Title: Mending a Heart

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Aranel

Rate: K+

Disclaimer: Not mine.

Warning: Angst/family.

Summary: Elrond felt guilty in some way as Celebrían left Middle Earth. The twins are following.

A/N: Written for MCI forum challenge theme: Guilt

A/N2: Sorry no Arwen in the story.


Elrond stood at the doorway, wretchedly watching his wife leave him in spite of all his efforts. Celebrían had been rescued from the orcs by her sons and quickly brought back home, but everything they did was futile.

And now, watching her leave him, Elrond could feel how his heart shattered into thousands of glass shards, each one piercing him with more guilt and pain.

He did not understand where he had gone wrong. He had done all that was in his power to heal his wife, but it was all worthless; in the end, she left him anyway.

Elladan and Elrohir watched their father quietly; he seemed more and more withdrawn each day since their mother left.

"Ada…" Elladan started, then paused, seemingly lost for ways to draw his father out of his grief.

Luckily for him, his twin continued with his thoughts, "We're kind of missing the tour that you led us in the garden. Could we…"

Their father seemed not to have understood them. "Forgive me… it is my fault that your nana left; I am not good enough to save her… to see her staying with us…"

His words shocked them, and their hearts ached for him. In unspoken agreement, they led their Adar toward the sunny garden, away from the cold house. He had shown them, not once but often, the beauty of nature and what words – the well-placed soft word could do.

"It was not your fault, Ada… Both Elladan and I know that you have done everything you could to heal nana," Elrohir told his Ada softly, and then he looked to his twin, uncertain if he was of any help.

"She left me… I am a terrible healer and husband…" Elrond fell into despondency, knowing – convinced – that he was guilty of making his wife leave him, of not doing enough, of not being there for her. If he had been with her during that trip…

"Nay, you are not! Ada, you are the best we've got, and we are not going to lose you or let you drown in grief after nana has left," Elladan's determined voice pleaded with his father, and Elrohir added, "We love you and we need you, Adar."

Elrond stared at both of his sons, then he gazed toward the distant horizon. He paused, deep in thought. Then he sighed, and turned toward his sons decisively.

"I love you too, my sons, and I am proud of you," Elrond said, letting the guilt leave his body and easing his thoughts toward his sons who loved him and needed him as much as he needed them.