Days pass, months go by, years come and go. Lots of time has passed your way, but it never changes the anger you feel at yourself for leaving her.


You will always have five brothers. Always.


You never thought anyone would be able to beat you at chess. But then again, your son is just like you in every other way.


You knew Hermione was different from other girls from the start.


You still love to eat. That will never change.


You knew you were falling for her in your fourth year. Because even when she was yelling at you from across the common room; all you could think about was how pretty she looked with her hair messy and out of place.


He may be your best mate, but he's still a git for kissing your sister.


You know it will take a while. But you know, in time, the healing will come.


You firmly believe that the idiot who came up with the phrase "The pen is mightier than the sword," never would have written it, if they had only met Neville Longbottom.


You never would admit it in fourth year. But you really were jealous of Krum.


Killing your best mate has never crossed your mind. But if you catch him in a certain state of undress with your sister again; it just might.


Before Hermione's seventh year, the library always seemed rather dull. But after your midnight stroll in the restricted section with the girl in question; it will never be dull again.


It only took twenty seven years; but you finally got a jumper that wasn't maroon.


Your nerves have been tested time after time; but it wasn't until your daughter started dating, that they finally got the best of you.


You're rubbish at operation. His nose always turns red.


You had it all planned out. Right down to the last detail; you were going to surprise her. But two minutes in to it Hermione figured out you were trying to propose.


Traveling by airplane makes you queasy.


After you ran you realized what a fool you had been.


Even after you were well in to your seventies; Hermione still had to kill the spiders in your house.


Terrified is what most people would call your state of mind when Hermione was being held by Bellatrix in Malfoy Manor. But you believe that isn't true. There isn't a word strong enough to describe how you felt.


You thank Merlin for unanswered prayers.


In your forties your vision suddenly became off a bit. You won't forget Harry's smirk when you walked in to Sunday lunch wearing your new glasses.


Being the youngest of the boys in your family, you always felt you had to prove that you weren't weak.


When Rosie told you she wanted to study Xenogeneis you told her that was great. Then you immediately when to Hermione's Muggle Dictionary to find out what it was.


You never considered a Yo-yo a dangerous weapon. Well you never did until Albus caught you in the eye with one.


You will never forget how your heart almost jumped out of your chest when Hugo decided he was a big enough to cross the Zebra crossing on his own. You thanked Merlin that there wasn't a car coming.

Idiot is my favorite! :D I don't know if you know it or not....but these are, really, really, hard. Or maybe I'm just thinking about it too hard. :P