A Note from the Author:

Finally, time to upload the GT rewrite. However, I didn't like GT as it was, and I know many of you will agree, so I'm taking many liberations with the storyline. Filling in numerous plot holes, adding new twists, keeping neglected characters important, and all around fixing it to be more like DBZ, which we all loved.

I've analyzed everything people said about Z:SGTW and tried to fix the most prevalent complaints, such as 'not enough detail'.

I will say that how this ends is very, VERY different from the original GT. And as for something that some of you will be mad about... look closer, and try and divine any hidden meanings. You'll understand... if not, keep reading, and you probably won't be disappointed.

Here you go.

"wordswordswords" Standard vocal communication

"typitytypitytype" Electronic Communication OR Attacks

evenmorewords Thoughts

"insertwordshere" Telepathic Communication



He was the one of the most famous celebrities/crime-fighters/martial artists on the planet. He had legions of fans at his beck and call. Millions of children played with action figures modeled off of him, carried lunch boxes with his image, and discussed his latest WMAT appearance. Thousands of fan girls routinely screamed out that they wanted to have his babies (you people know this does happen). And more importantly, he had enough power in his grasp to completely wipe out all life on the planet without breaking a sweat, should the desire take him.

So why, just why, was he laying there, lazily flicking through channels on the television? Even more importantly, why was nothing good on?

Gohan sighed. His mother had taken Goten out shopping a few hours ago, his father was giving Uub his final test up at the Lookout (which he couldn't attend, due to his mother's increasing demands to set a better example for his younger brother and study (which he was supposed to be doing)), and all the others were busy with either family business (Gohan could just imagine Bulma and Bra dragging Vegeta into a clothing store, kicking and screaming), meditation (which Piccolo always did), overseeing the Earth (how much was there to oversee anyways?), or were unreachable.

"This is boring," said Gohan to himself, flicking past a replay of his latest crushing victory in the WMAT two years ago. One punch and all his usual opponents were down. None of his human (and Namekian) comrades entered the tournaments anymore, thanks to him being who they would inevitably have to face (even at normal form, Gohan was far stronger, and since he always was entered as Super Saiyan... yeah). Vegeta scoffed at the lack of competition, saying if he wanted a good fight, he'd just rope Gohan or Goku into a spar. Trunks would enter, but his mother had conned him into becoming head of Capsule Corp.

But more importantly than tournaments, fans, or training, why couldn't he shake the feeling that something bad was about to happen?


"I don't know what's going on, but it's madness in there, sire," said the voice of Mai over Emperor Pilaf's radio transmitter. "I'm telling you, this isn't a good time."

"You clueless idiot!" shouted back Pilaf. "There will never be a better time. It's the perfect distraction!" He and his two henchmen were flying up in flying robots, ascending towards Kami's Lookout.

Light exploded from the windows on the side of the Lookout as Goku and Uub battled.

"I know the Lookout is designed for stuff like this," said Dende as the floor around he and Popo cracked, the cracks glowing with light. "But the cracking floor makes me a little bit nervous."

Two long suction cups extended from the robots, attaching to the floor of the Lookout. "I don't want to get blown up!" complained the dog henchman, Shu. "I'd better go back to the base!"

"No you won't!" said Pilaf. "You'll stick together as you were ordered! Now both of you pull! Get us over that edge!"

"The floor does seem to look a little unstable," said Mr. Popo as the Lookout shook again, the cracks glowing with light.

"Maybe we should get out of here?" asked Dende, he and Mr. Popo clearing out as the floor erupted in streams of light.

"Finally I did it!" said Pilaf, he and his crew reaching the summit of the Lookout. "Now let's find the Dragon Balls! I know Kami's taken to storing them up here with him in case he needs them." There was a colossal explosion, which threw the three robots into a large stone pavilion. "Am I bleeding?"

"I think you'll be fine, sire," said Mai, staring through her viewport into Pilaf's viewport.

"Well, something hurts pretty bad." Pilaf rolled out of his upside down robot. "But thanks to our Dragon Radar indicating all seven Dragon Balls being kept up here, it will be the last pain I suffer in the search for the Dragon Balls! By day's end, my reckoning will be at hand, and all the world will hail me as Emperor Pilaf!"

"How do you know that Radar was correct, sir?" asked Shu.

"Because the Dragon Radar has never failed me before! Now get searching! And keep an eye out for anybody." Another explosion rocked the Lookout, sending them flying back.

Finally, the explosions ceased, and two figures emerged from the Lookout. Dende and Popo looked up as Goku and Uub walked out, walking shakily. Uub was wearing the orange-and-blue gi top favored by Goku and Gohan, as well as Goten (though the youngest one had a long-sleeved undershirt instead of a short-sleeved one like his family members.) "We're finished, Dende," said the Saiyan happily.

"Well, don't keep us in suspense, Goku," said the Guardian. "How did Uub do?"

"He passed with flying colors," said Goku. "I was really impressed. I haven't had a battle that wore me out this much since Frieza."

"How does it feel to graduate, Uub?" asked Popo, smiling.

"Really good," said Uub. He and Goku suddenly winced in pain and collapsed.

"Popo, get the first aid kit!" said Dende.

"Um, Dende?" said Popo. "You are the first aid kit."

"Oh. Right. Guess I forgot." Dende raised his hands, healing Goku and Uub of all their injuries.

Meanwhile, inside, Pilaf and his gang had managed to sneak around and found something they didn't expect in a sealed room. "I found them!" he said, looking over seven Dragon Balls.

"They don't look like and Dragon Balls I've seen," said Mai. "They've got Black Stars. Didn't the ones we used to have have red stars?"

"Maybe Kami decided to recolor them. Does it matter? We came here searching for the seven Dragon Balls, and we found seven Dragon Balls. Gather them up, and let's go outside so I can make my wish!"

"Thanks a lot, Goku," said Uub outside. "You changed my life. I don't know how I'll ever repay you and Gohan, both for training me and for the food you bought for my village."

"Don't worry about it," replied the Saiyan, having changed into a spare orange-and-blue gi. "Just remember to help save the world."

"I will. Thanks, guys. See you all later." Uub shot off, heading back towards his village.

"So..." said Goku hopefully. "Can I get something to eat? That battle really made me hungry!" Popo and Dende fell on their backs.

Just then, the sky went dark, and a pillar of lightning shot up from behind the main building. Goku, Popo, and Dende sprinted to the other side of the building. What they were met with scared them all at least slightly.

A massive, red dragon with a head as big as the Lookout hovered overhead. Pilaf, Mai, and Shu all stood by the seven strange Dragon Balls, staring up in fear at the massive dragon.

"Why have you summoned me?" asked the dragon.

"Hey!" shouted Goku. "What's going on here?"

"It's him!" shouted Shu, pointing in horror at Goku.

"Who?" asked Pilaf, his memory not having quite registered Goku's familiar appearance.

"He's Son Goku," whispered back Shu. Pilaf went from blue to white as he, too, recognized the man standing in front of them.

"You mean THE Goku? You're saying this guy is that little brat who always put himself between me and my greatness?"

"Only now he's grown up," said Mai. "And he has a body that looks like it was chiseled out of marble."

"And you're Emperor Pilaf, right?" asked Goku, recognizing the leader as being the man who he'd constantly thwarted out of immortality in his early years.

"You must have me mistaken with someone else," said Pilaf, attempting to whistle.

"No, you're Emperor Pilaf, alright. I'd have a hard time forgetting blue skin and pointy ears." Pilaf growled in anger.

"Shu, Mai, annihilate him!"

"Why bother?" asked Mai. "It never worked way back when he was a little kid. Why should it start working now?"

"All these years and the three of you are still up to no good," said Goku. "Now, I'd suggest you get out of here before something happens to you. I know somebody who's going to be on his way here right now, and once he gets here, you'll wish you'd left."

"Oh yeah?" asked Pilaf. "Curses! You've grown from a little nuisance into an even bigger one! You've got to be at least three times my size! Oh, I wish you were a little kid again, then I'd really show you."

"So be it," said the massive dragon overhead. A bright light shot out from the dragon's eyes, lightning seeming to strike Goku.

"GOKU!" shouted Dende, running forward. When the light cleared, Goku was standing there. He was even younger than Gohan was (stuck at). In fact, he was at most a year older than Goten.

"Well well well," said a low rasping voice from behind them. "I decide to meditate away from the Lookout while Goku's testing Uub, and I come back and find everything's gone down hill. I'm getting way too old for this."

"Hey, Piccolo," said Goku, smiling happily at the Namekian warrior who had just entered.

"Did he say Piccolo?" asked Pilaf. "King Piccolo?"

"Hey, Goten," said Piccolo, mistaking Goku for his youngest son. "Where's your father? I thought you were supposed to be shopping with your mother today."

"That's... not... Goten," said Dende. "That's... Goku!"

"WHAT?" screamed Piccolo, spinning to face Goku. "GOKU? I assume this has something to do with the wish that was made? But how did it break through the wish holding you at your old age?"

"It wasn't made on the Dragon Balls," said Dende. "It was a huge, red dragon. And if it was Shenron, then something's up with the Dragon Balls!"

"You mean to tell me that these three got their hands on the Black Star Dragon Balls?" asked Piccolo, shocked. "You fools! Do you realize what you've done?" Pilaf, Shu, and Mai shook their heads, deathly afraid of Piccolo.

"What's so special about those Dragon Balls?" asked Goku.

"The Black Star Dragon Balls were made before Kami and I separated," said Piccolo. "As such, they are much more powerful. But also much worse. You see, when a wish is made on them, they don't just separate across the planet- they separate across the galaxy. Right now, those seven balls are making their way to different planets."

"You mean they're gone?" asked Pilaf. "My hopes of immortality- just gone across the entire galaxy?"

"And so are you," said Piccolo, raising his hand. He conjured parachutes onto the three, then blasted them off the Lookout.

"Does this mean Chi-Chi's going to make me study?" asked Goku, examining his 8-year-old body. Piccolo and the others fell onto the ground in shock. "I'm going to go to West City and get something to eat. See you guys later." He shot off.

"Goku, wait!" shouted Piccolo. They Saiyan didn't hear him and continued on his path. "I guess it will be easier to explain the worse news later, when everybody's there."


7-year-old Goten skipped happily along a street in West City. He'd convinced his mother to give him some money (and free time) so he could go buy some toys at a toy store, then promised he would study when he got back home. Kami knew she didn't want to be there with Goten when he was in a toy store, just as much as the three boys didn't want to be with her when she was in a clothing store.

"Gonna buy toys, gonna buy toys!" he chanted happily, his tail wagging in time with his chants. Of course, the Goku clone (now more than ever) already had more toys than Gohan and Trunks had had combined, including numerous Gold Fighter and Great Saiyaman action figures (his favorites).

Skipping around a corner, he stopped upon seeing quite the commotion. A horde of police officers were outside a bank, at which four gunmen were standing, one taking cover behind a hostage, who was apparently one of the bank's secretaries.

"If you're men don't take a few steps back, I'm gonna start firing, and I don't care who I hit!" shouted one of the gunmen, holding his pistol up. The police took cover behind their massive shields. One officer tried to get in position to take a shot, but he was forced into cover by a hail of machine gun fire.

One of the bullets ripped through a restaurant wall and hit a light hanging over Goku, who was consuming a massive meal. The light smashed down on top of his head. "How am I suppose to eat with all the disturbances?" asked the Saiyan.

Meanwhile, the robbers let out a hail of fire on the cops. A stray rocket smashed into the restaurant Goku was eating in, collapsing the roof on top of him. He simply finished up what he was eating and left, taking some food with him.

What would mom tell me to do? thought Goten, examining the scene. She'd tell me not to help out. Dad and Gohan would help out in an instant if they was here. Smiling at finally getting some advice he liked, he jumped forward, bounding off police shields (and heads) until he was standing on top of a police van.

"Hi!" he shouted, grinning cheerily (like he always does). "Why won't you let the nice lady go?"

"Because we would then lose our bargaining chip," said the leader, aggravated. "Now scram, kid, before I lose my temper. If you do, I'll give you a toy."

"TOY!" screamed Goten, leaping forward happily. "CAN I HAVE IT NOW? PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE-PLEASE?"

"Excuse me," said Goku, pushing his way through the crowd and setting down his food. "But guns are dangerous. Especially in the hands of the untrained." The robbers looked back and forth between Goku and Goten, noticing the similarities between them. He hadn't noticed Goten clawing at the legs of the leader yet.

"Did school let out early today?" asked the leader. "Hey, kids, leave the adult stuff to the adults. And kid, I don't have a toy, so leave me alone!"

Goten, upset that he'd been lied to, leapt up and kicked the leader in the head, sending him flying into the crowd. As the robbers pivoted to fire on Goten, Goku leapt in, knocking the three of them unconscious.

"That'll show you," said Goku, smacking his hands clean. He turned around to find himself face to face with his youngest son, who was grinning at him happily.

"Hi!" said Goten. "You look a lot like me!"

"G-Goten!" said Goku, surprised. "What are you doing here?" Goten merely tilted his head to the side, not recognizing his father.

"Hey, Goten!" said a familiar voice from the crowd, pushing through. It was Master Roshi, wearing his new sunglasses. "Pardon me, ladies, heh heh." He reached Goku and Goten, giving the peace sign to everybody.

"You never change, do you old timer?" asked Goku, smiling. Master Roshi looked back and forth between Goku and Goten.

"Erm, Goten," said the turtle hermit. "Did Gohan teach you the multi-form technique? Because either he did, or I'm seeing double."

"It's me!" said Goku. "Goku!"

"WHAT?" screamed Master Roshi, examining Goku. "GOKU? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?"

"Emperor Pilaf summoned a strange dragon and accidentally wished for me to be smaller. According to Piccolo, the new dragon is more powerful than Shenron, and this wish is more powerful than the old one."

"Dad?" asked Goten, cocking his head quizzically. A moment later, he broke into a huge grin. "Oh, wow, this is so cool!"

"Nothing ever phases you, does it?" asked Goku. "I guess you get that from me. When your mother finds out about this, we both know what's going to happen. Scream, then faint."


"Mom!" screamed Goten as he walked into the house, carrying a bag full of toys. He'd dragged his now-child father with him to buy toys before he agreed to return home. "Dad's back!"

"Oh, good," called back Chi-Chi from the kitchen. "Dinner will be ready in an hour."

"Okay!" shouted back Goku. The strangeness of the voice prompted his older son to look up from where he laid on the couch, staring at his now-child father and little brother.

"Um, dad?" asked Gohan. "I have one question, but the only way I can think to phrase it I don't think mom would like very much."

"I'll explain after she wakes up," said Goku. Sure enough, Chi-Chi entered the room a moment later, saw her husband, raised her hands to her mouth, and screamed as loud as she could. She then prompted to fall down. Goku had the sense to catch her before she hit the ground and laid her out on the couch which Gohan had now vacated.


"So they caught you by surprise," said Gohan from where he hovered over his father.

"I had no idea Pilaf would accidentally wish me into a kid," said Goku. "And I had no idea what the red dragon meant. I'm not even sure Piccolo's too sure about what it means."

"I am," said a voice from the doorway. The Namekian entered silently. "The wish was made on the Black Star Dragon Balls, which Kami created long before I separated from him. It appears refusing has also reactivated the Black Star Dragon Balls."

"Why haven't we ever been able to detect them on the Dragon Radar, though?" asked Gohan. "I mean, the number of times we've had that thing out, and we've never seen them registered on it!"

"The Black Star Dragon Balls give out a different type of energy than the regular Dragon Balls," said Piccolo. "They're significantly more powerful. It'll be easy to modify the Dragon Radar so that it will pick up Black Star Dragon Balls. And we need to start gathering them quickly."

"Why?" asked Goku. "Maybe it would be easier for me to stay like this."

"When a wish is made on the Black Star Dragon Balls, a countdown starts. Exactly one year from today, the negative energy from the wish will overwhelm the planet, resulting in it's... destruction. In one year, unless the Black Star Dragon Balls are returned to Earth in that time, the planet will explode."


Our heroes only have one year to gather the mysterious Black Star Dragon Balls before the Earth is wiped from the face of the galaxy. Will the inadvertent wish of a clumsy old foe be the beginning of the end for the Earth? Find out in the next chapter of DBGT: Son Gohan the Warrior.

Author's Narration:

Yeah, I kept the Goku turned into kid thing. In my mind, it was a semi-decent twist. I had some ideas for some interesting situations if my versions of the characters were around. They just carried the Goku is a kid on way too long. I vow to you, this twist is not permanent like it was in the original series. And I will explain how he's a kid despite the original wish.