I was crouched just above the ground, ready to leap up and hurtle towards the unsuspecting deer stood mere feet away from me, when I heard the unmistakable roar of a grizzly bear. Alarmed by the sound, the deer gave way to it's natural instincts and ran as fast it could, away from the bear and away from me. Of course, there was no question that I could have chased after it and caught it again within seconds, but now that I knew there was a grizzly nearby I had no interest in that weak, susceptible deer. I stood upright, alert. Relying on my exceptional sense of smell, I realised the bear was not that far from me at all. I wondered how I had missed it initially. Shaking my head and truly focussing now, I glided lithely through the forest until I could see it.

I once again hovered in a crouch, behind the cover of the bushes. Peering over them, I noticed that I was apparently not the only one here feeling hungry; the bear was towering over something. Someone. An unbelievably attractive someone, especially for a human. The segments of his skin that were exposed through the rips in his shirt were a beautiful tanned colour, and his sleeves bulged with the muscles that strained beneath them. His hair, although matted with blood in places, almost sparkled in the sunlight as he lay on the forest floor fighting for his life.

My unbearable thirst had become subdued as I was enchanted by this strange being, and I no longer longed to take the life of the bear. Instead, I intended to save the life of the human.

Staying low on the ground, I crawled behind the bushes until I was behind the bear. Taking it down would be easy; that's what predation is all about. I pounced onto it's back and with a loud ripping sound tore into the bear's neck. I descended to the ground, landed lightly on my feet, and allowed the bear to keel over sideways. It wasn't until I was completely satisfied that the bear was immobile that I turned my attention to the human writhing in pain behind me.

His face was badly marred with scratches that bled profusely, but the shock at what had just transpired was still easily visible on his face. The smell of his blood was overwhelming as it exited his body, but I had no desire to feed my thirst. Something inside me took over, and I knew I had to save this person.

He was conscious. Just. Despite this he was clearly in immense pain and judging by the amount of wounds he had, the bear had had the upper hand in the fight for survival. It had so nearly finished this beautiful being off. He would not live, that much was clear. But I could save him, the same way Carlisle had saved me. I knelt beside him and he let out a whimper.

"I won't hurt you," I whispered. His body convulsed with the pain once again, and I realised that if I was going to do this, I needed to do it now. I panicked at the urgency of the situation, and images of myself losing control as I attempted to help flooded my head. Beginning to despair, I scooped him up in my arms and began to run like I had never run before in my life. I willed my legs to move faster as the man in my arms began to fade in and out of consciousness.

"Carlisle!" I yelled as I entered the house. "Carlisle!" I knew there was no need to yell; he would have heard me just as clearly had I whispered, but by now I was anxious and frenzied. He ran to my side, alarmed at the scene before him.

"You have to save him," I whispered. "…I couldn't do it…"

Understanding immediately, Carlisle sucked in a deep breath before leaning down to bite the casualty, managing to pull away with impeccable restraint.

"Let's make him comfortable," Carlisle said gently as the man started thrashing in my arms, overcome by even worse pain than before. "He's got a long three days ahead of him."