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"Let's go!" roared Gohan as the four entered the control room.

"Can our ship catch them?" asked Goten, he and his father getting into one of the seats as Trunks took the pilot's seat and Gohan took the co-pilot's seat.

"Don't worry about that," said Trunks, firing up the ship. "We've got enough speed to catch them." He quickly took off, tearing after the strange ship that was now flying off.

"The Dragon Ball's straight ahead," said Gohan, tapping at his display and bringing up the shipboard Dragon Radar. "Stay on this course, and we'll get it back in no time."

"There he is!" said Goten, he and his father getting up and staring out the viewport at the enemy ship. The half-Saiyan assumed a heroic stance. "Stay with him, pilot Trunks," he said in a commanding voice.

"Aye-aye, Captain," said Gohan humorously.

"Our ship must be faster than theirs!" said Goku as they closed in on the now visible enemy ship. It was mushroom shaped, with the engine at the bottom of the 'stalk'.

"I doubt they've played all their cards this quickly," said Trunks. "They're probably just testing us. But that is one weird looking ship." They watched as the other ship suddenly accelerated.

"Can our ship match those speeds?" asked Goku.

"It has to," said Trunks, pushing the accelerator lever all the way forward. Their ship accelerated just as quickly as the opposing ship.


"You should have seen the looks on their faces," said the alien who'd stolen the Dragon Ball as he threw it into the air and then caught it again. "What a bunch of dopes!"

"Let me see it," said another alien, far smaller than the other. He took the Dragon Ball and examined it. "Are you sure that it's a Dragon Ball?"

"Yes, Son Para."

"Well it doesn't look that special to me."

"How could it, Son Para?" asked another alien, just as tall as the first but skinnier. He took the Dragon Ball. "You're too skeptical, brother. You don't know how to recognize the finer things in life." He kissed the Dragon Ball.

"Don Para is right," said the first alien. "You have to have trust, little brother. Didn't Cardinal Muchi-Muchi assure us of their potency?" Just then, the computer on board beeped. "What is it?"

"A shadow has been confirmed at five kilometers, sir," replied the computer.

"On screen." The video display switched to show a picture of the Saiyans' ship, which was still tailing them closely.

"It's them," said Son Para. "Maybe they're not as dumb as we thought."

"Maximum speed."

"Warp drives engaged, sir," responded the computer.


The Saiyans watched as the Para Brothers' ship suddenly seemed to flicker in space, it's speed increasing dramatically.

"They're getting away!" shouted Gohan. "Do something, Trunks! Maximum speed!"

Trunks floored the controls, the ship accelerating rapidly. They were barely able to match the other ship's speed, which was still flickering, seeming to jump from place to place quickly.

"What's wrong?" asked Goten. "Why aren't we getting any closer?"

"Nothing's wrong," said Trunks. "The ship's doing just what she was designed to do. They're simply faster than us. And they're basically reaching speeds that CC's engineers said couldn't be reached."

"Just have Vegeta make sure they're not second best," said Gohan, glancing up outside. He went pale. "ASTEROIDS!"

Trunks looked up just in time as a swarm of rocks came into view. He narrowly managed to dodge them all, still tailing the enemy ship through the asteroids.

"Wow," said Goku, panting in relief. "That was some pretty fancy flying. Good job."

"I thought we were dead!" said Goten, prompting Gohan to smirk at Trunks's indignant expression.


"Persistent, aren't they?" asked Bon Para as he stared at the image of the four's ship, which was still hot on their tail. "What a nuisance? Can't a person do a little stealing without being hassled?"

"Maybe we underestimated them," said Don Para, staring in slight panic at the image.

"What are we going to do?" asked Son Para.

"Computer," said Bon Para. "Any recommendations on how to lose our shadow?"

"Yes, Bon Para," replied the computer. "I suggest an ambush. Lead your pursuers to Beehave. The creatures are giant bloodthirsty worms that can swallow a ship in a single bite. They will destroy your shadow for you, sir. You will not even have to lift a finger."

"I like your style," said Bon Para. "To Beehave!"


"Trunks," said Gohan. "Do we have a pair of space suit boots with magnetic attachments to the soles?"

"Yeah," responded the pilot. "Why? Surely you don't plan to use them at a time like this."

"I most certainly do," replied Gohan, leaving the control room. Hitting a button on a storage compartment, he took out the space suit configured to fit him, attaching the magnetic soles to the boots.

"Be careful, Gohan," said Goku, watching his eldest son walk towards the airlock.

"I always am," replied the half-Saiyan. "I learned from my mistake after Buu killed me. Trust me, I know what I'm doing." He stepped into the airlock, sealing himself off. A moment later, the outer doors opened, and he stepped onto the surface of the ship.

"I hope this works," said Gohan, moving to the front of the ship where the others could see him out of the control window viewport. He cupped his hands at his side. "Ka... me..."


"Warning!" said the Para Brothers' computer. "Massive energy buildup detected on the surface of the shadow! Evasive maneuvers recommended!"

"WHAT?" screamed Bon Para, staring at the image of Gohan, not recognizing it as a person. "So they have weapons systems. Computer, fire all lasers at the shadow! Destroy them!"

"Target acquired," said the ship, red glows dotting the ship's surface. "Firing laser cannons 5-10." Red beams shot towards the Saiyans' ship.


"ha... me... HA!" roared Gohan, his blue beam shooting towards the approaching red beams. The red beams were quickly pushed back, the blue beam now rocketing towards the Para Brothers' ship.


"WHAT?" screamed Bon Para, watching as the massive blue beam easily knocked their laser beams aside. "Computer, evasive maneuvers NOW!"

They were thrown to the side as a sound like an explosion sounded at their left side, their ship leaping quickly to the right. Gohan's Kamehameha wave floated harmlessly to the side.

"Enemy weapons systems not found!" responded the computer. "Attacks believed to be caused by energy manipulation techniques! Analyzing strength of enemy attacker- threat level critical! Odds of successful ship-to-attacker confrontation: 5 chance of victory, no chance of escape if defeated!"

"What are they?" asked Don Para, staring at the now recognizable humanoid shape that was Gohan's space suit.

"I don't know," responded Bon Para, "but we'd better get out of here fast!"


Gohan watched as the enemy ship attempted to pull away. "Oh no you don't," he said, raising both hands. He charged both completely full of energy.

"Gohan!" said a voice in his space suit helmet's radio. It was Trunks. "Don't fire on them! If we destroy the ship, you could destroy the Dragon Ball!"

"Whoops," said Gohan. "Forgot about that. Alright. Cover your eyes, guys, because it's going to get a little bit bright." He raised both hands to his forehead. "Solar Flare!"


"Optical sensors overloading!" said the computer, the view displays on all ends now flickering off. "Ship now completely blind! Recommend immediate halt of movement! Failure to stop may result in crash landing!"

"Darn them!" screamed Don Para. "What did they do? We can't see anything, which means we're flying blind! We can't possibly escape them if we don't know where they are!"

"DANGER!" screamed the computer. "Short-range scanners detect impact imminent! All hands, brace for impact!" Moments later, their ship crashed into a planet.

"You guys alright?" asked Bon Para, climbing to his feet.

"Yeah," responded the other Para Brothers.

"Ship critically damaged," said the computer. "Unable to fly. Planet's atmosphere breathable. Shutting down life support systems to conserve energy. Pumping in outside atmosphere."

"What do we do now?" asked Son Para.

"We fight," said Bon Para.


"Alright, guys," said Trunks. "We got them. Now let's go find the Dragon Ball."

"Right," said Goku, watching as the airlock doors opened and Gohan reentered, taking the space suit off and stashing it back where he'd found it. He quickly threw his cape back on.

"That was so cool, Gohan!" said Goten, gibbering happily. "You didn't even touch them and you made them go down into the ground! Can you teach me that move?"

"Sure, little bro," said Gohan, rubbing his younger brother's hair. "But first let's get the Dragon Ball back. I don't think we'll have that much of a problem."

They lowered their ship gently towards the planet the Para Brothers had crashed landed on, landing right near the wreckage. They saw the three aliens crawling out of the wreckage, one of them holding the Dragon Ball tightly in his grip.

"They're all uninjured," said Goku. "That's good. But we couldn't have just let them run off with the Dragon Ball."

"Yeah," said Gohan. "But let's be ready for anything." The ship gently set down on the ground, the four flooding out the moment the hatch opened.

"Who are you?" shouted Trunks, the four lining up against the three. "And give us back that Dragon Ball!"

"I am Bon Para," said the bulky alien, striking a pose.

"Don Para," said the skinnier alien, striking a different pose.

"Son Para," said the smallest alien, striking a mirror of Don Para's pose.

"We're here to get busy," said Bon Para.

"Prepare to face the rhythmic power of the Para Para brothers!" said all three at once.

"How many aliens actually think it's cool to strike poses?" asked Gohan, shaking his head. "The Ginyu Force was enough, but now a new force of aliens?"

"I thought it was cool!" said Goten.

The three Para Para brothers grinned, Don Para and Bon Para making a beat with swallowing noises while Son Para made some sort of weird melody.

"What's going on?" asked Gohan. "I don't like the looks of this."

The three suddenly leapt apart, each taking their breastplate off and setting it down. Gohan studied the armor, finding it to contain electronic equipment that looked like- speakers? Lights?

"Oh no you don't," said Gohan, raising a hand and blasting Bon Para's breastplate, incinerating it. "You're not going to distract us with music." The three Para Para brother's eyes were twitching in fear.

"What now?" asked Son Para. "We can't beat them without our special technique!"

"We're done for!" said Don Para, the three getting back to back with one another.

"Give us the Dragon Ball," said Trunks, holding out his hand. He quickly swiped it out of Bon Para's hand.

"Now," said Gohan. "Tell me. How do you know about the Dragon Balls? Answer me, and this will be a lot easier."

"It was Cardinal Muchi-Muchi," said Bon Para. "He told us about the seven Dragon Balls that scattered across the galaxy not too long ago, and about the wish. He's been sending out teams to find them."

"How does he know about them?"

"We don't know," answered Bon Para, fear in his eyes. Gohan could tell that he wasn't telling the whole story. Gohan raised a hand. "Alright! There are rumors flying around that Master Daltake, the head of the Order of Lord Luud, was in contact with a guy called Dr. Myuu. He's the one who requested we find the Dragon Balls for him. I don't know anything more, I swear it!"

"Alright," said Goku. "That's enough. We'll be taking our leave. Good luck getting your ship repaired."

"Bye!" shouted Goten, the four flying back into their space ship. They took off a moment later.

"So," said Gohan. "This Dr. Myuu character somehow knows about the Dragon Balls. He's probably going to be sending some people after us once he learns we have two, so we'd best be cautious!"

"We'll kick their as-" began Goten, but he was silenced by a glare from his father.

"If we come back from space and you use language like that in front of your mother, we'll all be dead," said the Saiyan.

"-butts," finished Goten. Gohan snickered slightly.


With what seems to be the odds stacking against them, our heroes are seemingly in a race against the mysterious Dr. Myuu for the seven Black Star Dragon Balls. They may have a lead, but will that hold up? And most importantly, can they beat Myuu? Find out in the next chapters of DBGT: Son Gohan the Warrior!