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The next time Lucian's over-protectiveness reared its ugly head was almost a month later.

The guild was preparing to face the newest wave of undead and monsters attacking citizens; everyone was on duty.

Bea was down in the sewers, rescuing a band of maintenance workers who were trapped by a cave-in and would probably become food sooner or later.

Ernest was helping rebuild a house that had collapsed because of too much damage to its structural integrity; the house belonged to three families who lived in it, one of which was politically sensitive, the members of which, a father and two children along with their stepmother, were sometimes attacked by other families and the ensuing fights often damaged the house.

Kay was sick.

And Aaron was going off to deal with a distress call they had received from the Santa Cecelia train station.

As usual, nobody knew where Lucian had sneaked off to, and even if they did there was no way he would help them, so they didn't even bother asking him. People generally just left him to his own devices, provided he didn't interfere with their work, which he, although he said he didn't care about it, seemed to respect at least somewhat.

Therefore it was with some trepidation that Aaron set off to get in a good day's work, for if he was alone and he failed or passed out, who knew what would happen?

Originally he had considered tying the Burning Headband on Toasty, but he didn't want to make him angry, and plus, he would just look ridiculous, so he decided not to.

As only one of the pair could use any given terrennial at any given time, Aaron had taken Toasty, Tove, and Alexander while Lucian had taken Nero, Ursula, and Ezra. The rationale behind this was that Tove's Whistle Move would keep him alive, if nothing else, and Alexander could push back the enemies if their numbers got too many and he was out of energy. He had no idea why Lucian took the other two without complaint (he was obviously going to take Nero; that was a given) but he wasn't going to think too hard about it.

The details of the mission were fairly simple. A man who had violet hair completely by coincidence had been attacked by the various 'security' beings who had been set on high alert for anyone with the same color hair, due most probably to Lucian and his escapade through said train station. The unwitting victim had passed out and the other would-be passengers were protecting him, trying to hold out until they could get him medical attention, and one of them had sent the distress call.

Halfway through day had turned to night and Aaron began to have to rely on items to replenish his energy.

Two hours later, he used his last item.

Twenty minutes after that he ran out of energy and had to start running.

He made it for another hour and a half but then there were two Cold Ghouls and a Petro Ghoul along with a little horde of Pigs. Aaron was nursing a gash across is shoulder and one on his midsection, which wouldn't be a problem if he had any restoratives, but since he didn't, they were bad. Really bad.

The Petro Ghoul stepped, stepped, and then jumped forward and bit Aaron. He yelled in pain; it had taken a chunk out of his shoulder. He fell backwards, scrambling backwards away from them as best he could with only one arm (the other was pressed against his newest wound to staunch the bleeding) and his legs. Then one of the Cold Ghouls walked towards him and he closed his eyes, sure it was going to kill him... he heard it step forwards and bite-

It howled in pain, and he opened one eye to see it fall to the ground. He looked up to seeā€¦

"Lucian! What are you doing here?"

The swordsman finished off the rest of the enemies before holstering Vanargand and turning to him. "You stupid idiot," he growled, hauling Aaron to his feet by his shirt. Aaron cringed, ready for a lecture on risk-taking, but instead felt Lucian's lips on his own. Surprised, he froze for a moment until Lucian pulled away, still frowning at him. "Don't you know the meaning of the phrase 'retreat to safety'?" Lucian groused, obviously annoyed. "I'm going to have to keep following you around if you keep this up. Stupid."

He kissed Aaron again and then took a few Cure and Magic Bulbs out of his pocket and stuck them in Aaron's mouth, which was still hanging open in astonishment, and waited for a minute in which Aaron did and said nothing before heaving a sigh and telling the shorter male to chew and swallow, which he did.

One hour later they had the people safely on the next train to their original destination, the innocent man healed and sent off with them, and they were heading back towards the hideout to report their success.

Aaron had been quieter than usual, but Lucian wasn't any quieter than he normally was; he didn't talk too much anyway. Lucian was just beginning to worry about Aaron when he felt him tugging on the sleeve of his cloak. He turned to face him, crouching a little to approach Aaron's eye level, and was pleasantly surprised when the brunette kissed him sweetly. He smiled, which was something unusual for him. Aaron blushed. "Thanks for saving me back there."

Lucian's smile grew into a full-blown grin. "I wasn't about to let you get away that easily, you know."

Off to the side, Toasty swore, and then sighed. "Well, it definitely isn't genetic."

Nero just smirked happily.