Ours was a strange love. Ours was a hateful love, a hurtful love, a haunted love. Ours was a trying love, a tortured love, a tainted love. It wasn't love, it was desperation. We both knew we were destined to die, we both knew we were going to die, and so we tried to live. We jumped on the nearest thing: each other. He jumped me, I jumped him, we tried to relieve some of our pressures on each other. It was never enough for either of us, always irritable, always craving more. Nothing seemed to satisfy us, nothing would ever make us happy.

We weren't a couple. Couples comfort each other, couples care for each other, and couples cry for each other. Comfort? That was out of the question. We would rather laugh at each other when one of us was hurt rather than help. If ever Sasori got hurt, I would be sure to kick him while he was down. But that rarely happened, I was hurt more often than he was, and he too took advantage of the situation and was sure to kick me. And care for each other? Give me a break. Like I would stumble back to headquarters and find him waiting for me, or making me a nice dinner, or preparing a nice bath, like they do in fantasy love tails. If I did, I'd probably assume I'd gone insane or something, or died and gone to hell, or he was planning something amazingly diabolical that was worth sacrificing his pride for. I never trusted him, not even for a second. And cry? If we were a couple, I would stand here and cry over his broken, mangled corpse. But I'm not, am I? I'm standing here, and I'm laughing. At first my laughter started out as a chuckle under my breath, then to a bark, and then to a hysterical, lung-bursting laugh. The poor, sorry bastard was killed by someone he could've easily defeated! I nearly had tears rolling down my cheeks, and was sobbing for breath by the time I finally calmed down enough to stop my uncontrollable laughter. I know Tobi and Zetsu were giving me strange looks, but does that matter to me? Of course not. I was insane. I was hysterical. I was out of control. And I was confused, very, very confused.