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Chapter One: Pranks, Polite Mannerisms, and Clumsy 'Damn It's

The looks on two boys at Gryffindor Table were what alerted McGonagall something was wrong. Students were piling into the Great Hall, eager for the feast to begin and to see the familiar faces of their Housemates. The transfiguration teacher's eyes were narrowed at the two boys, along with their other two friends, suspiciously, her lips pursed tightly into a white line. Her keen eyes scanned the Hall, searching for anything out of the ordinary. Slytherins and Gryffindors glaring at each other, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs talking rapidly about the new school year could be found, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. One of the four boys caught the Professor staring sternly and flashed her an innocent, lopsided grin that accented his handsome features.

That was the last thing she saw before the Hall was clouded in a white, thick mist.

Students cried out in surprise and fear, thuds and thumps echoed as people fell over in the confusion. But a large group of shouts and yelps and cries were heard over the mass puzzlement and it alerted the staff immediately.

And than, as quickly as it came, the mist dissolved into nothingness, revealing the large Hall. Pupils were sprawled on the floor from tripping or looking fearful. But only nanoseconds after the mist was gone, everyone's attention was on the Slytherin table. The Great Hall went into a stunned silence, looking at what used to be, students. But instead of young witches and wizards, there was an assortment of rather disfigured and foul looking animals. One of the 'students' actually resembled a Blast-Ended Skrewt, only less appealing. But there were four boys, who were sitting at Gryffindor table, among the mystified mess that seemed perfectly at ease, if not a little amused. And all at once, the Great Hall was filled with raucous laughter, which was most exuberant from the Gryffindor table. The Slytherins gave snarls and snorts of anger, fear, and humiliation as McGonagall hurried over to turn them back.

"Brilliant, just brilliant," Sirius Black muttered with a snort of hidden laughter. James Potter grinned in response before mussing his hair confidently. Remus Lupin let out a small chuckle, than restrained his self with much trouble. Peter Pettigrew, on the other hand, wasn't so lucky. He burst into uncontrollable laughs that sent the other boys into the same fits. People were giving them admiring looks as even more students entered the hall.

"How did you pull that off?" asked a shocked Frank Longbottom as he scrambled up from the floor. The laughing Marauders tried to contain themselves to answer and the first to catch his breath was Remus.

"Well," he started politely, a smile still on his face. "That's a long and complicated answer that only we Marauders would understand, Frank. I'm sorry."

Frank rolled his eyes but grinned and walked away clumsily. "It always is!" he yelled over his shoulder before sitting down next to his girlfriend, Alice Hart.

James and Sirius clinked glasses, than proceeded to clink Remus and Peter's as well even though there was nothing in them. James glanced at the entrance just in time to see a fiery-headed girl with gleaming emerald eyes walk in, accompanied by three others. His face broke into a grin and he waved his arm in the air.

"Oi, Evans!" he called. Lily Evans's green eyes landed on James and they narrowed. One of the girls accompanying the red-head rolled her own, cerulean blue eyes. She walked towards the Marauders, not noticing the heads she turned. Swiftly, she sat beside James comfortably and grinned at Remus and Peter, who sat across from Sirius and James. Her long, curly black hair was thrown into a sloppy ponytail that, instead of diminishing her looks, enhanced them. Her large eyes were surrounded by thick, black lashes. Her full, pink lips were upturned in a curious grin as she gestured towards the half-normal Slytherins.

"So, that was your work, yeah?" Isabella Serino inquired her accent a mix of British and Italian. She had pale, chalky skin that contrasted well with her dark ebony hair. The necklace that dangled from her neck had a snitch pendant, with the body of it made of her birthstone, diamond. The wings were a gold color, just like the real snitch. The Marauders grinned mischievously.

"Well, who else would do something so brilliant?" James bragged. Isabella rolled her eyes at her childhood friend and knocked on the side of his head curiously.

"What's in that big head of yours, Jamie? Because it certainly is not brains," she asked innocently. Sirius barked a laugh as James swatted her hand away, scowling teasingly. Remus grinned at her amusedly as Peter snickered.

"Anyways," she continued, leaning on the table, "that was hardly brilliant. Amusing and bloody courageous, yes, but certainly not brilliant."

Sirius frowned. "Are you saying it was dimwitted?"

"No, I'm saying you've done better," she replied coolly, smiling at him politely. His eyes, along with James', narrowed playfully. Remus clicked his tongue.

"You know, mates, I think Bella has a point," he told them. James exchanged looks with Sirius before nodding in acceptance. The young Black just shrugged carelessly before grinning at a few ogling girls at the Hufflepuff table. They blushed profusely and turned away, emitting a chuckle from him. Isabella sighed heavily, shook her head, but said nothing at his behavior. McGonagall, who had gone to get the First years, threw open the large Great Hall doors and a bundle of eleven-year-olds walked through, gazing around in an awed and nervous silence. Many of the girls turned to look at Sirius, who grinned his lopsided smile in return, causing them to blush or smile timidly. James raised a hand in greeting before crossing his eyes and sticking out his tongue, making many of the nervous kids relax and snicker. Isabella gave thumbs-ups and encouraging winks to the kids, helping to relax them slightly. Remus smiled at all of them kindly, easing them slightly. Peter was looking at his empty plate longingly.

"Wonder which ones are future housemates," Bella whispered to the boys.

"The brave ones," Sirius replied with a smirk. Bella's eyes circled in a roll but she grinned despite herself. The sorting ceremony, which none of the five really paid attention to, went by quickly and once every first year was seated, Dumbledore stepped forward. His eyes crinkled as he smiled behind his spectacles and his arms were spread out in greeting.

"Here we go…" Peter muttered under his breath, emitting grins from his friends. The usual speech ensured, boring the Marauders, even though Remus tried to look politely interested in the every year policies. Isabella, James, and Sirius were currently playing hangman with their wands under the table. A pair of gallows would be drawn on a piece of paper and a man would appear, piece by piece, inserted in the gallows, pleading to the players to get the next letter right. The paper passed to Isabella and she bit her lip in concentration.

"Er…n?" she murmured to James. He smirked and added another piece of the man, who wailed silently about having paper children and an inky wife. Sirius whispered his guess, adding another piece to the man. Bella looked over the letters they had chosen and smiled widely.

"P," she muttered. James frowned slightly, a 'P' appearing into one of the empty spots. Bella stuck her tongue out at James' deflated expression as the paper was passed to Sirius. Unfortunately, he hated guessing games, and ended up losing by using up their last letter.

"'James Potter is a sexy beast?'" Bella whispered, reading the answer, before breaking out into silent laughter, along with Sirius.

"At least your confident, Prongs," Sirius laughed.

"—Tuck in!"

The three friends looked up at the end of Dumbledore's speech and than smiled down at the table happily. James crinkled up the paper before burning it with his wand and turned to the now food-full table. They each filled their plates with the delicious food.


Isabella turned around and saw a grinning Lily, who sat down on her unoccupied side, ignoring James, who was currently smiling widely at her.

"Hiya, Evans," he said. She still ignored him.

"So, how's the…you know?" she whispered to Bella. She smiled and touched her stomach lightly.

"Hurts when I get it snagged on something," she stated with a shrug. The Marauders, who did not miss this exchange or the stomach touch, all raised their eyebrows in unison.

"What's going on?" Remus inquired warily. Isabella slapped her forehead in disbelief.

"Oh! I forgot to tell you guys," she cried out. She lifted the shirt beneath her robes slightly, revealing a belly-button ring. "I got my belly-button pierced this summer."

The boys stared at the small stud that was occupying her belly-button. It was a yellow-topaz stone that was in the shape of a heart; it gleamed and sparkled in a way that only magic can. She smiled at it happily. Sirius whistled lowly.

"Didn't it hurt?" Peter muttered. Bella shrugged carelessly.

"Eh, not much," she replied calmly. James crossed his arms tightly, but didn't say anything, so Bella rolled her eyes, knowing that look all too well. The two fifteen-year-olds had known each other since they were born, on account of the fact that their families were so close, and he was like a brother; an over-protective, arrogant, arsehead brother, to be more specific in Isabella's opinion. And that arm cross was obviously an 'I-don't-like-the-ring-but-I'll-stay-quiet' gesture. Remus gave Bells a small smirk.

"Why?" he stated bluntly, but still managed to sound polite. Isabella ginned again.

"Well, I stayed with Lil this summer, as you blokes know, and we went past a piercing/tattoos parlor," she stated. "I had seen belly-button rings and rather liked them, so I decided to get one. Of course, Lily refused to even after I offered."

"It was a crazy and bloody ludicrous idea," Lily defended hotly. Bella smirked at her friend's tone while Sirius gave off his flirtatious grin.

"Well, I think it's sexy, love," he stated shamelessly. Isabella laughed loudly and gave him a grin.

"Thanks mate!"

Sirius winked and turned back to his food as James grumbled into his own plate. Isabella and Sirius had always flirted with each other, but more on a teasing and playful field rather than a serious attraction one. But girls never failed to become jealous of her, even her roommate, Cathy Ria. Isabella pushed a stray strand of her thick locks behind her ear and began to eat smoothly, talking to Lily happily. She glanced at James, Peter, and Sirius every now and again in disgust; they ate like trolls.

"I swear," she muttered, swallowing a spoonful of kidney-pie. "They get more food on their faces than in their stomachs, that lot."

Lily laughed into her goblet as she brought it to her red lips for a sip. Bella took a drink of her own, sitting straight on her bench. Isabella came from a well-mannered family and was actually very ladylike in many aspects. Her language and anger were not one of these aspects. And neither was her clumsiness. Although, she always looked like a lady, even in worn out jeans and a baggy tee shirt and she was always polite to her teachers and peers. Not including the Marauders, of course.

She wiped her hands on a napkin before crinkling it up and throwing it over at Peter.

"Here, you have a smidgen of food, just there," she told him, touch her left cheek with her index finger. Her nails glistened with bright purple nail polish that quickly switched to green, which in turn switched to blue. "And here and there…oh, and just there, too."

Peter wiped the spots Isabella indicated, his face gradually turning deeper shades of red. She smiled at his embarrassment, whacking the back of James laughing head. Not expecting that, he plunged face first into his plate of food. Lucky for him, Dumbledore had clapped and the plates were cleared, along with the long tables, so he hit the gold plate with a thunk rather than into a plate of hot food. He sat up, rubbing the bridge of his nose, scowling first at Bella, who smiled in response, and at a laughing Sirius. He pushed Sirius over into the girl who was sitting rather close to him 'discreetly.' The girl yelped for a second before she realized it was Sirius Black who was leaning against her. She batted her eyelashes flirtatiously.

"Oh, hi, Siri!" she exclaimed, her voice sugar sweet. Her straight, bright blonde hair was up in a neat bun with no loose strands. In her robes, she looked much like a blonde, much younger version of McGonagall. Isabella leaned on the table and gave the girl a polite smile, not being able to resist.

"Hullo Cathy! How was your summer, dear?" she asked in gracious interest. Sirius, who recoiled when he noticed who it was, grinned at Bella's polite tone. He always found her politeness somehow amusing, which befuddled the girl. Cathy Ria glared at the polite girl.

"That really is none of your business, Isabella," she hissed rather hostilely. Bella raised her eyebrows in slight shock, although she had expected this reaction, which is exactly why she had confronted her polar opposite. The two girls were opposites in personality and looks, which practically announced their rivalry to everyone. Isabella, the pale, ladylike, beautiful girl who had anger-management issues, which is usually unknown to those who don't anger her, and Cathy, the tanned-skinned, aggressive, rather man-like girl who always kept smugly calm when angered.

"Not too good, than? I'm sorry, I'm treading on personal area," Bella stated, leaning back into her straight back position calmly. She placed a large amount of deserts on her plate, much more food than what her dinner had consisted of, and began to eat swiftly. Sirius let out a bark of a laugh before piling his own plate, along with his fellow Marauders. Remus was the only one of the four boys who did not eat like some wild animal and it showed as he placed small amounts of food into his mouth at a time. Lily and Isabella both began to talk again, Lil laughing about Cathy, and Bella smiling at her statements. After a half hour of eating, the tables were clean and everyone was heading towards their common rooms with full stomachs. Isabella was drowsy, which may be the reason she tripped more than her usually four times on the way to Gryffindor Tower.

"So, Remus," she started, but paused to place her hand over her mouth as she yawned. "I heard you were made prefect."

The werewolf nodded his skin slightly paler than usual. Bella's eyes softened.

"Is it almost the full-moon?" she whispered under her breath, making it look like a very-convincing yawn. Remus very nearly believed it had been a yawn. Isabella, being the extremely smart girl that she is, had been the first to know of Remus' 'furry little problem.' He gave her a weak smile.

"In two days."

Isabella gave her friend a wide smile.

"What do you say to a bit of company than?" she asked in a hushed tone. He eyed her cautiously; a firm look in his tired eyes. He knew of her Marauderette side, as Sirius and James liked to refer to it as. She, much like them, enjoyed the pranks and didn't much like school, even though she was brilliant. The last thing he wanted was for her to be there when he transformed, though, knowing full well what would happen. Noticing the suddenly anxious look in her werewolf-friend's eyes, she grinned reassuringly.

"Don't worry, Remus; I won't be human," she reassured with a wink before walking through the open portrait hole. Lily had obviously opened it with the password: Glumbumble. Remus stared after her for a second.

"She couldn't have…" he muttered under his breath, following her into the common room. She had walked over to say goodnight to the Marauders, who were currently sprawled around the couch, than waltzed towards the girls' stairway.

Only, she tripped and bumped into the wall with a loud, "Damn it!"

"Watch out for those walls, love; they jump out at you," Sirius called out with a grin. Isabella turned her head and gave him an amused smile.

"I knew that already, but thank you anyways, dear," she replied before walking up the stairs. The Marauders laughed at her response than began talking. Well, Peter and James did anyway. Sirius was staring at the spot where Isabella had disappeared and Remus was deep in thought, thinking of her earlier statement.

"Padfoot, she's gone. I think you can stop staring," James laughed, noticing how Sirius was grinning and still staring at the spot. He shook his head and turned to his friend, still grinning.

"Did you see that belly-ring, mate?" he demanded, tilting his head back so it landed on the back of the couch. James rolled his eyes, not liking that reminder, but grinned at his best mate mischievously.

"Merlin, Sirius, why don't you just ask her out already? You've been staring at her for the past year," he exclaimed exasperatedly. Sirius looked at his friend without lifting his head from the back of the couch, a smirk on his face.

"She's almost as sexy as me. Almost, mind you," he reminded him. James crinkled his nose but laughed loudly. Sirius turned his gaze back to the ceiling as James turned to the quiet, thinking Remus.

"What's the matter, Moony?" he inquired, blinking his eyes in interest. Remus, brought from his reverie by James' voice, turned to him and chuckled at his friend's actions.

"It's just something Bells said…" he muttered, his brow furrowing. James gave his friend an appraising look before pushing for more information.

"Well, thanks, mate! That just clears everything up right fast!" he stated sarcastically. Remus gave his friend a weak smile.

"She said…well, implied is more accurate, that she might join me for my monthly, but than said that she wouldn't be human…" he muttered, his voice growing slightly hushed. Sirius' head snapped up and he looked at Remus, shocked.

"Wait, does that mean…?"

"Well, Pads, she's either an Animagus, or a very clumsy unicorn using Polyjuice Potion," James stated before laughing at his self. The others rolled their eyes and ignored his stupid joke, just as always.

"Wonder what she is…" Sirius mused lightly, looking at the flickering flames in the fireplace. Remus watched his friend in feeble amusement, but didn't comment. Peter yawned lightly, but grinned suddenly.

"Well, Moony, next full moon you won't only have a female companion," he squeaked in excitement, "but three male ones as well!"

James and Sirius both broke into identical grins as Remus stared at his friends, dumbstruck.

"You…you mean…you figured it out?" he whispered in astonishment. Sirius snorted.

"Your surprise is insulting, Moony," he stated coolly. Remus smiled at all three of his friends; a large, wholesome smile. He couldn't believe he had found such amazing friends. Ones who, as soon as they found out about his lycanthropy, were determined to help in any possible way they could. Isabella was among them and he was sure, if he had told Lily, she would be too. But he didn't; there was a small risk that she wouldn't, as there always was, and he wasn't willing to take it to lose any friends.

"Yes, we did, but we haven't actually performed it yet. We'll be doing that in a few weeks time," James added. Peter let out a loud, long yawn, which Sirius saw and naturally yawned as well. James caught Sirius's yawn, than Remus caught James's. They all looked at each other before laughing and standing up.

"Well, I think it's time we went to sleep," Moony stated with an exaggerated stretch. James and Sirius acted like Bella and walked drowsily to the staircase before tripping and running into the wall with two loud, "Damn it!"

Moony and Wormtail laughed at them before heading up to their dormitory calmly, closely followed by the other two. Soon, all four boys were in the dorm, along with their sleeping roommate, Frank, than changed quickly and swiftly. All four of them were soon in their beds, sleeping soundly despite the loud and obnoxious snoring of Frank Longbottom in the bed near the door. Of course, Remus had helpfully placed a silencing charm on him so they could no longer hear it, so that was a great help.

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