.

In the mansion. Len was starring angrily at a very happy fairy clad in blue. He had woken up and as soon as he was fully awake started asking who had hit him. Kiran had owned up to it as for some reason she wanted to protect Nick. Probably because Len was his employer of sorts.

The prince had been trying to spook her into revealing the truth by staring at her for ages, but he wasn't getting anywhere. Kiran was very good at eluding the truth and she had almost convinced herself that she had knocked out the prince. On one level she knew it was wishful thinking, on the other hand the false recollection would protect Nick should there ever be an investigation into Prince Len's multiple knockouts.

Jon had disappeared, during the stare-off, into Nyx's room. Andy had left ages ago to join Kendric at the ball being held on the moon, so Kala was the only one in there and for an unknown reason took pity on him and let him stay. He sat on the chair near the bed and held onto Nyx's hand, it was cold and sat limp in his own.

Finally, Kala left the room where Nyx had lain for hours. By this time Luna and Nick were back sitting in the corridor, still slightly wet.

"She'll be fine after some rest, apart from a headache. Let her sleep for as long as needed, and make her take it easy for a few days. Her energy levels were depleted in her attempts to reconnect herself."

All the teenagers were relieved at the news given, but a little curious as to where Jon had disappeared to. They found out as soon as they walked into the room, Jon was sitting there with Nyx. Len wasn't ecstatic about this but he kept quiet, fearing the wrath of Kala who had told them not to be loud so not to disturb Nyx.

Jon ignored their entrance and continued to stroke the sleeping girl's hair. Luna hated awkward silences, so the urge to somehow break it was over-powering.

"I won't say anything now Jon, but this may be used in future blackmail attempts." Luna smiled, cat eyes flashing dangerously. She was shocked when Jon completely ignored her, Len found a moment into the conversation without being pummelled to death, or so he thought.

"It is improper to ignore someone of a higher station." he said quietly.

Jon reached under the bed and found what he was looking for. One of Kiran's old steel toed boots that she had left in the room way back when she was a guest and not living in the mansion all the time. Without even turning round he threw the boot over his shoulder, hitting the prince square on the forehead, unfortunately the steel toe didn't hit him but it did hurt so Len shut up realising he was very lucky not to have lost consciousness a second time that day. Gradually the group dispersed, going to rooms which had been made ready for them.

A glorious dawn swept through the open window and gentle bird song slowly crept through too, waking the dark fairy from her slumber. Nyx gingerly got up and went to look out of her window. The scene before her was breathtaking and incredibly tranquil. After a few minutes watching the world wake up, Nyx went to find some breakfast. She made her way to the kitchen slowly but could walk fine. No one was up, no one was cooking food, so Nyx helped herself and made her own. Chaos had taught her how to make extremely difficult potions, making breakfast was easy in comparison. Fried eggs, bacon, sausages, toast with butter, mushrooms and baked beans.

Len had been up for sometime, just walking round his room thinking and looking out the window, and eventually went to see if Nyx was awake. He was shocked to find her room empty and went in search of her.

The smell of food dragged him towards the kitchen.

"Aurora! What are you doing? Cooking is servants work. And you are supposed to stay in bed, taking it easy."

"I didn't know that. And I was hungry!" she complained, still cooking her breakfast.

"How do you even know how to cook?"

"Chaos taught me how to make potions and how to cook some food." Nyx shrugged, " Do you want some?"

Len quietly accepted the food, partly because he was hungry and partly because he was too shocked that his sister could cook to do anything else.

This was the scene that the others walked in on, well apart from Luna who had refused to uncurl from her covers and was left lying in bed, dozing slightly. Both royals turned to see who had walked in and were both shocked to see them all in their Pj's of sorts. Len's bottom jaw almost hit the table as he saw Kiran wearing Pj's that were shorter then her usual Pj's (not that he knew that), a camisole and a pair of short shorts. Nyx blushed slightly seeing Nick and Jon shirtless.

"Nyx you're meant to be resting. Cooking isn't resting." Kiran said caringly.

"Not my fault I didn't know that, and I was hungry." came the reply through a mouthful of food, Luna and Kiran had been a bad influence on the innocent girl.

"Ok but after breakfast you are going back to bed."

"What happened to me anyway?"

"I can only really explain it in Luna-terms. You got zapped by the octopus and it sent you into lala land via your brain and mind separating." Jon explained, whilst getting some fruit salad out of the fridge.

"What! What happened?" Nyx asked.

"We're not entirely sure. We think the person who sent the octopus hit you with a spell." Kiran admitted

"But why me?" Nyx asked. "I haven't pissed off as many people as you and Luna have."

"Maybe its because you're a princess." Len suggested. Nyx shock her head,

"The only people who know I'm a princess are in this room, Luna's family or from Sirius Forth, and I suppose a few people at Alfea. None of them have reason for attacking me for being a princess."

Kala walked in.

"You're a princess?" she asked.

"Yeah. Aurora, Princess of Sirius Fourth. Why?"

"I think I may know who attacked you and why."

"Spill!" Kiran said.

So Kala sat down and told them all about Riyuen, what she had done and why.

Andy had come back from the palace too check on Nyx. Finding the room empty she walked through to Luna's room. It was dimly lit by the sun shining through the gaps in the thick red curtains so Andy could just see the silhouette of her daughter, but left the door open to allow more light through.

"Luna. Honey, wake up." Andy said gently as she sat down next to Luna's sleeping form. "Luna. Have you seen Nyx? Do you know where she might be?"

"Mrgh. Grrrr." Came the reply Andy was expecting. Luna was showing that she had heard but didn't want to wake up enough to actually use words.

"Could she be in the kitchen?"

The covers nodded.

"Don't sleep all day honey. It's beautiful outside."

Just then Nick walked in the room, still shirtless - carrying a bowl of fruit salad Jon had told him to give to the princess because he was going that way anyway to get changed and go down to the beach for a swim. Otherwise Luna would have came downstairs and eaten 'rubbish' for breakfast.

"Hey. Em… Jon told me to bring this up for Luna. If you're looking for Nyx, she's in the kitchen with the rest of us." Nick said slightly on edge, it could be bad if Andy thought that he had other intentions for coming in Luna's room or Andy may think that they slept in the same bed and Luna had told him to go and get some breakfast. Nick walked over with the food, handed it to Andy and then went into the room he had stayed in and got changed. Andy placed the bowl on the bedside table, patted the lump of covers and went to the kitchen to talk to Nyx about what had happened.

Early on Monday morning the guys left the mansion to return to Red Fountain. So the girls decided to do some girly things like shopping, have some spa treatments and do some surfing in the afternoon. In the evening they left for Alfea.

Nyx spent the entire journey complaining that her experience of Earth was shortened by one witch and Luna and Kiran were both glad that Nyx was their friend and not planning their demise the way she was planning Riyuen's. Who knew that a blind and sheltered princess knew so may disturbing adjectives. Kiran perked up as a very familiar scene came into view,

"We're here!"

The dorm looked exactly the same as they had left it although it was a few degrees warmer inside then before. The girls grabbed a seat on the sofas and then discussed what they were going to do in potions class the next day. Normality had been restored.

After managing to make good progress in all their classes that day (doing the work correctly, finishing the work, not making anything explode or make anyone angry), the girls thought they would reward themselves by phoning one of the guys. But who they would phone and who phoned them was still to be decided. They were still arguing about this when someone ran up behind Luna, tossed her up in the air and caught her in his strong arms.

"Jon what the hell do you think you are doing!" Luna protested as he pinched her sides making her squirm.

"We wanted to make sure you got back in one piece. Or came back at all." Jon smiled.

"You know there is this wonderful new invention. It's called the telephone. Learn how to use it." Luna grumbled.

"I know how to use the telephone but I have found that it is very easy for people to lie over the phone, so wanted to see you in person. Is that OK with you?" Jon said using a posh tone on the word telephone.

"I'm fine with that. But did you really have to pick me up?"

"Yeah. Nick said that you would thump me if I tried to but now he's a fiver out of pocket."

"That's nice." Luna growled as she tried to get out of Jon's grasp and place her feet on the ground.

"Well, seeing as we're all finished for the day. Would you like to go grab some food, see a movie or something?" Nick asked taking off his helmet.

"Food sounds good. Luna and I had a detention at lunch, we weren't allowed food in the potions room so haven't eaten since breakfast." Kiran said, almost looking proud of the fact they had a lunch time detention.

"Got any spare helmets with you?" Nyx timidly asked, eyeing the Levi bikes.

"It is sensible to always carry a spare. You never know when you might crash and once a helmet gets cracked it becomes a safety hazard." Len informed the girls. Nick and Jon rolled their eyes.

The guys took out their spare helmets, started up their bikes and turned them round but waited for the girls to get behind them. Luna went and sat behind Nick, who handed the spare helmet to her over his shoulder, not turning round to see who had gotten on behind him. He was slightly shocked to hear Luna ask, as she wrapped her arms around his waist,

"So, how fast can this heap of junk go?"

"How fast do you want to go?" Nick cockily replied, hiding his surprise.

"Surprise me." Luna giggled.

Nyx had gone and sat behind Jon, not feeling comfortable with putting her arms around her brother's waist. So Kiran sat behind Len with a slight grumble. Jon set off first, Len went second, and Nick and Luna flirted for a few minutes.

"I've heard a lot about your driving skills but I think they are just exaggerated rumours. I think you aren't as good as people say." Luna purred, moving her hands over his abs.

"You are gonna eat those words. I'm better then people say. Len pays them to reel it in a bit so that the rival bikers think they have a chance of winning the races. And you know what, you'll never feel a rush like this anywhere else, doing anything else." Nick said, brimming with confidence and enjoying the feeling of her hands on his stomach.

"I can think of a few things that might top it." Luna purred moving her right hand lower onto Nick's leg.

"Hold on to your stomach princess." and with that Nick sped off at break neck speeds. Flying past trees, leaving them swaying in the after draft, and launched out over the Black Lake.

Nick was right, this was the biggest rush Luna had ever felt. She loved the feeling, it was better then flying with her own wings, probably because it was faster then a speed Luna could only dream of achieving. She was slightly disappointed when they slowed down on reaching Magix, and when they stopped right next to the others.

"Well. Fast enough?" Nick asked almost daring her to say no, but no she said.

"I've flown faster then that with my wings." Luna said, covering her true feelings but her eyes sparkled in a way that gave her away. Nick noticed but wasn't going to challenge the girl, he knew she enjoyed it. Luna had lessened her already lose grip on his waist whilst they were riding through the trees and at one point she threw her arms out when Nick was going incredibly fast on a straight before wrapping them around him as they took a corner, not slowing down.

"Come children. Food awaits." Jon said laughing.

The six teens entered the only diner that served all kinds of food in Magix. Luna was sitting in between Nick and Len and on Len's other side sat Kiran, who was next to Nyx, who was next to Jon. The drinks order was taken, Nick had a pint of beer, Len had a glass of red wine, the girls had a Diet coke and Jon had water. They all looked over their menus hungrily. Nick was wondering if he should have one of the hot curries coz they were quite good. When Luna heard this she thought of a way to get back at the squire for giving her such an adrenaline rush.

"Right, Nick. I've got a proposition for you. What if I said we both ordered small portions of the three hottest curries off the menu and had to eat everything on the plate without having a drink. Winner is the person who can finish all three dishes. Fiver a dish."

"Can you have a drink between dishes?"


"Alright then why not. It will be easy, I can handle a few curries."

"Ok. Put your money where your mouth is." said Luna.

"Fiver a dish? Five… Ten… Fifteen. There. Come on, show me the money." Nick smirked, tapping the table.

Luna reached down into her bra and pulled out a small stack of cash. Placed fifteen pounds on the table and returned the pile of cash to its original place. Kiran, overhearing the conversation then opened the betting as to who was going to win. Kiran and Nyx both put a fiver on Luna to win whereas Jon put a fiver across the board saying that it would be a tie and also to cover his bet, if Luna won he would get some winnings but if Nick won he would still get some winnings. Len was completely backing Nick, even though he was secretly against gambling.

Nick and Luna both ate the first curry with ease, but on the second curry it was obvious that Luna had the upper hand. She had completely finished but hadn't taken a drink yet saying that she would drink when Nick did. This spurred the squire on and he finished the dish without having a drink afterwards. Luna did stick to her word and didn't have a drink either. Then came the Tindaloo. It was hot, spicy and slightly dry. Both had nearly gone for the drinks but on seeing the stack of cash on the table they both refused. Luna had been going steady with the amount of food on her fork but she hadn't noticed the small piece of Chile sitting on her fork. The princess bit into the Chile and the hotness of the food intensified, she reached for her Diet Coke and cooled her tongue down by taking a huge mouthful of the ice cold drink. She had lost.

Nick finished the meal, leaving out the Chiles and reached over to claim his winnings, Luna noticed the Chiles and hit his hand.

"And the Chiles!" she calmly stated, nodding at the small vegetables on his plate.

"Do I have to?" Nick asked, puppy dog eyes aimed at Luna.

"Yes. The first to finish all three dishes is the winner." Luna smirked.

Nick whimpered, scooped all the Chiles onto his fork and swallowed them whole. Len and Jon applauded as the young squire showed off his empty mouth to the scrutinising girls. Luna sank back into her seat, thinking of how to win the money back off Nick. Not that she really needed it, she just didn't want him boasting about her defeat. Luna was a born winner.

"Congrats. But I bet you can't stomach three of the sweetest Ice-cream Sundaes on the menu." Luna smiled easily, her eyes twinkling.

"Three curries and three Sundaes? Are you sure you can eat all that food?" Nick jabbed, eyeing Luna's petite figure.

"I have had to eat many a twelve course dinner when I wasn't hungry, I think I'll manage." Luna informed, looking Nick straight in the eye. BIG MISTAKE. Luna's heart skipped a beat and her breath cut short. Why does he do this to me? It makes my life soooo much harder.

"I think your bluffing." Nick said crossing his arms.

"We aren't playing poker." Luna scrutinised.

"Fine. Lets eat, but I still think you haven't got what it takes. Same rules?" Nick said, easily meeting Luna's eyes.

"Same rules."

Two Triple Toffee Fudge Sundaes, two New York Sweet Cake Sundaes and two Chocolate Lover's Everest Sundaes. The deserts arrived on the table. The Herculean task lay in front of the two teens. Kiran, Nyx, Jon and Len had put down the same bets as before but had upped the antae to tenner bets.

Luna practically inhaled the first Sundae and had wolfed down half of the second by the time Nick had finished his first Sundae. Nick had battled against the sickly sweetness of the Triple Toffee Fudge and now fought through the New York Sweet Cake at a determined speed. They both reached the Chocolate Lover's Everest at the same time and they started to slow as they ate their way through the largest, sweetest Sundae ever imagined. On the menu it was described as 'The chocolate lover's chimera.'

The Chocolate Lover's Everest Sundae consisted of three scoops of chocolate ice cream, three scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream and two scoops of white chocolate ice cream. Topped with milk and white chocolate sauce, chocolate drops, sprinkles, a flake, milk and white chocolate shavings and cream.

Luna being a girl and girls' loving sweets finished well before Nick. Threw her arms in the air, laughing. Then suddenly a wave of cold hit her head.

"Agh! Brain Freeze!" she complained holding her head in her hands, in the vain attempt to melt the freeze.

Nick bolted down the rest of his Sundae and regretted it, he got brain freeze too. Luna pocketed the cash, leaning back in the seat, smiling.

"Luna, you do know that that bet means that you have semi-scientifically proven that men can handle extreme heat and women can handle extreme sweetness." Nyx pointed out.

"No. For it to be semi-scientific it has to be repeated to make the experiment reliable."

"Luna actually understood something from potions. No, not possible. Ok, who are you and what have you done with Luna."

"Shuddup." Luna grumbled. "But I think I am about to prove that curries and Sundaes don't mix well." Luna got up and calmly walked to the restroom.

"Yep. They definitely don't mix." Nick mumbled getting up and going into the restroom.

"Looks like they got in over their heads." Jon laughed. "I'll go check on him."

"I might as well see if Luna's alright." Nyx said through her laughter.

"Luna, you ok?"

"I never want to eat a Sundae ever again." came the quiet reply from behind a toilet door.

"When you've stop testing your chuck up reflexes we will discuss your reasons for your own madness." Nyx laughed. Her reply was a small groan followed by vomit disappearing down the toilet.

"Nick! You alive?" Jon called carefully at the toilet containing the squire.

"Barely, dude. Barely."

"I told you to be careful. Luna will challenge almost anything and anyone. Thinking about it, she might even challenge Coditorta to a duel." Jon said half-heartedly.

"I would pay to see that." Nick quietly laughed.

"What possessed you to take on her bet?"

"Thought it would be fun and a way to make a few bucks."

"No. You thought you would impress her by beating her at her own game."

"I did win round one. And I can play the game just as well as her." came the defiant reply.

"Well, that is no way for a princess to act. Gambling with a squire." Len said disapprovingly.

"FYI, Luna isn't a normal princess." Kiran nipped. "She does what she wants, only the laws of nature stop her doing stuff. Like flying unaided or growing taller."

"What is your problem?"

"What, with you or the world of men in general?" Kiran asked bored-ly.


"You're stuck up, think your better then everyone else and push everyone around. Not to mention nag like an old woman." Kiran snapped.

"Well, I never … eh … em…" Len stammered.

"Sorry. It's just that I can't stand most royals. Luna and her mum are ace. Her dad needs to be taken down a peg or two though."

"So, you don't hate me personally, just my social standing." Len quizzed.

"Yeah! … No! … Maybe?" Kiran answered almost shy. Awkward!!!

"Well. What can I do to remedy this?"

"Try not to be a royal jerk." Kiran offered.

Luna carefully opened the door, only to find Nyx leaning against the sink, opposite the toilet Luna was standing in, with her arms crossed and a look on her face. The look was similar to the look Luna had given Nyx on their fist day in Magix.

"Come on. Lets hear your reasons."

"Reasons for what?"

"Your own madness, Luna. What else? How much you're crushing on Nick, maybe?"

"I'll start with the first question. Thanks." Luna answered carefully.

"Well go on then."

"I lied earlier on. The bike ride was the biggest thrill of my life. It was a pure adrenaline rush. I know he knew I enjoyed it. I just had to get back at him. I just ended up making an ass of myself."

"And the answer to the second question?" Nyx asked hopefully, Luna could easily brush off the question. But it was something that troubled the young princess so much.

"Is it really obvious?" Luna asked, squirming.

"Kiran and I noticed but I don't think its even been registered in the guys' heads. Jon might be the first to catch on though, he has known you for ages."

"Agh." Luna groaned, dropping her head onto Nyx's shoulder.

"Jon, I don't know how but she's got in my head. All I can think about is getting one up on her, try to stay a step ahead. But its like impossible, dude. She's like three steps ahead of everyone. And I know she enjoyed the bike ride, its like she just doesn't want to let me in or something."

"Luna is complex to say the least but she is also manipulative and used to getting her own way most of the time. If you really want to stay a step ahead then always expect the unexpected or put her in a situation where you are the one in control. But be prepared to fight for control once she realises." Jon said trying to help his friend, "Just don't try too hard. It isn't a healthy thing to do."

"Whatever, 'Captain Health'." Nick grumbled, using the nickname the senior RF students had made up for Jon.

"Did you start that?"

"No. Len might have said something to some of the 'Elite' and then it escalated from there though."

As the other four walked out of the toilets, Kiran looked at Len, a challenge in her eyes.

"Today's your lucky day, Prince."

"Why's that?"

"You're going learn how to have fun."

"Fun? As in 'ha-ha so funny'?"

"Fun as in 'whoohoo'!" she said dragging him out of the diner, leaving the others to foot the bill.

"OMG! Did you see that? Did I see that?" Luna gasped as she saw Kiran leave with Len.

"We saw it, you saw it and yes they are probably going to get into trouble without you, but Luna, I'm sure you'll survive." Jon deadpanned.

"Len and Kiran together. Without killing each other. The world has gone to pot and we had nothing to do with it." Nyx complained.

"You girls are way too psychotic." Nick said sitting back in the booth.

"Nuh uh! I know he didn't say what I think he said!" Luna and Nyx growled.

"Oh he said what you think he said." Nick challenge, coolly.

"Jon, can we hurt him? Can we hurt him, please?" The girls whined.

"Unfortunately, Nick and Luna have tested their chuck-up reflexes to the max and need to go to the infirmary, not pummel or be pummelled."

"Just a ickle scratch. A teeeeeny-weeeeeny scratch." Luna begged, then she muttered under her breath, "In a very important area."

"Luna, no!" Jon said, asserting his authority over the princess. Jon may be a squire but to Luna, he'd always be the brother she never had. A brother that she also had to listen too, he did look out for her after all.

"Let's just get to the infirmary. I don't care which one." Nyx scowled.

"Kiran. What are we doing here?"

"Welcome to Rave."

Rave: the biggest, loudest nightclub in all of Magix, and also a place that didn't check for ID.

"Good Morning Sunshine! Get up, get up! It's a brand new day!"

"Mrgh!" came the cry from the bed covers.

Luna laughed and pulled the curtains open, allowing the room to fill with sunlight.

"Aww! Did someone stumble home early this morning?"

"Luna leave her be. I'm sure Len is in a worse off state."

"Yesh, speaking of Len. What did you get up to last night? Come on, dish the dirt." Luna said pulling the covers off of Kiran with Nyx's help.

"Nothing happened … I think." Mumbled the hung over space fairy.

"Lets phone Len and find out." Luna smiled cruelly.

"Hey Kitty. Sorry but sleeping 'drunky' isn't awake yet."

"Aww. Need help?"

"No. I've got something that might just do the trick. (SPLASH)"

"Nick!! What on earth did you do that for!!" The shouts of the begrudged prince were heard by the two awake fairies on the other end of the phone.

"I think he's awake!" Nick informed the girls who were laughing hysterically.

"Well. Have fun torturing Len. Kiran was due for some major hurt any way but this gives us another excuse. See you guys later?"

"Probably." Nick said, trying to sound indifferent to the fact of seeing Luna later or not. "Laters."

"Come on Len we got Coditorta first thing. He isn't gonna be happy with you if you haven't sobered up by then. Em… Jon?"

"Yeah?" Jon, seeing the older squire's uncertainty, was almost certain where this conversation was headed.

"About what you said last night in the diner… em… Well I was thinking about it and I was wondering if you could lend me a hand."

Yep, this was where Jon thought this conversation was headed. Into the uncharted waters of lunacy, well more specifically - Luna.

"Yeah. What?" Jon liked Nick, of course he was going to help him out but he was also practically part of Luna's family and would only betray her if his life depended on it.

"I was wondering if you could… em… tell me what she's afraid of?"

"(Sigh) Nick you realise that I can only tell you so much, Luna would kill me if I told you too much."

"I know but dude this may be like the only way I can get ahead. You said it yourself, put her in a situation where she isn't in control, and well I thought that if I could like defeat something that scared her then she wouldn't keep pushing me out."

"Nick. I can't tell you exactly but think about Luna's personality and character. Maybe even some of her ambitions. You might just find out for yourself."

"Nick said they might come round later. Now Miss Kira what are we going to do with you?" Luna smirked.

"Leave me in bed with only my self hatred for company?" Kiran wished.

"You never feel bad about getting hammered. So no. You shall suffer through school like us." Luna said, laying down the law was fun after all. Kiran groaned and went to have a cold shower to wake her up a bit.

Kiran was in a bad mood all day but her bad moods are nothing compared to Luna's so no teachers ran out of class screaming. At least, not before lunch time when two different people pointed out the same thing to their friends at their respective schools.

"Nice tattoo." Nyx and Nick said. "It's not permanent, is it?"

Luna and Jon's eyes nearly fell out their heads, while two screams of horror filled the air.

Kiran and Len both had a tattoo of a badger, with the legend 'Yin and Yang, Len and Kiran' underneath it. These tats were subtly placed on their lower backs and they had been visible all day without either of them knowing.

Months passed and eventually the two party-goers got Luna and Nick to shut up about their tattoos for more then ten minutes. It was now the dreaded month of October. It probably wouldn't be so dreaded if they were on earth, because earth's month of October had Halloween, which was fun for everyone if they knew what they were doing. However, the last day of the month of October in Magix was also known as 'Debutante's Ball'. Attendance was compulsory. Dresses were compulsory. And even worse, in Luna and Kiran's opinion, Dates were compulsory.

The girls were hiding in the darkest corner of their favourite pizza parlour, desperately trying to avoid the numerous dress shops which hadn't been in Magix a mere two weeks ago. Even a fairly normal shop which they had been frequent customers of was now swamped in overly 'accidentally' sexy dresses. They stared in horror at the sight of girls pulling out an endless supply of dresses from bags to show off to their obviously aroused boyfriends.

"Why do they need so many dresses?" Nyx asked in a barely audible whisper.

"Well there is a white dress for the glorious entrance that we young brides must make and the fan is for the graceful 'fan-dance' (very imaginatively named I can assure you). Then there is the dinner dress - to be worn whilst one is eating. The ball gown for the ballroom dances you take part in with your chaperone - who must be in tails and suit with a pair of gloves. And finally the most important dresses you will ever need. The dress that looks elegant but no tears will be shed if it got ripped, and the dress that says I am an innocent young woman who just came out into marriageable society and have yet done nothing wrong." Kiran explained mocking professor DuFour.

Nyx and Luna looked at her in horror.

"Kiran, where did you learn this?" Nyx asked. "I mean, I know you went to Pur Fee, but you shouldn't know that. Luna and I are princesses, and we don't know that. Well, I didn't at any rate."

"I knew some of it but not in any great detail." Luna mumbled.

"Hello! You guys do remember my mother, don't you?"

"Oh that." Luna and Nyx chorused.

"Yes! That!" Kiran grumbled, rolling her eyes.

That was when she saw the boys.

"What are you three doing here? Shouldn't you be out shopping?" Len asked, noticing the girls' vast amounts of shopping bags or rather lack of.

"Where the hell have you been for the past school year, Badger-Boy?" Nyx snapped.

"Meow!" Nick called as he sat down beside Luna. "I remember a time when you were so sweet and innocent."

"If I hear those three words again I'm gonna snap!" Luna growled.

"Which three words might those be, Lunaria?" Jon asked sincerely confused.

"His final words!" Luna hissed, whilst prodding Nick in the back.

"So found a way out of the dance yet?" Nick asked, taking hold of Luna's hand, "Cease and desist."

Three low, threatening growls were his only answer. The boys knew fine well that the girls' parents had been informed, well their fathers had to give them away after all.

"Nyx, have you by chance procured a chaperone to this delightful event yet?" Jon quizzed with a slight air of indifference.

"No, nor does it seem likely." Nyx replied coldly with a steely glare that made Luna so proud.

"Oh, well. Could I possibly escort you to the festivities?" Jon finished with a smile.

"Has everyone else you asked turned you down?" Nyx said full of false sympathy. Jon's sea blue eyes darkened dangerously and Luna recognised that he was about to lose his temper, if she didn't intervene.

"Forgive her, JJ. We're kinda the 'last resort' girls this year. Everyone is soooo sure that no one has asked us out, that we are sure to go with the first half way decent guy who asks. Which, ironically, is you." Luna laughed. Diffusing tempers is fun.

Nyx sighed. "Sorry. This has not been a good month. Too much pink." She finished with a shudder that was echoed by Luna and Kiran.

"And we still have three weeks to go." Kiran half whined half sobbed. As one, the three girls hit their heads on the table, narrowly missing their food.

"I'll go with you but don't expect me to be my usual stellar self." Nyx smiled. "We still haven't brought up the courage to go shopping."

Len frowned. "I guess we should be grateful."

"Say what now!" the three girls said gob smacked.

"What?" Len said defensively

"There ya go." Luna giggled. "Seriously though, what'd you mean?"

"Well, as we are, as far as I am aware, the only complete trios without partners for the ball - at least until Aurora agreed to go with Jivon of course, then we would be duty bound to accompany you. I heard that a Miss Cheryl Ustinov dragged her partner through three different realms looking for her dresses." Len shook his head at her partner's misfortune.

A glint came into Kiran's eye, one that promised her fellow outcasts of Alfea hope for the future. "Len, will you be my chaperone?"

Len agreed, startled.

"Nick, you will chaperone Luna, because otherwise you'd probably end up with a proper 'princess', and Luna you will agree because there are no decent guys left. Jon and Len are taken!" Kiran smirked, and the glee was visible in her voice. "We're going shopping, NOW!"

Luna and Nyx paled, which was quite a feat considering how pale they were already.

Kiran's smirk was a fully fledged grin by this point. "To Earth, and Andy's make-up kit!"

Miraculously it only took the girls four hours to find the four dresses that they would require, the shoes and accessories.


Dress 1 - long, plain white dress made from satin with pale red ties and is fitted.

Dress 2 - long, deep red, corseted dress made from silk with a slit on the right leg that stopped mid thigh.

Dress 3 - Count Dracula's Bride style blood red dress with bell jar sleeves and is fitted.

Dress 4 - long, crimson, backless dress made of silk held together by silver ribbon


Dress 1 - 'Virginal' white, high neckline, long sleeves, with black ribbon belt under bust

Dress 2 - Classic black empire dress, sleeveless, gathered under bust

Dress 3 - Count Dracula's Bride, Black satin dress with bell jar sleeves,

Dress 4 - Sleeveless muted black, shapeless, high neckline, with reversible silver/black pagan cloak fastened with crescent moon broach from Chaos's collection,


Dress 1 - fitted plain white, pale blue ribbon under bust into halter

Dress 2 - low neckline, ¼ length sleeves, tie-dye blue.

Dress 3 - Count Dracula's Bride, navy and gold, classic pagan/medieval princess minus tall hat.

Dress 4 - short, blue slip dress paired with combat boots, fishnet tights.

Andy could not believe just how beautiful the three girls looked. Even Kiran in her fourth dress looked gorgeous and not OTT or slutty.

The latest queen-bee of the school, Pippa Aries met them as they came in.

"My, my look what the cat dragged in! Oops! Its not a cat. Its Lunaria and her pathetic little friends. Got a troll to escort you to the Ball yet?"

"Our dates are not trolls! Why I remember you practically drooling all over our dates until you found out their social status." Kiran said with the proper etiquette that so many had tried to drum into her but couldn't get to stick.

"Ah … Well I bet they only asked you because it was a last resort or they were dared to do it."

""I'd shut my trap if you don't want to know what I do as a last resort from ridding the world of bitches like yourself." Luna giggled but the glint in her eyes said she meant every word.

"How dare you talk to me like that you …."

Unfortunately Pippa was unable to finish her minor rant because the wind had unceremoniously been knocked out of her lungs by …. NYX!!!!!

"Whoa. Since when did you go stealing my best lines?" Luna said turning her shocked gaze to Nyx.

"Well ever since you started taking your time thinking about it." Nyx smirked back.

"I wasn't thinking about it, I was leading her into false pretences." Luna said, after having thought about it. Nyx and Kiran gave her the Look.

"What I'm tired, shopped for four hours and have Mr Tall, Dark and Heroic for a date. Leave. Me. Alone."

Nyx and Kiran looked at each other and smiled.

"At least she admitted it." Kiran sing-songed.

"Admitted what? What? … NO! I didn't! … NO! … STOP LOOKING AT ME LIKE THAT!"

"We shouldn't tease her. I don't think her fragile little mind could take it." Nyx babied.

"Yes exactly! … Wait! My mind is not small and fragile! Nothing about me is fragile!" Luna protested.

"Methinks the lady does protest to much." Kiran mused.

"I am HERE you know!"

"Yes but Lu, we are talking about you not to you." Kiran teased. "There is a big difference. Right now for instance I am talking to you. This morning before you got up I was talking about you."

"I. Hate. You. Go. To. Hell." Luna growled.

"You wanna kiss Nick with that mouth?" Nyx poked.

Luna had nothing else to say, they had won. They knew it, she knew it and Pippa Aries knew it. Luna stormed off - she wasn't a bad loser, losing just put her in a bad mood - slamming doors after her.

Weeks passed and the atmosphere in Alfea was almost suffocating. Everyone was anxious about the ball, even the Wednesday Girls - as the three schools in Magix had come to call them - were nervous, although they had no idea as to why. They blamed it no the fact Luna's father would be coming and speaking with their teachers and learning about all the stuff they've been up to in class and …. It just doesn't bare thinking about.

These petrifying thoughts were those of Luna Addams bonding with Kiran Brysteen and Nyx Sirius. Everything had been so 'in-your-face' lately that the girls didn't have time to bond over a LARGE tub of ice cream like the usually had before the Ball reared up its ugly, pink head.

Dawn - the day of the ball and all the girls of Alfea were awake bar the Wednesdays, getting started on the spa/beauty routine that all princesses go through for important social events. The Wednesdays were shortly wakened by a phone sitting amongst two others on the kitchen table in their dorm.

"Whosever phone that is can you go answer it." Nyx grumbled through her open bedroom door.

"Nyx how do you know its not yours coz Lu set all the ring tones to the same tune." Kiran gripped through her open door. A shared silence followed only broken by the captivating sounds of Luna's relaxation CD that she uses for her morning routine.

"LUNA ANSWER THE PHONE!" Kiran and Nyx shouted - neither wanting to face the world at such an hour with the possibility of being sucked into the pink princess routine. A sigh was heard above the CD as Luna unfolded herself from her Floating Lotus position. Luna would later neither confirm or deny accusations of her mumbling "Pitiful, cowardly wimps" nor would she comment on the wording as she went to answer the phone.

On the kitchen table sat a black phone with a s8ilver sword design flashing and singing happily. Luna picked up the voicemail.

'Aurora, darling unfortunately your Mother and I will be unable to attend your Debutant Ball as our presence has been requested at the Sirian Court and politics waits for no one. Ask dear Lenard to explain our inability to deny attendance at Court, but do not worry I am sure your Mother will look out for any suitable suitors for you so you will not miss out on anything. Your Father.'

"OMG it's a voicemail message to our daughter not a formal letter to the Sirian Court you pompous nitwit!" Luna snarled whilst deleting the message. "Nyx your Father won't be coming as his enthralling presence is needed at the Sirian Court but your not to worry as your Mother is on the lookout for someone to fob you off on." Luna said loud enough to gain attention of the other girls, just as Kiran's phone received a text.

'K-ster! Can't come. Will send explanation & prezzie. Dad.'

"K-ster your dad can't make it either but he says he'll send a prezzie with his reasons later." Luna said over Nyx's cries of "What an I gonna do now?" This set Kiran of as well. At least she didn't grumble about pompous fathers and pimping mothers like Nyx which Luna saw as a little miracle until they both got a little hysterical. Brown paper bags, anyone?

"My god! Three weeks ago and you two would be thinking up ways to stop my dad from showing up if this had happened! Why don't the pair of you sit drink some hot chocolate, listen to my CD and let me go fix this dilemma of the century! And before you even think about it do not go pink on me!" Luna snapped before going to her room and opening her window. With one exasperated look over her shoulder Luna went Winx and flew out the window.

When Luna arrives at RF she de-winxifies and locates the dorm of her three favourite punch bags … I mean heroes-in-training. Luna then calmly and politely knocks - well for her anyway - on the dorm door. After getting no answer she opens the door only to be met with perfect darkness and no booby traps. She then smirks and holds out her hands in that asking/offering hugs gesture and said,

"Let there be Moonlight."

Too her immense pleasure her three favourite heroes-in-training rolled out of bed very loudly and groggily.

"Unfortunately, my gorgy studs, something has come up and Kiran and Nyx's dads aren't coming so you Lenny will present Nyx and 'No' will not be a suitable answer." Luna purred. Len just nodded his head and tried to get his brain to process the words - he hadn't slept well for worrying about Kiran's parents' reaction to him escorting her.

"Lu, what about Kiran?" Jon asked curious and more awake to understand what was being instructed of them, not matter how nicely put.

*"Papa"* was his Spanish reply. *'Papa'* being the only word knows in Spanish beyond Macho, Senörita and porfavor.

"Why would he do that?"

"*Smirking* it's a bad idea to make me upset" and with that Luna blew a kiss in their general direction and left with a slight swaying of her hips. Nick shamelessly ogles her ass as she does so - well she was only wearing short-shorts and a crop top. Once she was out of sight, the three boys went back to bed.

Nyx's dad didn't show, so she asks Len to stand in for him. Luna's dad surprised at her relatively 'decent' outfit, and Kiran's dad can't make it due to an emergency at work so he sent a set of throwing knives to hide under her dress to cheer her the boys reactions to their dates? The other girls' reactions to the couples?A conversation between teachers about how the Wednesday Girls are raising the level of class and what a surprise. No need to focus on the ball too much, just finish it with a conversation between a couple and the phrase 'she laughed and let him spin her across the dance floor. She'd rather shove hot needles in her eyes than admit it, but she'd never felt so 'princessy' in her entire life.

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