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Deidara stared at the mangled puppet. Confusion, once more, flooded his mind. But it seemed this time, he would banish the confusion with the truth. "Jeez, you did have it good. You had a family, and you had. . .me. I know someone who would kill for that. Two people, actually. So why would you kill yourself?" Then it hit Deidara. "You knew it, didn't you? You had a family, and you had me. But you didn't ever have both. . .yeah. When did you realize that, yeah? When did you suddenly realize you had it good, hmm? I suppose when you finally realized who didn't have it so good." Deidara sighed. "You know, I can still remember that look you gave me. I guess I was dumber back then, too, yeah. I didn't get it, un. Was it. . .sympathy, hmm? You heard the horror stories about Iwa after the war, yeah? Thought you had it rough, hmm? Then you realized exactly who you were screwing and didn't know what to do. I guess you realized exactly what you gave up, un. So you had to, well, give it all up. What guilt you must've felt! You gave up your humanity, your family, and then suddenly you realize exactly what you gave up, and can't even look at me, un. For all the times you screwed me, since I was fifteen. . ." Deidara paused. "The guilt would've killed you in the end. And, in essence, I guess it did, un. I'll bet you're the only Akatsuki member to feel guilty, yeah." Deidara paused, letting a grin spread across his face. "Well, asides from two. . ." Deidara crossed his arms over his chest, and stuck his tongue out at the puppet. "Fuck you, Sasori." Expectantly, Deidara turned to find himself pressed firmly against Madara's chest.

"I know," Madara whispered.

"Yup, I do too. Let's go," Deidara said, smiling and grabbing Madara's hand, leading him away from the bloody scene.

Madara opened an eye groggily. "Deidara?" he asked, yawning. "Did you fall out of bed?"

"Yeah," Deidara whispered. Madara waited for him to continue, and when he didn't, sat up to peer over the edge of the bed. Deidara was lying there, staring up at the ceiling, looking as if he had been artistically inspired.

"Would you like to get back in bed?" he asked, quirking an eyebrow.

"In a minute. . ." Deidara mumbled, keeping his gasze distractedly on the ceiling. Madara sighed. It must be an artist thing. A minute later, true to his word, Deidara crawled back in bed.

"Going to tell me what that was about?"

"No. . . un. . . Just a dream I've been having recently that I don't think I'll have again." With that, Deidara snuggled down into the covers and fell asleep again. Madara shrugged. It must be a Deidara thing.

"Itachi. . ." Madara breathed, coming up behind Itachi stealthily. Itachi didn't bother to turn around. "I said I would fulfill my promise." Itachi nodded slowly, still not turning around.

"Seems as if you're not all a bad person, wouldn't you say?" he said softly.

"Unless, of course, you would rather I not fulfill my promise. I would see that as a bit easier for me, in fact-" Itachi turned around.

"No!" he cried. Madara smirked. If only he could have Deidara wrapped so tightly around his finger.

"Right, if you really want me to. . ." Madara sighed. "And what do I get in return?"

"The best ninja you ever trained, Madara-sama," Itachi bowed his head. "And whatever I am able to offer." Madara thought of getting Deidara in a position like this. But, knowing the blond bomber, he'd get out of it and end up getting Madara to do something for him. At least he could have his fun with Itachi, right?

"And what exactly do you have to offer?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow. Itachi sighed.

"I would use whatever my abilities are for you." Madara yawned.

"Great, Itachi, but would I teach you something I didn't already possess? It wouldn't do me much good, now would it?" Madara thought of a million and one things Deidara would say if he were in this position, and how he would get Madara to end up licking his feet. And Itachi had nothing to reply to Madara's comment. "Exactly, Itachi. You seem to have backed yourself into a corner, haven't you?" Itachi took a step closer to Madara, pressing his chest against Madara's own.

"Madara. . ." he breathed. "There are some things I would be able to do for you that you would rather not do for yourself. Lightly, Itachi's hands flitted to Madara's fly. Madara chuckled, capturing Itachi's wrists.

"Believe me, I would accept your offer, if I didn't have someone ten times as sexy and fifteen times more willing waiting for me."

"You can't mean-"

"Hey, he's a blond, Itachi. You can't compete." And with that, Madara stepped back from Itachi, smirking. "But, since I'd hate to see my clan go downhill, I'll train you. But not now." Madara turned and left Itachi standing next to the training dummy. He walked off into the forest, just beyond the edge, and stopped. "You didn't say anything," he said aloud. Deidara sighed and hopped out of the tree he had been observing from.

"Well, I would've, but you said everything I would have, so I decided to stay put. Itachi's really a slut, isn't he, un?" Deidara grinned. "You must be real proud, Madara, yeah."

"Oh shut up. He doesn't represent all Uchihas."

"And I suppose you do, hmm?" Deidara drawled, stepping closer to Madara.

"Yes, in fact, I do."

". . .so everyone in the Uchiha clan is gay?" Needless to say, Madara preferred talking to someone who could stand up to him.

The grass was begging to be lain upon. Deidara wasn't usually one to oblige, but when the dewy green blades looked oh so tempting, and it had been such a long and tiring day. And, of course, with Tobi leaning against a tree, legs spread, simply begging for Deidara to curl up against him, it wasn't a particularly difficult decision. "The stars are pretty tonight, Sempai," Tobi murmured against Deidara's hair.

"Penny for your thoughts?" they asked at the same time. Tobi chuckled.

"How about we each say a word of our thought?" Tobi suggested.

"What, un? Fine, but I start."

"Fair enough."

"The, un." Tobi hummed, looking down at Deidara. The stars were shining in his eyes.



'What? Since when were you part of this?'

/Since now. I say are./

"Madara says are."

"Blazing, un," Deidara grinned.

"Like. . ."

/Is it just me, or does he know what we were thinking? Such a rebel. . ./

"Madara says rebel."

/Who said that?/

'You did. Now shut up.'

"Diamonds. . .yeah. . ." Deidara muttered.

'What do you do with diamonds?'


"Cut," Tobi said, wrapping his arms tighter around Deidara's waist.

/. . .out?/

"Madara says 'out'."

"Of, un. . ."

"The. . ."

/This is crazy. Sun./

"Madara says 'sun'." They sat in silence, Deidara's head resting comfortably on Tobi's shoulder, Tobi's hands resting low on Deidara's abdomen, elbows resting on his hips.

"Tobi, un?"


"You read my mind."