Yoo! Yepp...I have now offically taken back my story as of...two minutes ago ahaha. I'll be completely rewriting it, with the same characters but with serious (aha pun) tweaking. I have a tendancy to make my characters too Mary-Sue-ish and Bella, unfortunately, is one of them. So some major tweaking will happen with her personality. Her looks will be pretty much the same, just more realistic. 'Kay? Kay.

I'm not sure when exactly I'll have it up because Physics is kicking my ass to the moon and back. So...yeah. Haha, but hopefully it'll be up soon. I know this is short and probably annoying, but I figured you all should know! There'll be updates on my profile, so check in every now and again, kay?

I gotta go get ready for the Marching Band's final hurrah of the season (-is angsting-), but maybe I'll update this weekend. I'm feelin' especially creative and not in the mood for the homework I should be doing. =3

Later loves! Let me know what you think, 'kay? Oh, and when I change the story? I'm gonna upload it completely separate and may or may not remove this one. Jury's still out on that.