This is my favorite piece of writing out of all the stuff that I have done. I hope you enjoy it.


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Many people believe that your greatest accomplishment is your defeat of Voldemort. So they are quite surprised when they ask, "What is your greatest accomplishment?" and you simply say, "My Children."


Sometimes you think you should thank McLaggen for that bludger shot to your head in your sixth year, because it was one of the many things that caused rows between Ginny and Dean; eventually causing their breakup. But then you remember how much it hurt. So you forget the whole thing.


Because teaching Ginny to drive the car, was the worst possible idea ever. And the man she almost hit thinks so too.


Many people fear Death. But you do not. Your one hundred and twenty three years on this earth has taught you that there are things in this world far worse than death. And even though you know your last breath draws near as you lie in your soft warm bed surrounded by your family, you are still not scared. You are comforted by the thought that you will be seeing Ginny very soon.


Because you know Ginny's brothers do not believe you, when you say the two of you are late for lunch because Ginny was looking for a lost earring. Especially since she's not wearing any, and it doesn't help that her shirt is all buttoned up wrong.


You never knew your real father. But you have the best damn substitutes possible.


You will never forget when the healer told you"It's a girl!" Never.


You are no Hero, you think, as you look at the graves of the ones lost. They are.

Ice cream

Because who knew that a carton of Ice cream could lead to one of the greatest love making sessions that you and your wife have ever shared.


Because the day Ron found Ginny's Holyhead Jersey in your bathroom was one of the few times you actually feared for your life.


Your first real date with Ginny included a trip to a muggle cinema. You never will forget when that blonde bloke yelled out "I'm the King of the world!" It caused you to snort drink up your nose and for Ginny to elbow you in the ribs for making noise.


Because Love really is the greatest weapon of all.


You love the way the Moonlight dances across her face.


From now on, you will remember to put a locking spell on your bedroom door. Because seeing you and your wife naked in bed, is the last thing your sixteen year old son wants to see.


You never will forget the owl Lily sent, telling you that a boy broke her heart. You won't forget it, because afterwards, you felt very foolish for wanting to rip a second year from limb to limb.


You couldn't believe your ears when the Head of the department told you, you were getting a promotion. When you asked what title, you nearly fainted when he said "Mine"


Because nothing is better than playing Quidditch, with your children, nieces and nephews.


If you close your eyes you can still see Fred's Burial. You will never forget the sadness you felt that day, or how the rain fell on all the mourners.


Because two months after the battle Ginny slapped you across the face; that was when you came out of the fog you were in.


The first time Lily brought Scorpius Malfoy to the house, you suddenly remembered what it was like to be a teenager. You quickly devised a plan that included your daughter's uncles, a few things from the joke shop, and a couple of your staff members that could easily track "that boy" down, if he hurt her.

Years later, even after they were married, you still had that plan in the back of your mind. Sure you approved of Scorpius; he was a great man. But she would always be your little girl, and Merlin help him if he ever put a toe out of line.


Because you turned bright red, when Albus pointed to a drawing of a Uterus, hanging on the wall of Ginny's muggle doctor, and asked what it was.


Even after all these years, Vampires still give you the creeps.


Every year you try to bite back the laugh that tries to escape your mouth, when Ron is stunned that the Cannons didn't win the cup. And you can tell Hermione is doing the same.


When Teddy broke his leg playing football, with his muggle friends, you had no choice but to take him to a muggle doctor, because the team coach insisted that he accompany you to the hospital. After the doctor saw Teddy you thought the coach was going to have heart failure when Teddy asked, "An X-Ray is a picture of my bone? Will it move in the picture, just like the ones I have of Mum and Dad?" You quickly assured the coach that Teddy just had an active imagination for a six year old.


You watch as Ginny practices Yoga on your living room floor. And you can't help but to have images of you and her doing things that would send all of her brothers (and Fred if he was alive) on a mission to hunt you down.


Because there are Zero things you would change about your life.