Summary: Ryuuku wants a kiss; Raito considers suicide. Who will win this time?

Pairing/s: None, though it looks like Ryuuku likes Raito and Raito likes Ryuuku.

… That didn't make sense. Okay, maybe it's a bit implied yaoi in this fic. C'mon, they do share a kiss!

Warnings: Um, not-to-be-taken-seriously fic? And a French-kiss between a human and a non-human; beware!!

Disclaimers: I don't own Death Note.

Maybe it's a good thing you know about the first fic, 'Troublesome Night' because they are kinda hanging together with each other.


Raito stared at Ryuuku in horror. Ryuuku cocked his head in curiosity.

"What?" the human managed to say weakly after a while.

"I wanna know how a kiss feels like!"

The teen looked at the Shinigami for a while, before diving right back into his homework.



"Seriously, how does a kiss feels like?"

Raito groaned quietly, letting his head rest on the desk. Ryuuku had asked nonstop for the last few days and the human was going crazy unless he stopped.

"I don't know how a kiss feels like Ryuuku," he replied for the seventh or eighth time. "I've never been kissed before."

"But I want to know!"

"Well, can't help you there! Go and ask Misa." He was desperate. Please, tell me Misa knows! Please, so I can get him off my back!

"I already tried. She didn't know either, since she saved her first kiss for you!"

"Oh god, why am I surrounded by morons?" Raito asked the math-book.

"Eh? What didja say?"

"Nothing, Ryuuku, nothing."


"Kiss!" Pleading tone.

"No!" Firm tone.

"Kiss!" Whiny tone.

"NO!" Hysterical tone.

Ryuuku pouted while Raito seriously starting thinking of suicide. Which would be the quickest and most painless? Shooting himself with a gun? No, that did not always work and it would leave a mess behind. Drowning? Why, and look like a balloon when they find you? Burning himself? From what he had read, that was painful. Gas inhalation? As if he would find a car to do that. Slitting wrists? Maybe.

"Raito," Ryuuku whined, breaking him from his thoughts.

"What?" he got out between clenched teeth.

"Kiss! Just a small one!"

That was it. For the sake of his sanity, and his peace, he decided.

The teen rose up abruptly from the chair, making Ryuuku blink from his spot on the bed. Raito stepped up to him, grabbed the Shinigami's face and gave him what he wanted.

Yellow-red eyes widened and the Shinigami fell back. Raito followed. The teen straddled the Shinigami's waist and closed his eyes. His tongue slipped into Ryuuku's mouth and he felt the Shinigami answer with his own.

After a few minutes they broke apart, the human gasping for breath. His cheeks were red and he looked away.

"That was a kiss?" Ryuuku asked.

"An intimate kiss, yes," Raito mumbled and blushed some more when he realized he was sitting on Ryuuku's hips. He quickly moved away and sat down to finish his homework.

Ryuuku licked his lips and grinned. Raito saw that and sighed.

Two-zero to the Shinigami.


I just saw Raito's horrified expression when Ryuuku asks for a kiss, and decided to write a fic about how Ryuuku gets his kiss. So there you have it.

Until another time,